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Bayern won it all: Bundesliga title, German Cup and now the Champions League
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FC Bayern München have been crowned European champions for the sixth time. It is also the second time - following the legendary 2013 season - that they have managed to win the Continental Treble. This occasion calls for celebration. And what would a treble celebration be without a fitting song that puts you in the mood for partying?
So tune in and let's listen to what Robert Lewandowski and Co. have put together!
What do you think? Which trophies will Bayern win in the next season? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller:
Great song :-) Fantastic!!!
Tomek Epic
Tomek Epic:
Petition to make Müllon D'or an actual trophy
Franverer 754
Franverer 754:
Ballon d'or is for Kids

Real man Win Mullon d'or
sicho vin
sicho vin:
Fun fact:
Coman scored the first and last goal in Bayern Munich’s ucl campaign
Soham Deshmukh
Soham Deshmukh:
'Messi couldn't give his shirt so have one from a champion'
Literally killed me
Kyle Li
Kyle Li:
Just Drive to Lewy’s house to give him the Ballon dor nobody else even came close to him
estxher __
estxher __:
Neuer is the goat

De gea: hold my b... it dropped
Gos BS
Gos BS:
Fun fact: *it's the second year in a row where a team who is playing for his six UCL beat a team who is playing for his first UCL in a final*
-Liverpool vs Spurs
-Bayern vs PSG
xavimacbash productions
xavimacbash productions:
they've had this ready for ages, imagine if bayern lost
Imagine Süle laughing at himself because he's litterly a beast in the cartoons
Coutinho-'i want to win the cl with Fcb'
Balaji Palaniappan
Balaji Palaniappan:
Coutinho comes back with a treble
Coutinho: How is it going back here
Barca : 🙄😭😭😭😭😭
cool brothers
cool brothers:
I literally laughed so hard when neuer saved the goat😂😂😂
Wow this literally came out seconds after they won! 😂
Clown Prince of Crime
Clown Prince of Crime:
I told my class Bayern will win the ucl, everyone laughs at me. But now, no one’s laughing 🤪😇🙂
hen ko
hen ko:
I literally laughed so hard when neuer saved the goat😂😂😂
B J:
three words:
neuer is back
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
“Messi didn’t give his shirt so have one from a champion” 😂 😂
Marijn Groenendijk
Marijn Groenendijk:
Petiton to give Lewy the Ballon D'Or
Akash Pervez
Akash Pervez:
The MÜLLoN D'or
Has better design 😁👌👌👌
Pavan Manchineni
Pavan Manchineni:
Me trying to sleep:

Bayern are champions 🎶
München are champions
We won the treble 🎶
Kennyes ON
Kennyes ON:
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Dean predicted neuer being a GOAT in the final?
Rumelinge Cristescu
Rumelinge Cristescu:
1:25 man it hits hard, after the "old guard" video who won 7 years ago
Daniel Andersen
Daniel Andersen:
Petition for dean to release the psg version that were in case they won.
Jonathan Abbey-Quaye
Jonathan Abbey-Quaye:
Liverpool: 6th title oh no

FCB: aww yea

AC Milan: few thank u athletico for kicking out liverpool
Balaji Palaniappan
Balaji Palaniappan:
If Lewandowski doesn't get in team of the year this time u know there is something wrong
Azile Zimba
Azile Zimba:
"Messi didn't give his shirt so have one from a champion"🔊🔊🔊
GIMMI 1715
GIMMI 1715:
Seeing muscular Müller makes me uncomfortable
Black Doug
Black Doug:
Klopp: let's talk about six baby

Coutinho: BOOM
The people who disliked are PSG fans
Davud Kovačević
Davud Kovačević:
1:18 Dave the horse dancing loool
Edib Ibrahimović
Edib Ibrahimović:
This song was literally in my head
Italian Bwoi
Italian Bwoi:
0:13 IV Bavarian Reich
Salman Apon
Salman Apon:
“Messi didn’t give his shirt so have one from a champion” 😂 😂
SIK Gaming
SIK Gaming:
"a Lethal Combo Then Bale and Ronaldo" is the best line!
0:44 LOL i love when the goat says that 👏🏻
Ps: Super Muller and Super Manu are back
Zzwzxwz Zghwdyw
Zzwzxwz Zghwdyw:
1:33 Arsenal player finally knows what it’s like to see a CL
Storm Playz
Storm Playz:
0:43 use me as the Bayern are champions in goat voice button
Viktoriya Aparshyna
Viktoriya Aparshyna:
Neuer:I’m the goat

Lev yahsin: And I took that personally
If there was a ballon d'or this year, Lewandowski could win
SilentN1nja 11
SilentN1nja 11:
Who’s watching 2 seconds after the final whistle
lol no
lol no:
Even as a PSG fan, This song is amazing. Congratulations Bayern Munich!
Teun Kunnen
Teun Kunnen:
The way he says ALPHONSO genius🤩
László PGBHudák
László PGBHudák:
This song is so good, that a sport channel played it as well! love from Hungary❤️
Task Force
Task Force:
They already knew that Bayern Munich are going to be the Champions. So, they made it before handed. 😉
Ginpak Ginpak
Ginpak Ginpak:
1:38 Can somebody explain that Sule reference at the end?
lol no
lol no:
My favorite part was when the goat said “Bayern are champions”
Bup Games
Bup Games:
Why did 442oons apparently upload this exactly at full time, IF HE WAS ROOTING FOR PSG?
Nehal Chakraborty
Nehal Chakraborty:
I loved to see the tank right at the end 😂
FOOTY monster
FOOTY monster:
They won it,my 96 year old grandfather has been waiting for this to happen again,love you bayern,cant hold back the tears😭😭
The funny thing is it didn’t say anything about Kingsley’s goal (^ ^)
Aiden Gaming
Aiden Gaming:
When Thomas says again after they say the treble it made laugh so loud
Bup Games
Bup Games:
1:17 Dave in the back lmao
EMAN imates
EMAN imates:
Süle's solo was magnificent
Luc Mulder
Luc Mulder:
Coutinho: i left liverpool to win the champions league.
Yes yes you did budy.
Lets talk about 6 baby
There monsters all season!
Totaly deserved it!
Казахский Интеллектуал
Казахский Интеллектуал:
0:34 miller’s voice so cute)
Benedek Matolcsi
Benedek Matolcsi:
I wamt to see the psg version too!
Rostocker Fankurve
Rostocker Fankurve:
The work in this, which would have been waste if they'd lost xD
Flick:Buff Muller can't hurt you, he's not real

Buff Muller:
CornFlake Jerry
CornFlake Jerry:
I think lewandowski should win the ballendor his season was excellent this year
Mayuresh Bhopi
Mayuresh Bhopi:
This is so good omg 😂🔥❤️
Floor Gang
Floor Gang:
I was expecting for something like "King Coman", but I like this too 😂
Hanad Dhiasow
Hanad Dhiasow:
1:11 davies voice change again dean
Krystian Kornacki
Krystian Kornacki:
Can someone please tell me the real song? This tune is awesome, and I'd like to know the real song
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming:
You should now make a quintuple champions
Who's with me?
Like so he can see
Heinz Calderón
Heinz Calderón:
Saharsh Reddy
Saharsh Reddy:
Is it me or does anyone else find it really wholesome how Mueller made his own Ballon dor just to make Lewandowski feel better
Jakub Horák
Jakub Horák:
0:43 Look! Mario Gotze 😂
Siddharth Kaneria
Siddharth Kaneria:
I want the old müller back not the built one 😂😂😭🔥
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
Damn... I'm a dortmund fan and my friend got hyped up when he saw the result so I responded with a sad HEJA BVB
The knew that byern will win
Incredible how Neuer and Müller got so amazingly good in shape again 🔥
about 10th time i'm listening to this I just realised Neuer speaks "I'm the greatest of all time"
Hahah Parebéns Bayern vcs merecem The Best Campeões From Brazil
X X:
1:18 the horse is moonwalking
Amit S Krishnan
Amit S Krishnan:
I guess they'll ask Neuer to sweep all the confetti on the ground 🎉
ASMR Podlasie
ASMR Podlasie:
0:21 "world-class tik-toker" xDDDDDDDDD
Congrats to Bayern! They were absolute monsters in the tournament!

From a Premier League Neutral.
Monke_ y
Monke_ y:
On the levy achievements
It’s says world class tik toker 😂
We are an amazing team 🔥
0:43 Loved to see lahm there
Ahmed Alfateh
Ahmed Alfateh:
Muller is probably my favorite 442oons the crazy personality makes him hilarious to listen to
F1massa 19
F1massa 19:
Not special for me , we know that they won every 🥱
Joshab537 PS4
Joshab537 PS4:
They uploaded this a couple minutes before the final ended...
Imagine PSG scored at the last minute
That would've been embarrassing
The Terminator
The Terminator:
Muller with six pack looks weirder than Pineapples on Pizza
Muhammad Raffi Aryadhiaputra
Muhammad Raffi Aryadhiaputra:
This came out the second the match was done
Игорь Валеев
Игорь Валеев:
Sule in the end😂
Kavita Maharaj
Kavita Maharaj:
I'm so happy
Congratulations Bayern Munich
Aditya Srivastava
Aditya Srivastava:
I was thinking that 442oons going to make this song since I was singing it in my mind since bayern won the final
I love how Lewy just sticks out his tongue
Λεωνίδας Πουγατσιας
Λεωνίδας Πουγατσιας:
Man of the match: Neuer
MikWo Wolny
MikWo Wolny:
Who win UCL?
Dean: My money's on PSG.
Coman and me: Nope
Helmut Hoppe
Helmut Hoppe:
This was the first and maybe only time i was supporting Bayern, damn was it worth it.
Little Gizzy
Little Gizzy:
He literally had this already prepared before they won didn’t he
JSG 2005
JSG 2005:
0:35 Müller with That body looks pretty cool tbf!
ASMR Podlasie
ASMR Podlasie:
1:10 "AL-PHON-SO" is so satistyfing damn