Feeding Japanese giant hornets オオスズメバチ(Vespa mandarinia japonica )

Sightings. A couple of Japanese Giant Hornets feeding on the roots of a tree. Didn't want to get too close, but wanted to see them share the find. They are so cute when they are cleaning themselves, don't you think? When the second hornet showed up they greeted each other on the mouth and then took turns at the tree sap. The first one took of(straight at me) probably to go call the rest of the hive for lunch!

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I love how the minute the Hornet takes off towards the camera the video cuts off
Alan Malcheski
Alan Malcheski:
Needs more evil name.
Massacre Hornet
Mass Casualty Hornet?
Hell Hornet.
Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog:
Don’t you just love when the news decides it’s gonna change an insect species name to make it sound more deadly 🤦🏻‍♂️
Eric Aguirre
Eric Aguirre:
For some reason this reminds me of Bumblebee. I guess the designers of that movie took influences from this hornet.
Nathalie Cazenave
Nathalie Cazenave:
I hope it'll never come to Europe like the vespa velutina. So scary insect
Daniel Shakesheff
Daniel Shakesheff:
beautiful but deadly
Euler Leibniz
Euler Leibniz:
L'insecte le plus élaboré , un prédateur complet. Dommage qu'en Europe nous n'ayons pas ce type de frelon.
I want a hornet