Felix Auger-Aliassime vs Corentin Moutet | US Open 2020 Round 3

Felix Auger-Aliassime takes on Corentin Moutet in Round 3 of the US Open 2020.

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Tej Patil
Tej Patil:
Thiem VS Felix will be an epic match
Tej Patil
Tej Patil:
Felix is actually insane
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
It’s incredible watching his improvement these last couple of years. He is Serena intense. He has laser focus. You can clearly see that he practices like a banshee. It shows. This is guy is one of the hungriest young guns I’ve seen in years. One to watch for sure.
Louis Stevens Experience
Louis Stevens Experience:
If Federer and Djokovic had a baby Felix would be born.
That was flat out embarrassing.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Felix continuing his beast form. Next match vs Thiem should be good.
Lukijan Bugarski
Lukijan Bugarski:
Honestly think that this guy has a good chance against Thiem , let's wait and see
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
Man when FAA is striking cleanly he's a tough cookie for anyone
Blair Sveinson
Blair Sveinson:
Ahem...three Canadians into the round of 16. Check the record books.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
how fitting corentin is playing during a quarantine
Yash Kshirsagar
Yash Kshirsagar:
2:21 - Moutet: "i'm down 2 sets, so now is my time to showboat"
... wat?
Sejoon Jun
Sejoon Jun:
This man pretty much bageled the first two sets lol
Terrence Hohenkirk
Terrence Hohenkirk:
Let's go Felix💯💯🔥
Mr Twister
Mr Twister:
Reminds me of Novak
Jayrant DT
Jayrant DT:
This dude game solid all round i see no weakness, he going to be tough to beat for years to come.
Precious Ashimole
Precious Ashimole:
Well done brother Felix keep it up to the final
bb 123
bb 123:
I would have loved to see an Auger-Aliassime VS Djoko
Welcome to the FAA Show. Wait till you guys see him on grass next year.
Felix is raising the level in the men's field. I haven't been this excited since Nadal hit the big stage.
Golden Set
Golden Set:
auger dismantling his opponents
Something about his aura reminds me of Muhammad Ali.
Nomqhele Moyo
Nomqhele Moyo:
Felix gonna be ma man after Nole
futures ToT
futures ToT:
The world of tennis needs a hero like him.
SS Kingsley
SS Kingsley:
I LOVE how Moutet tried to showboat when he was 2 sets down and Felix still embarrassed him.
Kal Ab
Kal Ab:
Felix made a few highlight reel shots in this match ..I can see him in the top 10 rankings very soon
jawhar Hayes
jawhar Hayes:
Felix is looking amazing. Im so happy to see him performing at this level with consistency.... LEGO!!!
That's Rich
That's Rich:
He's always so cool, calm and collected. To be so young and focus is a delight to see. Very business minded
Octavie Ndengue kadji
Octavie Ndengue kadji:
What a great match, congratulations Félix,so proud of you.
I am what I am
I am what I am:
This kid is amazing! So much good tennis with the new gen players!
I guess the quarantine period affected corentin
He will be in finals
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz:
New Roger in making? It feels so to me.
S Tomlinson
S Tomlinson:
ive seen the future
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Felix!!! Now your just showing off lol. Good onya!!! QF/SF??? Go Canada!!! 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦
Big Time
Big Time:
On fire!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Felix is electric to watch. Mind boggling levels of tennis. I look forward to watching him win Grand Slams over the next decade.
Jose Mari Ortega
Jose Mari Ortega:
This man is a future no. 1
Karol Osuchowski
Karol Osuchowski:
“So you still wanna wear the same outfit? Aight, we’ll see..”🇨🇦😙
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
waiting to see more actions from youngsters felix auger aliassime (can) and de minaur (aus)
Gökhan Tozan
Gökhan Tozan:
Has been such an easy draw for him. Thiem will stop him though.
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Stay focused 💯
I like this 20 yr old Auger-Aliassime's professionalism
Amit Nagal
Amit Nagal:
He could reach in finals
0:00 -_- Djocovich Stance
Ohohohohoh Just shows it was a weird match dynamic. I hope everyone recovers from it and plays proper decent tennis.
very exciting fourth round match ups ahead!!
Keshav Bidawatka
Keshav Bidawatka:
Guyzz anybody has a link to where I can watch the full match highlights?
K T:
Montreal dude
Montreal dude:
Let's go Felix !!!
Vivekanand Tiwary
Vivekanand Tiwary:
Wow.. what a performance 👍
Shopnil sagor
Shopnil sagor:
Lovely flix😍😍
JackJack Thompson
JackJack Thompson:
Yohoo!! FINALLY! Some win for Montreal! We are STARVED for a win Felix! Allez!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
how did that guy get in the third round?
40 Love
40 Love:
Bianca last year - Félix this year - oh 🇨🇦
Murali MS
Murali MS:
This time 3 Canadians to Round 16 congrats 3 of all❤️🇨🇦 from India🇮🇳
China Lover
China Lover:
why did the highlights start at 5-0 AD ?...
Mundex Tennis
Mundex Tennis:
FAA certified top 5 in the future!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Felix is going to be a problem for the top 20 players.
Philippe Mudaheranwa
Philippe Mudaheranwa:
I have great hopes for this guy being from the same city as him and also being african. I simply hope he will not turn into a douchebag like Kyrgios or turn into an entertainer like Monfils. I really wish he could be the guy who stay in the top 5 for this decade.
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
Very good movement. Takes long strides mostly, similar to Federer. Those long strides really help him cover the court well. Excited to see what FAA has in store for the future.
David Givins
David Givins:
Felix is focus and determined to be as good as he can. I had the pleasure of correcting someone typing ignorantly about Felix tennis makeup. Felix and Coric their opponents have to beat them because they are not rolling over to lose.
JeongHan Lim
JeongHan Lim:
This was the closest match in 2020 US open so far, in terms of players apparel.
Jonathan Terrett
Jonathan Terrett:
Sinner and Felix most promising young player coming up
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Santhosh A
Santhosh A:
Is it the draw's mistake or Felix in super saint mode 🤔
Debraj Das
Debraj Das:
New Rafa in making!
A Tiger Wood for Tennis in the making here?!
Jeremy Robinson
Jeremy Robinson:
I TOLD you not to wear my shirt!!!!
Raja Sekar
Raja Sekar:
Great start from US open 2020. Definitely he will be a future tennis star
Everytime is try a tweener..i hit my wang and it hurts! Why?
Wow! What a performance, for sure! Some of those returns, out of this world. All the best, Felix. You can do it! You're up there with the best. You'll be the #1 player in the world soon and for a long time.
JUST, WOW!!!!!!
H. H.
H. H.:
haha loser corentin aint screaming and shouting this time huh
Michel Azan
Michel Azan:
Du TRÈS bon Moutet 😂
Vi Vi H
Vi Vi H:
Felix, tennis New star !⭐️
アリアシム 強すぎる。マレーにも圧勝だった。
fede edelstein
fede edelstein:
quarentine moutet
Austin Catmull
Austin Catmull:
Ri Rara
Ri Rara:
This guy will go further in this tournament if he pass Thiem in the 4th round.
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins:
This has been the tournament of athletes: Auger-Aliassime, Tiafoe and Barrentini. Maybe this is the generation that is ready to retire the big 3
Dam what happened to UTS moutet
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri:
Felix is playing good no doubt .

But his opponents murray and moutet didnt play at all ..both of them serves under 80mph ..this weird in the atp level...next match will be a reel challenge for him.
Thinles Dorjay
Thinles Dorjay:
Would love to see this kid beat djokovic
Anirudh Vadlamani
Anirudh Vadlamani:
If you don't have a fast serve or a strong forehand, Felix makes life hell for you!
Smoky O
Smoky O:
I just love Felix
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
You're so good to watch not boring
Wow his stance is even like Djokovic
Lee Chad
Lee Chad:
Corentin Moutet complains like a little girl. Knew Felix would be a problem for players on tour.
Good job Felix!
Nyemike Okonkwo
Nyemike Okonkwo:
Many have said it about many players, but THIS kid is the future of pro tennis. No doubt.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen:
Between the leg shot from Moutet when down 2 sets to nil, is absolutely shocking. Do those shots in a friendly or exhibition game, not in 3rd round of US Open. Could have been turning point if he won that point.
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Keep your eyes on the ball until the last ball strike
Americans always wonder when they will have a top-level player...

Meanwhile there are 3 canadians in top16 of US Open right now, lul.
Joe Fou
Joe Fou:
Yes corentin, just go practice you get kick your ass easy
Gina Lee
Gina Lee:
Felix Auger is a “dismantler”...he just dismantles the opponent.
Ram Shrestha
Ram Shrestha:
Mr Allissime very strong this time but becareful for Mr Djokovic.
Aleph Beta
Aleph Beta:
Those shirts tho.....
Francesco Spini
Francesco Spini:
Felix in forma fisica strepitosa.
Sơn Bùi Hoàng
Sơn Bùi Hoàng:
Younger version of Djokovic
real a
real a:
better and better
great future
tennis with rayestu
tennis with rayestu:
Crazy good