Fernandes & Greenwood strike in Brighton win | Brighton 0-3 Manchester United | Highlights

Enjoy the best of the action as superb strikes from Mason Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes saw the Reds run out 3-0 winners against Brighton in the Premier League

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100+ comentarios:

What a pass from Matic, what a cross from Greenwood, what a finish Bruno Fernandes... what a goal from Manchester United ❤️🔥
the Red Devil is back! 🤪🤙
Hijral Sebeli Monte
Hijral Sebeli Monte:
Surely you have no reason why this comment have so many likes 🤪
just that
just that:
Practically- I only want two things for next season-
1.jadon sancho sign's for united.
2.pogba signs a new contract
Farhan Raiba
Farhan Raiba:
So nobody is gonna talk about that pass from matic for third goal
Why has Matic turned into prime Scholes with those passes ? He’s gotten so much better
Wakhile Goduka
Wakhile Goduka:
Matic makes me wish he was 5 years younger 😭
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
Matic has turned back the clock, pure class.
James Fifty-shades-of-Day
James Fifty-shades-of-Day:
Fernandes is absolutely class. Makes everyone else go up a level.
Kavabunga Man
Kavabunga Man:
This is like prime United when they were bullying everyone
Tommy James
Tommy James:
Let's all take a moment and talk about that matic pass.🔥
Zarus Ruk
Zarus Ruk:
I really don’t know what happened to matic while at the lockdown
Kevoh Tedd
Kevoh Tedd:
I really like how the midfield trio of pogba, matic & fernandes is working, some brilliant stuffs in the midfield. 🔥🔥🙌
bb adam 100
bb adam 100:
Imo Fernandes is the best signing we've had within these past few years.. And Matic is playing better too hopefully we can win FA and Europa
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
I think Bruno was just the main deal united needed long ago, beautiful style of play great coordination brilliant victory.
Jevonie #1
Jevonie #1:
this is why Greenwood should start over James.
Cristiano Aveiro Ronaldo
Cristiano Aveiro Ronaldo:
Hopefully this is the begining of the return of Manchester United Greatness

Edit: Ole Gunnar Always Hunts For Young Players...
Bruno changed the team truly a great footballer.
Coming from a livpool fan here!
Mr. Fawwaz Radzi
Mr. Fawwaz Radzi:
The hardest angle of opponents goal always be Greenwood's food
Everytime Man Utd scored 3 goals in a match, the third goal always been fantastic counter attack or build up play
German Kasay
German Kasay:
The future looks brilliant to Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes.
Amogh Shetty
Amogh Shetty:
Since Bruno has appeared in the premier league he's always shown us something special🤩🤩🤩🤩
Kinito Kinny
Kinito Kinny:
1:30 Seriously, that pass from Matic gave me chills. He's in his prime now, proving his doubters wrong. GGMU
Alvin Phua
Alvin Phua:
Speed, two-footed, composure, awareness, no fancy wasteful moves, intent with the end product - Greenwood.
Benjamin Nkwasibwe
Benjamin Nkwasibwe:
Greenwood is the next future of this club's attack.
Shadow Star
Shadow Star:
Comes off with a brace,starts drinking milk and eats cookies,Mans just chilling 😂😂
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg:
Gary Neville on Bruno’s second goal: “That’s a counter attack like Rooney, Ronaldo and Park against Arsenal”
Hamza Azeem
Hamza Azeem:
Everyone is talking about matic let's talk about ole who put him off when he wasn't playing well and he had to prove himself to the manager. Never has the happened post saf , a player improving to remove doubts of a manager!
kinda cool
kinda cool:
David De Gea- Class is permanent, My man 🤚🔥
Sr soccerPS4
Sr soccerPS4:
Oh Oh Oh Fernandes, Brunoooooo 🎤🎤🎤
William Q.
William Q.:
Greenwood has the finishing and movement of Van Persie, stepovers of Ronaldo, and he's ambidextrous. He's gonna be one of the best in the world.
ViNiT V:
Bruno is Turning out to be a GUARDIAN ANGEL❤️👌
Remi Porche
Remi Porche:
This is why Bruno belongs at United. World class player and world class performance 💪💪🔴
Ikram Bashir
Ikram Bashir:
United 15 Games unbeaten let’s keep it going !!! Come u Reds brilliant Form Bruno Bruno Bruno 🛑
ليفربولي #YNWA
ليفربولي #YNWA:
Bruno got 30 points
The best captain ever 😍❤️
Eunita Kerubo
Eunita Kerubo:
This man Bruno fernandes' people said he had a bad game against Norwich city' man comes back and scored two goals' what a better way of answering the critics.....
_Mophat_ CharZ
_Mophat_ CharZ:
What a pass from nemanja matic🔥🙌🏾
Sudhir Lamsal
Sudhir Lamsal:
Manchester United is going to win all of the remaining fixtures.Change my mind
Zack Kaza
Zack Kaza:
Now i know how much man utd need fernandes in starting line up
Bruno is lowkey the new coach of United.
Muh Mizan Mizan
Muh Mizan Mizan:
I love pogba,, performa amazinge assited
Dennis Ng'enoh
Dennis Ng'enoh:
As soon as Bruno and Pogba went off, we returned to the old shoddy Manchester United.. We need more midfield signings
Jin Asura
Jin Asura:
Bruno 7 Goals in ManUnited,he is new Legend.Glory glory Man United,we comeback is new seasons.
Tanay Bachwani
Tanay Bachwani:
I don't know what's happened to Rashford but it's worrying to see him like this. Looks like he's completely lost his mojo ever since the injury
Brian kuria
Brian kuria:
@ManchesterUtd ... We need to maintain this class and standard, be consistent and who knows 💁, we might scoop a treble......
deezy duffus
deezy duffus:
Matic as improve we still need him he looks world class now thanks to carrick and mckenna phelen and ole
Hafeez Jalandhari
Hafeez Jalandhari:
1:32 That Rashford's Sprint ... !!!
That counter attack leading to the third goal was pure class 🔥
1:36 Its Greenwood how crossed the ball.
wannaki rymbai
wannaki rymbai:
That counter Speed tho... 12 seconds😱....Classic UNITED counter🔥.
Félix García
Félix García:
Some people wanted Ole out, but i want Ole in for the upcoming years
exolene on IG
exolene on IG:
I'm a chelsea fan and I really hope united qualify to champions league instead of leicter,your midfield is world class honestly
Pam Oketch
Pam Oketch:
"Brilliant save de Gea, he's had absolutely nothing to do all night" lol...that took me out😂
MSB Crazy talks
MSB Crazy talks:
Bruno Fernandez can bring the old days for The Red devils
Riwaj Paudel
Riwaj Paudel:
These midfields willl surely help Man United win the title in next 1-2 years.

3rd place loading 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Takudzwa Kanengoni
Takudzwa Kanengoni:
0:20 Lets give Maguire credit as well for that Long Pass to Wan Bissaka
Alpha M Sesay
Alpha M Sesay:
Bruno is a sensation in this team. He combines well with Paul, just brilliant⚽⚽
humble Slave Humble slave
humble Slave Humble slave:
The enemies heart has beginning to pump really fast. Cmn united !
Jake Parry
Jake Parry:
2:26 Bruno got aired 😂😂 it’s alright Bruno
Aldi Yansyahfirdausjunior
Aldi Yansyahfirdausjunior:
Amazing bruno fernandes
sainey barrow
sainey barrow:
Bruno is like a knight in a shinny amore for us. Ever seen he came you see a different display from before he joined. I hope we see the season off with this style and get even better with it next season.
I wonder how this season would have played out if Bruno was signed at the start of the season.
Utsav Bhusal
Utsav Bhusal:
We have a perfect squad now...
But bench needs to be improved
Were bad in the last 30 minutes
101M views . 1 day ago
101M views . 1 day ago:
15matches unbeaten....
United For Life🔥🔥⚽⚽🏋
Oscar Omondi
Oscar Omondi:
So you all just want to ignore the work that Ole has done since his arrival?? Come on guys let us all appreciate him for his selfless effort
Murali .S
Murali .S:
Bruno... Bruno.. bruno..!!!
Ayo Alake
Ayo Alake:
Greenwood is an amazing footballer!
2:06 *WHAT A SAVE*
Aidan H
Aidan H:
did anyone else notice before the final goal he said rashford when it was greenwood
Bruno, Bruno, Bruno 🔥
rifqi aldia kurniawan
rifqi aldia kurniawan:
Matic-Pogba-Bruno 🔥🔥🔥
Twalib Ali hamza
Twalib Ali hamza:
Nice to see Bruno clap for de gea we need to support him everyone have ups and down de gea is one the best keeper in the world and he deserve to be in this team
bruno said "got milk".
pierrane suh
pierrane suh:
Mason Greenwood is also an excellent player , each time I watch him play I see but Christiano Ronaldo playing in some few years to come Mason Greenwood will become world best player
Chahat Modi
Chahat Modi:
“What a goal” if you know you know
Daya Singh
Daya Singh:
We need more players as soon as pogba and Bruno went off We looked like arsenal (mid table club) we need better subs GGMU 🔴⚪️⚫️🔥🔥
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Having Bruno in our squad really boosted the confidence of other previously out of form gifted players in our squad. GGMU ❤💪
berexford jallah
berexford jallah:
It's like Matic has been reborn, but this time with traits from Paul Scholes...
ajayi ayomide
ajayi ayomide:
Man utd really becoming a force to contend with.... Lot of potential in Greenwood he just needs more grooming
sarr hemed
sarr hemed:
Man United 4Ever♥️💪💯
Now we just need to keep this going and climb up the table. Come on UNITED!!!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Gary Neville on Bruno’s second goal: “That’s a counter attack like Rooney, Ronaldo and Park against Arsenal”
Quang MInh Vũ
Quang MInh Vũ:
I want to see Rashford's goal...
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques:
The last goal was the best. Makes me nostalgic about the old days. Man Utd have been known for attacking with pace, on the counter attack. Especially with Ronaldo and Rooney, who were later joined by Tevez.
ugas kasm
ugas kasm:
1:28 made my night
Bony Gamma Teknologi
Bony Gamma Teknologi:
1:19 turn on captions, papa and fernandez
Players I would like us to sign;

• Jadon Sancho- our front 3 is brilliant but this would take it up a notch, he would also give us a lot more depth in the attack.

• Alphonso Davies- one of the best full backs in the world and he’s only 19, enough said.

• Dayot Upamecano- lots of potential and would be a great partner to Maguire with his pace, again would offer depth but this time in the defense.

• Sandro Tonalli- A few months a go he was higher in my list but recently Matic, Mctominay and Fred have shown their worth, along with the signing on Bruno and return of Pogba our midfield is looking very strong and well backed up. However Tonalli still has bags of potential and would be a fantastic signing.
Chan Draken
Chan Draken:
What a great pass by Matic, I hope he could be younger for 5 years:)
Arief Juga
Arief Juga:
What happened with Matic? That pass is brilliant. He execute it effortlessly like nothing. Thankfully we didn't send him to another club in the last winter. Whoever made the decision to keep him definitely need a rise.
പൊളിച്ചു manchester united
llyord nyembe
llyord nyembe:
Pogba telling Greenwood: "Go Go Go!" for his goal, top class.
william beck
william beck:
Nicky butt said Greenwood was the best to come through the youth and hes showing way.... unreal
James Bower
James Bower:
BRUNOOO!! <3 <3 <3
Aco Bat
Aco Bat:
United End Season :

Won FA Cup

seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
For me, Luke Shaw is playing the best football of his career at the moment and brings so much quality in the left side.
01:29 autoMatic...
Rashik Rashik
Rashik Rashik:
David de gea💖
Mark Ephraim Suresh
Mark Ephraim Suresh:
What a brace from bruno!!!!! Mason with that great footwork. Since 2013 that mason goal havent been use in scoring
It remind me of how manchester united current boss( ole) use in scoring most of his goals
vortex R
vortex R:
Fernandes Came in.. Suddenly Our Players started playing like we want them to.. “We still need Sancho though”