Ferran Torres 2020 - Welcome To Manchester City ?

ferran torres amazing skills show in 2019/2020 , ferran torres welcome to manchester city.
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FUT Tips
FUT Tips:
Who’s watching when he’s just been confirmed 💙
Welcome to Manchester City , Ferran Torres 🔵🔵
Welcome Torres 💙
Jojo Smith
Jojo Smith:
He is a very good player welcome to my team 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Jesus Fraga
Gabriel Jesus Fraga:
Manchester City campeão da Champions esse ano 💙💙
Nqabayetu Gwaza
Nqabayetu Gwaza:
welcome to the best league in the world, welcome to City my boy.
Abdifatah Silva
Abdifatah Silva:
Welcome to sharkteam💙
Aaron Santos
Aaron Santos:
Imagine what peps gonna turn him into, he’s going to be a beast trust me 😍
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross:
He seems to be a promising prospect and Pep is known to get the best out of players, if he's there long enough to see to that ofcause. If Ferran Torres is to be Sane's successor, he has big boots to fill. Sane was definitely 1 of City's best players, pity he chose to leave
Aadish Ray
Aadish Ray:
Welcome to the blue side of Manchester, Ferran 💙👊🔵🔵🔵
Tyler B
Tyler B:
Looks a proper old school type winger that loves nothing more than to beat his opponent with a bit of skill 🔥
It is what it is
It is what it is:
Reminds me a little bit of Cristiano. Man City don’t mess about do they!
Yuusuf ibrahim
Yuusuf ibrahim:
First. One🙏❤
hermanos castillo contreras
hermanos castillo contreras:
ediciones perfectas. Saludos desde Chile
nabil 876
nabil 876:
keep in my mind this brilliant young talented footballer costes city only 21 million
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Welcome to Manchester City 💙
하울 Howl
하울 Howl:
Great Player 👍
PC1011 !
PC1011 !:
Faz video do Philippe Coutinho por favor 🙏
Mbaye Ndiaye
Mbaye Ndiaye:
New vidéo Harry Kane please 🙏
nicholas williams
nicholas williams:
Welcome to man city
Ilham Ziqri
Ilham Ziqri:
Welcome to manchester city THE CITYZENS
Babin A
Babin A:
Welcome to Manchester city
cabdinaasir cumar
cabdinaasir cumar:
Talented 🔥
lucas guatemi
lucas guatemi:
salve Rafael Football
Ismael Montes
Ismael Montes:
Welcome 😊
Shińòbi 398
Shińòbi 398:
Welcome to Etihad Manchester City "Ferran Torres number 19.💙⚽🏆
Amazing video brother 🔥👏
Deandre Mcfadden
Deandre Mcfadden:
That song was amazing
Great video! Keep it up bro ❤️🙌
ZZFrostie - ROBLOX & More!
ZZFrostie - ROBLOX & More!:
there's Bernardo silva and Riyad mahrez at RW, that's just a bad move for MCI and Torres, should have gone to Manchester United or Leicester City.
Welcome Ferran💙💙💙
his style of play nearly same with sane tho . the shape of interception
Nice video ❤️❤️
Fares Saeed
Fares Saeed:
Welcome to citiiii
lucas guatemi
lucas guatemi:
gostei muito parabéns bjs
Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins:
Tras video de jogadores bom vey, messi,cr7 etc...
Uğurhan Yağcı
Uğurhan Yağcı:
where do you find the match images
Uğurhan Yağcı
Uğurhan Yağcı:
where do you find the match images
Uğurhan Yağcı
Uğurhan Yağcı:
where do you find the match images
Joan Llácer Badenes
Joan Llácer Badenes:
Alex Justask
Alex Justask:
Welcome to Manchester United
Emirhan Tunalı
Emirhan Tunalı:
Ansu Fati skills ❤️ please
Hamza Banrouti
Hamza Banrouti:
Meanwhile Man U want to pay 108 million for Sancho? A player Dortmund signed for just 7.2 million 3 years ago. Dortmund scamming United on a day light.
Ahmed dz gaming
Ahmed dz gaming:
First vus
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers:
Good luck getting play time.
Breno Soares almeida
Breno Soares almeida:
Faz do kimmich
Wanted to see how good he is and seems OK.
lucas guatemi
lucas guatemi:
gente vamos deixar o laike por favor para ajudar o Rafael Football por favor
Abhishek's tech tips
Abhishek's tech tips:
He is a blue now 💙💙💙
Rhitam Bose
Rhitam Bose:
Hey this is the 4th comment goin in....Keep it up...Great work
Rony Dasilva
Rony Dasilva:
Qual o nome da música?
Tik tok & más
Tik tok & más:
Encajara perfecto al sistema de Pep, jugon, atrevido y juega bien en espacios reducidos
Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein:
You can remove the question mark
Salman Sepahi
Salman Sepahi:
Nice bro
lunga lunga
lunga lunga:
Remove the question mark now.
Sir Furkan
Sir Furkan:
Nice work
KIP k:
Can i get your playlist😀
tashinga fundira
tashinga fundira:
What's the name of track
Ilham Tope
Ilham Tope:
The new Lius Figo
Very direct with good dribbling, didn't see one step over but he still carved through and took people on.

Looks a player 😳
• 14 minutes ago • 11 years ago
• 14 minutes ago • 11 years ago:
Manchester is blue💙💙
Oluleke Tobi
Oluleke Tobi:
What's the title of the song please?
Guilherme Gladio
Guilherme Gladio:
Será uma ótima contratação por City
Ryan James
Ryan James:
Lamaine Thomson
Lamaine Thomson:
He looks OK
سوق الغرب للسيارات
سوق الغرب للسيارات:
where is he going to play .. so in that side we have Mahrez phoden bernardo silva all the can play there ...somone explain to me please
Reza Razak
Reza Razak:
bang average
Arsenal fan, I hope man city punish man united next time they play they talk too much
Carlos Ernesto Orellana Santos
Carlos Ernesto Orellana Santos:
Haroon Rashid
Haroon Rashid:
welcome torres
S M 3 L
S M 3 L:
tinshul rana
tinshul rana:
He should play as a forward instead of winger
ass asasas
ass asasas:
Nothing special to be honest, but pep will turn him into a classy player
Chelsea fc official somaliland
Chelsea fc official somaliland:
Where do he play
truongvinh nguyenthao Channel
truongvinh nguyenthao Channel:
ancestors the humankind odyssey
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers:
Should’ve went to Chelsea
kipli jabrik
kipli jabrik:
Tinggal sergi roberto
Soccer World
Soccer World:
Do defenderssssss
Kai Havertz
Kai Havertz:
*Golden Boy Ferran torres*
Andresito Fc
Andresito Fc:
Guilherme Barreto
Guilherme Barreto:
He might play better in the left wing
LF Gaming
LF Gaming:
Joga de terno
dulmaiz tah
dulmaiz tah:
Same position as mahrez and silva 🤦🏻‍♂️right wing ..we need a left wing 🤷🏽‍♂️
Next Jadon Sancho welcome Manchester United🤩
Vidcon Funn
Vidcon Funn:
Sancho vs Ferran.. comment Guys..
There's nothing special about him. Seems like an average player tbf.
jack lord
jack lord:
Btec Sancho
Ppp 1414
Ppp 1414:
In Epl even top players can't dribble like this liga bbva is farmer league
Neymarr Gonzalez
Neymarr Gonzalez:
right hes trash compare to what pep is going to do with him
Lethal Kid
Lethal Kid:
I'm a Chelsea fan but this kid is going to be a very very good signing for Mancity. Fits Guardeola's style of football.
Epic Footballers
Epic Footballers:
Wow you are awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nerd Doctor
Nerd Doctor:
Great deal already better than Mahrez فخر الدكة 😁
Abdur rahman
Abdur rahman:
His better then Sane
Izzat Nazli
Izzat Nazli:
Straw D'Cap
Straw D'Cap:
Better go for hossem arouar n rayan cherki more quality n versetily.... But pep are Spanish liked give more chance for young Spanish player even played not liked David Silva.... Just average player
Chiefs Boss
Chiefs Boss:
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega:
He's better than sancho