FERRAN TORRES - Welcome to Man City - Crazy Skills, Goals & Assists - 2020

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Ferrán Torres García is a 20 year old Spanish footballer who plays for Valencia CF. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from the 2019/2020 season up until the date this review was published.

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*Brilliant talent from Valencia! The Spanish winger is heavily linked to sign with Man City! He has 8 goals and 8 assists in 53 games so far this season with an average rating of 6.86/10. He's also notched up 2 MOTM awards in the process. Here's a 15 minute review of this incredibly quick youngster; reintroducing for a 2nd time, Ferran Torres! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!* 🔵⚪
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee:
When you see someone single handedly destroying atleticos defence, you’ll understand how good they are.
Syaifullah Edi Azman
Syaifullah Edi Azman:
Valencia and man city has great relationship, they gave city silva then otamendi and city gave them mangala now valencia want to give ferran to city
Thanks Valencia!!
Andy O'tam
Andy O'tam:
Can’t imagine how much he will improve under Pep and he’s only 20!
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee:
He’s so technical, comfortable with both feet’s, good at crossing, and deserves way more assists but at least he’s teammates missing puts less attention on him and doesn’t inflate his price.
The Great Helmsman
The Great Helmsman:
He reminds me of Christiano Ronald when he was playing right wing at united ......
Krome TV
Krome TV:
City boutta turn him in to a star😪💙
Liam Isaac
Liam Isaac:
He's screaming to be coached by pep
Myles Lundie
Myles Lundie:
Thanks for this banger scoutnation I'm a city fan and extremely excited about this transfer!
Nenad Petkovic
Nenad Petkovic:
He has some movement like cr7 from his 20. Very good player, smart, technic, speed, passing,shooting,crossing, he can become one of the best in the world
anyone else here scouting our boy ferran after more conformation about his move to citehhhh? im excited
Tafadzwa Xain
Tafadzwa Xain:
pep is gonna turn this kid into a star 🔥
Donaldo Cordero Xímenez
Donaldo Cordero Xímenez:
Eurosport said it's a done deal with his agents....and supposedly Valencia's in need of cash...I can only imagine City doing extremely well with Torres...This young man is exceptional....!!!
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee:
He’s an absolute beast!!
*I think this is my cleanest transfer thumbnail yet* 😂🔥
*He should have way more than 8 assists, just look at all those sitters...* 😪🤦‍♂️
Under Pep he will double his statistics purely because Pep plays very offensive
Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson:
Imagine this guy in with city’s already amazing attack
Dunyamali Babakishizada
Dunyamali Babakishizada:
Ferran Torres market value: 45.00M 💶
Transfer fee: 23.00M 💶
Nathan Ake market value: 28.00M 💶
Transfer fee: 45.00M 💶

Me: Visible Confusion
He’s literally just a right footed Asensio
Noah Garcia15
Noah Garcia15:
The best place to find out how good a player is. Pure film and no over dramatic edits, you sir are doing us all a service 👏👏👏👏
What I've noticed from watching this is his reading of the game. He thinks a few steps ahead of everyone else. You can see it when he plays a ball in and his team mates aren't on the same page as him so they mess it up. I think he will fit in nicely at City we have many players like that. Plus KDB who's the king of playing multiple steps ahead of everyone else.
MindOf Yen
MindOf Yen:
KDB and Foden putting balls on a plate for this guy tho!!!!😍🔥
Saciid Cade
Saciid Cade:
Who's here after he signed for city
Neeraj Singh
Neeraj Singh:
We would love to have him.
His brilliance with the ball says it all.
And i guess he is better choice over leroy sane anyday.
His dribbling style combined with his speed on the ball reminds me of Kaka. Ferran is a special talent.
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Welcome to Manchester City 💙

Thanks ScoutNation, and keep up the great work. 👍
shobhit yadav
shobhit yadav:
built well, holds of challenges, great with ball at his feet, passes and running. Humble and unselfish. perfect fit for City!
Fun Fact :
He played against Foden in spain vs england u17 worldcup final in 2017.
And Foden absolutely destroyed his spain team and won the cup, as well as the best player of the tournament.
Good to see them as a teammates now😂.
Mo Malo
Mo Malo:
I see CR7 in his early days at sporting and first playing at Man utd down the right wing
Potiential Spam
Potiential Spam:
I didn’t know Ferran was that good
He looks and plays like Marco Asensio
Abhishek Singh Yadav
Abhishek Singh Yadav:
His passes from right foot matches accuracy and effectiveness of de bruyn, He dont rush into players he beats them with skill, Overall very excited, Sane just got pace over this guy, otherwise this guy can fill sane boots way more than expected
ManCity 255_
ManCity 255_:
Are you a City fan? Because if you are, then fantastic!
Ayomide Ogunfowora
Ayomide Ogunfowora:
Thanks man was wondering who the hell this kid was and why he was Sane replacement. Pep will turn him into a superstar
Daniel Shaffer
Daniel Shaffer:
Best highlights on youtube
In his interview he said his greatest point is : Strength and power.
What I saw this whole clip: Insane speed, crossing and dribbling
United fan here. City always do sensible transfers. Good winger for the future and only paid 20 mil. Meanwhile, man united needs Sancho and willing to spend 90 mil. Stupidity at best
Zwelakhe Vundla
Zwelakhe Vundla:
What a beast, great content
Ardi Ahmad
Ardi Ahmad:
A very promising young talented player. I am sure he will shine in England. welcome to the City.
Zultinur Muttaqin
Zultinur Muttaqin:
Clever investment, nice playing vision by the young man
Tomás Buenaventura
Tomás Buenaventura:
took your time on this one...
That young lad looks talented.
Daniel Mccarthy
Daniel Mccarthy:
Omg he is amazing hope city can sign him 🤑
Elvand dh
Elvand dh:
0:46 Valencia fans wearing lazio shirt 😂
Tanos gamer0
Tanos gamer0:
ถ้า แมนยูไนเต็ด มี สมอง คง เอา ตัวนี้ 120ฮ่าๆ ที่นี้ อังกฤษครับ เพื่อใจ ไว้ เยอะๆ
Lasse Sørensen
Lasse Sørensen:
Seems very skilled and composed.. amazing in 1v1
Burak Kaya
Burak Kaya:
he is great techniqually
Adesoji Ayoade
Adesoji Ayoade:
Man city have confirmed the signing of Marco asencio I salute you pep
Veer Kantelia
Veer Kantelia:
Such a top player top replacement for sane
Get_ WRX
Get_ WRX:
He would fit perfectly into City's team. He incredible dribbling and his creativity and vision are outstanding.
Risky Ways
Risky Ways:
Welcome to city of loser
Thank you Man utd, next
Crazy hearing my beat outta nowhere lol
Football Manager material
Pep needs to make this happen asap. Been a SN fan since the early days, keep up the good work.
Next El Mago 🙏💙
Álvaro Proaño Avilés
Álvaro Proaño Avilés:
Skillful, clever, energetic... young. Absolute bargain as it seems.
Keenan Dallas
Keenan Dallas:
So happy he's coming the blue moon🔥🔥
Madka PoY
Madka PoY:
he is amazingggggg
almamun wodud
almamun wodud:
Man City signed really a good player. Seems direct replacement of Sane
False Nueve
False Nueve:
Istg with Aguero in the middle, he's gonna have a lot more assists!
These idiots missing sitters like hell!
Alcantara JR
Alcantara JR:
kun mwas
kun mwas:
I thought he was overrated.He have proofed me wrong.I can't wait to see you @city 💙💙💙💯
Christian Klmnt
Christian Klmnt:
Youssoufa Moukoko 🇩🇪

2015/2016 (St. Pauli Under 15 - Age 10/11): 11 games - 21 league goals
2016/2017 (BVB Under 15 - Age 11/12): 21 games - 33 league goals
2017/2018 (BVB Under 17 - Age 12/13): 25 games - 37 league goals
2018/2019 (BVB Under 19 - Age 13/14): 25 games - 46 league goals
2019/2020 (BVB Under 19- Age 14/15): season determined after 20 games - 34 league goals

In total: 102 league games - 171 league goals while being up to four year younger than the other players.

Honorable mentions:

● Scoring six goals at his debut for the BVB under 19 team
● Scoring twice at his debut for the german under 16 team at age 12

He play like riyah mahrez, good for replace leroy sane to play LW
6'1"!! I like
Long Nguyễn Thanh
Long Nguyễn Thanh:
What an excellent young winger!
But look at how the chances he created were thrown away, you will understand why this is a bad season of Valencia = ))
Arvadifa Kmzz_12
Arvadifa Kmzz_12:
Roshit Dahat
Roshit Dahat:
1:21 and 1:43 did the same skill and it worked. Ik there was a nutmeg in the second one but still it's impressive.
cEfih VikZens
cEfih VikZens:
Mntap skill nya semoga jdi k city Aamiin
Justice Chits
Justice Chits:
Damn he is really good , and I like the fact he has pace and that he can dribble ofcourse
the way he handles a ball is incredible, under pep he will improve so much
Rothin Gogoi
Rothin Gogoi:
Damn... this guy is good.. Welcome to Man City
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain:
Great work as usual. Could you make a video on Riqui Puig?
Edit: Or, Francisco Trincão?
The Next DAVID SILVA 🥰 From Valencia to Manchester City
muhammad syafiqurrahman
muhammad syafiqurrahman:
Welcom to man city...i love man city
mike heap
mike heap:
Great signing
mony samkhan
mony samkhan:
Welcome to city my boi
Dimki Lago
Dimki Lago:
He reminds me young Cristiano.
Faghrie Daniels
Faghrie Daniels:
Reminds me of a young Cristiano Ronaldo, I hope City gets this deal done
Mas dhira_23
Mas dhira_23:
welcome to lautaro martines at m_city i like him to be the successor of sergio aguero
I guess Carlos Soler will be Their starting right winger 👀
amir Beg
amir Beg:
If you watch properly you can see his strength is crossing and running towards player
Sadik Güvercin
Sadik Güvercin:
He has definitely quicker feet than Sané, this kid is going straight in the lineup with Kun and Sterling
One of the best wingers of this generation!
Alexis Camacho
Alexis Camacho:
Do Francisco Trincao if you haven’t already! Very similar player
We have Kante for you at the bridge and hopefully a better defence. Welcome 💙
Blue Side Of Manny M16
Blue Side Of Manny M16:
Welcome to Manchester
Football Refresh
Football Refresh:
Welcome to City you deserve to be in the city team .
Haryanto Teddy
Haryanto Teddy:
asensio with upgraded speed
Román Pereyra
Román Pereyra:
The fact that it seems like he cross well the ball and is aware of how and to who pass the ball, makes it a very good player for Pep and the squad of City, as City extremes usually are in those types of situation when they can cross the ball or make a pass to the box, so I have a lot of expectations for him
City have got themselves a real gem here. Can't wait to see him in the PL
Egor Ponomarenko
Egor Ponomarenko:
Pls, id track on 7-9 mins, thanks
Jock Odd Sock
Jock Odd Sock:
He'll fit in well at Scunthorpe United. Good impact sub.
Mentalita Ultras
Mentalita Ultras:
2nd comment from algeria <3
Patrick O.
Patrick O.:
Would be a perfect replacement for Sancho at Dortmund
Kind of reminds me of a slightly slower version of leroy sane.
Sir Alan
Sir Alan:
looks good for City! another star!
Maimuna Omar
Maimuna Omar:
Welcome to city