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gao yaohuan
gao yaohuan:
Dude, you forgot about the forfeit about starting Meisler in the champions league group stages.
Why did you not play meslier in goal as a part of the forfeit for the martinez objective failure??
Try “ i might get a clean sheet today” next minute “oop I conceded once again” that is in CaniSports Aka best YT channel on the earth
Victor Braimah
Victor Braimah:
Cani, I think the reason why Laimer is sitting back is because of the instructions you put when Nakamba was still playing.
Mr Bruyno
Mr Bruyno:
hey cani play antony on RW as its his natural position and has 3 star week foot, so he isn't good enough to play on LW.... hence play traore on LW as he has a 5 star week foot, also you could train traore to become a LW
CJ Super Gaming
CJ Super Gaming:
cantwell needs play time, u completely neglected him
Birchwood Bandit
Birchwood Bandit:
Try “episode twenty-three” that’s 23 in English 🙂
Hite Hagger
Hite Hagger:
Hey Cani I also got scammed with Antony I paid 70 to
Fredrik Storgaard Bachmann
Fredrik Storgaard Bachmann:
23 in norwegian is "tjue tre" give it a try
Eben Koroma
Eben Koroma:
Cani trying to complete the "not happening challenge "

End of season concedes 60 goals and says "not happening" was a good name after all
Milon’s Missie
Milon’s Missie:
Your YA talent Fernandes could be even higher as a cam instead of lm, once had a similar talent go up 5 ratings from cm to cam. Like so Cani can see
danilo pereira is only on loan at psg so he came back from his loan
Markús Einar Orrason
Markús Einar Orrason:
Cani : Aston Villa score their first Champions League goal

Aston Villa : We won this competition back in the day
Raphael De La Ghetto
Raphael De La Ghetto:
Don't think we have to worry about Pep getting sacked after he just signed a brand new contract extension
Can there's a glitch in FIFA where whenever u buy a player their potential can fluctuate so when they're value goes down their potential had decreased when their value goes up their potential has increased that's why Laimer stopped growing and why Antony's value is lower than it should be
Like so cani can see
Rob Dobson
Rob Dobson:
Cani: if I say corona, YouTube may demonetise me
Everyone else: you might want to consider selling Fuchs then
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor:
#forfits: NR. Antony: if you fail this objective wear a Man United kit for 3 episodes
Barbe Que
Barbe Que:
hey cani, when u play champions league game please switch it to night time, it feels more realistic.
oh, and day time for pl games
Shad Sarbast
Shad Sarbast:
No one:

Me:waiting for my comment to be in the video💀
Footballing Fraud 22
Footballing Fraud 22:
Hey Cani, how do you think Manchester City’s season will turn out. You said you thought they might win the league this year. What do you think now after Tottenham beat them 2 nil?
Footballing Fraud 22
Footballing Fraud 22:
Episode 23 in Norwegian: Episode tjuetre- After Håland received Europe’s Golden Boy award for the best Under 21 player in a top division I think he deserves something good on the best YouTube channel around!
Shad Sarbast
Shad Sarbast:
I love how you find a way to communicate with your fans through the comments❤️much love keep up the hard work
Mr Bruyno
Mr Bruyno:
Episode 23 in dhivehi is "theyvees"
Dr. Doodlepants
Dr. Doodlepants:
If Man Utd don’t sign Poch, City could swoop in and sign him as a possible replacement for Pep
Ville Happe
Ville Happe:
Episode 19 I think:
Cani: we most play with meslier every game in the cl groupstagebecause we got same clean cheats as Leno
Cani episode 22:
Plays with Martinez!!😂
Like so Cani can see
"Vingt-trois" is 23 in french !
Dylan FC
Dylan FC:
Amazing vid man, loving this series
Zepot BG
Zepot BG:
Episode 23 is "dvadeset-i-tri" in bulgarian🇧🇬.😁
Bhaskar Choudhry
Bhaskar Choudhry:
Cani... It hs been so long since u included ur Wifey in a video... #Not_Happening forfeit : Allow ur Wifey to discard a random player...
Bruno Aebeb
Bruno Aebeb:
Cani: Grealish doesn't score that much Watkins scores more

Grealish in this episode I thought Cani said something 🤣🤣🙌
Omar Albahri
Omar Albahri:
You forgot playing meisler in every group statge game.
wojtek rudnik
wojtek rudnik:
what happened to the forfeit of playing all group stage with meslier in goal
KoRma bl
KoRma bl:
Man City need to get Zidan give him money and he will motivate players that he wont in best possible way...
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien:
Cani did you know that if a player that your trying to sign wants 3 years you can offer 4 years and they will alway accept like so cani can see
Mr Bruyno
Mr Bruyno:
hey cani.... did you forget the forfeit from the last season in which you had to play meslier in the entire group stage in the champions league
Hey Cani do u want Dier on Liverpool? He was great for us(Spurs) today..HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ...
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements:
Cani train Antony to become a left winger yeah he has it as a secondary position but make it his primary position and he gets a higher rating on his sharpness boost 😁
Shad Sarbast
Shad Sarbast:
What do think about son in spurs winning player of the season cuz he’s on fire
Boon Hoe Gan
Boon Hoe Gan:
Hi Cani, what camera settings do you use? It looks zoomed out in game and almost covers the entire pitch. Mine can hardly see my players from the other flank.
Azari Bynoe
Azari Bynoe:
All you had to do was score the one-on-one chance you had with Watkins in the Spurs game. You only have yourself to blame
Cani, would you say Watkins has been underperforming recently?
Noah Knight
Noah Knight:
WOW!!! Sitting here watching a new epi and NEVER would've imagined my comment being used. Love the career modes Cani, hope the tip works foe you as it was evident in many more players outside if Reguilon, he was certainly the standout of the career mode I had though!!! edit: I'd love to get ahold of you on twitter or instagram to share with you the team I built at Spurs.
Jay Baker
Jay Baker:
Cani you need to work on Jack's headers! Dunno why you never did. And look at a player called kang-in Lee from valencia I believe. He can sort your whole midfield creativity
Abdulaziz Al Thani
Abdulaziz Al Thani:
Cani please do an ARSENE WENGER impression
"dreiundzwanzig" is 23 in german😉
Andjela Milenovic
Andjela Milenovic:
"Dvadeset tri" in Serbian language
Forfeit for ‘not happening’ : buy John O’shea and play him at least 10 games
Alfie Rawlinson
Alfie Rawlinson:
Buy Joao Pedro from Watford used him for my Bolton career mode he is a weapon possibly could be your future striker ???
R3CKT Clan
R3CKT Clan:
You should try and buy Mitchell Van Bergen he’s an amazing player
Jayden English
Jayden English:
What are your thoughts on Spain beating Germany 6-0
Yoav Bar Shlomo
Yoav Bar Shlomo:
episode 23 in hebrew: esrim ve shalosh
18 Arshad Muhammed
18 Arshad Muhammed:
Bro u forgotten the forfeit of goal keeper in ucl
George Papadopoulos
George Papadopoulos:
cani saying that he will fix the coulours in the next episode.2 episodes later we are still waiting.....😂
William I'Anson
William I'Anson:
You needed to play meslier, also play cantwell more
alireza amini
alireza amini:
Hey Cani! Episode 23 in Persian(Farsi) language is "episode beast u se" like so Cani can see:)...... say that in your next episode pleeeease :).... greetings from IRAN!
23 in Norwegian is either "tjuetre" or "tre og tyve"
Mister sweet
Mister sweet:
Episode 23 in greek is “ekositria”
pupedis cs
pupedis cs:
episode 23 in latvian is “divdesmit trešā epizode”
Riley Peacock
Riley Peacock:
Hey Cani when You scout some youth players send them to Sweden and put technically gifted on because I found a player who was 2.90 million and was 66 over all

Like so Cani can see
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal:
Olie Watkins is not a good player, He wasted so many chances in the match against Brighton. He should have a degrade in his ratings #ashvsbri
Like so Cani can see!
dhinesh Cr
dhinesh Cr:
23 in Tamil is "Erubadhi moonu" love from Tamil Nadu southern India
Bhavesh Tarani
Bhavesh Tarani:
23 in hindi is Teis like so canii can see
Reallyy lovee your content and keep up the good work!!
Joe Burt
Joe Burt:
#fanobjectives :
'Bigger than You'

Finish in a higher league position than at least half of the clubs offering you a managerial position. (Doesn't matter which league - if say Milan offer you a contract you have to finish higher in the PL than Milan do in Serie A and so on)
William K.S
William K.S:
23 in Indonesian is "Dua puluh tiga"
YT Fr4Ze
YT Fr4Ze:
When are you going to bring back the one the only the legend Enis Bardhi
ФАКАС 2.0:
Episode 23 in my language is 'Epizode 23' it's in Latvian
KING Griffiths
KING Griffiths:
Twente Three (23) in my language (ENGLISH).
Maria Burke
Maria Burke:
Get demir from rapid wien in Austria he is 67 rated and 17 years old
Amir Yussuf
Amir Yussuf:
Get 25 goals with your front 3 Watkins,antony,traore
Chaos Alli Lodi
Chaos Alli Lodi:
Whats your thought on mancity struggling and what do you think is the reason its guardiola or thier defence ??
Lukas Gummerson
Lukas Gummerson:
cani i love your content but u just think 30 minutes is a bit to long to watch an episode so can u take this message in and do 15-25 maybe (like so he can see)
Thuthukani Buthelezi
Thuthukani Buthelezi:
How come is Martinez in goal in UCL remember Cani the forfeit

Meslier is the UCL keeper
the pretentious poplin
the pretentious poplin:
You need to get Antony a 5 star week foot
Raihan Putra
Raihan Putra:
Say "dua puluh tiga" 23 in Indonesian
Manea Sabin
Manea Sabin:
Cani, try and edit the defending, ultra defending, attacking and ultra attacking plans. This will help when ever for example you find yourself in a game and you are losing you can go to ultra attacking and try and get back in the game. Keep up the good work❤️
YugaRaj Balar
YugaRaj Balar:
CaniSport: The first Champions League game for Aston Villa is gonna result in victory

Assistant coaches: We wanted Miesler to start Champions League group stage

Miesler: Am I a joke to you????
What is the drag back skill button?
And la croqueta?
Cani what are your thoughts of Liverpool being linked with Ruben Semedo?
Marie Munos
Marie Munos:
sell Traore and use Antony as a right winger because that,s where he is most efective
Definitely lost to Liverpool the other video on purpose to get pay back #sus 😂
Cani, can you please change the kits each season like you did for Newcastle Career mode. It will make it more realistic.
Indira Naicker
Indira Naicker:
How do you feel about the passing of Ray clemence
Jan Perisic
Jan Perisic:
Score at least one goal with 15 differents players this season
Cani I think u should try to play both Wesley and Watkins either play them both up top or play Watkins on the right cause he lightning fast n train Wesley speed cause he’s good in game
Giannis Spyridakis
Giannis Spyridakis:
Play traore at lw because of 5*week foot and Antony at rw until he gets 5*too
Benjamin Moir
Benjamin Moir:
Cani, 23 in Cantonese is 'iceswalowcum'
Martijn Berden
Martijn Berden:
Senesi just scored an amazing goal IRL for Feyenoord in the game against Fortuna Sittard, go check it out!!
Hanad Junior
Hanad Junior:
cani, buy florian writz hes a midfielder from bayer leverkusen and hes 66 and cost 1,3 million. becuse hes has potential to be 88+. i used him after 3 season he was 93 rating, like so cani can see. plus hes where to aston villa in my multipule careers modes. fantastic.
Shefi Madh
Shefi Madh:
FIX THE COLORS they are wayyyyy to bright please! I should not turn my brightness every time I watch one of you videos!
Soccer stars Become the best
Soccer stars Become the best:
episode 23 in sepedi is " masime pedi tharo" like so cani can see
PAC Mozz
PAC Mozz:
Cani you forgot to play your reserve keeper you were suppose to play him for champions league group stage
Per de la Gardie
Per de la Gardie:
Twenty three in Swedish is ”Tjugo Tre”
Keivi Bila
Keivi Bila:
Cani don't forget Aston villa has already one ucl trophy
Keaton Zimmerle
Keaton Zimmerle:
Cani, if you want to try and good free agent youth players. There is sometimes good ones in the free agents.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown:
Think you should pick a international team, like England an get Jack to become the next greatest English man like so cani can see
CRUFC 2017
CRUFC 2017:
If you are looking in the future for a good winger to replace traore as he is twenty six I would recommend Victor tysgankov form dynamo kyiv
Oohzie F.C
Oohzie F.C:
Cani you forget to use your backup keeper for the ucl
haris mahmood
haris mahmood:
Try episode "TAEES" in Urdu like so cani can see
By the way one of your biggest fan
Kavyadeep Dev
Kavyadeep Dev:
23 in Bengali is "Teish". Please do give it a try. Love from India. 🇮🇳
The Ganchmaster
The Ganchmaster:
Cani you didnt play meslier in the cl and it was one of your forfeits