FILIP STEVANOVIC | Welcome To Manchester United 2020 | Full Season Show (HD)

Filip Stevanovic - 2019/2020 - Partizan ➠ World Of Football
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100+ comentarios:

FILIP STEVANOVIC! Manchester United are set to sign Serbian prospect Filip Stevanović from Partizan Belgrade. The 17-year-old winger is reportedly on the move to Old Trafford for €10m but will stay in Belgrade on loan for one more season. Stay tuned! - WOF
Chris Scott
Chris Scott:
Looks promising. Dribbling skills looks like he will win us many more penalties in the box for Bruno to smash in. Haters gonna hate.
Firdaus Sani
Firdaus Sani:
Technically gifted. No weak foot. Dribbling reminds me so much of eden hazard! This kid is a future star.
Sushant Kushwar
Sushant Kushwar:
Everyone looks good in YouTube but lets hope he turns out to be a very good signing for us. Let's hope for the best♥️
It’s a good thing how United are now investing on young talents like Filip and mejbri etc. They look like beasts and will probably save this club millions in years t o come.
Love how united is signing for the future..
David Logan
David Logan:
He looks a good prospect. It's hard to judge too much from these clips, but at a glance I'd say he's better than James and Chong, who are both fairly limited players anyways. He has the ability to really go past players (other than kicking it around them while running at great pace), an ability that James and Chong don't appear to have.
Munzer Monawar
Munzer Monawar:
I rate him higher than Daniel James and perriera
Nahi teckTube
Nahi teckTube:
Who is very excited for more transfers🙏
David Mc Daid
David Mc Daid:
Ok I know he plays for partisan but holy shit he’s very good for 17
Will Bill11
Will Bill11:
It’s like a dybala/hazard combo, lookin forward for him joining the devils!
Marfo Gideon
Marfo Gideon:
He has some resemblance in technique with that of Phil Foden. It is a good buy we will loan him back to partizan and go for him when the season ends. He will come to the senior team in the 2021/2022 season.
Ollie Ferri
Ollie Ferri:
Great Potential. I'd prefer if he was loaned to the bundesliga instead. Best place to develop young players right now.
There is 'United' about him. That's good enough.
Hello fellow Man united fans who are here after the news...
Ajayi samuel
Ajayi samuel:
Talented lad. I hope he keeps his head down focus on what's important and make his way to the top.
Lengman L
Lengman L:
I love this fanbase you can have a rumour that you're signing and one of these bad boys will be made
Filip Filipovic
Filip Filipovic:
Only 17 years,insane.All best to this kid!
mohazzy ally
mohazzy ally:
The way passes is phenomenal.
Ignatius Gading
Ignatius Gading:
Great link up play, better than James haha
Ong Xuanzong
Ong Xuanzong:
10m for this guy would be insane bargain! If he is English he would be around 35m at least!
Zareef Yeasin
Zareef Yeasin:
Got potential,excited to see how this pans out
Giovanni J
Giovanni J:
I love how direct he is, hope he grows well at Manutd, 🔴⚪
Owais Azmeer
Owais Azmeer:
His dribbling is just 🔥🔥😍 hope he works out really good 🔴
he has a lot of potential, some of his skills are the same level as Sancho
Aayush Kumar
Aayush Kumar:
Yes.. He will get us more penalties now... He will give our rivals more to cry about 😂😂
Vernon Thomason
Vernon Thomason:
Oh dear, he's signed for CITY!!!. Rags SNUBBED again 🤣🤣🤣
Justin Fernando
Justin Fernando:
I love these kinda signings where the young players are not overhyped by media... Man United are back in the right track... We need some versatile players like Barnes, Brahim Diaz,etc... Hope Ole brings more fresh blood with huge potential...
Agomah Stephen
Agomah Stephen:
He has impressed me!! Massive talent
Danique Lewis
Danique Lewis:
I love that he uses both feet he could own that position in a few years
zeon stewart
zeon stewart:
Just one signing of a player above the age of 18 🙏
sanni ohadike
sanni ohadike:
Mad looks promising
I can see determination and flair. Those two traits on top of the talent is what makes you a United winger. Exciting!
Best talent from the Balkans!
Such kind of signings has a big impact...!!!
Davi Luz 🇧🇷
Davi Luz 🇧🇷:
Looks really good!! Nicky Butt is doing really well on young players recruitment.
Rupert Clint
Rupert Clint:
Ole effect he loves young players 😅❣️
Sahil Garg
Sahil Garg:
Dribbling on point. Finishing is good too. Could have been a bit more speedy and didn't see as many pinpoint crosses as a winger should do. So crosses can be worked upon. Otherwise a naturally talented player for us.
Mo H
Mo H:
It's scary how time flies! I remember the Van Nistelrooy days when this guy was born!
I hate german cars
I hate german cars:
Remember Andre kanchelskis, it's like watching him back in the day...... but even quicker. Fantastic signing which could help and bring on Dan James as well.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
Looks really good!!
Dzień Dobry
Dzień Dobry:
Very composed, way he plays seems much more mature than his age.
Ashyyy k
Ashyyy k:
This lad is a very elite player, puts team before him. Very good signing for manchester united!!
Caleb Cancian
Caleb Cancian:
Love that United is singing young players 🤩
A very bright, flare and talented winger. More like a Rashford kind of winger. That's why I see people comparing him to Ronaldo which is unfair.
A A:
This kid I’ve been told has very very big potential
LifeOf Popcorn
LifeOf Popcorn:
I love this young lad
I really wish United to get a pace wingers like the old times
Papayaw Asamoah
Papayaw Asamoah:
Looks really good. He has a bright future ahead
When you have seen a great talent and After a great time want him
Di caprio's meme :here it is, it's him
Any chance of editing a video with his touches in the game in OT ?
Epicgamer Boi
Epicgamer Boi:
As a partizan fan he will be missed
Dont waste any time united board...
Just sign him he's phenomenal
Just like hazard and pulisic

Sign him and the loan him for 1 year,he will gain more experience and confidence,for me hes top player at age 17 years
Abdulaziz Holaibi
Abdulaziz Holaibi:
I don’t recommend any Daniel kinda players we want some great prospects some you can obviously see his potential ozing
c y b e r w e s s
c y b e r w e s s:
clearly already showing more promise than James!
Jacob O'C
Jacob O'C:
Once his fitness improves he will be elite.
J G:
Per sources it was the opportunity to play with jlingz that ultimately made him sign on the dotted line.
Alternative Facts
Alternative Facts:
This video aged well now that he signed for city 😂
Saefudin Saefudin
Saefudin Saefudin:
Skills and Drebling 👍👍
Kabangwe Malama
Kabangwe Malama:
Finally united make a sigh despite not being the one I wanted
Future for Man United!
Confident player with great skill
Greenwood on the right and him on the left 🔥
Ryan Roddy
Ryan Roddy:
Looks just how Memphis did and look how we let him go, our wings would be covered now if we kept him and zaha
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi:
Looks good, probably needs another 2 seasons out on loan before he wil be ready to play for United
Makes Hazard looks like a young Stevanovic
laptop Ashetouane
laptop Ashetouane:
rashy if you don't perfome good this kid is gonna have your place, WoW he is a true talent wonderful
Needs work on his composure and finishing in front of goal but he's still young and raw but quite promising!
Hal G
Hal G:
Him and James back up Rashford and Sancho starting yes please greenwood rotating with martial would be spice 🔥
Evmit 100
Evmit 100:
Great Signing I mean he is only really going to be cover but still it’s exciting!
Мурат Ниязов
Мурат Ниязов:
Побольше таких звезд и MU станет непобедимый
Matthew James
Matthew James:
Appreciate the music 👍 A lot of the times the music ruins these types of videos but this was easy on the ear , well done.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
United were interested in him but signed him, after we have played his team in Europe league, it sounds familiar to something fergie did with a certain portuaguese player XD
James JJC
James JJC:
Could be an amazing bargain. Looks like a great talent.
David Boyes
David Boyes:
He looks a serious talent .... super quick
Sancho, van de beek, grealish and upamecano would be the transfer window we need
James Maughan
James Maughan:
He has that Hazard about him looks promising but he wil be going back out on loan to Partizan next season so he won't be at Man Utd until 2021
Kim Wong
Kim Wong:
Another James, just with better dribbling skills? I don't know how I feel about that, have more important players & positions to buy in.. the kid is good tho, looks promising
David 033
David 033:
Since when is neymars brother Serbian?
Sayyam Nasir
Sayyam Nasir:
It's good United signed him before dortmund.👍
Gabriel Adoyi
Gabriel Adoyi:
Please man utd we need this guy 🙏
Ryan James
Ryan James:
Welcome to Manchester City FC💙💙💙💙💙
Name Surname
Name Surname:
Mark my words Tahith Chong will be a beast after one year. He is going to Germany on loan and that's enough. See German system? Klopp, Sancho in Dortmund and Bayern yesterday. Send as many guys there as you can.
Good signing
We need less English hyped players and more of intercontinental players
Manchester is Blue
Manchester is Blue:
Welcome to Manchester City 💙
I am What I am
I am What I am:
Why does Manchester United always sign left inside forwards / wingers, when they don't have a genuine right inside forward / winger even in their academy except Mejia ?
Jack Ginuhang
Jack Ginuhang:
More like Jadon dribbling skills.
2016 uzi has returned
2016 uzi has returned:
Nahi teckTube
Nahi teckTube:
Seems great....looking Forward👍
Luke Mitch
Luke Mitch:
This the kind of player we need. Superb
Lloyd George
Lloyd George:
Would be good business for Utd if it actually happens
Obertan looked a worldie on YouTube. Let's see how he is after 50 games. Good luck to the kid.
Okewu Alfred
Okewu Alfred:
If the deal has been done I will so excited....he looks promising
Yeah that's a good move for United to prevent us from buying expensive in the transfer market we need to start scouting for young players and bring them to the academy and nurture them
Harin Hari
Harin Hari:
Looks like a decent player like james.. But let's see.. He's wayyyyy to young just 18..has the potential to be a great prospect
simo blue
simo blue:
Yes he looks like he'll get utd even more penalties,I know it hard to think that, Bruno penandez, paul penogba, and marcus penashford will be made up with this
Gachui Karanja
Gachui Karanja:
Man city snagged lol😂😂💔
Hello gjOtuagomah
Hello gjOtuagomah:
He is a true winger,He is good.
Onome Osika
Onome Osika:
We've finessed the lad from United 😂
Mohamad Riski A B
Mohamad Riski A B:
No one expected Man Utd would buy this kid. We have to agree that we wait for Sancho but watching this kid, he's young and looks promising. still have a time to develop.
Give me a name pls
Give me a name pls:
first thing i saw that i like was the work ethic .. 8/10 gotta love nicky butt work they just know who's have those United DNA
This is already better then dan james .