Finding Your Breakthrough After a Breakup | Evolve with Danny Morel

Are You finding it hard finding your breakthrough after a breakup? In this episode of Evolve with Danny Morel we interview international model and Guess Girl Natalia Barulich as she opens up for the very first time about her recent breakup.
In this weeks episode we interview International Model and Guess Girl Natalia Barulich for the first time after her recent breakup with one of the worlds most popular Latin American Recording Artists.

We will talk to you about how you or anyone can start finding your breakthrough after a breakup, and begin to live life like you are supposed to, we want to give you that relationship advice you may need or want!

She shares with you how you struggled both emotionally and mentally to heal after the relationship ended like many do , and what she did to be able to regain her confidence and her personal strength and power!

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Finding Your Breakthrough

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