Fiorentina 1-0 Torino | Castrovilli Scores First Goal of The 2020/21 Season! | Serie A TiM

The first goal of the new Serie A Season sees Fiorentina go in front against Torino | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.:
New season but same old world class *Sirigu*
Jordan M.
Jordan M.:
sirigu deserve to play in a better team ! what a goalkeeper !
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
Congrats Bonaventura and Cutrone Milan's former players❤🖤Milan fans will miss you❤🖤
Tareq Alkhalefah
Tareq Alkhalefah:
Welcome back the best channel on YOUTUBE. We missed your 4:13 minutes highlights ❤️❤️
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
Serie A is back 😘😘😘😘😘🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost:
Hopefully this season will be just as exciting as last season, if not more. Congrats to Fiorentina and Jack on their first win of the season. Also, Forza Milan!
Xhoni Cela
Xhoni Cela:
Goalkeepers were on fire 🔥
Ervans Irawan
Ervans Irawan:
fiorentina has interesting squad this season
Wilhelmus Oladoko
Wilhelmus Oladoko:
Italian kolaborasi: Chiesa to Castrovilli🇮🇹🇮🇹
Torino is an ok team but their goalkeeper makes them look above average 🔥⚽️
metti22 !
metti22 !:
Chiesa 🔥❤️⚫️🔴 🔜
1:55 seems like a goal. If Kouame change direction of the ball. Anyway he played well in this match. 👏👏👏
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
It's really awesome that you post the highlights for us ❤️
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
Congrats Cutrone and Bonaventura🖤❤
Joaquin Ezequiel Rodas
Joaquin Ezequiel Rodas:
Excelente Fiorentina merecida victoria
Adi Hermawan
Adi Hermawan:
Forza viola 💜⚜
Free fire
Free fire:
Before 10 years fiorentina was top 5 teams of Italy now its top 15 or20
Fiorentina look VERY SHARP! If they manage to get hold on their best players, this could be their season!
Che pippone magistrale che é Zaza, giocatore da Serie B...!!
arif fadhilah
arif fadhilah:
The jersey bring back lots of memories
Joshua Mullins
Joshua Mullins:
Looking forward to the new season :)
Rashif Hadiyan
Rashif Hadiyan:
3:15 need for speed of goal
Mo Jabbar
Mo Jabbar:
Congratulations to Viola 👏
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Forza Série A ! ⚽️🇮🇹👍
Forza Botafogo RJ ! ⚫️⚪️🔥⭐️⚽️🇧🇷👍
Mark Dunne
Mark Dunne:
2:15 is Caceres even wearing shorts?
J. Shuttlesworth
J. Shuttlesworth:
What a save from Sirigu?! Unexplicable!
Stu From Saturday
Stu From Saturday:
Wonderful work from Chiesa. What a talent.
First match forentina shine
Chiesa can turn a game around in seconds
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Nice ❤️❤️
Milan Garis Keras
Milan Garis Keras:
Jack 👏👏👏
suhail popzian
suhail popzian:
🔥 🔥 🔥 Sirigu
Adji Putra
Adji Putra:
Biraghi cros is on point today, amazing
19 98
19 98:
Serie A Started In English comment 👊🏻🤙🏻🖕🏻
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
78' Gaetano Castrovilli (1-0)
alesha 7986
alesha 7986:
Gak rame belum ada penontonnya,,
Tarkam 😂
J So
J So:
Sirigu MVP
Vito Teofilo
Vito Teofilo:
Paratona di Sirigu👌🏻
Adhetia Angga
Adhetia Angga:
Forza La Viola 😂
tam dao
tam dao:
New stadium ? When
Karin Moore
Karin Moore:
I like Fiorentina shirt
Batistuta ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼
Juniér Husséin
Juniér Husséin:
Underrated player such an incredible player.
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Great result in opening match for fiorentina #Forza Viola
Chiesa joga muito!
Que 9pts más buenos para el Biwenger me ha dado, grande Castrovili
Abdallah Abdulai
Abdallah Abdulai:
Let us take some time to acknowledge that sirigu save 1:50
Yecki Finto
Yecki Finto:
Awal yg baik
False Alarms
False Alarms:
2020/2021 ❤🖤
Aldorf Luthanus
Aldorf Luthanus:
BRAVO Fiorentina!!!!!

BRAVO Fiorentina!!!!!

BRAVO Fiorentina!!!!!

BRAVO Fiorentina!!!!!

BRAVO Fiorentina!!!!!
Vrizk vrizk
Vrizk vrizk:
Giampaolo continue to lose
Aslan Kral
Aslan Kral:
Exciting match
Mantap elcastro
Mile Soprano
Mile Soprano:
Forza Viola 🇮🇹
Bartek Mostek
Bartek Mostek:
No wonder zaza and belloti didn't play at their best. The amount of dialects in italy makes communication difficult
Simo DC
Simo DC:
Maybe this year it’s time to Torino to relegate in serie b
yeszie Chilli
yeszie Chilli:
Chiesa should play with champions league team to make national team more strong
Hidden Punk Soul
Hidden Punk Soul:
Il torino sulla fascia destra è fortissimo..... 4 cross pennellati perfettamente e una diagonale mancata
BG Dropship
BG Dropship:
Who else played this match on Betnetto live surebets??
Smp D Roger
Smp D Roger:
I suggest to show timer too 😊😀😁✌✌
fiqih arjun
fiqih arjun:
rsirigu is awesome
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi:
I love Fiorentina
vitorio damian
vitorio damian:
Caceres is so old to play, he's not run for anything
Stephen Trout
Stephen Trout:
handball against Torino #15 - or does serie a not have the same handball rule that EPL does?
Achmad Yana
Achmad Yana:
Forza Viola ..
Sirigu needs a better team and fast.
RASYA Channel Berbagi Manfaat
RASYA Channel Berbagi Manfaat:
Kevin diks???
J So
J So:
Chelsea should buy Sirigu
Rosso Nero
Rosso Nero:
ma perche i commenti sono in inglese???? 🤮🤮🤮
eko dani10
eko dani10:


Bismillah , Alhamdulillah , Masya Allah ,Tabarakallah
۞ اَللهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ ۞
Bismillah Sukses Dunia Akhirat.Aamiin

اَللَّهُمَّ صَلّ وَ سَلِّمْ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ نُوْرِكَ السَّارِيْ وَ مَدَدِكَ الجَارِيْ وَ اجْمَعْنِيْ بِهِ فِيْ كُلِّ أَطْوَارِيْ وَ عَلَى آلِهِ وَ صَحْبِهِ يَا نُوْرْ
“Allahumma shalli wa sallim ‘ala Sayyidinaa Muhammadin nuuri-kas saarii, wa madadikal jaarii, wajma’nii bihi fii kulli athwaarii, wa ‘ala alihi wa shahbihi yaa nuur”
“Ya Allah, limpahkanlah shalawat serta salam kepada junjungan Nabi Besar Muhammad ( ﷺ ), sang cahaya-Mu yang selalu bersinar dan pemberian-Mu yang tak kunjung putus, dan kumpulkanlah aku dengan Rasulullah di setiap zaman, serta shalawat untuk keluarganya dan sahabatnya, wahai Sang Cahaya.”

۞ اَللهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ
Hamza Tahir
Hamza Tahir:
Amrabat 🇲🇦
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
All Best Moment Hai
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm:
Zaza smh.... trade him for anyone. Torino need a top striker / foward to team with Belotti and top defender to aid Sirigu.
with right rich owner Torino could be like Man City of serie A.
Mike Scaserra
Mike Scaserra:
Forza viola........
Alfian Riski Muzaki
Alfian Riski Muzaki:
Forza viola my club
Vintage Kakashi
Vintage Kakashi:
I have a hunch torino will get relegated this season
Ervis Hidroyd
Ervis Hidroyd:
Forza Viola
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
If you came across this comment know that you're destined to be a future Millionaire💰
Tyresse Mia
Tyresse Mia:
sirigu is simply world class
Tim Idstein
Tim Idstein:
Thanks, but please stop putting scores in the video titles!
Gin solly Nair
Gin solly Nair:
#Castrovilli scores the first goal for the season #SeriaA #eeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal:
Aahil Asif
Aahil Asif:
Milan Fanas
Milan Fanas:
Is Izzo really worth 25M?
Максiм Г.
Максiм Г.:
Fiora wins
Jana Bondarcuka
Jana Bondarcuka:
that's why torino play so bad because they have giampaolo
Ronnie Shaw
Ronnie Shaw:
It’s funny how the stadiums look exactly the same before the pandemic. Serie A is complete trash. Ligue 1 will take Italy’s 4th spot in the champions league.
Aaditya Khatri
Aaditya Khatri:
Chelsea should have bid for sirigu
David bm
David bm:
Napoli OUT di Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Pino D'Angelo
Pino D'Angelo:
che pippone che e' belotti👎
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal:
Cristiano Ronaldo
A.V. Blink
A.V. Blink:
Are they going to bring back fans?
Жахамаладец саня я твой узбекский поклонник Беглиев
Жахамаладец саня я твой узбекский поклонник Беглиев:
Rebiri Cieza bonaventura Borxa Valero Castrovilli Cuame
hddj euejehi
hddj euejehi:
Chiesa end milenkovic next milan player
Gam A
Gam A:
I'm not liking empty stands again this season. Not the same without fans.
Ahmad Azhari Mursalin
Ahmad Azhari Mursalin:
Milenkovic and Chiesa come to Milan ❤🖤
Sanskar Shaurya
Sanskar Shaurya:
वापस सीरी में आपका स्वागत है