Fiorentina 2-0 Roma | Viola take huge step towards European place | Serie A 2021/22

Fiorentina’s firing start was too much to handle for Mourinho’s Roma; the hosts go par on points with the Romans as the race for the last European spots heats up | Serie A 2021/22

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Imagine going to VAR, seen the replays in multiple angles, slow-mo and still decided that was a penalty.
Dan Prg
Dan Prg:
How on earth is that a PENALTY??? Not only that wasn’t a fault but the guy was already falling before the defender to touch him. The referees in Seria A are a same this season and seems like no one is doing anything about it
Boris Tsankov
Boris Tsankov:
I am a Milan fan and I pretty much hate the constant complaining of José about the referees in Roma matches, but maaan that penalty was way too soft.
Aidy Gooner
Aidy Gooner:
These soft penalties in Serie A by clueless referees is really frustrating to see!! 😤
Kev trot
Kev trot:
They call the most ridicolous fouls in Serie A. Football is more physical now... would be nice if someone made a compilation of the soft penalties given this season
Darkest Detail
Darkest Detail:
That penalty call was ridiculous,the man already going down,they should have called it back to the initial challenge.
I'm a Lazio fan but that was not a penalty. Need better refs in Serie A
Unearthly Earthling
Unearthly Earthling:
I wanted fiorentina to win but not with a weak penalty like that... even var couldn't stop that bad call lol..
Sapientia haereticae
Sapientia haereticae:
It's really tough being a Roma fan.. I wonder how my so-often broken heart is still beating..
I hope we'll win the ConfLeague and get a much (!) better squad next season..
Daje Roma..never give up! 💛❤️
I’m 100% convinced that Serie A Refs hate Roma, José Mourinho or both 🤷🏾‍♂️. No doubt about it
luca urbani
luca urbani:
Ennesima partita viziata da errori arbitrali 🤓 . Spero che i Friedkin abbiano capito cosa sta accadendo e le relative, pesanti conseguenze sulla classifica e si facciano sentire💪🏽. Sempre forza Roma! 🐺
Giuseppe Laghezza
Giuseppe Laghezza:
Penalty ?? Really ?? Please, don't make me laugh, come on, that referee and VAR room really need to get their eyes checked I think !! That was never a penalty, simulation more likely than penalty, in my opinion !!
Nuno Vilhena
Nuno Vilhena:
This "penalti" is hillarious. nothing more to say. Great VAR!
For those saying that we won because of the referee clearly you haven't watched the game. I'll agree that the first penalty shouldn't have been one but the ref made plenty of calls that went against us too. There was a clear penalty on Gonzalez in the second half where the roman defender launched himself at Gonzalez and the ref chose not to even look at the VAR. But excluding the terrible Italian refereeing we dominated them the entire game, pressed and defended well without the ball and moved the ball around roma brilliantly when we had it. We'll see how the 2 final games of the season end up but this was a wonderful performance by Fiorentina and we fully deserve the 3 points.
Forza viola! Lets go to Europe boys Firenze needs this. Bravi ragazzi 💜
Oluwadare Hassan
Oluwadare Hassan:
That wasn't a penalty in any ramification. He was already stumbling and there was no contact with the defender. Totally unfair
Rb 99
Rb 99:
That penalty was a joke, it was a dive which should have been punished with a yellow card. Italian referees are not what used to be.
riian way mati016
riian way mati016:
Forza Milan ❤️
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
How was that a pen? He was already on his way down
Imagine Roma miss out on european football after spending 130 mil... would be a disaster
No Gimmicks
No Gimmicks:
Que no fue penal vale, pero que estuvieron mas cerca de hacernos el tercero que nosotros de marcar el primero eso no se puede negar tampoco.
Back to Purrrfect again
Back to Purrrfect again:
I'm confused...
Is this La Viola or PSG?
That penalty awarded is so Neymar-ish...😅
Dan Makani
Dan Makani:
How would someone even after checking the VAR award such a penalty
1. Fiorentina absolutely deserved the win. Roma team look very exhausted and uninspired.
2. That was not a penalty. It was a soft contact but football is a man sport and it really disappointing to see a ref call a penalty for only a soft contact.
3. Italian refs definitely need to learn again how to become referee. They should learn to Bundesliga referee. We never heard any complain for Germany refs.
Mido Pictures
Mido Pictures:
Serie A is infamous because of their match-fixing scandals, there are still many rumors about them even today. The refs being like this in many occasions makes me pondering about those rumors
Mimosa Vermillion
Mimosa Vermillion:
Inter had a situation in Torino vs inter where belotti was fouled, referee gave no penalty and didnt check VAR... both referee was suspended 3 matches... its sad how teams like inter get away with so many stolen points. Inter should been 7th place
Jack Mahero
Jack Mahero:
When you play like Roma do you cannot get a result against quality opposition. They defend like schoolboys and have absolutely no idea what to do with the ball. Utterly clueless! It's gonna be hard even for Mou!
ariel gh
ariel gh:
Bien por la Fiore.
Bastian 24
Bastian 24:
i am a lazio fans .. first goals ( No penalty )
Line Haul
Line Haul:
Forza roma vamos💪💪💪👑
If you get knocked over by a gust of wind in serie a it's a penalty.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Penalty, even after VAR, 🤗🤗
How is that a penalty? 🤣. Authorities must look into this
Gabriel Nachira
Gabriel Nachira:
This is NEVER a penalty!!!!
Caleb Cletus
Caleb Cletus:
This is disappointing from Var Just like what Happened in Venezia vs Bologna 🤦
Curlingkingcultclub Conradcurls
Curlingkingcultclub Conradcurls:
I love bonaventura soooo much. So sad that he left us in Milan 🖤❤️
Obinna Innocent
Obinna Innocent:
Nico Gonzalez is a (call him whatever you want) for falling like that 😄😄.
Justin N
Justin N:
It doesn't matter, Roma will be in European League next season because they will win the Conference cup
Blynders and Chill
Blynders and Chill:
0:27 that was never a penalty. to make matters even embarrassing, the ref used var to conclude his decision
Refereeing has been atrocious to Roma, I don’t know if Mourinho plays a factor in it.
Benard Az
Benard Az:
This is not a Penalty . ❤❤ FORZA MILAN ❤❤
G- Ze
G- Ze:
I watched the game just because of #Bonaventura! 🔴⚫️
thomas swords
thomas swords:
What a result for fiorentina
El Gaucho
El Gaucho:
Rigore inesistente
Muhibbin Fishing
Muhibbin Fishing:
Nice Fiorentina 👍
Sydney Loum
Sydney Loum:
Serie A referees and soft penalties... a match made in heaven.
User Unknown
User Unknown:
How is that a penalty?
The guy is almost at the D ffs
Raymond Dwipa
Raymond Dwipa:
I wanted fiorentina to win but not with a weak penalty like that... even var couldn't stop that bad call lol..
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗:
If Roma wins Europa Conference League, how many teams will qualify for next season's Europa League Group Stage, and Europa Conference League Playoff?
what a win la viola
Lunkhum Yim
Lunkhum Yim:
I love Gonzalez but come on it not a penalty...
Who ever watch the game, could see that the game was sett up from the start.
Renato CP
Renato CP:
Perfect game perfect victory
Spic Socialist
Spic Socialist:
Anche col il Mouse Mousinho, questa è sempre una Rometta.
Forza Gonzalez 🔥
Kanagawa Eru Channel
Kanagawa Eru Channel:
Hahahahahh Referee Again !! He makes Roma mentality Brokedown. But Roma still in Europe Competition right now! FIGC/ Italy must be REMEMBER that!! That is Italia pride...
Andika Ahmad
Andika Ahmad:
They had the best in Collina , now they only have clowns 🤡🤡
laskar belgedezz
laskar belgedezz:
Padahal ngga ada Vlahovic....
Kalau ada tambah remuk lagi Roma...
Tapi emang kayak ngalah ini Roma...kecapekan kemarin semifinal...
Josey Nwagbogwu
Josey Nwagbogwu:
That's the weakest PK I have seen. what it means now is that if a player blows a breeze on a player, the player will fall down for a foul. Gosh!!!!
Massimo Crimi
Massimo Crimi:
Come on really that wasn't a penalty !! sicuramente questo Arbitro e contro la Roma ..
Mihalj Peseki
Mihalj Peseki:
With Vlahović they would be fighting for the 4th bad that he did not stay full season. Next year Viola should be better easily ;)
S D:
If you dont know the final result and look at the time of last Roma substitutions you would think Roma was winning and killing time to save the game. What the heck Mourinho wants from those players? Score two goals or not to concede any more goals?
Aku saja
Aku saja:
Another joke from Serie A refree..Two weeks ago, Intermilan is given penalty, now is Fiorentina.
Refree ruins the competition.
nerimo ing pandum
nerimo ing pandum:
Fregian Menez
Fregian Menez:
Penalty? even after VAR check? 🤣🤣🤣
Italian use of VAR has always been spot on. But error are beginning to creep in. There was one in the Venezia game and this one again. Costly
Not penalti😱🤬🙅🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Mustakim Rahman
Mustakim Rahman:
Wasn't that on the line ?? How's that a penalty??
Austin Zammit
Austin Zammit:
Fiorentina kings kings kings
Julka Parapat
Julka Parapat:
Awesome Goal of benafentura
Zooe Jalaludin
Zooe Jalaludin:
Mantab Fiorentina
Gonçalo Tavares
Gonçalo Tavares:
a vert heavy week,roma payed the price yesterday
Harry Black460
Harry Black460:
How is that a penalty????? Roma was robbed
Liverpool 6 times
Liverpool 6 times:
Being a Premier League watcher I thought our referees were the worst, but Serie A has succeeded in proving me wrong.
Pradana Hafiz
Pradana Hafiz:
Saya Laziale, tapi penalti itu jelas tidak pantas.
Законопослушный водитель
Законопослушный водитель:
Неожиданная победа
Ariel Gutierrez
Ariel Gutierrez:
Por eso le va mejor en las competencias europeas que en ña serie A.
DD 2213
DD 2213:
Forza fiorenza 💜⚜️🇮🇹🇮🇩
Next week Fiorentina will lose 0-5 to Salernitana.
Max Dewallens
Max Dewallens:
Anyone else having issues watching the Italian highlights on this channel? I can only see the English ones...
Let Roma finish at 8 place and win the conference league so there will be 3 more clubs to play in European competition
Akbar Syaefudin
Akbar Syaefudin:
Kebayang kalo Milan yang dapet penalti kayak begini 😂😂😂

Abis udah dibahas berhari-hari haha
muhammad riduan
muhammad riduan:
Romaaa😪,, forzaRoma
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra:
That's no penalty
Ali Hamdan
Ali Hamdan:
Wasit Italia sangat memalukan...penalti yang sangat lucu untuk diberikan....
rudi 1922
rudi 1922:
Absolutly diving
no further west
no further west:
That was not a penalty.
Sbekezelo Mavundla
Sbekezelo Mavundla:
I noticed long time Roma doesn't have massive defender's I'm worried, Europa Conference final
Hishaam Hussain
Hishaam Hussain:
That was never a penalty and he was already about to fall but refs in Serie A are becoming worse than la liga
Bun Bread
Bun Bread:
ahahah and then zakarias foul against him in inter v juve wasnt a pen? what a disgrace
Damjan Gomez
Damjan Gomez:
Pure Viola dominance
Shu Juu
Shu Juu:
Кокорин затащил даже сидя на скамейке.
It is a slight but cynical foul.. Penalty!
Anonymous Boateng
Anonymous Boateng:
Did the ref actually watch the monitor with one eye closed or he make bet Fiorentina go get penalty cuz this is never a penalty.
Kahleng Lee
Kahleng Lee:
How is that a penalty?
No Penalty :/
milan never got pinalty with thats angel :D
S Z:
Fio is better side today and deserve the win. We are too tired. Should have brought 2-3 more fresh legs in the first half.
St★r™ Channel
St★r™ Channel:
final scores is 2-0, but I see is 1-0
Jibril25 OMAR
Jibril25 OMAR:
Mafia treated the referee's family, he had to give it hahha 😆 🤣 La familila
Guida 😂😂😂😂😂