First day of riverdale season 5! | Madelaine Petsch

After 6 months of not working... we're back baby! Join me in vancouver for season 5 of Riverdale.

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Hey there, I'm Madelaine Petsch! You may recognize me from The CWs 'Riverdale' as Cheryl Blossom. I made a channel just so I could show you guys who I am when I'm not being Cheryl :) Subscribe for all things 'Madelaine' & for videos all about my adventures, bts footage and more!

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Millies Corner
Millies Corner:
Bruh people can hate on this show as much as they’d like but u really have to admit that the actors are amazing.
Grace McGrath
Grace McGrath:
POV: your here in December
POV: your here in January
Caroline Sullivan
Caroline Sullivan:
POV: you’re here in almost January 😌
Pizza Fries
Pizza Fries:
If they remove those musical eps. and cringey lines, Riverdale will definitely dominate netflix.
Erin M.
Erin M.:
If Madelaine isn't the godmother of Vanessa's child then the world doesn't exist

Thank you for the likes!
samantha xoxo
samantha xoxo:
madelaine is never this active on yt lets just appreciate that for a sec.
Peytonn Pooh
Peytonn Pooh:
How is Vanessa working while pregnant I would just use that as my excuse for everything
Kathryn Hay
Kathryn Hay:
I’m praying that Vanessa’s baby will be the “adopted” baby of Cheryl and Toni🙏🤲
Charlize Dias
Charlize Dias:
I would be so happy if after the seven-year time jump they took advantage of Vanessa's pregnancy and made Toni and Cherryl be married and Toni waiting for their little baby. That would be incredible.
POV: you’re here In January👻👻👻
Nick Cabral
Nick Cabral:
madeleine in riverdale: “literally choke and die”

madeleine irl: *the nicest person you’ll ever meet*
chicken cheese
chicken cheese:
POV: your here in november
ivory arias
ivory arias:
riverdale isn’t the WORSE show but i do question the storyline of season 3😅
Not Em
Not Em:
Riverdale writers: okay, 17000000 more kissing scenes!
COVID: Ya sure?
Me being here in January!😁
Mia Pileggi
Mia Pileggi:
at this point, i watch riverdale for the actors.. not the plot😝
Jessica Kochanska
Jessica Kochanska:
Pov: your here when the first episode of season 5 was released
Kiera Christelle
Kiera Christelle:
She’s so unproblematic and I love it
Boogle Bear
Boogle Bear:
When a show says "netflix original" but it streams on Netflix LAST.
Vitax YT
Vitax YT:
Aqui el comentario en español
Que salgan mas temporadas de riverdale :3
Multicultural Fangirl
Multicultural Fangirl:
Madelaine and Vanessa is the best friendship ever.
Kyvarobloxx GameplaysYT
Kyvarobloxx GameplaysYT:
So we are not gonna talk about how good her trailer looks? Okay okay...
"Dramatic in this HoUsE!" *She says while in a trailer.*
karley aldrich
karley aldrich:
My sister telling me abt riverdale
Me: I will never get addicted to that show
Me a month later: yah so I’m addicted lol
Jette Olson
Jette Olson:
Everyone hates on riverdale but they are such a good cast
aola wili
aola wili:
Vanessa on set and she's pregnant that is goals she is a queen
Jessica Lili-Grace
Jessica Lili-Grace:
“ItS fReEzInG iN hErE” her forehead is literally so shiny
Angélica Trasviña
Angélica Trasviña:
POV: you’re in January
anaïs victoria
anaïs victoria:
what i wanna know is how they’re gonna play off the whole vanessa being pregnant thing
Hogwarts_Riverdale_ Stranger things
Hogwarts_Riverdale_ Stranger things:
POV: It's January 20th 2021 and this was made 3 months ago 😢
Tanyah Porter
Tanyah Porter:
am I the only one who actually likes riverdale 😬bc I'm feeling kinda alone rn
2:13 that is the face of pure excitement
dakota martin
dakota martin:
when she said "I'm not saying it back" got me DEAD
Madelaine Petschfan
Madelaine Petschfan:
Madelaine :YoU rEaLlY mIsSeD MEEEE😂😂😂
Omg I love her 🥺💘😍💝😫
Reagan Melius
Reagan Melius:
The fact that Vanessa was shooting the show while pregnant! Like what!👏🏻👏🏻
Lauren McCarthy
Lauren McCarthy:
I love how she lets her dog pee on the sidewalk 😂😂
Madelaine: Ain’t that right babaycakes
Me: Oooooooooooo
6:40 omg the captions- I'm dead
casey halliday
casey halliday:
Who else is excited for riverdale season 5 cause I can’t wait
Anna Lytle
Anna Lytle:
She said, “I won’t give out any spoilers but you’ll see it in January.” SHE SPOILED THE RELEASE!!!!! Yay!!! JANUARY!!!
Mary Martínez
Mary Martínez:
Pov: Alguien que hable español aquí, o solo yo !?
Samantha Mejia
Samantha Mejia:
Alguien en español
Ines Lundin
Ines Lundin:
POV: Your here in 2021
Supreme Chandler
Supreme Chandler:
POV: Everyone says POV now😭
madelaine: my god someone cast me as a vampire
riverdale writers: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN
Bora Bora
Bora Bora:
Other shows actors: *This actor has feaud with that actor*
Riverdale actors: *Lily thought me that, Vanessa told me to do like this*
Karen juliana Forero Rodríguez
Karen juliana Forero Rodríguez:
Yo tratando de adivinar q dicen los comentarios en ingles jaja q salga la nueva temporadaaaa
ashley mendez
ashley mendez:
Fun fact : you are reading this right now
Maius 21
Maius 21:
I only found the first season interesting, but the actors are the best
Noah Roth-Shapiro
Noah Roth-Shapiro:
Convince Lili to make a YouTube Channel!!!

👇🏾 If you agree.
Kate Manley
Kate Manley:
No makeup but of course you look pretty 🤩, I luv your show. I can’t wait for the new season!!!!!!
juani barros
juani barros:
7:16 as evelyn evernever
_I want Sushi and Icecream_
_I want Sushi and Icecream_:
POV: you’re here after watching season 5’s ep1
Olivia Simps
Olivia Simps:
POV: your here after watching the first episode
Bárbara Silva
Bárbara Silva:
She doesn’t post a lot but when she posts her videos are soooo entertaining and funny♥️
Paige Baxter
Paige Baxter:
I'm very addicted to Riverdale it's so perfect I'm a hudge fan I love the acting and it's just great!!!!
Matthew Westberry
Matthew Westberry:
“I won’t say it back.”
Me doing all the hw that I left for future me in the past
nikolina *
nikolina *:
POV:You're here bc season 5 coming out tomorrow
You just sounded like azzyland for a short time haha when you did the ‘🙏’ above your head
Ayla Hine
Ayla Hine:
Mads and Vanessa back together again, all is right in the world.
Exotic Subliminals
Exotic Subliminals:
Is it just me who finds it so weird when you see actors in real life, like doing normal things. I'm so used to them being in these really cool and like idk unrealistic characters that i'm always like wtf this is so normal when i see them doing normal things? idk
Lily God
Lily God:
POV: your here in 2021
Laura Lee
Laura Lee:
Just love the nails with the red smile tips 😍 also I watched sightless the other day best movie I've watched in years ♡
Malia Dauer
Malia Dauer:
Imagine being here watching this video in 2021😂 oh wait I CAN😭🤚
Wear a mask
Wear a mask:
Everyone: omg Vanessa is pregnant
Me: omg it’s Lili Rienhart, Casey Cott and Vanessa Morgan!!!
Edit: Omg this got so many likes. thanks guys!
Mikaela Cantu
Mikaela Cantu:
POV: You’re here on New Years
Not me watching this waiting for Nevada’s ballots to be counted
Victoria Meraz Escárcega
Victoria Meraz Escárcega:
pov: you're here after season 5 premiere :)
I like Harry Potter
I like Harry Potter:
I finished everything in like 3 days. Jugheads my favorite
Rhianna Price
Rhianna Price:
No one:
Madelaine: I know this is all you care about....
*shows Vanessa*
The fans: 😍😍😍😍😍finally Madnessa has reunited!!!!!
Royale Ellie
Royale Ellie:
the wig is bc there is a scene where she makes a snuff film, Cole said so.
Sharleece Dacanay
Sharleece Dacanay:
its the "who would've thunk it" for me.
Gbely Quinonez
Gbely Quinonez:
I love the show Riverdale what did Eazy-E kissing Vanessa
D.J. Rose
D.J. Rose:
"Just wear a fu**ing mask; it's really not that hard."

Wise words indeed, Madelaine. 👏
Rachel Keay
Rachel Keay:
can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous she is?!
rainbowxxGirl Jessie
rainbowxxGirl Jessie:
BRUH I CANT BELIEVE THAT On my Netflix it’s says nu riverdale season five
City Grill
City Grill:
Hey i think you're the best actress in Riverdale Love you☺️❤️
But you are all so wonderful people
I also Love everyone Else very badly🥰😘
Haylee Wethern
Haylee Wethern:
I can’t wait for season 5 😂🥰 I’ve been waiting 🤭
"Just wear a fu**ing mask, it's really not that hard" - Madelaine Petsch 2020
Carlise urssery
Carlise urssery:
I was so mad when season 4 ended
Miranda Wims
Miranda Wims:
When is the Riverdale season 5 coming out?
Tiny Yungtoes
Tiny Yungtoes:
7:24 I love how we see her in her dress and in season 5 trailer we see her in her dress 💜💜
Catriona Bruce
Catriona Bruce:
POV: Your here in 2021
NotSxfa Xoxo
NotSxfa Xoxo:
The fact that Madeleine doesn’t dye her hair-
Dannae Guilbiac
Dannae Guilbiac:
omggggg madelineee im beyond exited to see the next season i literlly peed when i saw the title of the vid
Astrid Gabriela Gómez Azuaje
Astrid Gabriela Gómez Azuaje:
add Spanish subtitles to understand please: '((
Asethetic unicorns
Asethetic unicorns:
Pov: your waiting for season 5
Red Razon-Medina
Red Razon-Medina:
I love all the shades of red lipsticks you used in Riverdale. Can you tell me what are those? You're my favorite character ❤️
J S:
Here‘s the we want another day on set vlog
Zahir Singletary
Zahir Singletary:
POV: you hear on January 15th 2021
Unanimous Chinchilla
Unanimous Chinchilla:
When she said donezees I heard mumzees
Janyla Posley
Janyla Posley:
POV: your watching this in December for the 6th time
Eda Akman
Eda Akman:
When we will see riverdale new episodes?
Kamyla Rdz
Kamyla Rdz:
“just wear a mask, it’s really not that hard” madelaine 2020 🇺🇸
Kunai Kat
Kunai Kat:
Omg I didn't even there was one coming out I'm so excited! thank you for being my idol!
Rachel S.
Rachel S.:
Her editing is so good, I love watching her videos
Am I the only one being confused in her Cheryl-Outfit being nice?
Just watched the new episode yesterday - INCREDIBLE, Amazing work Mads <3
Le'yanna Mainor
Le'yanna Mainor:
But when Vanessa said, "And i think that Madelaine is coming to the ultrasound." and Mads was like "I'M SO EXCITEDDD, OMGGG!!" I said the same thing at the same time😂

Thanks for the likes😌