First Lady Melania Trump full remarks at the 2020 Republican National Convention

First Lady Melania Trump speaks at the 2020 Republican National Convention from the Rose Garden at the White House. Full video here:

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Digital Mobile Post
Digital Mobile Post:
How does her traveling to Africa on a vacation, help Americans in America, who have no jobs?
Invisible Babyface
Invisible Babyface:
Not a big fan of Trump but Melania seems sweet. Her accent is endearing and only a real racist would make fun of that.
Darinka Cano
Darinka Cano:
I've never heard Melania's voice until now, wow
Say what you want about Trump but the First Lady is a decent person.
Sounds like she does a lot as first lady for the vulnerable, but she gets overshadowed by her husband in the media. We always saw what Michelle Obama was doing in the news but I rarely hear about Melania.
She carried it 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Digital Mobile Post
Digital Mobile Post:
@18:46 22 military veterans are dying from suicide every day, due to PTSD and lack of help for US military veterans! Not sure what the statistics are for how many of them on prescription medications intended to help them with mental issues, which if they are killing their self, then the pharma drugs are nto doing a very good job!?
She sounds awesome to me.
Diana .Shmaun
Diana .Shmaun:
It’s interesting to see how people are against “ racism” yet same people mock the First Lady all the time .
Hope Ministries Kingdom Builder
Hope Ministries Kingdom Builder:
Whoever is reading this may God bless you abundantly
If Mr. Trump wants to win, he should let his wife speak for him. I'm sure she can get more vote than him.
pucca demendar
pucca demendar:
People are making fun of her accent then why dont you guys go and speak in there.
Nancy Koehler
Nancy Koehler:
I was struck with her choice of outfit for the speech… a tasteful, feminine subconscious message that we are in a fight for the life of America: she is wearing army green!
A D:
That was an excellent speech.
Tan Lain
Tan Lain:
That's okay, still English, even in England people had 17 accents depending on the valley.
S Wk
S Wk:
I look at all the things people have said on twitter about this lady and her speeches... for a country that has freedom of speech you mock those who speak with an accent, you mock and try to shame those who say words differently. WTF you all got on the black lives matter bandwagon because of racism.. but mocking someone because they are dont speak with an american accent and that they say words differently in the uk that's classed as racism..

I can understand every word Melania says so for a country that was built on the ideal of immigrants welcome you are really going against that, land of the free only if you fit a specific profile which changes depending on who you are.

Dont hide behind keyboards, dont jump on the bandwagon for one thing but not for another.

Everyone is equal. #flotus
Becky Sue
Becky Sue:
Great speech Milania! Well spoken and God Bless you!
People say they love immigrants and want open borders, but then slams the First Lady and her accent. I don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♀️
It is hard to be natural and authentic when you're speaking a foreign language. I know, I've tried. I know, because my parents were immigrants and struggled with English all of their adult lives. And I can tell you, Melania did a great job in this speech. Sure, she seems a bit nervous and stilted at times, but what normal human being wouldn't be? Being in the public's eye and continually subjected to close and critical scrutiny does not come easily for her, and I admire her courage and determination to overcome her natural shyness. She makes a great First Lady, mother, and wife. I doubt few of her critics and haters could do better.
Miss Diana L. Gates
Miss Diana L. Gates:
Great speech. She is doing a great job. I love her! Thank you for your service Melania Trump.
Thomas Boyd
Thomas Boyd:
If you cannot appreciate what she is saying, because of her are part of the problem.
Toscch Toscch
Toscch Toscch:
I love her accent! She is sweet! She makes a great First Lady, mother, and wife. I doubt few of her critics and haters could do better.
ludy brower
ludy brower:
Wow, our special first lady speaks really good im so proud of her, I like the way she speech very smart God Bless to our First Lady and to America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Private Notitia
Private Notitia:
*She speaks very well and has a good cadence when speaking.*

*it was a good speech.*
Rodney Langi
Rodney Langi:
May God continue to bless America.
The classiest most beautiful first lady the white house has ever seen.
Junne D'Voocha
Junne D'Voocha:
I doubt her before, but today I really appreciate her and adore her. She's true lady, beautiful speech
Brent Marsh
Brent Marsh:
100% Class.
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer:
RN Jadee
RN Jadee:
Legit racists mock her accent.
Eloquent, intelligent, thoughtful, loving, hardworking, brave, thick-skinned against the nasty media, and, most obvious, extremely beautiful. This is Melania Trump! 💟👏👏👏 I will forever admire this amazing woman! 🤗
Kinglow313 Kinglow
Kinglow313 Kinglow:
Dam she beautiful 🌹🌷
wonderful speech and very informative . ... Thanks Melania we the people love you and Donald
Rebel 7
Rebel 7:
Great speech, classy First Lady
The last speech I’ve heard from a female that was so much about the children and effort came from Princess Diana
Who also made a difference
If you get past her good looks, charm, educated and dialect
Close your eyes, listen to her words
TRUMP 2020
This is the first time I've heard her speak. I came here because I was curious to see how bad she spoke English. But I am understanding her perfectly. She speaks well. I don't get it. People are such exaggerators & liars.
Beautiful First Lady inside and out! Class and elegance! May the Lord protect you and your family!
Erik H
Erik H:
this woman speaks like 6 languages, i doubt most of yall making fun of her accent speak more than one language
Debi Curtsinger
Debi Curtsinger:
Such eloquence and heart. I am so proud to have her as our First Class, First Lady. So appreciative to have a First Lady and President that LOVE our Country.
Tony Mumma
Tony Mumma:
People who have lived in communist countries know better than to vote Democrat
Love her!! I get nervous to mess up in English too. She did great!!
James Dean
James Dean:
She wears again this Fidel Castro combat suit- she's beautifuI and I like her in a way and feel sorry for her, but there are worlds in between her and Michelle Obama. Nevertheless I hope she finds the right decision after her husbands fall for her and Barron. They have earned a better live far away from a terrible and selfish family clan. Good luck to both of you! God bless you and your charming son!!
Maria Andrews
Maria Andrews:
Awesome Melania ..we love your accent and your integrity and love for our nations. God Bless you. From the EU are loved and respected ..💖😇😊🙏💏
Guy Delannoy
Guy Delannoy:
Congratulations !
Ivana Kuhar
Ivana Kuhar:
Great speech Milania! Well spoken and God Bless you! Ivana Kuhar, Slovenia
Just Tense
Just Tense:
19:00 when talking about addictions she mentions the existence of medication to treat them, and requests the media use their power to assist the discussion about how to treat addiction
Ma'am. I can assure you that your english has improved a lot in the last four years.
Have you been taking English lesson?
Darien McGowan
Darien McGowan:
She speaks better than her husband. I like I like. Take care
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Comments are entertaining 😁
L. Pink
L. Pink:
Beautiful accents and impressive presentation of great speech, elegant posture, body language, outfit, and most of all, you are a very beautiful and very elegant FLOTUS. I am very proud of my First Lady.
Irina Collister
Irina Collister:
I speak Russian and English.
And I’ve been told by old man, who I was taking care of, that I am smarter than him. I asked him why? Because, he said, you speak two languages, and I am (and most Americans) just one!
So, yes, we have an accent, but we speak more than one language.
And Melania is so graceful lady, and classy.
Only mean people, hateful, can make nasty remarks.
Here’s our problem. We need to learn how to love each other despite our differences.
But wait, we are people already know how to love, it’s a non human bustards know only how to hate.
Meg Glass
Meg Glass:
Fantastic speech.....
This is the first time I've every heard her speak and her voice is very different than I imagined. I always thought it would be a bit lower.
Lynn Tseng
Lynn Tseng:
her accent has progressed a lot and this is a good speech
Christy Stock
Christy Stock:
nonya biz
nonya biz:
Theres a lot of hate for the First Lady and I think its all unfounded!
alex hess
alex hess:
My name is Joe (hiden) Biden and i pick her to be my running mate. ———— you cant joe ,they picked kamala for you
Well said Melania!
Star Seed
Star Seed:
She is a beautiful, wonderful and very emphatic First Lady 🙏💐💖
Yan Kichayan
Yan Kichayan:
She did it live and Bidens speech was recorded. He probably needed 50 trys.
ViSal Bot Neang
ViSal Bot Neang:
Love you video 👍
Charles Severa
Charles Severa:
She speaks fluently and inteligently, without papers. She has slight accent. Noone, who learn second language after the age of 12 years is able to speak without accent. Donald knows that and is prowd of her. Melania has made great advance and I admire her, English is also my second language.
I don't get why the people make fun of her accent. When she knows 4+ languages, it's kind of like making fun of someone for being smarter than you are. I like her accent, it goes well with how beautiful she is.
Lady snow White
Lady snow White:
Excellent 👍💓
A I:
She be reading left and right, lol.. Whoever wrote the speech did an amazing job
Gods Barbie
Gods Barbie:
Very well said and humble voice with the beautiful accent.❤️🙌🏽💪🏽
Victoria Augustino
Victoria Augustino:
This lady is a strong, kind hearted soul. The most amazing First Lady!
Melania, We love you! ♥️
Wow, she really has gotten better with her public speaking. I actually became teary eyed , more than once by the feeling of sincerity.
kh As
kh As:
I really don't care
Do u ?
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson:
what a beautiful woman!
thank you for representing republican women! ❤️
Tara Chapman
Tara Chapman:
Марина Петрова
Марина Петрова:
Bravo to the our First Lady 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jackie Marshall
Jackie Marshall:
Beautiful Lady. #Trump2020
Josephine Gustafson
Josephine Gustafson:
Wow, love our beautiful and gentle first lady!! Love you Melania! God bless!
The best moment was when she said we should listen to women.
Stephen Carroll
Stephen Carroll:
Very good speech
She was calm and nice, yet ppl still gonna hate her %100. Blind Rage.
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia:
People making fun of her accent really undermine themselves. As a native spanish speaker i get that all the time. And then when i ask them how many languages they speak they fall short. When I tell them i speak 3 languages fluently they can only speak one. Same with her. She can speak multiple languages while people that make fun of her accent can only speak one. Learn as many languages as her first and then criticize her.
gr l
gr l:
Yea, just like yesterday. It seems like 44 years ago!
She looks kind when shes reading a speech. Wait till she tells her ex adviser about what she really feels about immigrants. F F F words galore !
Martina Wiegand
Martina Wiegand:
Dear Melania, Thank you so much for your being! ... I want and like to support YOU with your project "Be Best" here in Europe/Germany! (Will come back to it soon)... GOD BLESS YOU, MR. PRESIDENT, THE US-PEOPLE, AND ALL US HUMANS ALL OVER THE WORLD!
Black Horsewood
Black Horsewood:
Will you tak him and her and him and let us live in peace and poverty
anna mayssa
anna mayssa:
So feminine, so classy, such serenity emanating from her. And what a charming accent she has!
you americans are lucky to have such a woman as First Lady. Bravo Melania🙏🏼❤️
Dany Targ
Dany Targ:
“43th” 😂😂😂
MD Feroz Alam
MD Feroz Alam:
Her speech has touched my ♥! Respect and Love for her
Edward Gonzalez
Edward Gonzalez:
I love this woman
V Vazquez
V Vazquez:
Good job 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
She is absolutely adorable. I’m glad The Don has her by his side to comfort and encourage him💕🇺🇸
Ria Rezky
Ria Rezky:
She is beautiful, smart, gorgeous and great first lady ever.
I'm proud of her, I believe she is a patient person and has a good heart. I wish America will be great again, I like America since I was kid, and hopefully one day I could go there😊😊😊
Amber O
Amber O:
She had a great speech!
Mindi Kurtz
Mindi Kurtz:
Too bad there are too many Neanderthals in training commenting on this.
Yianna Andreou
Yianna Andreou:
Melania is sweet i dont see anything bad about her.She is not strong on politics but i dont see why ghate her
king j
king j:
She is Wonderful absolutely beautiful her eyes are amazing Donald your so lucky I wish I was you.
JK 7000
JK 7000:
Truly beautiful woman
Kween Zah
Kween Zah:
Hey this speech wasn’t Michelle Obama’s this time 🤣
Imran Laskar
Imran Laskar:
@ A most wonder mom& first lady I love your passion a more beloved in like sunshine & adult similar.pray to my own a great well...
ibolya kontor
ibolya kontor:
How anybody dares to say anything; when Melania speaks 5 languages and most Americans speak 1!? She is a good daughter, sister, wife and mother. Also a beautiful Lady without many other things is her life. People and-I am sure-- it is ONLY the opposition are jealous, or just unkind. Many of us like and care about Melania. Please pay not attention toe the unkind opinions. We are glad and appreciate all you are doing for many of us. Thank you!
Gnanamuthu Nesamoni
Gnanamuthu Nesamoni:
Great Melania! God bless your husband by granting 4 more years as president for the sake of the entire world, Amen.