First Round: Serena Williams vs. Harmony Tan | 2022 Wimbledon Highlights

In the first round at Wimbledon, Serena Williams loses to Harmony Tan in three sets 7-5, 1-6, 7-6 (10-7).

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100+ comentarios:

Walter Pitts
Walter Pitts:
Tan took advantage of Serenas weakness, speed. And gave her no power shots. Smart defense.
She needs match play but I can’t even think of being 40 and at that level. One year takes a toll on the mental strength to close out a match. Hope she doesn’t force it for the trophy count, she’s already one of the best tennis will ever see.
Steep Skier
Steep Skier:
Such a fantastic win! Love it.
This is a match where it was obvious Serena hasn't played competitively for a year and not consistently for a while. There were some brilliant Serena moments as usual but also some inexplicable shot selections and at times, very tentative shots that in the past she would have hammered for a winner. I think she decided to play not too long after Ash Barty retired. Without her, the field is wide open at Wimbledon. If Serena can't play at least 6-10 tournaments a year, especially the majors due to injury, lack of motivation or fitness, maybe it's time to admit the end is nigh. She can't go into majors barely playing any matches and blow the field away like she could back in her prime. She needs match play to get used to playing the competition and honing her game to as close a razor edge as she can at this point. I just don't get the feeling that she is nearly as invested as she was a couple of years ago. That is fine but I think she either needs to call it or start playing some tournaments if the U.S. Open and beyond is going to be a possibility.
G H:
Most exciting match of the year. I was riveted! Awesome tennis!! Tan played the match of her life.
Invision Hope Healthy Living
Invision Hope Healthy Living:
Congrats to Harmony. She deserves the win today. 👏
Michael S.
Michael S.:
I’m glad we got it over with. Serena wasn’t ready to go anywhere this tournament. Footwork is everything in tennis.
Lupita Flores
Lupita Flores:
Grande Serena, se ve que sigues y seguirás siendo excelente, hermoso tenis tienes.
Sigue disfrutando!!!!
The Sabbath Day Has Not Changed
The Sabbath Day Has Not Changed:
Great win for Harmony Tan! Loved it!
Michael Lane
Michael Lane:
Phenomenal win for Harmony! :)
I saw the entire match.
Serena of yesteryear would have won this match under an hour. Even a few years ago, she still would have pulled it out.
So many unforced errors and often at just the worst times when she would be ahead or at break point.
She also couldn't decide what shot to hit bc she was indecisive or overthinking out there.
That's what age does to an athlete, they start questioning themselves or have doubts.
Even if she won today, Serena's body would not recover in time for her next match.
She looked embarrassingly out of shape.
Obviously the war paint didn't help either.
ruchelle merchant
ruchelle merchant:
I enjoy the sound of the crowd wen Serena Williams playing. Always sounds like champion ship 🎾🎾
Sir Casm
Sir Casm:
Anybody who is a real fan of Serena should be glad she lost. That was hard to watch, and the next round would have been worse.
Loved seeing Serena on Centre Court again. She looked amazing for having been in recovery for a year from her injury. Like Federer said, it takes longer to come back from injuries like these later in your career. I'm so glad she graced us with her presence again. Wonderful effort that just came up a bit short. It was still thrilling to see.
Avi Jacobs
Avi Jacobs:
It's strange seeing someone (along with the crowd) celebrate THAT MUCH at an opponent's mistake at 1:18
R Terrence
R Terrence:
Even though she lost, almost every highlight is Williams winning the point. lol
love to see it the antics didnt work and the pathetic screeching is god awful.
Serena got married, had a child, got older, stay out a long time. I don't think she can get back to the top level, I think she should retire and settle down, had already had the best woman career.
Vou Xiong
Vou Xiong:
Serena is getting old but at her prime no one could match her. Happy for Tan, I think anyone would feel awesome to beat a legend like Serena.
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas:
Yes! Now I can watch Wimbledon in peace. Next stop retirement
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Nobody plays their very best after a one-year hiatus. Welcome back to the tour Serena.
Carlos Vassallo PlanetM NYC
Carlos Vassallo PlanetM NYC:
Serena Williams is not physically fit to play competitive tennis. She should retire!
Winnie Bless
Winnie Bless:
Congratulation Serena well done no matter what you're a true champ 🏆 good to see you back injury free
Tyrone-Ty Davis
Tyrone-Ty Davis:
I've seen Clydesdales with bad hips that were more agile.
Zach Hall
Zach Hall:
Love when she loses 😙🤟
Clairmont Lodge Survivor's Club
Clairmont Lodge Survivor's Club:
"Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end," but they do.
shooting real5
shooting real5:
Listen we all know the last couple of yrs Serena has been distracted and injured...she hasn't really put in the work and multiple times she got to a major final and some young upstart ran her out of there...Its time for her to either get truly serious and win that historic one last major or just hang it up and retire for good.
Looks like Father Time has finally caught up with Serena. The great players are able to recognize when their time is up. Let’s hope she does soon. That was painful to watch. She’s way past her prime. 5-7 years ago Serena would’ve given this girl Tan a bagel and maybe a game or 2 in straight sets.
Joseph Spratt
Joseph Spratt:
The Truth is unkind. She had an Amazing career many pounds ago. She simply cannot move.
Serena seems so tired and lacks of energy, especially on critical points.
Fighters fan
Fighters fan:
2:13 That point looks like high school tennis.
Tesfalidet Bokru
Tesfalidet Bokru:
Serena is just a legend... outlasted many tennis generations! Kudos!
Francesca Leigh
Francesca Leigh:
PHENOMENAL VICTORY TO MISS HARMONY TAN.!!! ------------------------ And she's ranked 115 .... which is completely nuts.!!!
The cake's been made, champagne ordered, and the block party on the street is about to begin for Wimbledon's new STAR.!!!
that looked like a recreational match
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
Margaret Court still the GS title holder.
Rene G
Rene G:
Yeap, someone tell her, it's time to retire! Jeez, she was sucking in more air than a 4 barrel carb on a big block 😬🥴
Kendrae Hiers
Kendrae Hiers:
Serena looked very slow, uncomfortable, and hesitant. This was not a good match even if she was to win it
m c
m c:
Serena loves the game. She should spend the next 6-12 months conditioning, lose weight and come back better than ever. Otherwise, her opponents are going to make her look silly on the court. They're going to wear her down physically.
William Wong
William Wong:
Interesting that Serena’s 1st round defeat at the French Open in 2012 started her partnership with Patrick Mouratoglou and her first match after ending the partnership is also the first round defeat at Wimbledon. Kinda sad.
Repair videos Sarno
Repair videos Sarno:
Serena reminded me of George Forman (in the weight department)when he was still boxing past has prime.
Serina couldn’t have asked for a easer match
Mister MJ
Mister MJ:
All credit to Tan for grinding it out. Serena has always insisted (even when healthy) to "play her way into match shape" early in tournaments - so that's when she's most vulnerable. She could pull it off when younger but no longer. Serena is the GOAT for a fair margin but simply doesn't prepare/train well enough, doesn't play enough tune-ups (doubles don't really count), and was essentially outplayed by a career ITF opponent who can barely qualify for major/WTA-level events. Awesome "career" win for Tan ... she's always got a "win over Serena at Wimbledon on Centre Court", which is amazing.
From what I could tell from this video was that Harmony played terrible and somehow still won.
wow at 5-4 final set serena couldnt close on serve. that's how you know she's done
Big Lebowski
Big Lebowski:
One word, Brutal!!
40 years old, out of shape, and hasn’t won a Slam in 5 years……..
Gifted Zombie
Gifted Zombie:
So where are the highlights of the Nadal or Novak matches? They're only 2 of the greatest ever.
Salami Salami Balogna
Salami Salami Balogna:
Harmony has no fear !!!
I watched a partial of this match, Serena got that never quit mentality like the Cavs when they won the title. Only watched a handful of tennis matches, I can watch her all day.I really like her comeback capabilities, one match went like 30 minutes, maybe she was gassed! She already Goated though! IMO. Great match Serena, at 40 darn. King Richard movie made me like her and sister even more, from where she and sister came from!
J M:
Disappointing in the extreme. Serena has to put the work into getting back into shape or don't even bother. You cant be out for a full year and then come back at Wimbledon 30 lbs over weight and expect to win matches. She's going to need to grind it out in some smaller tournaments to gain back that match experience. She can absolutely do it. No doubt. Whether she will put the work in remains to be seen.
Kenneth Bradshaw
Kenneth Bradshaw:
Thanks you are the best of your generation ❤️
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez:
I believe it's Serena time to retire. She is absolutely one of best tennis players ever to step on to the court and has broken so many records along the way and has change the game completely. It her time to move to the next part of her career and path. Her crown 👑 is ready to be placed on. She nothing to prove she is the GOAT and has been for years. 💛

Much love to her but you can see it very difficult for her to move and unfortunately tennis is all about movement.
C P:
Tough match for the Queen after a year's hiatus, but as always she played like a champion and fell short. We will always love you Serena and your love for tennis. See you at the US Open!
Scott E
Scott E:
BYE d Williams 4-6 6-4 2000-1998, in match that took two months, bye finally notches their first career victory over any player on tour. to keep the players energized, the tournament arranged many door dash orders. williams received a IOU to pay for it which exceed the first round prize. BYE thanked the crowd for all the support. the usopen has been rescheduled for december. bye plans to win wimbledon.
Eddie GainZ
Eddie GainZ:
Make Serena run and you'll easily beat her!!! When she stands still her power is as good as ever!!!
Cory Clement
Cory Clement:
Serena has been away from tennis for a year and couldn’t even get physical fit to return smh. Maybe she thought her old intimation game would scare her opponent. Time to retire
Maria Bowers
Maria Bowers:
Serena: I didn't retire.
Tan: You should have.
R N:
It’s the first game back. Maybe not quite fit and playing as well but that’s expected. It’s been a year. Feds is coming back too and eveyone will be excited to see him play. We don’t expect a win but will take one if it comes. It’s her life. If she’s not ready to retire then she’s not ready. Welcome back Serena! Just happy to watch you at all no matter how much anxiety you gave me 🥲
Bunghole Shagnasty
Bunghole Shagnasty:
It's about time this guy retired.
RRT.H °Mtherapy°WoodenRacquetBơRô
RRT.H °Mtherapy°WoodenRacquetBơRô:
Harmony's swings hitting the umpire chair deux, "Mama there goes that young Chinese-French Professional 🎾 Playah 3 hrs of Fame at Wimbledon 2022 " 😜🎾💨
Feels like they are playing in slow-mo...
Rob Fredericks
Rob Fredericks:
Serena looked old, heavy, slow and indecisive. All the other women on the tour would eat her lunch on any surface. She is done as a force in singles, and has been for several years.
Fighters fan
Fighters fan:
Unpopular opinion, but whoever won the watch will probably lose in the 2nd round.
Marvo G
Marvo G:
Serena Williams is legendary!😎💯
R N:
Always good to see the Williams sisters lose.
stu wilks
stu wilks:
Serena should retire because among all the greats she definitely holds the record for having the most first round and early round losses in slams and regular tournaments. To continue losing that way will only make her slam titles shine a little bit less.
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
Congrats to Harmony Tan! But Serena is less than 50% of her former self. Serena should just put away her racket.
R C Nelson
R C Nelson:
Tan blew it. She was supposed to be apologetic for winning.
jace converse
jace converse:
This was the most hilarious match I've ever seen. Serena looked like Mike Tyson with whatever she had on her face. And then the shots of Serena's family and Tan's family watching were priceless. .
Betty Parris
Betty Parris:
Good game Serena plenty of d haters glad u lost. But u did very good. $#@€£ them.
I honestly think she need to retire... She making her rank look bad, the longer she play the more rank she will drop and it will look bad on her retire..... It's best not to come back after this long break..
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
At 1:18, someone thought she's won the match already. 😂
Dinakma ni Dacquana
Dinakma ni Dacquana:
Serena needs to level her fitness and her shots are not as strong as before given she hasn’t played for long time. If she wants to compete she needs to work hard to get back on track
Serena will now always be know as 3 or 4th best women player. Buh Bye.
bounkham theuambounmy
bounkham theuambounmy:
Tan used the same Alize strategy to beat the heavyweight Serena.
fishmuck 2
fishmuck 2:
It was like watching 200 pounds of lard flowing on the Center Court - I lost my appetite and eat nothing for the rest of the day.🤣🤣🤣
aziz ozair
aziz ozair:
just retire , your yelling and intimidation of other girls on the court is not gona work , graff is the best ever .
uncle Joe
uncle Joe:
All that weight just don't want to move.
How is this the fittest Serena has been?
She lost the match due to lack of fitness and conditioning.
Her movement around the court was painful to watch.
And nobody wants to call Serena "fat" bc then the social media police will call someone out for "body shaming".
The fact Serena waited an entire year to play this match shows how dreaded she is stepping out on a tennis court, but it's hard to give up that adulation and applause.
But on this day the applause goes to Tan, not for playing a great match, but for keeping her composure.
Any other sub-100 ranked player would have fallen apart and caved in.
Bruce K
Bruce K:
Amazing match? It was hard to watch - retire already - she looked out on her feet
James McGarrity
James McGarrity:
Tan withdrew from her doubles match after working so hard to beat Serena and make no mistake she will be out in the second round.
Philip Terzian
Philip Terzian:
'Serena' vs 'Tan,' says ESPN announcer. I would prefer 'Harmony' vs 'Williams.'
Richard's World Traveler
Richard's World Traveler:
Perhaps Serena can play mixed doubles with Roger so they can remind us of the old times.
Marek Wojtowicz
Marek Wojtowicz:
Thank God. I said it all along the moment Williams had announced her participation. The first lady that takes her close to three hours wins the match. WOW. Didn't expect it this soon. Who besides her fans would realistically think she'd go far? Anybody past third round would send the old lady to the bakery, crying. Drama over. Let's enjoy Wimbledon!
Serena so badly wants to break Margaret Court's Grand slam record of 24 titles.

Steffi Graf is the only on to win the Golden Slam.
Chuck Friebe
Chuck Friebe:
There is a God. I know this because Serena Williams lost in the first round of Wimby. Thank you Jesus!
Ramy G
Ramy G:
I'm sure SW will come back on court...
Charles Mendias
Charles Mendias:
Serena looks slow but is still capable of winning 2nd set at 6 to 1. Doubt she will match Margaret Court with 24 slams and Nadal needs 1 more to tie her(men have to win 3 sets!).
vince lawrence
vince lawrence:
Serena Trick Williams ,come on man , why so many errors , as soon as your score was 5 to 4 in the 3rd set you went thru your french women errors , the net was your best friend, a woman in the stands they showed had her fingers crossed for you made tears come to my eyes , see you are loved all over the world and have god given talent , where did they find this lady to beat you are play you , odds on her must be 115 to one , Serena now since you have made enough money from this game, will they let you win anther major ?
Serena looked like a club level player... sandwich!!!
Fun Times
Fun Times:
Serena snubbed Wimbledon when they asked her to stand with all the greats such as Federer because she couldn't keep 5 courtesy cars for the whole tournament even after losing in the first round. She's that rich but still that cheap and entitled. So glad she lost.
It looked like Serena is carrying too much weight. Her movement is a bit slow. for this level of play.
Its Yushkins
Its Yushkins:
1:28 bad approach shot
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
She gone! 🤣
tazman cookie
tazman cookie:
It doesn't look like Serena was ready for this match. She seems heavier and had no energy in this match, sorry to see that
roberto garcia
roberto garcia:
Serena have 40 years old.......these match are winned for youth
Den Thap
Den Thap:
Bravo Serena for fighting for three sets, forget all the haters.
Francesca Leigh
Francesca Leigh:
Wait. ........ HOW DO YOU LOSE TO A PLAYER RANKED 115 .? Oh, wait. Unless she's ,,,,,,,,,,, Miss HARMONY (f) TAN.!!!!!!!
Norris Porter
Norris Porter:
Tan was outweighed by about 100 lbs