First Take reacts to Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the French Open

First Take reacts to Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the French Open
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Naomi Osaka’s decision to withdraw from the French Open to focus on her mental health after being fined $15K for not speaking to the media. Stephen A. and Max then debate whether athletes should be required to speak to the media.

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100+ comentarios:

Charles E. Morris, III
Charles E. Morris, III:
The media doesn't care about role models, let's get real.
"Should athletes be required to talk to the media?"

- The media
Joshua Pâté
Joshua Pâté:
“If I need to leave work, it’s cause I need to be sick.” Proof that mental health does NOT get the same recognition or respect as physical health, even today.
Social anxiety ain’t no joke. I understand exactly how she feels. You never feel like yourself in public and it causes depression
How you think Kwame felt when he was 17 and Stephan A was insulting him in front of the world for the past 20 years?
Naomi should have gone the Marshawn Lynch route! Just say, "I'm just here so I won't be fined" or simply just say, "Yeah!" LOL
M 360
M 360:
She’s recharging her batteries emotionally, physically and mentally
Stephen A watching Every syllable out his mouth now, momma's cookin' 🥩🍳🧀🥗🤏🏾
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown:
No one knew what was going on with Robyn Williams when he took his own life. He was a fun guy who made everybody laugh and had all the money he needed. Mental health cannot be taken lightly; and when a person like Naomi Osaka speaks we have to listen. Osaka has always been very honest, classy, open and authentic with the media and the fans and that is why we all love her. The one thing we all also saw in Osaka was a very shy, innocent but intelligent person, who was very uncomfortable under the bright lights but thrives through it with her honesty and authenticity. The anxiety she talks about is real for shy person. Fulfilling a contract obligation could only be done efficiently when you’re in good health. I wish her well and I look forward to seeing her on the court again, but only in good spirits.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Let's be clear. No job, career, contract or obligation is more important than the well being of your physical and mental health. Period!
Slique100 100
Slique100 100:
SAS finds a way to make things about him, I thought the young lady was the subject at hand, not SAS
Gil Sanders
Gil Sanders:
When it comes to your mental health, screw contracts. Because when you're gone, they'll move on.
SAS tone has changed since he’s been getting a dose of mommas cooking lol
Ger Vang
Ger Vang:
Stephen A needs momma's cooking.
SAS could easily take a personal day and no one at Disney would bat an eye.
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super:
Without the players there is no game. The players' health, physical or mental, takes precedent before anything else.
None of this matters, we’re all destined for the live your life.
Richie Bickham
Richie Bickham:
AS USUAL, Stephen A. Smith makes it about himself.
Violin discovery with Ms. Leslie
Violin discovery with Ms. Leslie:
I can’t imagine the mental turmoil she went through just to make the decision to withdraw. I applaud her for doing what’s best for her and not letting everyone else’s demands and expectations send her in to a breakdown.
Osaka should do media and simply say "I'm just here so I won't get fined".
Derek Londell
Derek Londell:
Molly is literally the worst person on television I’ll never take it back
Karen Branson
Karen Branson:
Naomi Osaka chose her sanity over her job. She was professional in her honesty. It has sparked a national conversation. I would rather the media respectfully cover her illness than her potential suicide from silent suppression. I pray she gets well soon and comes back stronger & ready.
james d
james d:
Once you become a famous athlete the media tries to mold you into this character that will develop more clicks and views for them. For some people this is ok they thrive under all that attention for others it's a serious drain on their mental health. I don't think it's fair to punish people, basically because of the way their brain is wired.
Steven Smith with a articulating his response like this like he did to kwame Brown
"I'll play the game (Basketball) for free but you get paid to take all the bullsh*t" - Dennis Rodman
Miss Bell
Miss Bell:
Good for her❤️ She doesn’t need the French Open or tennis for that matter they need her‼️ Naomi got sick of everybody and said I got news for y’all I’M OUT✌️😆CHECKMATE👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Proud of you❤️❤️❤️
Adam Wang
Adam Wang:
SAS is the best! Best at representing what’s wrong with sports media…
"I am the victim" Stephen A. Smith "You HAVE!!! to speak to the media" The white man.
Charlene Fox
Charlene Fox:
He sounds, well, you know - she said her mental health - who has a problem with that?

I like that she didn't ask for his consent to care more for herself than him - we know how that would've turned out.
Frankie Barajas
Frankie Barajas:
"I'm just here so I won't be fined" Marshawn Lynch
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter:
The Media Needs the Athletes,just like the Owners!!! When the athletes don't speak,yall don't have a thing to say that's relevant
brent williams
brent williams:
You I’m losing respect for Steven A more and more!
Would not be disappointed the least bit by not seeing an athlete interviewed after an event. It is more for the promotion of the media or reporter than it is for benefit of the spectator.
Bryan Max
Bryan Max:
Imagine every time you came from a stressful job, you had to pass through hr and explain why you were slow and messy at your job. I can't understand the stress of palying a high level game and then being forced to explain your actions later especially if you lost the game
Times is changing Stephen A. Things evolve and need change, this is healthy like you stepping down soon. Can you smell what mommas cooking?
Chris Waters
Chris Waters:
Im sure shes happy to get paid the tournament prize money though. Where does she think that comes from?
Also no one ia forcing her to compete on the world stage its completely voluntary.
Rod Jr
Rod Jr:
This has to be one of the greatest sell-out moments in history by SAS
Kurt Eric Munroe
Kurt Eric Munroe:
Hey SAS, we are watching you, bro. Don't ever harm our people like you tried to harm Kwame Brown. We simply will not stand for it, you heard?!?!?!?!?
cmo butts
cmo butts:
Sas choose you're words very carefully,moma's cooking getting ready to sprinkle on you.
Stephen A: "people need to hear from me"

i can smell some mommas cooking coming
Seoul Glo
Seoul Glo:
Old heads like SAS - "The media is what enables the sport to be promoted."
Athlete's social media accounts - "Am I a joke to you?!?!"
Anthony Sinclair
Anthony Sinclair:
Less and less respect for Stephen A. Naomi's well being is more important than money and anything he said. He is personalizing in a way that does not make sense.
Paul Adlai Dunn
Paul Adlai Dunn:
Also, he said, you can choose to be a pro tennis player. OK so now any potentially great player with mental health issues should choose not to pursue their career. So you're willing to lose the next possible tennis greats and matches over what...interviews? Not only is that also somewhat discriminatory, Does that really make sense?
"I am here, so I don't get fined."
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman:
That white dude seemed very cold hearted on a sensitive subject. I remember when I was depressed at work and I went and cried in the bathroom. I came out and my manager said "oh boo hoo. Nobody loves me. GET OVER IT!" At the time I was so depressed the words went in one ear and out the other. But yeah if that would happen now I would curse her out. My point is being depressed or having some sort of mental issue breaks you down in many ways and you can't think straight. She probably have personal family issues. Money changes the people around you. That enormous pressure to carry the sport is being to heavy for her. I hope she can find a balance to her life
Rice man
Rice man:
Mommas cooking 🥘🧂 bringing peace
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey:
Osaka's decision👏Mental health over interviews and tennis.
Notorious Nerd
Notorious Nerd:
She just needs some training for answering the questions from the media.
don oyster
don oyster:
Imagine not doing your contractual obligation at work one day of the week, ofcourse you will get that days worth of money docked
Antoinette Thomas
Antoinette Thomas:
Oh My day his speaking like a gentleman look at Mama's seasoning got him acting right it got him All the way together
Awww geez. Look I know exactly what it's like to loose your mother. I loss mine at the age of 25. And my dad in 2015. And you're right you'll never be the same. BUT,it ain't about you Stephen. Stay on topic!!! We know you got Mr Brown on yo neck. But you made that bed. Now lay in it. And next time don't make it about you and your issues. Talk about the question at hand.
Michael Walter
Michael Walter:
Naomi Osaka is proof of the old addage: "Oil and water don't mix."
Kasaine Kipusi
Kasaine Kipusi:
Stephen A actually brought up his dead mom wow. So obvious this man is still mad at Kyrie.
Otis Jenkins Jr.
Otis Jenkins Jr.:
Stephen A acts like your mother dying in your 60s is so heartbreaking. Wow.
Stephen A talking about individuals shedding their humanity with all the bs he's done on this platform for a dollar 💵
Should Naomi be required to speak following a match? SAS: Let me tell you about my life, and how long I was in therapy, and how depressed I am.
Npsom Inertia Corp
Npsom Inertia Corp:
“Don’t give ‘em too much you! Don’t let ‘em take control....”- J. Cole
But Stephen A. you don't as an athlete sign on for the media to lie about and distort what you're saying, speculate about it, exploit your words and take them out of context. To outright lie about the athlete and the words they JUST spoke, as Fox News does every night with their lies and filth. Athletes play a game, they should NOT have to put through it.
The reason he (Stephen A) says yes is so ppl like him can have a job.
Shay Hill
Shay Hill:
Can we get rid of SAS already 😫
Brian Stevenson
Brian Stevenson:
I love it,the so called ligit media.
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon:
I like how when Kyrie Irvin was going thru his Private Issues Stephen a Smith and the ESPN came at him for not playing. Y’all A contradiction.
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens:
I'm listening carefully here....I know my take on this situation from the get go. She put out the statement...and I applauded her, empathised and hoped support behind the scenes inc communication, would be on point. Mental health is no joke. Simple. She plays very well. Her talent and the sport is out there. Media cover it and can do so minus same old quotes.
Ayoo CB
Ayoo CB:
TBH I feel it’s coming to the point athletes realize they don’t need to speak to the media as much as the media needs them to speak
I wish her the best. That said, she chose to enter the tournament while knowing there are media obligations.
Logical Chaos
Logical Chaos:
288k views sir. I get double that just driving my tractor!
Love Kwame "Bust Life" Brown
Aaron Shelley
Aaron Shelley:
I’d be down to see her just say the same thing over and over to one question.
J3 Fitness
J3 Fitness:
Most athletes don’t play for “revenue” .. they play for the love of it. The media, just money hungry, looking for information to make their channel, life relevant.
I’m more concerned about the game more than an interview after the game.
Harvey Horwitz
Harvey Horwitz:
The chocolate covered peanut head has to defend the media’s point of view otherwise he wouldn’t have a job.
joel lutsu
joel lutsu:
Never mind answer Kwame sir ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Chris B
Chris B:
SA you gotta keep the same energy here that you had with kyrie
Leigh Allison Love
Leigh Allison Love:
So he said that it was the anniversary of his mother’s death, (which is heartbreaking), but that he came to work because of responsibility. But, if he’d been “sick” he wouldn’t have come in....... mental illness is being “sick”! Just like the flu or breaking a bone. People still don’t get it.
Aaron Homer
Aaron Homer:
This is exactly why more and more athletes are having podcasts. Yes, the money is there but it feels more genuine than these idiots at ESPN and other sports networks.
Omni King
Omni King:
Stephen A: She didn't pull a Kyrie and i respect that
Mookie Stewart
Mookie Stewart:
Stephen A took a cop op answer with his first point ,” you know what you signed up for “ yes but the question is should they be forced to sign up for that in order to be a pro?? You’re not answering the question smith
Mental health is more about mental toughness; because of social media today, you have to be the most mentally tough athlete in our history or it will crush you. Power through the BS and it will make you stronger.
I feel it Stephen a also sorry about your mother 😞
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas:
Good for her, I’m so over the BS the media plays a role and they know it.
I think people need to remember this only applies to millionaires like Naomi and Kyrie. You pull this on your job as an accountant for example then your company is going to fire you and leave you to rot. I'm not saying that means we should ignore Naomi's anxiety, just that for the rest of us shmucks, we don't get sympathy. That's reserved for the executives and the millionaire athletes.
Jay 3
Jay 3:
He came into work just to say He came into work. He could have taken this day off with no fines
Love Wins
Love Wins:
SAS you need mama’s cooking lol 🥘
Big up Stephen A.!
Orlando Arellano
Orlando Arellano:
Thank you max for being professional on this segment.
Ken Jones
Ken Jones:
Mommas cooking on that Azz
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman:
Stephen a could have taken the day off like him and many other ESPN on air personalities do.
John V
John V:
My boy Stephen A, preach
Terey Traf
Terey Traf:
asking the media if athletes should be required to talk to them... lmao that's like asking a kid what should their punishment be!
Nah Steven A. The media WAS what enabled the sport to be promoted. Times have changed. Sports no longer need a middle man to reach the people
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
BNP Paribas is a bank headquartered in Paris, the main sponsor of the French Open. One option is to voice your thoughts to BNP, the French Open committee, and to the ATP in London. People might decide to boycott BNP, the French Open, ATP tournaments, Wimbledon and their sponsors if they continue to treat athletes this way.
SAS lookin shook since he tasted Momma's Cookin'.
Ashante Brown
Ashante Brown:
Keep your head up bro, one love
Jalen King
Jalen King:
SAS, you don’t gotta come in today we all understand. If you’re struggling with today and you’re not okay, we’d all rather you take the day or two that you need
That was such a boss move! Good on her.
I had to give up my job due to mental health issues as I was unable to meet the requirements my employee (and coworkers) expected. Ms Osaka seems to have done the same
Anthony Stubbs
Anthony Stubbs:
God bless you Naomi ! I understand and support you and your stance fully. 🙏
Pete Cruz
Pete Cruz:
Has she been struggling with this for years because she came forward for alot of interviews supporting BLM...seem pretty fine to me during these volunteer interviews...she wasn't forced or fined for those
Fine Supplements
Fine Supplements:
SAS been pro media his whole career. He blast anyone who hates the media because his job is directly tied to it.
L. Jordan
L. Jordan:
Thank You, Doing it the right way; getting help so you could move forward & speak on it. Although she’s young I can only imagine this would have been a course that would have been more successful better for all. Then she could have spoke on how it affected her & called out the pressures.
T Overhaul
T Overhaul:
I don’t know why but I feel like what Stephen a smith said was aiming indirectly at kyrie since he didn’t explain his situation