Fleetwood Town v Everton | Starting XI Show

Fleetwood Town v Everton | Starting XI Show

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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Billy Minshall
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29 comentarios:

Jonny Robinson
Jonny Robinson:
Kenny and Nkounkou need to stop buying knock off kits
Steven Parle
Steven Parle:
Delph playing at centre back would be a complete disaster, wouldn’t trust him playing against any team no matter how poor they are because he simply doesn’t care
Blue Nose
Blue Nose:
I would rest Keane and start Pennington, the league is more important plus having west ham next will require our strongest squad.
D H:
Big game for M Kean and Iwobi! We need to see more from Kean given he would be dependent on massively if DCL got an injury. Not given up on him yet though! COYB
terry nash
terry nash:
Your gonna laugh at me would you take Dele Alli on loan with option to buy just to try him out incase this problem with him is like other players in which they have a problem with Jose
Ger Cleary
Ger Cleary:
Is Sig available after what happened his bro in law? I doubt it
terry nash
terry nash:
After his pre season I'd rather bolasie than iwobi out wide
Martin Carter
Martin Carter:
Only change from that would be switch Bernard & Iwobi's positions around
john broadhurst
john broadhurst:
Can't cup tie, some of the players, other teams will be looking at our players 🙏 🙏
Alex Jordan Leviticus
Alex Jordan Leviticus:
Start doucoure
wolf unleashed
wolf unleashed:
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Looks like West Ham will be the next opponents
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Come on the blues
Brest Fan TV
Brest Fan TV:
think that will be the line up Carlo goes with
Marley Rimmer
Marley Rimmer:
Id play besic at centre half don't know whether he's gone out loan or not but we should have a good crack at the League cup we've never won it before
Mikey D
Mikey D:
Hopefully for yerry and Keane it wont be more stressful than a training session
Steven Evans
Steven Evans:
No chance I'd play mina leave him till saturday I'd play Seamus
Bryn Devaney
Bryn Devaney:
like it baz - its not nice risking both fit centre halves but for consistency probably worth the gamble. gordon has got so much potential he's really gotta get electric now if he wants to fulfil it. those final passes and shots need composure.....hopefully he can sort that out and become the best player he can be
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
Ryan Astley on the bench...
Mina wont play tonight. He can only play one game a week.
Harrison McGlashan
Harrison McGlashan:
What’s going on with the graphics lads? Midfield is massive and the fullbacks aren’t wearing the right kit😂
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke:
I'd play pickford for continuity seeing as we can't play our usual full defence ,mina can have a break because he's a bit dodgy fitness wise and play digne with Keane again . Nkounkou and Gordon are my first names on the team sheet. Kean starts with bernard and doucouré for me as he is such a powerful athlete and either iwobi or walcott out wide leaving carlo to decide the remaining midfielder between sigg/davies and jonjo will surely start . So pics jonjo keane digne Nkounkou, sig doucouré bernard, Gordon kean and I'll go walcott.
Frank Byrne
Frank Byrne:
Sorry Baz....that team won't beat fleetwood!!..........too many deadheads!.....
Alex Killer28
Alex Killer28:
Kean needs to show how good he is because he have not play that good these last games
ee mobile
ee mobile:
I totally agree with Gordon knocking down Ancelotti door why ain't he in the team he is bar far our best winger but I suppose if its 433 he cant get in cos u ain't dropping richie or james if 442 then he would get in
John Gillam
John Gillam:
Good solid side you picked there Baz, i think we will be playing Hull myself in the next round if we progress as i think they will be bouyed by beating their leagues (or should i say previous league's) champions and lets face it Wesy Ham arent having a great start at the moment
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn:
Pickford is completely useless trust me.
He's possibly the worst keeper I have seen in our shirt and that's over 50 years of watching Everton
I wouldn't let Delph carry the drinks nevermind play football... Right up there with the, worst signings we have ever made and brands was eager to tell us it was all his doing.
Get rid of one... Or both we wouldn't miss either.
Rich smith
Rich smith:
"Kean needs to impress a little bit more than last week"! Are you sure? He was really bad last week, worse striker I've seen in a blue shirt in my 50 years. Get rid. Give Simms a run out, cannot do any worse than Kean.