Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue

Florence Pugh was recently nominated for her first Oscar for her performance in 'Little Women,' and she's celebrating with a twelve-course menu of English cuisine.

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Director: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Robby Massey

Visual Director: Samantha Adler

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Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes - Mukbang | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Gracia Wong
Gracia Wong:
She goes like “what is this?” Sniff* identifies food correctly and proceeds to tell amazing back story. She is a real foodie
Florence Pugh is quite literally a Golden Retriever in human form.
Funny Edits
Funny Edits:
I watch this religiously, I love her🥰🥰🥰
ok now im hungry
I’m still amazed how she nailed a Russian Accent being aa British as she is.
Alexandra HB
Alexandra HB:
I had to come here again after watching Adele's video. Florence is queen.
i love how we all just decided to watch this every once in a while
Tommy Dan
Tommy Dan:
"I don't drink water so I have tea, so this is very new for me."
- Florence Pugh
in love with the fact whenever she finds something she likes she goes “mmm” she’s so adorable
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian:
She is literally "Britian" personified. God I love her.
Omolayo Oluwadare
Omolayo Oluwadare:
I really felt it when she said she doesn't drink water, she has tea. That is so me. There's water in my tea so it counts 🤷🏾‍😂
Christine Pia Gerzon
Christine Pia Gerzon:
The combination of her deep voice, accent, and the wonderful setting is therapeutic.
Yumii :P
Yumii :P:
She has the most British- British accent and I love it
Shannon Grady
Shannon Grady:
The lack of Yorkshire puddings in this video is devastating.
ElaiMarj Escaño
ElaiMarj Escaño:
anyone would be surprised with how many times I've watched this every now and then it turned into my comfort video
Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity
Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity:
Florence impulsively just going “mmmhhhmm” every time she eats something tasty is on my list of favorite celebrity knowledge.
Emese Szalontai
Emese Szalontai:
Florence Pugh eating for 10 minutes
8 million people: *interesting*
simreen siraj
simreen siraj:
Florence: "Ohh they've added butter on top of the mashed potato. That's soo naughty"
We have very different ideas of naughtiness.
i feel like "thats so naughty" has the same energy tom hiddleston has in all those MTV after hours skits-
Marcus Mulethaler
Marcus Mulethaler:
Butter melting on mash
Florence: that’s so naughty
Rupa Chakraborty
Rupa Chakraborty:
The way she just picks up the ketchup with a butter knife and not just dip the food in it just screams "I am British bitches"
Alice Bz
Alice Bz:
This girl is just so charismatic, she's one of those people who don't need to crack a joke and laugh at their own jokes but still can make everything they're in interesting.
1 2
1 2:
She's adorable in personality. I also like here fearless self-love and rejecting Hollywood's body shaming. Flo is awesome.
Trell Godinez
Trell Godinez:
The thing i like the most on this content is the fact that despite her being surrounded with classy stuff, her natural goofy and loud personality overpowers the supposedly classy and conservative aesthetic setting. (i don't personally like too classy and conservative-looking people when eating as to me they look like they are being strictly forced to do so which kind of takes away the purpose of eating with gratitude at the table)
Cornish Pasty was created for Cornish miners because the shape of it. Unlike a pie where the crust is 360 degrees, a Cornish pasty is shaped like a crescent, so the miners could hold the crust as a handle for their dirty hands and eat the filling in the middle.
yea no
yea no:
Florence: "So you end up having to weigh whether you want to eat food or breath. Its quite simple"
Me: "So eat right?"
Celine L
Celine L:
This woman eats so elegantly. She has no bad angles. Like ethereal, honestly.
I hope there was a hungry crew waiting to eat all the leftovers, and that they weren't too cold.
Marvel Addict
Marvel Addict:
It feels so weird on how she puts on the best Russian accent and now she’s British, amazing 😍
Sk Mallese
Sk Mallese:
She is an expert in everything!
Ethan Berge
Ethan Berge:
I love Florence so muchhhh, I watch this every few months! So addicting!
Rajan Shendre
Rajan Shendre:
This is Florence Pugh's world and we're just living in it. Honestly, if she is in a movie, it becomes HER movie. She is brilliant in every way.
Diego Aguilar
Diego Aguilar:
I love Florence Pugh. She is gorgeous. Watching her eating is so exciting.
Omg she's so cute ❤️ I love her acting and I love that she looks a bit... Russian. Honestly, she could play a Russian girl so well, like Keira Knightley did a number of times.
Joshua Mario
Joshua Mario:
Such a doll, she is. I'd love to watch her and Emilia Clarke together in a same show and just be themselves. They're both funny.
taqiia hider
taqiia hider:
whoever styled Florence here deserves a raise she looks so good here
Lilac Sky . _ .
Lilac Sky . _ .:
I keep coming back to this video it's so calming and Florence is so cute eating all these dishes it makes me hungry lol
ashley colli
ashley colli:
I could literally watch her talk all day lol she is hilarious she needs a show SERIOUSLY
John Osam
John Osam:
I love she know more about the food more than a normal person
shes like, a royal but one that just doesnt care about her title. legendary queen
sometimes i forget she's british because her american accent is SO GOOD
Elise Collins
Elise Collins:
Every time I see an actress talk about not being able to eat in her corset I'm like, 'who is lacing these poor women up so tight?' Women ate in corsets and stays for centuries, it can't be impossible!
Emily Aspesi
Emily Aspesi:
I LITERALLY watch this at least 2 times a week. It’s addicting
I actually love her voice, it matches her face and personality.
maya bostick
maya bostick:
this is my favorite youtube video i’m literally addicted to it
Emma Wu
Emma Wu:
a moment of appreciation to the people who made the food.
Samay Chakraborty
Samay Chakraborty:
No one:
I dare say a lot of men have their own ideas about what they'd like to happen if they were alone with Florence Pugh.
I'd like to eat food and drink tea
Does anyone know what british accent she has? She sounds very elegant.
J Lee
J Lee:
So proud of word that vogue used.
"Mukbang" which is Korean :D
Pippa Dee
Pippa Dee:
"I don't drink water so I drink tea"
"I drink tea darling "

everyone, I present my favourite british people
one thing i like with certain corsets is that some have a curved stomach, allowing room. and i have learned that once you feel full with your corset on, you *have* to lean forward, not backwards, because if you lean backwards, it (the corset and/or stay) will push in on your stomach, as odd as that seems
Even though I haven't had a lot of these foods when I was growing up (my family is chinese and my mum cooked regular chinese meals 99% of the time), this video still made me feel a bit homesick. I miss real chippies and a good portion of chips with gravy.
Danny Hidalgo
Danny Hidalgo:
All of this looks delicious, though I never realized that British dishes were so heavy lol
Alveena Babar
Alveena Babar:
I'm glad she embraced all the foods, wasn't picky over the food being too oily or high on carbs
This is the most elegant mukbang ive ever seen
Anjalee Dhanraj
Anjalee Dhanraj:
No but Vogue editing this like a fan video is so funny.
Technically shes TASTING the food...she most limely never really eats..none of them do.
Riri Li
Riri Li:
Idk why people call British food „bad“ tbh it looks really good, I wanna taste it.
this is making me hungry..... probably shouldn't;t be watching this before a workout :/
P e a c h !
P e a c h !:
She's like what i imagined a princess is, when i was a child
I wonder what happened to the leftovers. That was yummy food. I hope they didn't waste it.
Brian T Neary
Brian T Neary:
Being an American male, I'm not sure who she is.
However, I am now a huge fan.
She eats with such grace
I watched the 73 Qs with Adele, and then I got this video in my recommendations. Both are literal queens I love them so much
Sean Leabourn
Sean Leabourn:
She is love, love in human form.
S C.
S C.:
She has lots of charisma, not annoying at all. She is like full of energy and expresses it very natural oof loved her
Ok let’s be honest you have definitely watched this more than once ….
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar:
You know she gets food all over her when she carries around a tide pen in her purse
andrea telan
andrea telan:
the aesthetic of this video is so therapeutic
isla kelly
isla kelly:
‘Thats soo naughts mmh’ or ‘ oh its Branson pickle’ is the best part of it.
Who’s here after Black Widow. I loved her as Yelena, such a queen

(How did this get 6.8k in 4 days what???)
She's so chill. I can't help but watch this a couple times a week. Now I want to make most of these dishes.
Babygirl T
Babygirl T:
A story for every dish! Love how wholesome this is <3
Stephanie A
Stephanie A:
This was genuinely relaxing, I loved the aesthetic of the pastel English colors on the food, background and tea set. Her outfit was so cute! Would definitely watch more episodes if this was made into a show
taqiia hider
taqiia hider:
therapy: need money, capitalism, sad :((
watching florence eat: free, no capitalism, happy :))
why is no one talking about how beautiful that set is? it looks so elegant
Brenda Sánchez
Brenda Sánchez:
I will for ever keep coming back to this video. As a taurus it gives me peace.
I watch this weekly, this is my therapy. Her voice cracks and how she speaks is so- so *chef's kiss*
Vatican Cameos
Vatican Cameos:
Cornish pasties were a pastry-wrapped lunchtime meal that were robust enough to be thrown down the mine by miners' wives and remain intact. They often were split part-way, with meat and vegetables at one end, and a fruit filling at one end, so you had your main and pudding all wrapped in a pastry crust. The crust was thick to grab on to while eating with miner's filthy hands! 🤪
Big props to the editor, Robby Massey, for making Florence Pugh look even more relatable/iconic/funny with his amazing edits
Katelyn Pringle
Katelyn Pringle:
Ok Vogue, now you have to do a version for every other country and a famous actor/actress associated with said country. The ball is in your court Vogue, don’t blow this.
ravena laufeyson
ravena laufeyson:
nunca me enjoo de assistir esse vídeo, é mt satisfatório ver ela comendo e conversando.
florence, eating steak and kidney: its a steak and ale pie!
chef: sweating intensifies
Chipo Phiri
Chipo Phiri:
I’m just here to watch her mouth move. Because I love her.
Fransua Pepa
Fransua Pepa:
She made me feel sooooooooo fricking hungry! I swear I’m gonna bite my phone imagining it’s like the dishes she is eating 🤤
Am I the only one who watches this like once a week because it’s like therapy
This is the best content vogue has EVER put out
Kush Garg
Kush Garg:
I absolutely love Florence Pugh throughout this. Seeing her try these unique English dishes is just so satisfying and fun.
Heather Clifton
Heather Clifton:
Florence Pugh is my comfort person. I love her so much😭🥰
I think we can all agree that we all want to hang out and eat food with Florence
Evie Peterson
Evie Peterson:
English people have the cutest names for their food like bubble and squeak that’s so cute
Æthelthryth Quezada
Æthelthryth Quezada:
I would be the worst if that gave me all that to try and talk about cause I would eat it all....I am a pro-eater though I have NEVER competed...
Why should I pay for therapy when I just can see this video whenever I need it for free? It's my comfort video now, so I come back everytime I feel like it (almost every day tbh) and I usually watch it when I'm eating dinner bc it feels like I'm eating with Flo lol Weird, but it helps me :)
fellow hooman
fellow hooman:
life lesson learned: tzatziki goes with everything
Ximena Olmedo Casella
Ximena Olmedo Casella:
I have watched this masterpiece 10 times. It's my safe place <3
junior mint
junior mint:
vogue picked the best person to do this. honestly.
my world my likes
my world my likes:
I have no idea how many times i have watch this

Do like food or her tough choice?
Nicky Gord
Nicky Gord:
i’m so in love with her it’s crazy
Bingyuan Zhuo
Bingyuan Zhuo:
that has to be one of the most beautiful shepherds pie i ever seen
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Deoxyribonucleic Acid:
Some of that food looked weird to me but she made it all look so good!
Yona Lee
Yona Lee:
I just appreciate that she isn’t a picky eater