Floyd Mayweather's IMMEDIATE REACTION after exhibition fight vs Logan Paul | Showtime Boxing

In this video Floyd Mayweather talks about his exhibition fight vs Logan Paul.

#floydmayweather #loganpaul #boxing

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100+ comentarios:

Shout out to the people who didn’t pay for this PPV. We’re the real winners here.
Jennifer Donovan
Jennifer Donovan:
To anyone reading this, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. your hard work will pay off
Logan and Mayweather hugging was the best part
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
I think deep down inside Floyd is disappointed he didn’t finish the job.
"he's fighting to survive", yeah, absolutely true. Poor logan🤣
You need to stop having high expectations for fireworks and huge KOs when it comes to these special events. Just take it for what it is. A sparring, fun match. That's it. 🥊
Teater Cannon
Teater Cannon:
As egotistical as Floyd can be, he actually is being super nice.
Millaray Morales
Millaray Morales:
Floyd: "I wanted to give people the show and he was fightin to survive"

Manny: (left the room giggling)
the_hulk 392
the_hulk 392:
He said it all when he said "I came to put on a show, he fought to survive."
Hey Dhar Mann fam! I hope you love that message, and please remember, we're not just telling stories, we're changing lives!
People who paid for the fight deserve to never be given another $50 again.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
“When the money comes, we’ll see who was the real winner”
Hsk ToiletScrub
Hsk ToiletScrub:
"IMMEDIATE REACTION" mans changed clothes and is in the post fight conference
Chewy Trades
Chewy Trades:
Pacquiao: "Mayweather on the other side of the hugging for a change"
R o x a n n a
R o x a n n a:
Floyd: Yes, I made 5 million just for showing up one last time.
Cathleen【pls 25 sub😇】
Cathleen【pls 25 sub😇】:
*_He smiling laughing knowing he finessed everybody who paid for this crap_*
Stefan Cvorovic
Stefan Cvorovic:
This was one of the most boring fights I have ever seen, the losers of tonight,are the ppl who paid 50 bucks to watch it.
John TheSpartan
John TheSpartan:
I love how he avoided all the questions that tried to make him say that it was not a real fight :P
kev the realest
kev the realest:
Why floyd Mayweather acting like he didnt hug pacman the whole time they fought smh
"IMMEDIATE REACTION" mans changed clothes and is in the post fight conference
We say no to pay to win
We say no to pay to win:
All I've learnt is that Mayweather not just had more skill and stanima, than Logan, he also has a stronger punch than him.
WBO will announced that this was the fight of the decade 🤣🤣
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
"IMMEDIATE REACTION" mans changed clothes and is in the post fight conference
Steve BigEve
Steve BigEve:
Lmao "They pay??" Tosses the drinks off the table.
Andrés Avalo
Andrés Avalo:
"He was good at tying me up" 😂 love u floyd
Logan is hugging Floyd bcz he’s grateful bcz of how much money he got from the fight.
Z E R O:
"How is your future Floyd"
Floyed: It was fun
Your Fan
Your Fan:
"I'm a grandfather" HAHAHA burn
I get the impression Floyd likes having fun!
Let Me Sleep
Let Me Sleep:
“He’s a hugger, and supposedly a fighter” now read it like “she’s a runner she a -“
Barbaros Aksu
Barbaros Aksu:
Logan was so happy earming 20 million he hugged him in all rounds
I need to admit, I thought he was pretty cool😎
Floyd Mayweather “A fool and his money are soon parted” that would be the fan’s money..
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
"Yeah, I love money and all things money. I love lying and making money, hugging and making money. Shoot, getting hit and making money."
Budzzable Rides
Budzzable Rides:
50 bucks to watch a screen that says “we are experiencing technical difficulties LMAO
unknown l909
unknown l909:
He smiling laughing knowing he finessed everybody who paid for this crap
Jeremy Wesco
Jeremy Wesco:
Floyd had some fun with a guy in his 20's he seems happy 😏
Moto Bandito
Moto Bandito:
He slick clowned the ppv buyers. 😂 savage.
nathan sylvester
nathan sylvester:
Conspiracy theory: Jake comes out, talks mad shit so Floyd vs Jake next after Tyrone.
Logan and mayweather hugging was the best part of the whole fight lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PayPal me bigboi7
PayPal me bigboi7:
Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter
3:20 Floyd said it best
jason Rivera
jason Rivera:
It's a sparing interview. Since when legends do interviews after a sparing match? He's really answering these questions with care smh 🤣
Nibbly Bits
Nibbly Bits:
The only thing to defeat Floyd that day was the water bottle..
Deejay DaVinci
Deejay DaVinci:
Floyd Didn't try to hurt Logan he could've knocked him out in the 4th Round but let it go all 8 Logan couldn't hurt Floyd at all...so he just hugged all night its a exhibition it wasn't gone be Winner regardless it was entertainment nothing more nothing less I enjoyed all the fights
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Conspiracy theory: Jake comes out, talks mad shit so Floyd vs Jake next after Tyrone.
Millaray Morales
Millaray Morales:
Interviewer: The site crashed. Mayweather: I'm truly blessed. 藍
Marshall Cooke
Marshall Cooke:
Interviewer: The site crashed. Mayweather: I'm truly blessed. 藍
Mike Cress
Mike Cress:
Interviewer: The site crashed. Mayweather: I'm truly blessed. 藍
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez:
He's basically saying he's taking your money and laughing all the way to the bank 🤣
"The mega of boxing" 🤣😂🤣😂
Strikeout Fishing
Strikeout Fishing:
Money you’re the man bro nice job staying classy sir!!!
Scott McDowall
Scott McDowall:
Floyd looks like he's never been in a fight in his life after every fight.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay:
Pre-fight: I'm gonna knock him out!!!
Post-fight: it was fun!
Shubham Bhatt
Shubham Bhatt:
2 minutes of silence for those who paid money to watch them hugging.
Topical Tonic
Topical Tonic:
The fact that mayweather has been in 50 professional fights and is still so coherent and and present is incredible.
It really shows the effectiveness of his evasive style
jason Rivera
jason Rivera:
Hahaha I see he's face and all I see is him saying "absolutely". Lol this fight is not boxing. It's entertainment.
serry ciok
serry ciok:
All I've learnt is that Mayweather not just had more skill and stanima, than Logan, he also has a stronger punch than him.
Vigilant Social Media V.S.M
Vigilant Social Media V.S.M:
He happy asf knowing he got hella money😂😂
Blake Ow
Blake Ow:
This is hilarious, even though Paul went the distance.. Money toyed with him, for an embarrassing 8 rounds 😂
Megan McCann
Megan McCann:
Did they draw or did someone win the fight I’m confused😂
Hmmm !
Hmmm !:
I'm proud of myself that I didn't pay 50 bucks for this fight
Nicholas Lash
Nicholas Lash:
Wonder if Floyd's kid likes paul and that's why he took such a fight. Beating up your kids hero has value🤣🤣
octavio trejo
octavio trejo:
He’s good at holding but I wanted to fight him cause I wanted a hug lol
TK VimSavage
TK VimSavage:
This is the classy Floyd that we will always love.... Peace and longevity to you champ....
James brown
James brown:
When the money comes, we'll see who's the real winner. There's a big difference in pay. The site crashed, but I'm blessed. TBE. Keep getting that money floyd.
Travis Wells
Travis Wells:
Reporter: The site crashed earlier tonight
Mayweather: huh 👁👄👁
Mayweather: play it slow, wear him out.
Logan: who wants a kissy kissy.
Super Straight
Super Straight:
When Vegas turns you down you know there's something wrong with YOU.
Jordan Tahmaspur
Jordan Tahmaspur:
“Have some fun with a guy in his twenties”
Hold up 🙄....
Nia Smith
Nia Smith:
This officially makes Mayweather a joke
Damn he really is retired....what a humble interview.
Henty Langdrik
Henty Langdrik:
Jake: gotchya hat

Floyd : gotchya money 😂😂
Real Brooklyn
Real Brooklyn:
Floyd still look's good. Paul was a big dude holding 90% of time.
The monumental irony of Floyd saying “He’s good at holding people.” 👀
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith:
If it was 12 rounds Floyd would of finished him imo! 🤔
Estilo & Forma
Estilo & Forma:
To all the new youtubers this is our year!! 😎👍
Kokey101 Dugong
Kokey101 Dugong:
I watched it in illegal streaming and i still want a refund. Good job to those who really paid just to watch this comedy.
Imagine actually spending money to watch this lolz
This was a sad post fight conference for floyd he tried bringing every excuse… he kept bringing up the size like he didn’t know what he was going up against…and of all people floyd shouldn’t talk about holding
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson:
Funny how people went from “Logan won’t last a minute against Floyd” to “Floyd let him last” or “Floyd went easy”, “Floyd is retired”, etc.. I’m no Paul or Mayweather fan, but it’s funny to see haters constantly changing their story to discredit Logan. Whether people want to admit it or not, he is far from the joke-fighter the media is making him out to be.
I think Floyd had fun
Wrong Frequency
Wrong Frequency:
I watched this for free online and still somewhat feel ripped off.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
Why floyd Mayweather acting like he didnt hug pacman the whole time they fought smh
The Chris Baller Experience
The Chris Baller Experience:
I Juss gotta say 😂 beautiful camera quality
V J:
Salute to Floyd! Greatest boxer of this era💯
bric k
bric k:
As long as Jake gets KO'd I'm happy. I can tolerate Logan slightly more than Jake but it's not by much.
doooper super
doooper super:
"for me to be retired, to be a grandfather, and to come and have some fun with a guy in his 20's.." lol
Bored Panduh
Bored Panduh:
Man Floyd is turning into a real cool dude with his older age. Respect man.
River Hound1985
River Hound1985:
"They Paid? They ain't paid they gotsta go" Money Team
Ivan Mariño
Ivan Mariño:
That's true "Paul fought to survive",,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tricia Johansen
Tricia Johansen:
Love Floyd Mayweather! My students call me Mrs. Mayweather at work, I LOVE IT!!!!!
Melvin Smith
Melvin Smith:
Leonard Ellerbe is Top10 hypeman ALL TIME😂😂 listen closely anytime he's around😂😂😂😂
Tom Adventure
Tom Adventure:
- Mayweather / Paul: Made bank professionally hugging during a pandemic
- Everyone else: “I’m gonna make bank hugging people when this is all done”
JR Lopez
JR Lopez:
Floyd literally carried that fight. He is just setting up the Jake fight now for a bigger pay day
Well said Floyd Mayweather
John Mora
John Mora:
Didn’t pay for it but I had a good time watching it with friends
Logan Paul was clearly the busier fighter landing 25/25 hugs throughout the 8rounds
Sean j
Sean j:
You CANT hug someone that don't want to be HUGGED . Floyd loves hugging