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Anyone else absolutely buzzing for this years top 4 race? Shame my own team Arsenal won’t be anywhere near it 🥲
Pato took leave and the whole football world went bonkers. Inter and barca financially falling apart, spurs with their manager, messi leaving and england making the euros final. Can’t wait to hear his opinions when he’s back
Juan Marcelo
Juan Marcelo:
Lukaku returning to Chelsea when they need him most is almost poetic
Jared Blake
Jared Blake:
People are sleeping on Liverpool. Klopp sides always do well with the underdog narrative so that suits them perfectly. Also their run into the back end of last season WITHOUT a Van Dijk or Konate point towards positive momentum for the upcoming season.
Zac been on everything this week 💪 giving Dougie a rest who is deffo the Kante of FD 😆
Overlooking a Liverpool team that posted 95 and 97 point seasons is dangerous. Especially as the only major loss from those teams is Gini Wijnaldum (12 G + A over the last 4 seasons). You could also argue that the likes of Konate, Jota, Minamino and Tsimikas have added some depth to the overall squad (albeit I know squad depth is not great compared to rivals)
J Sav
J Sav:
the fact zach was so surprised by joe saying arsenal will finish 5th shows how far they have fallen
ami ramlan
ami ramlan:
Never deny Liverpool. They will press as hard as possible. Some of the players on loan last season will be in Liverpool's squad this season. Minamino & Harvey Elliott will play a role in strengthening the team. I still believe Liverpool's defense + Alisson is more solid than any other teams in premier league.
david Okk
david Okk:
Thank you Joe for putting arsenal 5th 😅. Because I don't have any faith in my team this year... But it is nice to have someone on the show being positive about arsenal 😁
Klopp made his name through coaching players not buying ready made players. I do think we can win the league this year. Underestimating them is crazy.
Logan Franklin
Logan Franklin:
Top 4 should be real interesting which always makes for good fun. Will be hopeful for Villa and Leicester and Leeds to push the top 6 !
Jacob Weddell
Jacob Weddell:
They are forgetting Liverpool ran away with it pre-covid. The starting XI is arguably better that that team was as well with Thiago, Konate and Jota being signed since.
Free Tiral
Free Tiral:
I can see Liverpool having a season like Man City last year. They didn’t massively improve the squad and they had a tough start but, like at the end of last season with Liverpool, they could put together a run that fires them to the top and jeeps them there.
C M:
Guys i love everyone on FD but when is pat back, miss him.
Muhd Nasir
Muhd Nasir:
Im so hyped to watch Sancho on the pitch at Old Trafford. Hope he will deliver. 🔥🔥
Frode Harnes
Frode Harnes:
City will probably win it but the only team that can get around 100 points other than them is Liverpool. Remember Liverpool were without their first 5 choices as central defender last season but managed 3rd place anyway. Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson first choices i midfield but have good backups in Keita, Jones, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shaqiri (atm), Elliot, Milner and Jota can play there as well.
Lyndon Underwood
Lyndon Underwood:
Always feel like being overly logical with predictions never works out, my GUESS for next season is 1. Utd 2. Chelsea 3. City 4. LFC. IDK but I just have a feeling City are going to have a bit of an off year like they did after their 2nd title under Pep, UTD winning would be a bit of a everything goes right and they pull off a near perfect season.
I love you guys in the pub. You’re podcast is an answer to prayer. God bless.
Amarpreet SIngh Lamba
Amarpreet SIngh Lamba:
United are experts in finishing second in a two horse race they aren't a part of. Ole will somehow stumble to second again this season
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes:
I’m happy that Wolves are being forgotten in this conversation, wouldn’t be surprised if Lage is the surprise manager of the year for FD.
Levi Kater
Levi Kater:
Watford and Newcastle are my favourites to get relegated, with Burnley and Southampton being very close for me for relegation
Ethan Bast
Ethan Bast:
After Grealish was given the 10 shirt, you should do a video Ranking the #10s in the prem for this upcoming season
Philip B
Philip B:
Amazing how optimistic Joe is about Arsenal. I’m not buying into them anymore, they’ve disappointed me too often now. I got them in 9th
Josh Wiggan
Josh Wiggan:
I'm sure I'll love the video but surely you re do this video at the end of the window as there is 3 weeks left? Teams like Liverpool haven't bought a cm, City a st, Arsenal a cam, Spurs a rb?
She's lying
She's lying:
"Newcastle United just won't pay £25 million for Willock- Joe

That aged like milk
12:36 good point, but wouldn’t that mean Spurs would have won the league a few times by now? 😂
Harry Goncalves-Collins
Harry Goncalves-Collins:
if eze wasn't injured or in recovery i think he could have been breakthrough player
Yer Maw
Yer Maw:
Sunday vibes needs put on Spotify
Eli the Chelsea and England fan
Eli the Chelsea and England fan:
It's going to be a very intresting season all of liverpool man city man united and chelsea are going to be great this season.
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes:
Outside the top four, Lage and Potter are likely to be influential managers this year
Big Burrito
Big Burrito:
Inter look like they'll sell Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku this window. they've just accepted a bid for Martinez from Tottenham and Lukaku to Chelsea looks like it could be a done deal. i believe Inter will sign 2 of Zupata, Vlahovic, and Dzeko if both their strikers leave, but it possible they sign all three. a lot could happen these next few weeks.
Ahhhh yes Sunday vibes the weekend is complete
Andrew Jacob
Andrew Jacob:
watch out for liverpool.. I can see them winning the league in front of fans this time💪
Andrew Ellison
Andrew Ellison:
Zac shouting out every Chelsea connection he can 😂
daniel bowers
daniel bowers:
First of all even if city do get Kane he’ll be out 2/3 months at some point so he probably isn’t as key as you’d think to city being able to compete with Chelsea if they get lukaku (look at last season they didn’t even use a striker)

Secondly, villa will be above arsenal and spurs 👀👀👀
They’ve done great business, Ings stays fit and he can easily get 20+ goals. He’s stupidly good at finishing. Keeping him fit will be the hard part…
As an arsenal fan, we are definitely not finishing 5th 😂🥲
Taj Watson
Taj Watson:
Chelsea will win everything! 💙
Nate Abi's Dad
Nate Abi's Dad:
Super excited to see Chelsea lift the title this season.

My 2021/22 Predictions:

🏆 TITLE: Chelsea Football Club
4⃣ TOP FOUR: Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Manchester United
⬇️ RELEGATED: Newcastle FC, Watford FC, Norwich City FC
🏅 PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jack Grealish
️⚽️ GOLDEN BOOT: Romelu Lukaku
Max Morris
Max Morris:
Love it lads keep it up
Jamie Moir
Jamie Moir:
Joe being positive about Arsenal ahahah glad im not the only one thinking we will do well
Mitchell Coyle
Mitchell Coyle:
“Yes that is the key slightly different” at the end, so funny 😂 same content just slightly different, love it
nikhil karamchandani
nikhil karamchandani:
Actually Lukaku's defensive stats were pretty poor and his aerial duel success rate is less than kante
Bo Bo
Bo Bo:
I reckon Chelsea will play like a 3-5-2 with one of the strikers drifting slightly more wider, and the cam having a free roam across the middle and the wings. Lukaku starting with alternating havertz and Werner. Mount/ziyech/havertz just behind
Only real Ogs Remember when Zac was new to FD and no one liked him.
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood:
Dougie doesn't even take a break when he isn't in the video😂
Y Ting
Y Ting:
Great show guys !!!
Jason Blaine
Jason Blaine:
I’d watch one of these on each of Europe’s top 5 leagues
Quite Opinionated
Quite Opinionated :
Top Goalscorer - Salah
Most assists - TAA
Most clean sheets - Ederson
POTY - Lukaku
YPOTY - Sancho
Manager of the season - Tuchel

Young player of the year this year must be 21 from when the season starts. So Mount, Kai no longer qualify
peter teiko
peter teiko:
Liverpool is going to shock you
Cristián M
Cristián M:
Years ago, like 25 or more, a commentator and pundit said that there were a lot of great English footballers, but no actual great English managers. That was before United beating Munich in a heart-stopping match at the Champions League final in 1999.
Today that’s kind of an axiom: within the top five teams not a single English manager; actually, the closest ones are Rodgers and Moyes, Welsh and Scottish respectively. Southgate proved it right because in the Euro final, he sent a message by sending two youngsters to define the match at the penalties knock-out, whereas Mancini kept cold-blooded and brought to Italy its lost pride.
Hans Berkowitz
Hans Berkowitz:
As a Liverpool fan I’d love it if we win the championship next season, the First Division is the bread and butter of football who cares about the 30 yr old Mickey Mouse league
Philippe H
Philippe H:
I don’t think we’ll get a four way title race, never happens. Have a feeling one of the nailed on top four teams could disappoint
steven burrows
steven burrows:
Joe is hilarious 😂😂 wilock been sign by Newcastle hahaha I love football daily.....
James Goode
James Goode:
Did anyone else sit up straighter when Hamill mentioned their posture haha
Hopefully messi comes to the Prem and smashes record after record 🐐
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly:
Joe always picks Newcastle to go down and they always finish 14th. Steve Bruce is the most disrespected manger in the league
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
My top 6:

Manchester City
Manchester United
I reckon a midfield three of Pogba, Fernandes and Van De Beek is arguably one of the best things United can do
Martin Westley
Martin Westley:
Anthony Elanga for break out player 💯
Smarrt Dognut
Smarrt Dognut:
Tottenham 5th.
Arsenal 11th
Chelsea 1st
My predictions for the the big London Clubs
Wozza IsMe
Wozza IsMe:
I think villa has a real chance at that Europa league spot or just under made the most of losing grealish making a few great signings and with Ollie Watkins not showing signs of slowing down and now the tuanzabe loan now finalized I think we are going to have a great season
Josiah Chudleigh
Josiah Chudleigh:
Did Zack say Liverpool were 5th and 6th challenging for 4th for the last 2 seasons 🤔 😂
Nick Grant
Nick Grant:
Zach every category Chelsea player, Joe every category Man UTD player. 😴😴
aidan wilson
aidan wilson:
Good timing with the willock signing
Noa Glyn
Noa Glyn:
I’m happy that you’re underestimating Liverpool
Callum Lucas
Callum Lucas:
If anyone in the top 5 wins the Carabao cup it switches to league place like the season just gone
Josh Tuplin
Josh Tuplin:
I know this was filmed before norwich vs Newcastle but a 3-0 win should give the players a boost to know they are able to stay in the prem, wether or not we do it I’m not sure🤷‍♂️
Ben Ashe
Ben Ashe:
31:39 I love Chris man, so jokes 😂
Watford,Norwich and Brentford are going straight down to Championship.
Newcastle have Dubravka,Lascelles,Schar,Longstaff,Shelvey,Saint Maximin,Wilson and Steve Bruce can definitely stay up Newcastle with this squad.
Ville Thormé
Ville Thormé:
I love how there’s no salt or toxicity in this comment section, awesome community!
Mally Brxwnn
Mally Brxwnn:
Funny thing with Villa is that they made all those signings before they even got the Grealish money
Hugh Murdoch
Hugh Murdoch:
Arsenal actually picked up the 2nd highest points in the 2nd half of last season
RL 19
RL 19:
4 Liverpool
3 Chelsea (don’t know why people think they’ll win the league)
2 United
1st city (by like 2 or three points)
It will be a close and exiting season though
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly:
Is salah gonna score enough goals to make up for the month or so he's gonna miss while playing in the afcon
Norwich have to go down, they couldn't stay up last time and the only player that gave them a chance was Buendia.
No chance Newcastle go down if they keep the saint and get willock 👀
Ore Ogunsina
Ore Ogunsina:
My prediction:
1) Man Utd
2) Liverpool
3) Chelsea
4) Man City
5) Leicester
6) Villa
7) Spurs
8) Leeds
9) Arsenal
10) Everton
11) Wolves
12) Newcastle
13) Brighton
14) Burnley
15) West Ham
16) Brentford
17) Crystal Palace
18) Southampton
19) Watford
20) Norwich

Top scorer: Salah
POTY: Bruno Fernandes
YPOTY: Sancho
First sack: Watford manager

FA cup: Man Utd
Champs Lg: PSG
Carabao cup: Chelsea
uisca hammond
uisca hammond:
Background music is always too loud for Sunday vibes other than that great episode
Zach Ourada
Zach Ourada:
Everyone out here having the same top 4.

1. Man United
2. Chelsea
3. Man City
4. Liverpool

This is Man United year to win. Man City will not be as good as last year unless Gundagon has another good year. If Chelsea do it Lukaku there is no way they don’t win the league but as of now they don’t. Liverpool if everyone stay healthy could move higher but unlikely everyone in their midfield and defense stays healthy.
Whoever arrives in the Premier League , Kane will win the golden boot 🔥🔥
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards:
Honestly, everyone seems to write off Spurs. We have done good business with more to come, trying to get rid of the dead wood. I’m saying 4th for us.
Alfie Parkington
Alfie Parkington:
Oliver Skipp could be a good shout for YPOTY. Played very well in preseason and looks like Nuno may be thinking off him as a starting XI player
Manan Mishra
Manan Mishra:
I am an Arsenal fan and I think there is no way Arsenal are finishing in the top 6, unless we sign another CM and a CAM.
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese:
So hoping liverpool miss out on 4th 🙏
Stephen McC
Stephen McC:
Yes, Liverpool do need to sign an 8 and another attacker because of the African Cup of Nations, but it needs to be said that until fans were removed this team destroyed everyone. The start of this season is the first time since Liverpool dominated that fans are back. Don't discount the Anfield influence.
Adam Eccleston
Adam Eccleston:
Agree with Zak on villa! I think they'll even challenge for top 6
The Lukaku signing changes a lot, without a striker we had no chance of winning the league and Now we are strong contenders
Freddy G
Freddy G:
Love the Manchester United doubt. Oles gonna make you all look silly 🙃
Jason Casey
Jason Casey:
Man City will walk to the number one spot easy Chelsea in number two united in 3 rd place and then Liverpool in 4th place
Digjay Das
Digjay Das:
I am probably going to regret even thinking about this but I think people are underestimating both the Ox and Keita. They were purposely not played in the back end of the season so that they could build the fitness necessary to start at 100%, and whilst I understand that pre season is a pretty crap metric but just in general fitness they looked like they are raring to let it rip. I genuinely feel like they are not going to be a victim to major injuries again this season at the very least. Defensively Liverpool will be a lot more calm in comparison to last season and we might see a lot more goals from set pieces as VVD, Gomez and Konate get the necessary minutes. With respect to not buying a forward option it might come back to bite us but having seen Mane in pre season which I understand means very little but I am seeing a more lively and energetic player in comparison to last year. Firmino I can not defend and Salah is Salah. Overall I think a lot of people are under estimating Liverpool thinking we will be comfortably 4th.
Christian Dobis
Christian Dobis:
Oliver Skipp breakout season for spurs on the cards
Sandisiwe Mciteka
Sandisiwe Mciteka:
LIVERPOOL 4!Keep that same energy at the end of the season
You see Zac losing all hope at 21:43
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Money Mase for POTY 😍
Liverpool are being underestimated too much….
Lukaku and Werner with Havertz behind them
Ted Lasso is amazing
City, United, Chelsea (probably too early for top two), Liverpool.
C Agar Kanna
C Agar Kanna:
I had this feeling of Werner flopping in his first season and getting his Leipzig form in the second when he was signed last year. So. I predict Werner to be the top scorer this season
jeff judo
jeff judo:
Watch out for Sancho , southgate u better watch Sancho!!!! 😁