Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama arrive at inauguration

Former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, former President George Bush and Lara Bush and former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama arrive at the presidential inauguration.

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why did the clintons look like they were social distancing from each other 😅
MIchelle and Barack both looking cool af.
Hilary is not having any of that holding hands BS. "I can walk on my own, Bill!!"
Khandi Daniels
Khandi Daniels:
Michelle Obama does not mess up. Just stay slaying.
Mute Man
Mute Man:
Salute to Mike Pence being President attending President Biden inauguration with other previous presidents.
Michelle Obama is like “ *This Is MY Inauguration Day Now* “
Dr Watson
Dr Watson:
Remember Michelle hugging GW Bush and saying “we are best friends and he is my partner in crime”. Those were not trivial words.
Michelle came and snatched wigs, hairlines...she slayed... as ALWAYS #beautifulblackwoman #BadMamaJama
Ari John
Ari John:
That was a catwalk for Michelle
Jaz x sims
Jaz x sims:
Nijae Smith
Nijae Smith:
Obama and Michelle are the only couple holding hand👌🏾
Michelle Michelle Michelleeeeee always giving me life lol yassss
Franchesca Speaks
Franchesca Speaks:
The scarf reminds me of George’s rain pancho flying years ago 😂
Rhea Ballard
Rhea Ballard:
The SLAY Michelle brought back to the White House 💜
All Lies BStrong
All Lies BStrong:
I have never had more appreciation for this ceremony or this day before in my life. 🇺🇸💯
The Obamas said "Drip or Drown"
Lilly Flores
Lilly Flores:
First Lady Obama looks beautiful full of grace
Joshua Crawford
Joshua Crawford:
George W. Bush and his scarf reminds me of things like that always happening to him.
Yo soy Joaquin
Yo soy Joaquin:
Pence and Garth Brooks got into a fight over who had friends in lower places
tash tash
tash tash:
Yassss.. Michelle looking good!
Michelle looks like a true Queen 👑 sheeesh
EM Gee
EM Gee:
Them Obamas!!!!! Man I tell you I felt power when they showed them. Barry coo as a fan and Michelle is an absolute black goddess of a Queen!! Best POTUS and 1st lady ever!
Karthikeyan S B.E.Biomedical
Karthikeyan S B.E.Biomedical:
America was not built on fear. She was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand!. God bless America 🇺🇸
Sae Tae
Sae Tae:
Michelle walking that walk honey!
Paisley Dawn
Paisley Dawn:
I love that the Obamas were actually holding hands.
Aiden Clark
Aiden Clark:
Obama’s, greatest presidential family ever, due to swagger alone
Where's Carter?
I hope he's alright.
The Obamas look sooo gooooood!
Taylor Loch
Taylor Loch:
One thing about Bush he will always find Michelle
Creola Waitforit
Creola Waitforit:
I love her hair long and she looks beautiful ❤️
Irina Kabanyah
Irina Kabanyah:
Love Clinton's, admirable!
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Dantata Dangote
Dantata Dangote:
Bush's scarf faux pas is so on brand for Bush. From one clumsy guy to another lol.
It’s ok Mr Trump no one will ever ask you to attend & walk down all those scary stairs (YOU GIRL) 🤣😂
Christina Jacobsson
Christina Jacobsson:
Trump wasn't there, instead the actual by votes Potus of 2016 was there - so its really perfect😊
Hector Chavez
Hector Chavez:
anne christine
anne christine:
It’s so obvious it’s not Hilary Clinton 😂
ma,ma gee's gospel
ma,ma gee's gospel:
What a beautiful time to be alive and see the salvation of the Lord🙏🏿🙏🏻, Because evil never doers are always cut off ! 👏🏾👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽🤗
Ms. Cindarella
Ms. Cindarella:
The Three former Presidents: Obama’s, Bush’s and Clinton’s. What class!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! May God bless them!!!!!!
Kel G
Kel G:
Obama's coming in like the royalty they are. Wow!
Samar Ali
Samar Ali:
3:29 I mean they never fail to impress us
Steven William Bayless Parks
Steven William Bayless Parks:
Bill was so looking forward to sitting next to Melania.
The love between Michelle and Barack Obama are relationship goals! ❤️❤️❤️ loving Michelle’s outfit too! She’s slaying!
Nate Grissom
Nate Grissom:
i appreciate this commentary lol
Linda schiller
Linda schiller:
Well all the lady's hair looked pretty
Bin El Kémal Issaka
Bin El Kémal Issaka:
The inherit America give us. No mind your party, Nation calls,you must respond present! Trump were are you? That it's called patriot!
Devian Nikei
Devian Nikei:
The Clintons walked in like Ike and Tina Turner getting out the limo... Yikes 👀
Zyrianna JarrDan
Zyrianna JarrDan:
I love everyone outfits so appropriately selected...Gore n Clinton all really won
dorje lama
dorje lama:
Tashidele sir we love you long live 🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟
Susan Christie
Susan Christie:
Am I the only one that saw very cold body language with Hilary? Especially at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
Kim Cissell
Kim Cissell:
I am surprised that they are still living.
karnak monroe5
karnak monroe5:
awe man clinton is one of those nose out mask people lol
Nique L
Nique L:
I luv to see this just a show of unity and class and when I tell you the obamas showed up and out nothing but confidence and swag I luv it !!!!!!
Jeffy in the Hood
Jeffy in the Hood:
NormalFellow 111
NormalFellow 111:
I like to think the world will remember Trump the same way it remembers Carlos Mencia. Embarrassed that he was allowed to become as popular as he was.
Stephanie Chapa
Stephanie Chapa:
😂 da 666 club
Vangie Lebron
Vangie Lebron:
All the demons are together.
Llianne Olivo Reyes
Llianne Olivo Reyes:
Hillary always walks ahead of her man.
David G
David G:
Where’s Trump?
Oh yeah that’s right.
Jazzy E
Jazzy E:
Robert Lane
Robert Lane:
She's been deeply rooted alright...
Games and Toilets Productions
Games and Toilets Productions:
Congrats to kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Welcome to the white house
Carrie Swaby
Carrie Swaby:
Best day of my life
Pete Thomas El
Pete Thomas El:
Thank God, a grand day this day, a moment of peace, normalcy, decency, unity, a new beginning, but we needed the turmoil in order to understand how so far we still have to go.
Doesn’t look too happy w bill...
Hamid Sadik
Hamid Sadik:
My hero ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💯🙏🙏🙏🧠
I wish bill and hillary entered holding hands.
Like the Obamas and the Bushes.
She put up with so much being with him,
Thorsten Hahn
Thorsten Hahn:
Can't wait to see them all dressed in orange! It'll be priceless
YG Faith
YG Faith:
If you don't like this country leave! 😂😂🔥
Laverne Carter
Laverne Carter:
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Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali:
Friends of Jesus with Pastor Roland
Friends of Jesus with Pastor Roland:
Here it is:

Trump: Make America Great Again

Biden: America At The Back Again
Chicken King
Chicken King:
Douglas Vasque
Douglas Vasque:
We won’t concede!!
California Husker
California Husker:
Wow that’s what two term presidents look like 🤣😂🤣😂
부정선거 대통령 ᆢ
Trevor Stuart
Trevor Stuart:
Hope D.T was watching to see how to Respect Each other look at the former president and their beautiful wife's at the service of the new president and vice president it was a joy to watch God Bless America.
Ashley Waldner
Ashley Waldner:
Just look at the love 😂
Anna Marie Kimball
Anna Marie Kimball:
Hilary's forehead looks different than I remember it looking. I looked at old pictures of her for comparison. It looks different.
Adidas Love
Adidas Love:
The Clintons’ body language! 😶
🦎🦎🦎 🐍🐍🐍
Ernell James
Ernell James:
Barack has the hottest chick in the game!!!! Strong beautiful black woman that handles her business..
Mohammad Zainuddin
Mohammad Zainuddin:
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Carrie Swaby
Carrie Swaby:
I know Hilary is happy
This was a good time for a lot of Arrest!!!
julie feng
julie feng:
Mavro Syvannah
Mavro Syvannah:
Bush comes to celebrate the coup. That's my headline.
Insert Alias Here
Insert Alias Here:
2:37 Classic Dubya.
Shanika Ayanna
Shanika Ayanna:
Bill and Hillary hate each other! 😂
keiko iizuka
keiko iizuka:
Andrew kim
Andrew kim:
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what's going on with the clintons? are they still married?
Peter Stokes
Peter Stokes:
An option for you:
IN ONE WORD, what do you think of Joe Biden? (Notice Joe Biden. You have to win by the most votes to be 'President')

now REPLY in one word below. Thanks.

Here is one of many words to show what I think of him: Evil.
Today went well
Al Rogers
Al Rogers:
They should be playing the imperial march as they all enter.
Larisa Lari
Larisa Lari:
Former 2nd lady jill never imagined she'd be 1st Lady one day. I bet seeing this mrs.pence is hoping to be 1st lady of USA 😄
Liberal friends are telling me that Joe Biden is the new 2021 Lone Ranger. He has the smile and wants Law & Order. What does that make Kamala, I ask them? Impeach 46!
Leo Wristen
Leo Wristen:
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Tammy Vu
Tammy Vu:
I would of told my husband to piggyback me down, we have a playful relationship 😁🙌