Former Russian Tennis Star Anna Kournikova in 2000! | Trans World Sport

19 years ago, Trans World Sport held an exclusive interview with one of the world's best known tennis players, Anna Kournikova.
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4 comentarios:

Vane Ramirez
Vane Ramirez:
Anna is a legend ✨
Xx xX
Xx xX:
Eventually her looks weren’t enough and all her sponsors dropped her.
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman:
I hope she writes a memoir. People don't realize Anna is a great tennis player. I remember playing Top Spin on Xbox. I won at least 200 games against everyone. Lost about 6 or 7 seven games. A beautiful legend. One of my favorite tennis players of all time. And a doubles champ!
Sy Be
Sy Be:
This type of interview reeks of sexism and chauvinism. Wouldn't be ok today to disparage a female athlete based on looks.