Ces 28 et 29 septembre 2018, deux plongeurs reprennent l'exploration de la Fosse Dionne. À quoi ressemble la galerie aquatique du célèbre site de Tonnerre ? Découvrez-le à travers une vidéo fascinante et une série de photos prises par ces aventuriers...
Ce samedi, Pierre-Eric Deseigne, accompagné d'Hervé Cordier, parvenait à parcourir environ 300 mètres dans la Fosse Dionne. Une première après des années d'interdiction de plongée dans le célèbre site de Tonnerre.
Pierre-Eric Deseigne menait de premières immersions dans la mythique Fosse Dionne, au cours de l'été. Il réalisait alors une vidéo fascinante revenant sur son aventure.
Il en ressortait aussi avec de belles photos du site aquatique. Autant de clichés qui permettent d'imaginer un tel périple au fond de l'eau.

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I had an anxiety thinking about being stuck in that small space... nope, not for me, but I'm glad this guy filmed it for all of us to see
hard candy
hard candy:
Thank you for going where others cannot, and for sharing what you found in this ancient cave. There are many mysteries to uncover in Fosse Dionne. For example, in medieval times, legend has it that a monk had to be called in to slay a basilisk at this spring that was part lizard, part rooster. We know that the site is ancient. Who first excavated the spring's opening? Where does it lead? What animals still dwell there? I'd love to know.
Christophe Naso
Christophe Naso:
Après l'avoir vu depuis petit c'est fascinant de voir le fond.
Étroit glauque et magnifique à la fois... Du plaisir pour les yeux. Bien joué au plongeurs un grand merci ! 👍
Victor Hugo Gonzalez Alvarez
Victor Hugo Gonzalez Alvarez:
Maravilloso , gracias por ese recorrido increíble que regalan al mundo.
j-m Remy
j-m Remy:
Merveilleux, belles images... magnifiques. A quand une prochaine expedition ?
NaNcy K.
NaNcy K.:
This is amazing! I totally understand why they would be concerned with the safety of the divers. Can we not send a remote camera down chart it out a bit more? Is there anyone who has more info as of 2021?
Loo loo Lawrence
Loo loo Lawrence:
Wow! That system seemed almost organic - like going down the throat, esophagus and through the entrails of a massive earth creature. Also, I was squirming quite a bit watching them go through the narrow sections - I could never do that, not even if you offered to pay me a million dollars!
Laetitia K
Laetitia K:
Merci pour cette vidéo. Super à voir... à travers vos yeux ^^

Même si je ne suis pas claustrophobe, j'étais en apnée à certains passages et j'aurais trop la frousse de rester coincée dans ces espaces étroits.
Laura Dias
Laura Dias:
That was amazing! Can you tell me how long it takes to go deep and come back?
Ana Luisa Kaminski
Ana Luisa Kaminski:
Belo lugar! Bonitos os registros e muito agradável a música.
Mateusz Minsky
Mateusz Minsky:
hasn't anyone made an underwater drone yet?
It would get through there a lot easier
joegramic simon
joegramic simon:
Brave Explorer! The place is so dark and narrow to dive. I wont dare. Thank you for the video. I am so curious about the inside of this fountain.
Robert M
Robert M:
Did anyone know why the rocks in tunels look like gold plated?
And must say that diver is very brave.
Muito bom
Bravo ! ! 😀😀
Rain G
Rain G:
Three other men died attempting to find the source of the spring. Is the diver in the video Pierre-Éric Deseigne?
jürg der Grosse
jürg der Grosse:
C'était la grotte la plus désordonnée que j'aie jamais vue dans une vidéo, typiquement française, ils sont incapables de ranger les choses, des pièrres traînent un peu partout. - MDR
That was the messiest cave I've ever seen in a video, typically French; incapable of tidying up, stones are lying around everywhere. - LOL
N. Louisa
N. Louisa:
Imagine his lights wouldn’t work by coincidence.. impossible getting way back 🤢 it’s Horror watching this
Aluben Music
Aluben Music:
Wow. The water is so clear... is the water consumable? I enjoyed the production extreme concentration was needed not to panic, you and your partner both got a set.
Bryan .Young
Bryan .Young:
I would love to metal detect the area before the deep descent
Adam Wolfy
Adam Wolfy:
We need more!
Sonia García
Sonia García:
Me parece increíble las imágenes xo más increíble me parece q no pongan ningún sistema de protección q pasaría si cae un niño o cualquier persona q pase x allí
Syafeena dan Garsiv
Syafeena dan Garsiv:'s like cave and cliff under water..
Vision air
Vision air:
Superbe mais dommage le choix de la musique est catastrophique...(enfin je trouve personnellement). A la limite il aurait mieux valu laisser un son naturel...
Happy that I am too fat to do stuff like this. My anxiety was on insane levels!
orhan paşa
orhan paşa:
Amazing scenes... is this gold? 9:40
Arviyani Venti Lestari
Arviyani Venti Lestari:
Semakin ku lihat semakin ku merasakan ada sesuatu di dalam sana yg bikin ku merinding...
Masch Ma
Masch Ma:
never seen music fitting less a video, video is great though.
Brave person! Beautiful and fascinating video, but triggered my cleithrophobia. 😂
Eduardo Brugos
Eduardo Brugos:
Excelente musica que banda es?
11:08 Should have taken the beverage can with him! 11:25 Oh, OK, there's a lot more...
Rubi Red Diamonds
Rubi Red Diamonds:
Just imagine an earthquake in than moment 😵😵😵😵
Rizka Haliman
Rizka Haliman:
Maybe clean up stone debris would help the expedition to be easier.
Diddi Meisenkaiser
Diddi Meisenkaiser:
sehr mutiger Mann !!!!!!!!!
Muhammad Al Adhim
Muhammad Al Adhim:
I think... Can we remove small stones one by one..
Diamond Tiara
Diamond Tiara:
la musique c'est vraiment une horreur.

Mais es-ce que quelqu'un à pensé à récupérer la cassette pour en examiner le contenu? Techniquement sous l'eau, à température presque constante la bande devrait être préservée.
Waldorf Production
Waldorf Production:
le choix de la secours !
Seno Seno
Seno Seno:
Good job fair
Janos Simon
Janos Simon:
The music doesn’t fit into this video at all
Roseline Thornguard
Roseline Thornguard:
Rocks look like fingers at about 5:00, can't be divers fingers because he has gloves on.
Impressionnant, par contre la musique est vraiment nulle
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams:
Underwater drone diver!
I would give thumbs up, but that music is more horror than the fucking underwater cave.
La musique ? Sinon super...
Music is the worst, overpowers the images and ruins the video.
Leidy Aguirre
Leidy Aguirre:
Debe estar en contacto con el mar, debe estar cerca al mar g esa bahia del pazo viene del mar
Ricky Aus
Ricky Aus:
Has that got an end to it?? 🤔
ceci patron
ceci patron:
This video gave me anxiety 200%🙈🤯
Pas de poisson par là !
Il me semble avoir vu un poisson.
Feral Cromo
Feral Cromo:
Demasiada ansiedad en un solo video
Budi Boy
Budi Boy:
3:02 look what is that
Ajwa Banafsha Official
Ajwa Banafsha Official:
10.08 gold
Lu d
Lu d:
3:00 Oh ! So there are fish in this hole !
En el minuto 3:02 se puede ver un pez.
Anintya Sada Rosandi
Anintya Sada Rosandi:
Modern archeology☹
upo upil
upo upil:
i think i see something down there...
jürg der Grosse
jürg der Grosse:
As for the horrible music: Better mute it and listen to J.-M. Jarre - Oxygene (extended) --> - it is also French but better fitting than this idiotic sound we can hear here, "n'est-ce-pas, mes potes?" - LOL
On dirait de l'or sur les parois ?
Ricky Hobbs
Ricky Hobbs:
Is the music for real? It makes a farce of the film.. Which is good
Capitán Salazar
Capitán Salazar:
that music is really horrible for this.. nice images tho
Bo Randolph
Bo Randolph:
I know you saw that big rat at 3:00
ceci patron
ceci patron:
Wonder who put the cable that his grabbing so deep??
Ngopi yo Ngaji
Ngopi yo Ngaji:
Indonesia hadirr
Musiknya gak pas sama vidionya🤦
Amala Murtadho
Amala Murtadho:
i see no fish?
Ekspedistion deep on Talaga Warna Indonesia
Riki bus als
Riki bus als:
josh wittjet
josh wittjet:
Alguien se fijo en la mano????? Cortan en el.momento que la.enfocan
norman Winters
norman Winters:
what"s music? 🙄
pline l'ancien
pline l'ancien:
La musique c'est vraiment pas ça
Jan Bening
Jan Bening:
Ridiculous annoying music spoils the video....
J-F E:
Une musique à ch..r 🤮
luis c
luis c:
Gold walls in 3 restriction
Pepz rahmatuloh
Pepz rahmatuloh:
jero pisan nya
Michelle lilljack
Michelle lilljack:
danil ejes
danil ejes:
Cartoon music??
Putain la musique donne pas envie
glama didier
glama didier:
Et ?????
Alduiy Anak Langit
Alduiy Anak Langit:
Didasar mata air itu ada Jin bernama TELANAIPURA ZULKARNAIN
Evi suject
Evi suject:
Emas muda
Emas muda:
҉ Paralativ
҉ Paralativ:
Awfully music