Foxes Move Up To Second With Hard-Fought Victory | Leicester City 2 Southampton 0 | 2020/21

Leicester City moved up to second in the Premier League table with an impressive win in an evenly-contested game against Southampton.

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Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Barnes again😁
Finn The Human
Finn The Human:
Leicester players are so underrated especially ndidi and James maddison
Md Ryle
Md Ryle:
I think its been mentioned many times, leicester scouting of player is top top notch
LCFC james
LCFC james:
Maddison's celebration tho 🤫🥳😎😈
Nurul Aja
Nurul Aja:
Vardy, Maddison, barnes are assets of three lions...
Justin Lee
Justin Lee:
The Champions League is waiting for us!! Let's keep going!
Keston Charles
Keston Charles:
Teilemans passing is underrated.
Zain Mallick
Zain Mallick:
James Justin so underrated he’s becoming very class
amari ebbin
amari ebbin:
Youri is so good but don't get credit cause he don't score and assist
Sara Sara
Sara Sara:
What a great performance let's go lads🔥
AB coustic
AB coustic:
Maddison 🔥🔥🔥
Nathaniel Beau
Nathaniel Beau:
I need Leicester city football club to win the league
Antonio Baptista
Antonio Baptista:
So glad to see Barnes start playing to his potential! This kid can go the distance.
Serdar Nurmuhammedov
Serdar Nurmuhammedov:
I think we should give a credit to Evans too
Muhammad Syahrul
Muhammad Syahrul:
Amazing save from kasper schmeichel🔥👏
Pipe Blue
Pipe Blue:
En un partido muy complicado hay que decirlo
Enorme triunfo goooo foxeees
Ian T
Ian T:
good win today for Leicester
Koeswandi Santoso
Koeswandi Santoso:
Go winn thw title🔥
Antonio Baptista
Antonio Baptista:
Maddison adds another screamer to his tally. This lad can do no wrong.
Wendy A Mustaqim
Wendy A Mustaqim:
Peter Schmeichel to Kasper: that's my son 😎
My boys ...

Working again..🔥🔥🔥

We move
DEWNX .20:
These two ballers,maddis⚽n x tielemens
Ndidi was the MVP 🔥
ermias samuel
ermias samuel:
Back in the days this was a match between two teams in relegation zone
The LFC YouTube guy definitely enjoys his drones and editing software
tielemans is world class
donya mandum
donya mandum:
now that is a highlight with an impact
Mamita que golazo de Maddison
Electro Gem
Electro Gem:
You lads never disappoint us leicester city fans 🔥💙
Casta Ñeda
Casta Ñeda:
Vamoooos leicester ♥️🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
D G:
Can we thank Kasper his crazy saves and tielemans perfect passes?
D G:
Can we thank Kasper his crazy saves and tielemans perfect passes?
Amri Ide
Amri Ide:
Beautiful game, three additional points to enliven the competition in the top standings.
Ravi Desai
Ravi Desai:
No words please continue 🎶
I love Barnes and the seasons he is having.
SuperSaints 83
SuperSaints 83:
You seem to have a very strong squad now and glad your pushing the "top 6" clubs every season something I hope in the future my club will be able to do.
Superb we grinded out the result and deserved to win the game
Ass Monoko
Ass Monoko:
เด่นดีเกินหน้า เกินตา บางทีม พวกอิจฉามันเยอะ สู้ต่อไปเลสเตอร์
ประยุทธ จันทร์โอชา
ประยุทธ จันทร์โอชา:
เพียงแค่เทพเจ้าอิเฮียนาโช่ วิ่งขนาบข้างประคอง ฮาร์วี่ย์บาร์นส์ แค่นี้ก็เป็นประตูได้แล้ว
DrGrow UK
DrGrow UK:
That’s an amazing win for us, at a very important part of our season
Keep it up ⚽️❤️
We have so much to look forward to as Leicster City supporters
With a great squad and amazing new training and development centre and great management team
Can’t wait for us all to get back together at the KINGPOWER and enjoy ⚽️⚽️✌🏻
Great game and keep up the good work lads 👍
Viraj Kolte
Viraj Kolte:
Terrific performance!
Is Vardy gonna play the next game? I have him in my fpl team
Fadel Muhammad
Fadel Muhammad:
Good job team !!!
James Kannan
James Kannan:
Incredible Leicester beating everyone with style when so-called giants struggling. Will not be surprised if they win this season.
Friendly neighborhood Spidey
Friendly neighborhood Spidey:
0:48 😅
Thabo Fuu
Thabo Fuu:
Madison is the third midfielder after de bruyne and bruno in England is damn effective
Dai Mona
Dai Mona:
This team have a come a long way since winning the title👍
Muhammad Ayuba
Muhammad Ayuba:
I just came here for Maddison celebration
fransisco bessi
fransisco bessi:
Joshua Prince
Joshua Prince:
Serenity Dxx
Serenity Dxx:
Love Leicester City Fc
Love this team forever. again 15/16 win this league
They need a second striker
dika 1
dika 1:
Gooooo leicester 🥳🥳🥳
Mixx Tapee
Mixx Tapee:
Madders is absolutely world class
Reymark Duca
Reymark Duca:
I'm not a Leicester fan but I love James Maddison 😊
มาร์ค DPL
มาร์ค DPL:
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira
Leonardo Vinícius Souza Pereira:
Congratulations Leicester City beautiful goals I am foxes forever you show what football is always showing what need not be a rich team but rather overcome and show your ability #Leicester Forever🦊🏆💙🇬🇧
Sharmeen Kanwal
Sharmeen Kanwal:
We 'll never forgot when Leicester deafeated southampton 9-0
Arunava Roy
Arunava Roy:
1:00 1:31
Nick is Vennlig
Nick is Vennlig:
Wow, imagine if you were born in 2017. You'd think Leicester City as one of the best sides in the current Premier League era and Manchester United and Arsenal being mid-table teams....
Azham Abdullah
Azham Abdullah:
Kasper the keeper!!!!
Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal:
The best team is #LeicesterCityFootball brilliant players and manager .#FoxesNeverQuit Thank you always .
Zinouvitch Baiden
Zinouvitch Baiden:
Kha_lis 53
Kha_lis 53:
U deserve champions league next season- honest man u fan
Side Effects
Side Effects:
They cant hug when celebrating but they can in duels. HAHAHAHAHA
Nithin S Puthussery
Nithin S Puthussery:
If McCarthy wasn't there it would have been 9-1 again
Yashi B
Yashi B:
I thought the Chelsea bgm is annoying but ours is on another level
Ibraheem Ogunwemimo
Ibraheem Ogunwemimo:
Barnes plays really well, he is upcoming KDB
Delessa Daba
Delessa Daba:
Leicester city in this outsanding form started last season they could possibly be top teams in England exceeding Arsenal.
Connor Panter
Connor Panter:
Now can people actually start saying lcfc are title contenders this season!!!
Vdont sbinnalla
Vdont sbinnalla:
I think they’ve kept the music because of no crowds you know I’ve heard how it is without music from watching Man City highlights and trust me without music it is soooooo boring and dull
Muknis H
Muknis H:
Dimas Panji
Dimas Panji:
Music is too loud and sounds doesnt mixed up well with the match
Thornton heath. CROYDON.
Thornton heath. CROYDON.:
Hazard Nickson
Hazard Nickson:
we are gonna be destroyed 😭
Nikhil Naik
Nikhil Naik:
Cool music.
Salsa Dancer
Salsa Dancer:
England has to be mad not to carry maddisson and vardy to Euros. Vardy is a super player and maddisson is a great attacking midfielder.
Genesis beats za
Genesis beats za:
Barnes and Maddison are underrated
Syah Andrian
Syah Andrian:
Great music addition
Andrew Eng
Andrew Eng:
Why are James Madison and Harvey Barnes not playing for England? They may not make the starting XI but they deserve to be in the England squad.
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Maddison, what a talent.
unyu unyu
unyu unyu:
gak usah pake musiccc woyyyy
Muhammad Abdul Hakim
Muhammad Abdul Hakim:
Yes Leicester Winner Again
Dżejmi Wardy
Dżejmi Wardy:
Great match
Arthur et Fortnite
Arthur et Fortnite:
I love this thin to continue like one day I will play for Leicester but I am in canada 😭😭
Steven Bosch
Steven Bosch:
Ohh it's a Equalizer😂
Lleyton Hewitt
Lleyton Hewitt:
Ndidi and Allbrighton are the best in this game.
Madison and Vardy need to improve.
Kelvin Kiarie
Kelvin Kiarie:
Maddison celebrations should be added in fifa
Zayna Imaan
Zayna Imaan:
💙 🦊 #forever
Come on Leicester!!!💪
Madders Vardy
Madders Vardy:
Oh and Harvey Barnes!!!!🦊🦊👉🦊👈
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Leicester claims runner up again, hope they can fight till the end...
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd:
Big win boys. Let’s beat Chelsea now
Kipernya jago
Anonymous Joe
Anonymous Joe:
Either the editors are really stubborn or they don't read the comments because the God-awful music isn't a recent complaint.
Hernowo Indra
Hernowo Indra:
Very nice performance. Foxes never quit
Paul nongsiej nongsiej
Paul nongsiej nongsiej:
I'm so happy if the Leicester win in the match