FRANCE vs PORTUGAL 0-1 - EURO 2016 Final UHD 4K

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david correia
david correia:
Are you kidding me? 4 years later and you still here?!
rahul kurup
rahul kurup:
Eder did for ronaldo what higuain could not do for messi...on several occasions
JustA RandomBoi
JustA RandomBoi:
no one seems to realize their goalkeeper was also a huge part in this game, saved so many shots in this match
Adam Faturrachman
Adam Faturrachman:
no wonder Portugal win, they had 2 coach.

Edit: damn i never got this many likes, thank you guys.
Ahmad Haziq
Ahmad Haziq:
Patricio deserves a lot more credits in this game. Guy turned into a fucking beast that day. What a performance 🔥
Arthur Histder
Arthur Histder:
France: without cr7 we will win easily
Eder: hold my beer....
Jasleen Baidwan
Jasleen Baidwan:
Portugal's goalkeeper was everything that day...!!
Floyd 96
Floyd 96:
Giroud instead of benzema will always be a mistake
João A.
João A.:
France might not have won the World Cup if they didn't lose here. This defeat taught them a lot
Tanmay Fadnis
Tanmay Fadnis:
Portugal deserved to win this.
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(7:27) Can't wait for Ronaldo to become a manager for a team
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
Ronaldo is better than Messi juts look at this match, even after being tackled harshly and being in pain he still played until the pain become unbearable. Ronaldo is far better Leader than Mess.
Osman Jabbie
Osman Jabbie:
Hope there's a statue of Eder, he deserves one for that goal alone.
Harry Johnston-Smith
Harry Johnston-Smith:
Ahhh, the memories
In 2016 everyone in my class chose a team out of a hat
I got Portugal, and stayed up the whole night to watch that match
I won a bag of sweets, the best ones of my life
Nikki Nova
Nikki Nova:
France and Portugal, two very good countries and two very good football teams. Forca Portugal from Finland!
Oof toasterbath • 13 years ago
Oof toasterbath • 13 years ago:
Im a Messi fan. But seeing Ronaldo that Happy makes me Happy:') im glad they won.
6:41 that goal set his whole career
Luis Rivas
Luis Rivas:
This match was one of the most nerve racking games I’ve seen in international football. 4 years later you can see glimpses of the French team that won the World Cup. Of course this was 2016 so they were missing key players here. France were dominate for most of the match, big big big recognition for both goalkeepers! They were brick walls! Patrico made some crucial saves. France easily could’ve scored 2-3 goals. But that goal from Eder crushed the French. I’m not Portuguese but I jumped up and cheered when it went in. One of the most exciting finals. One to remember.
e plays 9000
e plays 9000:
I feel like they wouldn't have won without Ronaldo's energy from the bench
daddy chris -
daddy chris -:
who still here in august, this game to this day still gives me the chills 💯🤷‍♂️
Chills, chills everywhere.
It wasn't only Eder who was shooting that ball, it was a all country.
Diogo Nogueira
Diogo Nogueira:
I still get and will always get goosebumps watching this. The most important game for our National Team. Only we know how we felt when our best player got injured. Been waiting for this opportunity his entire carrer for this and almost ruined beacuse of Payet, Payet... Fortunatelly, the best team won, still controlled the game after Cristiano got injured. It was the faith of a Nation, that made those guys held strong like the heroes they are today. Still believe that butterfly on Ronaldo was Eusébio, giving the portuguese team the Strenght needed to make what was never made. It was deserved, well deserved, and hopefully our golden generations that are coming will underline what a Nation like us can do.
Eder,Rui Patricio,Ronaldo And Other Portugal Player Deserve This.
septyan haddad
septyan haddad:
For Portugis don't forget your Hero " EDER". I HOPE YOU ALWAYS REMEMBER HE
Seeing Ronaldo that Happy after he was so dissapointed makes me way too happy.
150 subscribers with no videos ?
150 subscribers with no videos ?:
Haha, i remember France being SO SURE about winning
Giorgi Merebashvili
Giorgi Merebashvili:
Watching this at 10 July 2020. Time really flies
Mama Epol
Mama Epol:
0:32 they should arrest the bug for hugging griezmann
Sven S.
Sven S.:
I will never forget, salutes to Portugal from Germany.
Yousef Saboor
Yousef Saboor:
0:32 the moth on griezman shirt
6:40 gives me chills
Jade Watson
Jade Watson:

L'alto livello di coinvolgimento del pubblico di riferimento è la prova evidente di un fatto semplice: diluito con una buona dose di empatia, il pensiero razionale non ci dà altra scelta che determinare le condizioni finanziarie e amministrative esistenti. Considerazioni ideologiche di ordine superiore, così come la crescita quantitativa costante e la portata della nostra attività, costituiscono un interessante esperimento nel testare approcci standard.❤️
Ilusi mimpi
Ilusi mimpi:
You can see this match how cr7 influence in portugal! GOTS of football!
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain:
1:34 and you can realize how much pain ronaldo endured ..!! 😠😠
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
7:13 Ronaldo celebration, amazing.
Neil Simon
Neil Simon:
Ahh memories watching this match back then with my dad in 2016 this match made me CR7 fan we just celebrated that eder goal with joy ..
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
7:28 two head coaches for Portugal.
Anurag Chowdhury
Anurag Chowdhury:
This moment is "THE" thing that Messi is still searching for.
This match was beautiful and I’m not even Portuguese I’m Mexican and I have to say this must’ve been a beautiful moment for cr7
Rui Patricio carried during this match
6:21 I think noone gives enough credit to that free kick it was kicked perfectly and Lloris was awesome too
Luís Maciel Costa
Luís Maciel Costa:
I thought some portuguese player would be murdered in the first 20 minutes. No yellow cards, no red cards. It looked like hunting season
Sanjay kumar gupta Gupta
Sanjay kumar gupta Gupta:
ronaldo is legend in front of france
Sanjay govalkar
Sanjay govalkar:
Today exactly 4 years ago, this happened!! Cristiano went off injured and coached the team!!
Harvey Williamson
Harvey Williamson:
This video gave me shivers, heartwarming to watch Cristiano’s relief when he sees there’s still hope
Football Theorist
Football Theorist:
31 seconds in there’s a Moff on greiezmans back lmao
J P:
This will just never ever get old.
Rameez Hazra
Rameez Hazra:
7:30 Santos be like "Main kya karu phir, job chodd du?"
Jack Summer
Jack Summer:
This was the night where "Messi cannot be a coach and a player in the same match" memes started 😂
Koudha -w-
Koudha -w-:
I'm Portuguese and watching this almost made me cry ❤🇵🇹
Lil Mbappe
Lil Mbappe:
I’ve watch this match so many times 4 years ago was this match watched it so many time so beautiful that CR7 helping and motivating his teammates
Humzah Hassan
Humzah Hassan:
This is like when you’re playing fifa and you have 16 shots with 15 on target and don’t score and the other team some how wins with 1 shot
4:26 thats my guy
Christian .B
Christian .B:
One of the most entertaining finals I’ve ever seen.
Luka Vidic
Luka Vidic:
I remember watching this live, I just wanted Portugal to win so bad, and i almost started crying when they managed to score, and i am not even from portugal
Ronaldo crying out of happiness
Cameraman: yeh just a bit to the left mate
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Ilhaan Gunny
Ilhaan Gunny:
They did for Ronaldo 🥺🥺❤🔥 well played
8:10, Boss, I should have hurt him more, he was a great coach.
Best World Cup Moments
Best World Cup Moments:
7:28 Ronaldo would be a good coach
I like how they ran at griezman when they scored the goal
S A B A L:
4:30 when. Everything changed
Eder Heroe!!!
wouter ansinger
wouter ansinger:
Do you all realise that the Same mosquito on Ronaldo’s head is with griezmann before the game started 0:33
The most beautiful game I've ever seen❤️
AM Vids
AM Vids:
4:25 the moment the whole of France was cursed
Juan Sebastian Rodr’guez Montenegro
Juan Sebastian Rodr’guez Montenegro:
CR7 will be the next coach of Portugal.
Darth Samee
Darth Samee:
When Eder scored that goal my pc started lagging!
Ricardo Okafor
Ricardo Okafor:
4:25 oh no
Bruh, i thought the main player cheering and supporting his team mate from bench only happens in anime. I was wrong!
Crazyfun4You Crazyfun4You
Crazyfun4You Crazyfun4You:
i still cry seeing this
Alphahin 17
Alphahin 17:
"Their first major trophy against all the odds." Damn that is one epic line. Forca Portugal <3
Jonathan Wynn
Jonathan Wynn:
I knew in my head I had that feeling when Eder was subed on he was gonna score the game winning goal
The tittle :4K
Me Enjoying In 240p
This reminds me of the movie cars
Alwaleed Althani
Alwaleed Althani:
Ronaldo was a warrior in this tournament even when he was injured in the final
Josh Lafaix
Josh Lafaix:
They actually did it without Ronaldo 😮 surprising
Tiago López
Tiago López:
0:32 Griezmann has a bug on him LOL
erdi hartono
erdi hartono:
I always cry every time i watch this video, it's soooo touching.. congrats Portugal, congrats cristiano..
ronaldo reactions in the extra time: hilarious
rest of the match: epic
philip gitonga
philip gitonga:
That freekick from Guierrero was epic
Marito Reyes J.
Marito Reyes J.:
Dream match! Dream Portugal!. My God.
Likheang Leang
Likheang Leang:
Imagine if the goalkeeper of Portugal wasn't a monster, how many goals would France score?
David Lionheart
David Lionheart:
I was never Real Madrid fan but the happiness of Ronaldo for win the Euro with his country was so beautiful. Amazing
No Sir
No Sir:
That crowd reaction was a volcanic eruption
Azael Parga
Azael Parga:
One of the greatest years we lived in. 2016 was amazing
patangia sangeet
patangia sangeet:
0:31 insect at the back of griezmann
As a proud Portuguese, I cry everything I watch this. Football is beautiful.
Never seen CR7 so happy and amazed. Am feeling good.
5:12 post again the damn post
M A:
watching this in october 2020 still give me goosebumps!!
Autism Center
Autism Center:
I thought this was amazing
Clémentine Leprette
Clémentine Leprette:
5:22 I was crying.
Shalom Putra
Shalom Putra:
When i see Ronaldo i really feel it too. This is a greatest achievement for Him recently
Bernardo Ramos
Bernardo Ramos:
7:06 zombie apocalypse
4 year celebration
Luv Pancake
Luv Pancake:
Eder had 5 marking him here plus Lloris in goal, damn
and I repeat this video every month