Friends Reunion: Jennifer Aniston REACTS to Brad Pitt's Cameo

During HBO Max’s ‘Friends: The Reunion,’ Jennifer Aniston recalls the time her ex, Brad Pitt, made a cameo on ‘Friends’ in 2001. The two were married from 2000 to 2005 and have made headlines recently for their friendly reunions, something they have both laughed about during chats with ET.

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Tanya Edwards
Tanya Edwards:
I think people should stop asking if Matthew Perry's okay. He admitted to a drug addiction years ago, he's in the reunion show, be grateful that he's here. He's human, good and bad happens in your life, no matter your bank balance.
Jennie Newman
Jennie Newman:
They mentioned him for 2 seconds. This video works it up to sound like she did a separate interview with ET about it.
The worst idea ever for Jennifer to return to Brad. David would be much better choice.
Varun Khurana
Varun Khurana:
I wanted to see Paul Rudd on the reunion :(
The fact that they broke up because Pitt was screwing around with Jolie makes me respect Aniston more because many women would not or could not get over that so easily. But she has been married again since then so maybe her holding a grudge for so long would be very exhausting. I'm glad they are on good terms. Besides Pitt is feeling the wrath of being with Jolie having to go through a bitter custody battle. Team Aniston all the way!!!!
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt:
Each cast member was paid $2.5 million for the Reunion.
Gunther: You guys got paid? I thought this was just for fun?
Subhadra Mazumder
Subhadra Mazumder:
its like growing old with them...such nostalgia...
Darynka kasalapy
Darynka kasalapy:
How come Lisa looks the youngest when she is the oldest among girls??
Will Murphy
Will Murphy:
“Your fella, Brad”
“Pitt, came and did one”
It was a passing remark for 3 seconds, really doesn’t need to be over analysed I’m sure she’s over him
Happy Rani
Happy Rani:
Ruined Jennifer's love life mindset and says she's a friend.Brad Pitt never deserved her even as a friend.
LOL Jenn did NOT react to Pitt's cameo. They said "Pitt" and moved on. No time at all was spent talking about him. I can't believe people are still talking about them. Like she is pining over him or something. Good grief. Move on already!
I like when Jennifer Aniston calls him Pit.
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige:
I had forgotten how funny Brad Pitt was on that episode
Unusha M
Unusha M:
Old is gold 😍
I love how she said "Pitt came and did one" and not "Brad"
Mr. Schwimmer is aging like wine!
Why would people want them to get back together? Look what he did to her! How stupid can people be?
Anukul Kumar Singh
Anukul Kumar Singh:
Why, whyyyy did they not mention Christina Applegate as Amy? I think she was the best guest star. Both her episodes were hilarious.
She definitely talked about him for a split second. This was a tease
LaShawna Stevenson
LaShawna Stevenson:
I love this show
Jasen Storme
Jasen Storme:
The abrasive era psychologically number because scooter inherently boast off a skinny jellyfish. dizzy, massive owner
D T:
The fact that Jennifer never got back with him after all these years.. even after his marriage with Angelina was over is awesome. I know they are friends but I bet Brad thinks about Jenn all the time and what their life could’ve been like if he had never cheated on her. Karma took awhile but it always comes back. Jenn stayed so strong and mature about it the whole time. Not many ppl can do that.
jen obviously moved on,, brad moved on too but he kinda looks like he regretted his decisions of leaving jen
Prim Grimm
Prim Grimm:
“It’s hysterical but what else are they gonna talk about?” A QUEEN! Haha. I love how honest she is and I love that she and Brad remained friends / are civil with each other.
Ismara Prieto
Ismara Prieto:
The boys look so old and tired, and the girls so perfect and fresh , I love them! Lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️
J Nike
J Nike:
"and laugh about it together", excuse me... Laugh about what? About how Brad said that his marriage with Anniston was "boring" and he bad passionate bone-worthy chemistry with Angelina behind Jen's back?
Yeah... Good times...
Lauren Lunare
Lauren Lunare:
The entire reunion was SO well done!!! The way they segmented it, the couch interview, the fashion show, and bringing back other actors was so good. I just wish it was longer!
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan:
I like how David said ‘your fella’ and Jen didn’t react. 🤣
Sheeps sleep while you stare
Sheeps sleep while you stare:
I was so happy when she said "Pit came" she showed that she was superior to anything bad about that time or what could come after it
Ansil Nuvaid
Ansil Nuvaid:
Regia Rossalindaputri
Regia Rossalindaputri:
I used to rooting for brad and jen, buutttt not anymore since david’s confession about his crushed on jen.. now am rooting for david and jen!
Nicky F
Nicky F:
It makes me so happy to see them reunited 🥺💙 wow
I love how the women have remained friends. So sweet to see.
Mema Del Rey
Mema Del Rey:
Jennifer Aniston is straight up going to heaven. No way would I want my ex anywhere near me. She is absolutely amazing
Julie Hake
Julie Hake:
Love Joey’s smile...still great.
vickie leitch
vickie leitch:
He really blew it when he left her!!!
Sena Karabulut
Sena Karabulut:
When Jen mentioned matthew and Julia Roberts - in the past they were couple for a short time- David retaliated against her with pretty funny way I guees
K McKissick
K McKissick:
Saying “Pitt, did one” is a reaction now?
Sanchari Mukherjee
Sanchari Mukherjee:
My fav was is and always will be Matthew Perry, he Is a legend the way he played his character ,all seasons his punchlines were the best ,
Jen’s attitude about life is perfect <3 love and respect her so much
Ayoub Thr
Ayoub Thr:
Jennifer says "Pitt" once ..... ET: jennifer Aniston REACTS to Pitt's cameo and almost cried after remembering
Carys Hutson
Carys Hutson:
the girls have not changed, they seem mature
00:22 i will never get over how little sense that makes. Complex carbs are good, simple carbs are bad. Like htf can you get that wrong?????
Gaming Celebrity
Gaming Celebrity:
I liked how David tried to sensitive by saying “your fella.”
Aniston is a class act. I wish her well.
It’s good to see that everyone is alive 😍😍
Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka Gupta:
One thing I didnt liked about the friends reunion that they didn't mentioned Paul aka Mike aka Crap Bag in their chat. He was very important character on the show and deserve that respect. They just showed his one clip and that's it 🤨🤨
London Travellers
London Travellers:
I'm glad Jennifer and Brad didn't have kids would have been difficult. Angelina and Brad has to go through a custody battle.
I want to see more of Lisa. She has always been my favourite. And she aged the best!
Aine Mairead
Aine Mairead:
I don't think that Jennifer Aniston would reconcile with Brad Pitt. He violated a most sacred trust.
A A:
It's amazing how Jennifer isn't bitter about that relationship. I know for a fact I would be. I love how sweet and calm she is.
Uma Isv
Uma Isv:
Brad Pitt definitely blushed while talking about Jennifer ☺
Self Portrait
Self Portrait:
David saying "your fella" is more funny cuz jen and david admitted to have crush with each other.
God Bless Matthew Perry <3
Animiaz Animo
Animiaz Animo:
Man! Looking at Mathew just makes me sad! He's gone through alot! The sarcastic guy is now like this! It's just depressing
Dale Spencer
Dale Spencer:
What a great person and friend Jen is. Brad is one lucky ass to have someone that forgiving.
SP Randhawa
SP Randhawa:
I love how David Said your Fella 😂
Brad Pitt does not deserve Jennifer Aniston. I respect her so much more knowing she was able to be friends with him even after cheating on her.
Hard to believe that Matthew Perry is the youngest out of the guys
Ray Doyle
Ray Doyle:
Why do women who are already beautiful, ruin themselves with unconvincing cosmetics surgery? Lisa Murrow has aged gracefully and naturally. Both Courtney Cox, and more so Jennifer Aniston, don't look right. To me their eyes look strange/dead and their mouths, check bones and jawline are just wrong. They don't need to do that, being beautiful anyway.
Brad looks so self involved and doesn't seem to care much about Jen..
Grasshopper 129
Grasshopper 129:
I massively missed Paul Rudd on this though 💔
Kelsang Tashi
Kelsang Tashi:
Warning : A lot of crying scenes seen 😭💔.
Zulaikha Mohamed
Zulaikha Mohamed:
Kind of amazing that Courteney and Lisa maintained almost the same voice over all those years. I feel Jennifer’s voice went deep. All three still look gorg of course :)
Ayush Shukla
Ayush Shukla:
' Friends ' wasn't just a show... it was one of the highest point in mankind's years.
I could never watch the last two episodes... yea that's how much emotionally weak I am.
Lana Manchester
Lana Manchester:
Bruce Willis won for his few episodes he was on & he was FANTASTIC!! Surprised he wasn't mentioned.
Bluerain S.
Bluerain S.:
It’s not only their going back in time, us too.
I’m so jealous of people that are watching it rn! I don’t have sky 😢
This reunions was not about Brad;/
Honestly I think it would have been nice to see Jen and David together in real life hopefully their friendship will blossom.
trending fun and technology
trending fun and technology:
That's ok, but the most talkative Chandler talked the least. This phenomena scared the bejesus out of me
Nanna Mary Bernabas
Nanna Mary Bernabas:
Jennifer ♥️ David plsss😭
a yappie's kitchen
a yappie's kitchen:
I wonder how David must have felt to see the girl he was crushing on marry Brad Pitt. Must have been hard.
It's so sweet that the girls are friends in real life too.
Sese Ó
Sese Ó:
Gunther should've had a longer part in the reunion
LaLa C
LaLa C:
IMO the episode with Brad was ok...I felt he was over acting the character...not sure if that was to be funnier but not one of his best this show to death though!
Amie Perez
Amie Perez:
It was literally one line, two seconds. And they managed to make an entire story out of it.
I cried at the end. Could've had 6 episodes, 1 hr long of just the cast talking about different behind the scenes stuff.
Dishant Narang
Dishant Narang:
How could they forget to mention Bruce Willis!
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
I love how she said "Pitt came and did one" and not "Brad"
S A:
OH I saw it n cried tons... ❤💙💜
Amber J
Amber J:
This was back when everything was perfect with Jen and Brad right? She seems like such a sweet person to forgive him. To forgive someone cheating... she’s really such a good soul. Maybe she needs to be with David? Is he married? What’s he up to? I’ll go google now...
wendy pan
wendy pan:
I mean Matthew Perry was looking hella fine during that season when Julia Roberts guest-ed, it felt like they can do a romcom movie together..😁
Helena Tsahageas
Helena Tsahageas:
this whole thing was so moving. so much nostalgia
You know people magazine gonna have a field day with this Jen talks about brad she wants brad back brad reportedly reached out to her and met up after seeing this 🙄 like why is this all they could mention in magazines about those two
Aline Dourado
Aline Dourado:
Aqui no Brasil só vai passar em junho

Sou super fã de friends amo essa série

Seria um sonho poder conhecer esses atores maravilhosos
hen ko
hen ko:
Good to see them all together. I felt nostalgic too.
Ashley B
Ashley B:
Please I’m just over here laughing sharon Osborne popping her head in
Click bait! I fell for it! I love them all so much! lol
Lanor Gnejt
Lanor Gnejt:
He's so damn good looking
how can you make a five minute video about a 3 second moment from the reunion
I wish matthew was involved more.
Maureen Johnstone
Maureen Johnstone:
Good to see them all together. I felt nostalgic too.
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra:
Say whatever you want about BRAD He still Looks 🔥
Inara Mirzadjanova
Inara Mirzadjanova:
So great they both still look gorgeous , after decades😍
I like how Pitt is rightfully like : "WTF come on people get a life"... XD
Triangle Book
Triangle Book:
I fast forward every time there's this obvious narration by ET
You're Sheep
You're Sheep:
Literally was just watching that episode on tv
Why Brad Pitt looks way small in TV series but looks big on movies?
I've seen this is the case with most movie actors.

Is it only me who feels that way?
Remember when that episode was on I got that he was Sputnik right away!
Linah Matlalepoo
Linah Matlalepoo:
Brad is aging wow...