FULL MATCH - 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2020

Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Edge and more throw down in one of the most stacked Royal Rumble Matches of all time: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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Jeff Saxton Vlogs
Jeff Saxton Vlogs:
I still get the chills watching Edge’s return
Alexandre Brown
Alexandre Brown:
From watching this, it looks like people liked Brock being eliminated more than Edge returning
Robert Hall
Robert Hall:
39:20 u can see the emotions running through edge's body after nine years of not having the adrenaline from the rush of that enormous pop when his music hit
vanja ods
vanja ods:
1# 00:01 brock lesnar
2#1:38 elias
3#5:43 erick rowan
4#7:12 robert roode
5#9:04 john morrison
6#10:51 kofi kingston
7#12:22 rey misterio
8#14:30 big e
9#16:40 cesaro
10#18:04 shelton benjamin
11#19:57 shinsuke nakamura
12#21:42 MVP
13#23:31 keith lee
14#25:40 braun strowman
15#28:07 ricochet
16#29:25 drew mcintyre
30:26 shock moment
17#32:05 the miz
18#34:00 aj styles
19#35:45 dolph ziggler
20#37:14 karl anderson
21#38:53 edge returns💪💪💪
22#41:08 king corbin
23#42:53 matt riddle
24#44:40 luke gallows
25#46:15 randy orton
26#47:31 roman reings
27#48:59 kevin owens
28#50:22 aleister black
29#51:53 samoa joe
30#53:25 seth rollins
your royal rumble winner 1:04:05

Nice day guys😀😀😀
Mewin Fernandes
Mewin Fernandes:
I fell to the ground when Elias's tone changed Oh Baby , Oh o 🤣🤣🤣 , He got scared af lmao
Edge is back 🔥🔥🔥
Kin Yip Choo
Kin Yip Choo:
19:19 top 10 anime betrayal
Amilcar H
Amilcar H:
Imagine edges hair was a little shorter and was clean shaven everywhere except his goatee, would of had the 2006 look 🔥
Bob Arimao 🤘
Bob Arimao 🤘:
Edge: Returns.

Me: Shivers... it gave me goosebumps watching edge's return.
Maria Najera
Maria Najera:
I just loved that final claymore
Untouchable Glow YT
Untouchable Glow YT:
best moments:
21:43 mvp returns
23:32 keith lee entrance
30:27 drew eliminates brock
38:54 edge returns
1:01:15 edge betrays randy
1:02:40 edge spears reigns
1:03:58 mcintyre claymores reigns
1:04:04 mcintyre wins rumble
1:05:45 mcintyre points at wrestlemania

honourable mentions: 15:13, 15:23, 25:40, 42:55, 29:27, 18:54, 51:12, 15:47

reply if you have any more suggestions and i'll add them
Just me that sees it so cringe when brock screams in his entrance and theres no fireworks or nothing 😂😂😂
Edwin Barraza
Edwin Barraza:
41:00 I was there blue thermal and beanie. 4 rows behind commentary. Most electrifying feeling I've ever felt at a live event. Edge's return was legendary.
Samuel Gamer
Samuel Gamer:
Antes pensaba que era de verdad 😭😭
Marco Cabezas
Marco Cabezas:
The match actually started when Brock was eliminated
Aj Bones
Aj Bones:
We’re glad that this happened before the pandemic.
bro the way brock went out had my jaw on the floor
Yes Man
Yes Man:
Props to Lesnar, esslpcially with that Claymore elimination
Tim Fountain
Tim Fountain:
38:55 that crowd reaction!
When drew got brock out we knew he was our new favorite
Entrance Timeline:
#1 - 0:00 -- Brock Lesnar
#2 - 1:37 -- Elias
#3 - 5:41 -- Erick Rowan
#4 - 7:09 -- Robert Roode
#5 - 9:00 -- John Morrison
#6 - 10:49 -- Kofi Kingston
#7 - 12:21 -- Rey Mysterio
#8 - 14:29 -- BIG E
#9 - 16:38 -- Cesaro
#10 - 18:04 -- Shelton Benjamin
#11 - 19:56 -- Shinsuke Nakamura
#12 - 21:40 -- MVP
#13 - 23:30 -- Keith Lee
#14 - 25:37 -- Braun Strowman
#15 - 28:06 -- Ricochet
#16 - 29:24 -- Drew Mcintyre
#17 - 32:03 -- The Miz
#18 - 34:00 -- AJ Styles
#19 - 35:44 -- Dolph Ziggler
#20 - 37:13 -- Karl Anderson
#21 - 38:50 -- Edge
#22 - 41:06 -- King Corbin
#23 - 42:52 -- Riddle
#24 - 44:39 -- Luke Gallows
#25 - 46:13 -- Randy Orton
#26 - 47:30 -- Roman Reigns
#27 - 48:56 -- Kevin Owens
#28 - 50:20 -- Aleister Black
#29 - 51:51 -- Samoa Joe
#30 - 53:21 -- Seth Rollins

Please like and enjoy WWE Universe.!!!
Undisputed Figure Collecter97
Undisputed Figure Collecter97:
Love how WWE Edited out the spear the camera missed 🤣
I just randomly thought about this, so if Brock won this match, would he just pick any opponent he wants, or would he just fight himself at wrestlemania
I loved MVP’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman
Jennifer Pangborn
Jennifer Pangborn:
It's about damm time that drew McIntyre won
The chez Grater
The chez Grater:
I'll say it Legends waited for this for a year
Abdullah Ulhaq
Abdullah Ulhaq:
Edge has the best spear no one can change my mind
Brooks Mcpeak
Brooks Mcpeak:
The guy in the green shirt in the background is always at big events in that same spot
I legit got goosebumps when Edge's entrance music came on!!!
We will all remember this Legendary Moment 38:53
This rumble had some of the most interesting stories going into a rumble in a long time. Brock starting at #1 , Drew , Ricochet , Keith Lee , Edge returning , everything was fantastic from beginning to end.
Someone give MVP an oscar
Troy Winkelman
Troy Winkelman:
I love that the first 22 minutes of this seemed like a throw-away Rumble, but then this turned out to be a barn-burner
I think Brock didnt mean to do a "Real" German Suplex to ELIAS
Bradley wade
Bradley wade:
The return of Edge, and The rise of Drew McIntyre.
Stephen Vaughn
Stephen Vaughn:
As an introverted big guy, Brock has always been my fav. I usually like the heels more, and Brock is the most legit heel you can get in the modern era. People legit hate him, he's a real badass, and he always seems to make every event he's apart of a bit more special. People don't realize the legend he is.
Jayyy Too Drippp
Jayyy Too Drippp:
30:22 Booker T's reaction tho
Bradley Stopher
Bradley Stopher:
Brock Lesnar's reaction when Keith Lee came out LMAO 😂
this is a kind of match to watch when you're free all the day, and you're bored
Juan Carlos Falcón
Juan Carlos Falcón:
2020: edge returns
2021: edge winning the rumble and go to wrestlemania

what a magic career for this legend, rated r comeback
Alliance of Idiots
Alliance of Idiots:
MVP returned and For the first time in HISTORY... Michael Cole didn't yell "OOOHHH MYYYYY!!!"
That last claymore broke me..... Aaahhhh Roman was so close...
This is my favorite Royal Rumble of all tme
38:53 Whole crowd got lit and so did i, OH YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME???
Restore Phone
Restore Phone:
The return of Edge, Mclntyre.😱😱
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera:
You can tell they messed up when edge eliminated AJ
Joshi Dharmeshkumar
Joshi Dharmeshkumar:
Brock lesnar on a roll 🔥 🔥 🔥
Oriol Pedriel
Oriol Pedriel:
This Royal Rumble Match was so fun to watch :)
Glen luis Esparagoza
Glen luis Esparagoza:
still gets goosebumps! edge's return
Pearljit Singh
Pearljit Singh:
Imagine the crowd's reaction when Christian returned. Sadly he couldn't feel it today. He would've gotten the same reaction like they gave Edge. Awesome to see Edge and Christian back in the same ring nonetheless 🤟🤟
Big Chungus
Big Chungus:
23:46 lesnar calls Keith lee “big boy”
Camren Losey
Camren Losey:
0:45 Smosh be sittin behind watching
one of the baddest royal rumbles ever but edge returne is magic
10:14 Morrisons leg snapped
Karam Amarshi
Karam Amarshi:
Who else was waiting for this all day, and is currently hyped for the 2021 rumble?
PicoSerg HD
PicoSerg HD:
1:01:04 You can lip-read Orton saying 'Only one of us will win.'
Fabiana Alves Pereira Cardoso
Fabiana Alves Pereira Cardoso:
"Lesnar is dancing" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Squydward Your lord an savior
Squydward Your lord an savior:
Thank cm punk for the supposed "skinny tattoo guys" to be recognized
Edge's entrance music is literally made for giant pops. "You think you know me" is the perfect length before the awesome head-banging guitar-drum-audience losing their damn minds trio
This royal rumble match was literally perfect.

I wasn't a fan in that time of brock eliminating everyone, but the building to get drew mcintyre over and a credible opponent for brock is amazing.
Pong Lenis
Pong Lenis:
I believe brock legitimately enjoyed himself in this. He seems to be more committed to wwe then before, even making others look good too
Ander Gamer YT
Ander Gamer YT:
OMG That was amazing, mcintyre was a spectacle
Rodrigo Flores Baeza
Rodrigo Flores Baeza:
38:54 epico 🔥🔥🔥
That Pop For Drew Was Sick, love to see it
Not gonna lie, Lesnar is a good wwe wrestler, hate him or love him, he made history
Even the beast can dig a good entrance theme and MVP has a pretty decent one.
46:53 şşşşşşşş
51:16 Drew got "Fade to Black!" In a hard way!
Matthew Maebry
Matthew Maebry:
Damn, I really used to think this was real 😂
Litu Ou
Litu Ou:
This rumble is legendary. So much better than 2019 lol
I was actually there because I live in Houston,and i was shocked when edge came back
Sveta Tleubergenova
Sveta Tleubergenova:
1.0:00-Brock Lesnar
3.5:42-Erick Rowan
4.7:10-Robert Roode
5.9:01-John Morrison
6.10:51-Kofi Kingston
7.11:22-Rey Mysterio
8.14:31-Big E
10.18:04-Shelton Benjamin
11.19:57-Shinsuke Nakamura
13.23:32-Keith Lee
14.25:38-Braun Strowman
16.29:26-Drew McIntyre
17.32:05-The Miz
18.34:02-AJ Styles
19.35:46-Dolph Ziggler
20.37:14-Karl Anderson
22.41:08-King Corbin
23.42:53-Matt Riddle
24.44:42-Luke Gallows
25.46:15-Randy Orton
26.47:31-Roman Reigns
27.48:58-Kevin Owens
28.50:22-Aleister Black
29.51:52-Samoa Joe
30.53:23-Seth Rollins
There is all wrestler's in this Royal Rumble.It's so hard doing this thing.Maybe something wrong.
Charleen Vazquez
Charleen Vazquez:
Bro this is so cool I might be a WWE when I’m 25 I’m 24
stayhumble zo
stayhumble zo:
58:05 guy in the crowd: YOU JUST CURB STOMPED HIM

This Royal Rumble with Edge's return is the best thing in 2020.
Damian Kinzler
Damian Kinzler:
That was great!
The Koh-i-Noor Diamond
The Koh-i-Noor Diamond:
#18:04 Entry is Hilarious 😂
Alex Huff
Alex Huff:
They have some of the best performers in the world and they camera cut every 2 seconds so you cant see a damn thing.
Derek Godin
Derek Godin:
tried to get back into the wwe by watching old highlights and matches, then i watched this. lesnar gets 3 finishers to him then eliminates three people...... no wonder why this is free.
Baby Weeknd
Baby Weeknd:
Others: Pays to watch it live.
Me: Waits 1 year to watch the full match free.
Syafizan Abdullah
Syafizan Abdullah:
Ma roman🔥✊
nael salah
nael salah:
Drew now has a huge ego that he took out THE BEAST
fun fact: when edge spears AJ Styles, AJ actually dislocates his shoulder and stays out of the fray up until Corbin comes up to him where he tells Corbin to just hit him and go. then he goes up to edge and tells him to throw him out cuz he dislocated his arm, to which edge complies. AJ was actually supposed to be in the match much longer then he actually was.
Esai Gonzales
Esai Gonzales:
I love how the thumb nail is drew eliminating leznar
Jennifer Nwagwu
Jennifer Nwagwu:
Edge’s return was best thing about 2020 still gives me chills
38:35 he kicks the rope and then Cole goes a kick to the face of Zilgler. Anyone notice that
Nathan McWilliams
Nathan McWilliams:
I couldn't help but feel warm and giddy watching Shelton and Brock see each other. Shelton's like "How ya doin'?" and Brock's just "My Man! A shame I must end you!"
Julian Gilkes
Julian Gilkes:
I cry every time I watch this and see edge return
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang:
39:12 is just pure goosebumps
hayden rogers
hayden rogers:
when you cant hear edge's entrance music cause the audience is that loud.
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza:
57:50 i like how seth is saying roman and he is like join with me remeber back in the day as the shield and roman is like u just stomp me
Oscar Serrano Martínez
Oscar Serrano Martínez:
Drew mcintyre te felicito también por ir a WrestleMania este año, felicidades.
Yes Man
Yes Man:
42:20 the moment that AJ asked Edge to eliminate him coz he's injured with his shoulder from the spear
Yes Man
Yes Man:
Everyone was so bored of this with Lesnar eliminating everyone...but it turned out to be one of the best Royal Rumble in years!
I like the way they acknowledged Brock and Shelton’s past as teammates
Sabbir Rahman
Sabbir Rahman:
This is amazing match
Alisa Jones
Alisa Jones:
My little brother’s name is Wyatt and bray Wyatt is one of my favorite wrestler’s.
Claire Haynes
Claire Haynes:
I was so happy that edge returned.I was on the edge of my seat.
that was so hilarious, when everybody laugh about it. 1:00:52