FULL MATCH | Tottenham v Brighton | Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round 21-22

Two goals from Harry Kane and a Solly March own goal sent Spurs comfortably through to the fifth round of the Emirates FA Cup.

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22 comentarios:

Borneo Man
Borneo Man:
I like the tottenham hotspur team but the bad side of this team is inconsistent. their defenders need to be replaced with strong ones
2 cheol
2 cheol:
I've said tens of thousands of times that Tottenham can't pass one-on-one and the defence just passes back If Tottenham want to score, raise the ball in the air or only score in the counterattack... ...the Tottenham manager has changed four times, but can't fix the back pass, they can't pass normally
13:36 Tottenham Hotspurs 1-0 Brighton And Hove Albion
24:16 Tottenham Hotspurs 2-0 Brighton And Hove Albion
1:05:51 Tottenham Hotspurs 2-1 Brighton And Hove Albion
1:08:33 Tottenham Hotspurs 3-1 Brighton And Hove Albion
1:38:59 FULL TIME: Tottenham Hotspurs 3-1 Brighton And Hove Albion
Your Welcome
Run!!!! Run!!!! Run!!! Hotspur
Coastway trainspotter
Coastway trainspotter:
We have taken revenge 🔵⚪️
Manrock Manrock
Manrock Manrock:
😁😁😁💪👏 3-1😨😱
WooWon C
WooWon C:
신난다 토트넘!!!
Hamza malik
Hamza malik:
Purana match hai
Kenny  yeo
Kenny yeo:
3 Tottenham 1 to birghton
7am at night
7am at night:
Why does this start the same time there league game does
명진 오
명진 오:
심판이 ...경기 망쳤다 브라이튼 간첩
Old match😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Ngocih Kisilu
Anthony Ngocih Kisilu:
Who is here because of the NLD 😃
Awang Awing
Awang Awing:
Already played on Feb 6.
오늘 토트넘 보다 중국국가대표팀이 잘할거같다
snooker master
snooker master:
Hary vip
Imran shikdar
Imran shikdar:
ㅅㅂ 졌네.ㅠㅠ
Stalin jhosimar GINES CHUMACERO
Stalin jhosimar GINES CHUMACERO:
nose si estos malditos partidoos son mafias porq aposte dos goles de toten y lo ganan por uno a cero que porquqeria totenham al iloo ganando y con goles ahora nada de goles vayala pierdo dineroo por estos estupidos equipos.
Billy Lugai
Billy Lugai:
Tottenham 0 Brighton 1
Aryan Parsa
Aryan Parsa:
terrible video quality
Ron M
Ron M:
This guy is a scammer