FULL REVEAL! Elon Musk's Neuralink chip tested live in pig brains

At a Neuralink event, Elon Musk shows of the latest advancements from his brain implant startup, including a demo showing a tiny computer chip that measures brain activity inside pigs.

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100+ comentarios:

"[If you get your nueralink removed, you can still be just a regular, happy pig.]"
Wait, but I started as a Human. LOL
It’s all fun and scifi til they show you constant ads in your head unless you pay a neuralink subscription for 10.99$ /month
Ngl, I was TOTALLY expecting the second pig to stand up and say something.
PROD. July
PROD. July:
2020: robots will take over the planet in 2070.
2070: pig army manage to revive Elon Musk and take over earth.
Edit: thanks for the likes of u got time check out my instrumentals 🎸
I love Tesla and SpaceX but this a big no from me. Just imagine breaking your arm, someone gouging your eyes out, chopping your body in half or killing your entire family. All of those horrible sensations could be simulated if Neuralink becomes advanced enough.
Andrew Schuschu
Andrew Schuschu:
“If you have it removed you can still be a happy pig”

Jesus Elon tell us how you really feel about us.
So destruction of humanity starts.
Cyberpig, Cyberpig, does whatever a Cyberpig does.
Years from now, people would look back at this and remember that: this is when human started to become more than human.
CHARGING: There are 2 options, charge it from a Tesla charging station up your butt or if you can spare for the extra $40 version, you can charge it wirelessly.
Satpathi Murmu
Satpathi Murmu:
2020: Your PC run into a problem.
2050: Your Brain run into a problem.
archlinux hkg
archlinux hkg:
In the future, your brain can be jailed 😂
Giga Chad
Giga Chad:
1:21 when pig said: beep beep beep doot doot
I felt that 😌
Let me know when Elon decides to put the chip in his head.
Haha, pig on a treadmill.
What is this test supposed to demonstrate? That they can put an implant in the brain without the subject dying? I guess that is step one.....
2020: Musk: let's implant pigs with NL chips!

2050: Pigs: let's implant Musk with NL chips!
Milky Way
Milky Way:
Basically to all those very happy people....your brain will become the property of another human...possibly hacker who will make you do things against your wish
Mohak Arora
Mohak Arora:
It'll be magnificent to see the possibilities of the applications of this experiment in the future.
Bes_ Bas_
Bes_ Bas_:
I thought Elon Musk was going to throw massive iron balls at the neuralink pig during the demo.
I think we all know where this is going...
D T W The B A L L E R
D T W The B A L L E R:
It’s all fun and games till the pig makes some human bacon

Let’s just say the pigs had enough
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy:
“You can be healthy and happy and indistinguishable to a normal pig”.

Jesus Christ, Elon. 😂
M. lit
M. lit:
Me: wants to sleep
Brain: come and play raid shadow legends now!
Gracia MusicSound
Gracia MusicSound:
"its gonna blow your mind".
Yeah. No. Thank you.
Gertrude needs to drop that album. 🔥 Daft punk watch out.
I Am Pixel
I Am Pixel:
Pig: become machine.

The game's looking good. Had no idea Musk would be in this intro cutscene.
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore:
Elon musk : she had the implant fpr 2 month
Mkbhd : motherfu..
3:55 When you want to lose weight but you can't stop eating
just scrolling
just scrolling:
So they gonna make us their pigs, perfect 👌
Juston Johnson
Juston Johnson:
Elon Musk: "Alright, cool."
Primetime Durkheim
Primetime Durkheim:
It's been fun, humanity.
dobri vecher
dobri vecher:
Everyone's gangsta till the cyberpig starts sniffing the ground
What if Elon has already developed this tech for himself and has been using it for years as a human supercomputer? lol
Will Berry
Will Berry:
Cyberpig's brain music slaps
I'm disable I wouldnt mind taking the surgery just wondering how much would it cost.
Homo computatrum
Homo computatrum:
It's good tech, but i personally wouldn't feel safe with one in my head.
Scott Silva
Scott Silva:
"Very funny concept really..."
Kody Estep
Kody Estep:
“Pig on a treadmill” 😂
CoderMonkey Nathan
CoderMonkey Nathan:
Thus the seeds the Orc race was sewn.
And this is the origin story of Duke Nukems Pig Cops
Mauricio Galvez
Mauricio Galvez:
coming soon in theaters : Universal Pig Soldier, starring Jean-Claude Van-Ham
1:20 I find it strange that the pig's brain tones are playing the blues scale.
That means the pig's brain not only has a mind...
he's got SOUL !
I love Elon but his presentation skills are terrible
Jan Podrábský
Jan Podrábský:
I hope he won't use it like in Kingsman: The Secret Service😂
Elias Cáceres
Elias Cáceres:
Hoy quiero deciles algo 😔

El editor de dalas come😃
I thought the pig was going to talk or something?!
talha tanwar
talha tanwar:
Elon: let's read pig thoughts
Jurassic Park: "Your scientists were so preoccupied to see if they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." What the heck is the point of this? To put chips in humans brains and make it so that we have to upgrade it all the time?
"Get spotify free for 1 week"-Neuralink, Your Brain
VenusteQVerona #
VenusteQVerona #:
Epic Fail: The pig head explodes off camera!.
Mark of the beast, Elon, do you have the crypto ready to go with this?
Devoid Buckler
Devoid Buckler:
Now you can watch jentai with your brain

People: Wait isn’t that just dreaming
Me: Yes But Actually No
Simon Peter
Simon Peter:
“Here is a pig doing normal things pigs should do..”
PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe
PC RPG Community / Cycling in the UK with HeyJoe:
Cyberpunk 2077 is right, it's already started at 2020...
Just don’t forget to take it off when taking a shower
This technology has been around for decades
Yousif Barbar
Yousif Barbar:
Musk: let's implant pigs with NL chips

2050: pigs rule the world
George Orwell's soul: So I was talking to myself then, huh?
Abu Sanad
Abu Sanad:
It's said that Samuel Colt, when he invented the gun, said, "now power and cowardice are equal.", now smart and dumb are equal
johannnes paul
johannnes paul:
why is he stottering?
maby he needs a neurolink BADLY
thomas brazil
thomas brazil:
The startling thing is that they can predict with accuracy your next movement.

I don’t like that. Lol
Shade Time TV
Shade Time TV:
I guess there's a shift in human evolution things been stagnant for awhile now.

What A Time To Be Alive
Kylo ren
Kylo ren:
"You did it?"
"Yes, yes I did"
"What did it cost?"

"My hair"
Rolls Costa
Rolls Costa:
The beginning of the End !!!!
Omar Olivares Urrutia
Omar Olivares Urrutia:
3:58 C'mon! You came here to see the pigs on a treadmill.
Ghost Queen
Ghost Queen:
what could possibly go wrong...
Arif Anuar
Arif Anuar:
the comment section so far:
50%: normies who think "human bacon" is so original
50%: 9 year olds who dont know how to google Neuralink and what it is.
it's mr chunks
it's mr chunks:
A chip In your head wait until the government gets hold of this the won't need mk ultra no more there just program you to kill at there will
Angel Aguilar
Angel Aguilar:
My mom has huntington's. Thank you for your effort in making it happen.
Devoid Buckler
Devoid Buckler:
Bruh Elon Musk a Joker Pig on a Treadmill

Cali Hits
Cali Hits:
2020: Pigs controlled by implant

2050: hacker turns man into pig
Giga Chad
Giga Chad:
Ready player one and Sword art online coming soon
Kamran Basheer
Kamran Basheer:
What if we send such spikes through motor nerves of a dead pig we must be able to make a dead pig walk...
I know it is not easy but still...
Jan Podrábský
Jan Podrábský:
Mozart: My music is the best!
Beethoven: No, my music is better!
Cyberpig: Hold my food.
Blufor 4014
Blufor 4014:
This is rather unimpressive, I'll check back on this technology later.
I'd be able to control my Vrchat avatar with my mind guys. WE IN THE FUTURE. This is the best thing 2020 spat out so far.
F B I can we get to 50k without videos
F B I can we get to 50k without videos:
Simpson predicted it again, brain charger
Episode: Bart Simpson has a children
Rod Schmidt
Rod Schmidt:
Next Grimes album? "Pig on a Treadmill" starring Gertrude
The Time Bandit
The Time Bandit:
Get the chip in your head any who knows how many problems and side effects you'll have including handing all of your freedom and invasion of privacy over to Musk so he can hand all of your info over to the government for a hand shake agreement, what can they do to you with that chip? Basically read every thought you have and your memories or even shut you down if they feel the need to.
So..., either y'all wanna know how many times someone sticks their nose in some dirt or talk to r2d2...
Charlie Millington
Charlie Millington:
Elon got bored of waiting for Cyperpunk so he made cyberware irl
hopefully sword art online comes out soon, that will be the true BRAIN CHIP EXPERIENCE
Some Dude
Some Dude:
Why does a pig’s brain activity mildly sound like that roach meme?
☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠
☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠:
Don't need it, won't take it.
Might reconsider if I can remove it anytime.
Sanjay Dubey
Sanjay Dubey:
1:22 and pig starts to play Casio
Samuel Ndungu
Samuel Ndungu:
I thought this was only in movies.. This scientific baby steps can really revolutionalize a lot about the world....
Elizebeth : vothrii
Elizebeth : vothrii:
The mark rises.
Emanuel Mendoza
Emanuel Mendoza:
I would like to ask you for the opportunity to make the discovery, I have a neuronal disease so I no longer have anything to lose I want you to give me the opportunity to win, thank you
Jake Whitham
Jake Whitham:
See you in 50 years when robots take over the world and it’s a live action Detroit become human
I don’t feel like literally getting hacked anytime soon. I’ll pass
Saraqostah Terra
Saraqostah Terra:
Oh, I can't wait for "start your own online business"-ads to pop up in my brain every 15 mins
SlavMan1359 _
SlavMan1359 _:
This would’ve been more effective on a banana
Zilin Wang
Zilin Wang:
plot twist. Now elon puts chips inside drivers' brains to predict how they drive. Is this how Tesla builds self driving cars?
I.A.N Tyler Durden
I.A.N Tyler Durden:
So it's happening !! Just as George Orwell said it would. The Cyberpig will take over the farm, start walking on 2 legs (and then take over the world !! )
big soulja
big soulja:
Can't wait to hear that PIG BRAIN TYPE BEAT [FREE]
“Schnuffles” <3
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan:
Elon, did you know that Abraham, the man God loved as Himself came from Chiron? It’s not that much further away from Mars. Can you spare a dime for a volunteer to give his peace?
Omg I thought the pig was talking for a second
Then suddenly you fell asleep while updating bios then you die
Elephant Force Official Music
Elephant Force Official Music:
If they could hack cars, phones, and mostly everything that can be I would say no thank you...