Funeral Procession of Lord Louis Mountbatten | Assassinated by the Provisional IRA | Sept. 1979.

Wednesday September 5th, 1979.

Footage of the funeral procession of Admiral of the Fleet Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Source: Reuters News Archive.


August 27th 1979, Mullaghmore, Ireland: Lord Louis Mountbatten Assassinated by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (Óglaigh na hÉireann). The Irish National Liberation Army (Arm Saoirse Náisiúnta na hÉireann) also claimed responsibility but the evidence pointed to the PIRA.

Mountbatten, who was a cousin of the Queen of the United Kingdom, was a career naval officer who served in several command capacities during the Second World War, and who was also the last Viceroy of India.

He reached the summit of his military career by becoming the First Sea Lord and the Chief of the Defence Staff. His father was forced to resign as First Sea Lord at the start of the Great War in Europe on account of his German origins. The family name was changed from Battenberg to Mountbatten.

Tall, articulate and charismatic, Mountbatten was a figure of glamour in his early years and grew into a national institution who mentored the Prince Charles, the Heir to the British throne.

But his career as a public servant, as well as his private life was often surrounded by controversy. His competence as a naval sea commander has been adjudged to have been average and he was severely criticised for his role in planning and authorising the ill-fated Raid on Dieppe which cost the lives of many allied soldiers.

His handling of the process by which India was granted independence has also received a great deal of scutiny and negative criticism due to the intercommunal massacres that occurred during "Partition"; the division of the British ruled Indian sub-continent into Hindu-majority India and Muslim majority Pakistan.

His private life continues to be subjected to a great deal of scrutiny over his wife Edwina's alleged infidelities and Mountbatten's suspected homosexuality. Much of these allegations have recieved a good amount of substantiation over the decades.

Mountbatten's name was linked to a planned coup d'etat in the late 1960s in which the plotters envisaged installing him as the leader of a Military Junta. His name was again touted during the middle part of the 1970s as the Head of a Military Government if Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, the target of the earlier conspiracy, was overthrown.

Mountbatten was born in 1900.

Radio Footage of Lord Mountbatten's Funeral.