Gabriel Barbosa 2019 ● Goals & Skills ● GABIGOL ??

Gabriel Barbosa 2019, Gabigol 2019, Gabriel 2019, Gabriel Flamengo, Gabriel Barbosa goals & skills 2019/20 Flamengo/Brazil
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#GabrielBarbosa #Gabriel #Gabigol
Gabriel Barbosa 2019 ● Goals & Skills ● GABIGOL 🇧🇷
Cheung Frankie
Cheung Frankie:
Who’s here after he linked with Chelsea
Facundo Ruiz
Facundo Ruiz:
Vendo Microndas Marca Gabigol Es Capaz De Cocinarte 11 Gallinas En 2 Minutos
San Saint Batroc
San Saint Batroc:
I believe he will be the future shirt 9 of the Brazilian team
Pedro S. Carvalho
Pedro S. Carvalho:
Chupem, Gabigol vai continuar no Flamengo
Bob 1
Bob 1:
He's like a taller version of Aguero. I think he's got what it takes to do alright in the EPL.
Pedro sena
Pedro sena:
Gabgol es o sub 23 que Tenes mas goles no mundo! Obs: sou brasileiro!
Olawale Adigun
Olawale Adigun:
Oh! I love these goals. Come to Chelsea 💙
The Blue Of London
The Blue Of London:
*Who else here because of chelsea link*
GoTk {Legendas}
GoTk {Legendas}:
top scorer of brasileirão and top scorer of libertadores , best striker playing in south america, and inter he is not a winger, this guy is a pure strike ... One goal per match , Gabi"GOL"
Zed is my main
Zed is my main:
Torcedores do chelsea iludidos KKKKKKKKKKK
El sólito le dio la libertadores a flamengo 🔴⚫
Esteban Aramayo
Esteban Aramayo:
Rivar como te vas a comer dos goles en tres minutos ? JAJAJAJ
Raymond Amosi
Raymond Amosi:
Lamin Barrow
Lamin Barrow:
Welcome to Chelsea.
This guy is just phenomenal
Caio Lucas
Caio Lucas:
You should do one about Bruno Henrique. He is the best player in America right now
Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique:
Bruno Henrique Flamengo velociraptor 🦖🦖🦖 songs top ok
Bitch Please
Bitch Please:
Let's get this right, if Chelsea's interest is genuine then West Ham can forget about signing him.
Aaz Art
Aaz Art:
Gabigol👍 Copa Mundial Qatar 2022 Brasil
Alan CABJ:
El Salvador de Flamengo ⚫🔴⚫en la FINAL de la Conmebol Libertadores 2019👊🎉🎆🥇🏆Salud campeón !!
Trini Payne
Trini Payne:
Who's here after he made that statement about firmino and liverpool?
Dimas Irvan
Dimas Irvan:
He and martinez at inter will be devastating.
Nothing Special
Nothing Special:
Chelsea sign him we need competition for Tammy.
Ian Hay
Ian Hay:
Welcome to Peterborough Utd
in the dark
in the dark:
He certainly seems to have matured a tad more now
Anya M
Anya M:
Who's here after he's been linked with Tottenham? 👀
Welcome to chelsea💙
The Big Screen Music
The Big Screen Music:
Doesn’t look quick enough for the premier league and his right foot is weak. But if he develops then he’d be a decent back up striker...
Zamzam Mo'Allin
Zamzam Mo'Allin:
Honestly not impressed at all but I hope he surprises me if he is actually coming to Chelsea
kyle coleman
kyle coleman:
Liverpool's Sergio Aguaro hopefully
Lkgpuanimho 0
Lkgpuanimho 0:
The way he plays looks like Sergio Aguero 😍😍
Jeferson Oliveira
Jeferson Oliveira:
Dá-lhe Gabigol...🖤❤💫💪💪
Kamarul Arifin
Kamarul Arifin:
Welcome to 💙💙💙💙
Felipe Costa
Felipe Costa:
Arrascaeta next!
Maxii AleeOk
Maxii AleeOk:
Y tiene solo 23 años! El año que viene tendría que ir a un equipo importante de Europa y jugar la champions. Aunque mejor la libertadores si se queda
Raphaela Fraga guimaraes
Raphaela Fraga guimaraes:
Toda vez que eu vejo o Gabigol eu lembro do sósia dele kkkk
Sasuke santana
Sasuke santana:
5:17 song name please ??
Monstrão ❤️🖤🏆
Aman Shah
Aman Shah:
Far too one-footed
Alvin Kay
Alvin Kay:
Get Luka Jovic on loan with an option to buy, then Wenner at the end of the season if Jovic fail. Don’t bring this guy .
M kallarry
M kallarry:
Remember few years back when he was linked Linked to the EPL, America obviously did him better
Hello Ejaa
Hello Ejaa:
Welcome to chelsea gabigol mate! 🔵
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos:
Abramovich you see?! 😱💙 #gabigol 😍
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
fall from grace at inter 😆
Flamengo want him from inter for only 16 millions euro ...
Welcome to portvale. 😂😂
Faz um vídeo do Trio (Gabigol, Bruno Henrique e Arrascaeta).
Norman Morton-Stewart
Norman Morton-Stewart:
The lad seems to be more aggressive and direct than many players in our club,and I feel he will be an asset to the club/team.
Serie A suits his style more
But I'd be surprised if he moved to England or La Liga
Lucas Couto
Lucas Couto:
Vídeo muito bom, faz do Bruno Henrique Flamengo 🇧🇷⚽
Victor Santos
Victor Santos:
Não importa que eu sou tricolor 🇭🇺, esse cara é brabo d+++++
Abdulke T
Abdulke T:
Welcome to chelsea then i guess
Rui Pereira
Rui Pereira:
#ed woodward open your Lazy eyes!!!
Lucas Play
Lucas Play:
Música ?
Isaias Alkimim
Isaias Alkimim:
The best player brazilian❤
Sasuke santana
Sasuke santana:
Come to Chelsea Gabigol 💪🏽
stelian v
stelian v:
come to CHELSEA !
Franklins W.
Franklins W.:
finalizador nato
Ayrton José Francisco
Ayrton José Francisco:
Qual o nome das músicas????
philip anam
philip anam:
This guy is classic player
Annisa fauziah
Annisa fauziah:
The next adriano
Benjamin Arrola
Benjamin Arrola:
Filipe Cassiano
Filipe Cassiano:
Fica Gabigol 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Daniel Łątka
Daniel Łątka:
Can you do a video about timothy weah please?
Nader WestHam
Nader WestHam:
Welcome to WestHam ⚒⚒
Andy Wellbelove
Andy Wellbelove:
Imagine if he had a right foot!!
Harrison Baker02
Harrison Baker02:
Welcome to spurs
Aniss El bouziri
Aniss El bouziri:
Inter has to give him another chance
Davi silva
Davi silva:
Joga Muito Mano
Darren Lutchman
Darren Lutchman:
Hope this guy comes to Chelsea...
Much more articulate in front of goal than dembele...
Also his imagination will offer loads more.
On Duty: Scouting for Liverpool after that Firmino comment he made. :)
Like bro
Alex fiorentini
Alex fiorentini:
fla MEN GOL !!
Coyote Mccoy
Coyote Mccoy:
Pc Junior
Pc Junior:
O time do Flamengo é uma máquina meu deus do céu
Azo A
Azo A:
Fernando albino
Fernando albino:
oooo soltou do brabo
Mehdi Fallah
Mehdi Fallah:
Nice video dude
What's last song name?
Joel Ken
Joel Ken:
Lautaro new tandem
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez:
One of very few young players these days that can remind me of Antonio Di Natale. Praise doesn’t get much higher than that, he just needs to do it in Europe.
Pedro H Marques
Pedro H Marques:
És mucho bueno jogador, tiene solo 23 años!
Jaiganesh Doraisamy
Jaiganesh Doraisamy:
Where is the skills?
Balongo Collines
Balongo Collines:
Reminds me alot about Adriano leite
Marcelo Ramos
Marcelo Ramos:
Qual nome da segunda música
alooo conte? alooo tite? pero q coño pasa!
Beginner DJ
Beginner DJ:
Would love him at arsenal
Saiko Fake
Saiko Fake:
Sebastián sj
Sebastián sj:
Algo así como mi Federico viñas del club América de México, su padre perros
Gemechu Gelan
Gemechu Gelan:
well come to chelsea! you will send Abraham to villa again!!!
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye:
Oluwole Awoleye
Oluwole Awoleye:
He’s playin like Aguero
Renzo Ruesta Alvarez
Renzo Ruesta Alvarez:
te amo gbi
Glen Beckles
Glen Beckles:
Looks like and plays similar to Kun Aguero...Get him Chelsea FC!!!
Nicole Braz
Nicole Braz:
Avi 2028
Avi 2028:
Liverpool 🤫🤫🤫🤫
IkhsanNR chanel
IkhsanNR chanel:
Calon preman SB :V
Faltou o gol de gabigol contra o santos
Shamsa Kiin
Shamsa Kiin:
Welcome to Chelsea Barbosa
Duncan B
Duncan B:
Diego Alves
Diego Alves:
Esse ai é o famoso faz gol dentro do gol ou gol já feito só ele a trave e as redes que jogou mesmo foi o Bruno Henrique