Gal Gadot Tries a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the First Time

Gal Gadot breaks down just how unimpressed her daughter is about her being Wonder Woman and shares a popular Israeli treat with Jimmy while she tries an American candy she's never tasted before.

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Gal Gadot Tries a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the First Time

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100+ comentarios:

A woman so attractive that there are no comments about Jimmy's laugh.
Anjanasree .K.R
Anjanasree .K.R:
God was just showing off when he made her
Jon Trelfa
Jon Trelfa:
Secretly she's addicted to Reese's and just tells people she's never had one so she can score free ones as often as possible.
Whoever had cast her for Wonder Woman did an 1000% job!
The Colossus
The Colossus:
Said it before and will say it again, If Gal Gadot cheated on me...

I'd apologise to her.
David Brunell
David Brunell:
Gal Gadot is probably the most beautiful woman alive.
garry thesnail
garry thesnail:
I love how 12 million people individually decided to watch a grown woman eat chocolate.
T B:
Jimmy: So I heard you have never had Reeses Peanut Butter cups

Audience: Ohhhhhhhhhh
"Holidays in America are crazy. It's all about consuming and consuming.." : How every foreigner sees the US.
She would of been the perfect new Lara Croft :)
Milenna Belotto.
Milenna Belotto.:
It’s ridiculous how the simple fact of her smiling makes me smile like an idiot. Her smile it’s magic 💕
Rico Shae
Rico Shae:
Man she has killer expressions. I could just watch her talk fr an hour.
cup cake
cup cake:
Honestly, I'm so happy she hasn't had breast implants even after seeing the whole world mocking her for her breasts. A woman who endorses her natural body and gains success and fame for her talent and work❤️
Sela C.
Sela C.:
I'm 99% convinced she is a goddess from another reality where all women serve in the military, are amazing actresses and models, and the kindest charismatic beings alive.
John The Sports Archivist
John The Sports Archivist:
I think that God made her perfectly. Nothing is out of place on her.
Anthology Of Interest
Anthology Of Interest:
This woman's confidence and self-esteem (not to mention the looks) is a gift from god. Wow!!! What a woman!!!
Jenny Truong
Jenny Truong:
she reminds me of Angelina Jolie, I mean her beauty and the way she talks with that voice. Anw she's so attractive in her own way, funny and full of energy. I like her so much!
Ofelia dust
Ofelia dust:
God must have take a little extra time while making her LOL.
She has this mixture of being cute, sexy, pretty, adorable & hot all on one.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha:
Reese company: And that's how you advertise noobs!
Jerrell Williams
Jerrell Williams:
I like how the air got sucked out of the room when she said she's never had peanut butter with chocolate lol
Dina Sullivan
Dina Sullivan:
I love she love herself just the way she is. Not as silicone lips or boobs. All natural
Reese's never has to advertise again. Just use this clip and millions will start craving a Reese's.
Jimmy went braindead for a few seconds there just because his face was so close to her's.
Pablo King Reyes - Food Channel
Pablo King Reyes - Food Channel:
Gal Gadot is so adorable. She must be deemed a national treasure and protected at all costs
Billy Xu
Billy Xu:
the most beautiful woman ever.
Aldo Estrada
Aldo Estrada:
I wish I were a Reese's.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones:
She's so comfortable in her skin and there's this uninhabited authenticity about her. She's so not Hollywood in the best of ways.
I just need a girl to look at me the way Gal looks at Jimmy when she tries a Reese's Cup for the first time.
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael:
She is so talented and she was pregnant while filming Wonder Woman. She is funny and speaks several languages. She is so effortlessly beautiful.
Blu Harris
Blu Harris: that eyebrow twitch when she realized she loved Reese’s...attractive AF. Jeez lol
When she finds out her future self makes another wonder woman movie even better.
Bernadette Teaches Music
Bernadette Teaches Music:
Simply elegant ❤
Deivy H
Deivy H:
She is extremely beautiful
Bradley Shende
Bradley Shende:
Reese's stock just went through the roof....
truth teller
truth teller:
This lady is truly one of the most beautiful creatures on planet earth
Ajey Nager
Ajey Nager:
She is not only one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN she is also one of the KINDEST !
Aj Aj
Aj Aj:
I am not sure why I am saying this, but these two should so do a movie together!!!!They actually have fun chemistry
Theo G
Theo G:
Don’t fall for her spell you guys! She’s a trained military actress. 🤪
Commander Cody
Commander Cody:
The Israeli accent is very attractive
Irandi Salazar
Irandi Salazar:
If anyone ever stood next to her they would look like crap next to her 😭😅💙
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez:
At the end she was basically like:
"I'm Gal Gadot and I approve of these Reese's."
So cute 😇💕
Lily /ليلي
Lily /ليلي:
I like her outfit🥺
Victor Bonilla
Victor Bonilla:
If brought her home to meet my mom, my mom will still ask me, "but can she cook"? 🤔😂
Captain MonStar
Captain MonStar:
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fitzpatrick:
I was lucky enough to meet and take a photo with Gal two months after this at ACE Comic Con in New York in December of 2017. She is without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person.
she’s so beautiful :,(
Gerardo noyola
Gerardo noyola:
She has the best voice omg
Megan Fetterly
Megan Fetterly:
She is so brilliant as Wonder Woman and that movie was so damn good. Can't wait for 1984
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi:
She has such a nice personality, I love it. No fakeness either.
BowTies L.A.
BowTies L.A.:
The look on her face after eating a Reese's for the first time is the same as mine every time I eat one.
Quantum Jet
Quantum Jet:
"Are you gonna share?" Gal asks before Jimmy has barely opened the packet!

FUN FACT; chocolate is the easiest way of finding out if a person is decent and good. People that don't like it are not to be trusted.
Maria Jodar
Maria Jodar:
I'm a simple girl, I see gal gadot and i click
Oscar Barahona
Oscar Barahona:
She's the real miss universe the most beautiful woman in the world.
Gal Gadot is so chill and lay back. Amazing personality.
"the plot is they need to fix a leaky pipe" that honestly would have been better than what they landed on
Edison Yee
Edison Yee:
She's so natural... damn hot, and her husky voice is killin me... ❤❤❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Blake Cromley
Blake Cromley:
If her daughter wants to be an actress, she should be DC's Wonder Girl/ Cassie Sandsmark.
Cinema Madness
Cinema Madness:
"All women are wonder women"
Oh? I guess all men are Supermen, right?
Fashion 101
Fashion 101:
Omgg her daughter is so cute and smart she raised her so well 🔥🔥🔥
Melvin Bonilla
Melvin Bonilla:
She’s naturally flirtatious....😍 I have no idea what she said btw
Robert Cook
Robert Cook:
5:45 her cute little dance
shes so pretty
Martin Allen
Martin Allen:
Really respectful comments in here.
lee gould
lee gould:
It could have been titled Gal Gadot watches paint dry. I'd still be here
"Justice plumbers"
"Why did you not flush?"
lol idek
lol idek:
I’m a simple person, I see Reese’s peanut butter cups, I click
sean delgado
sean delgado:
It's ridiculous how gorgeous she is for the love of God
Arman Deruni
Arman Deruni:
She is so elegant and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Lol Jimmy's reaction to how she likes it is me when i hear anything related to 1D or Harry Styles :)
Moshe Couzens
Moshe Couzens:
She probably celebrated purim which is better than Halloween imo bc everyone gets costumes and gives out candy to each other buuut everyone is also drunk soo....🤷‍♂️😂🇮🇱
huskybrows A
huskybrows A:
She's so confident
New Age Opinions
New Age Opinions:
If perfect were a human.
Theo Poliviou
Theo Poliviou:
He can barely hold eye contact at times and I don’t blame him tho
Marla Reid
Marla Reid:
In Canada we get 3 in the packaging of the peanut butter cups.
rian reyes
rian reyes:
God is really unfair😭😭😭... This woman is perfect in and out!!! No question
Elliott Lockwood
Elliott Lockwood:
Man, "oh, there are two?" Something none of the rest of us have ever considered as being noteworthy.
Brian Berry
Brian Berry:
The scene in Wonder Woman where they are going through the trenches and she refuses, pops up and wins the war....such an impact.... I cry every time
Bts Army Directioner
Bts Army Directioner:
She is literally Perfect!!!!

I'm in luv with her dress
Has anyone noticed Gal touching her wedding ring throughout the interview:)
Ashlee Choi
Ashlee Choi:
She is so stunning
jerson tejero
jerson tejero:
I dont care about the content of the talk show. Im focusing on her killer beauty.
God his killin me already!
She really has a magnetic personality. And the accent is wicked nice!!
Brian T Neary
Brian T Neary:
People always mention her immense beauty, but she's just flat out cool.
Byron Li
Byron Li:
jimmy lowkey has a thing for gal
• angelica •
• angelica •:
She's so funny and cute, I love her and it was her first time trying reese's and loved it and I got so happy
D M:
Fact: her smile can sweeten the bitterest coffee
Joshuel David
Joshuel David:
She has the most kissable face ever❤️
The Court Sorcerer grabbed his kielbasa and proclaimed, “the Lawd is gooood.”
Christopher Reilly
Christopher Reilly:
Orlando Vlogs
Orlando Vlogs:
she's so fucking beautiful
cere tomer
cere tomer:
6:01 I imagine that look when I dream about her with me.
Vineeth Kasi
Vineeth Kasi:
I think this is how you solve the Middleeast conflict, by sharing chocolates.
That smile, that skin, those eyes, that hair... 😍
4:43 *Thank me later* 😊
im a simple person. i see gal gadot, i click
Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes:
She looks really uncomfortable in that top, which is a stunning piece, btw.
Mr Say168
Mr Say168:
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.....
Siva Shankari
Siva Shankari:
Seeing her smile makes me happy 😍