Gaming on LEAKED Windows 11

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This week a leaked version of Microsoft's upcoming rumoured Windows 11 was posted on Chinese site Baidu. We were able to get our hands on it and EVEN boot it up with an NVIDIA graphics card to try and play video games.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:48 Creating a Windows 11 Installer
2:07 Trying to Install It
3:13 Installing in a VM Instead
4:35 First Launch & Setup
5:28 Desktop Experience
6:58 Widgets
7:14 Trying to Install Windows 10 Software
8:09 Multi-Desktop Support
9:28 New Start Menu & Search
9:54 Setting up a Graphics Card for Gaming
10:43 Booting with a Graphics Card
11:13 New Touch Keyboard
11:50 Gaming

100+ comentarios:

Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips:
For those brave enough to try (we do not endorse or recommend it), you can apparently install it on bare metal by enabling Secure Boot and TPM2 in the BIOS! :)

Also, I *know* multi-deaktop isn't new. They've added new FEATURES to it. Here's some info :)
Windows 7 users: Ah shit, here we go again
"Leaked". So free product testing on a massive scale, and world-wide feedback. Smart, actually.
"Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows." Does anyone remember this? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.
Yihao Zhang
Yihao Zhang:
"why is there a dedicated search button?"
The reason why Windows 11 refuse to install is because they are enforcing TPM 2.0 or Trusted Platform Module 2.0. A Security feature used for BitLocker. Your system MUST have it or else you won't be able to install or upgrade from Windows 10 when it releases this October. HOWEVER ! You can force your way in with a simple workaround
It’s literally just flashbanged windows 10
Caetano Pacheco
Caetano Pacheco:
Microsoft is trying really hard to make Windows look like a mid-tier Linux distro from 7 year ago + bloatware.
Everyones arguing about a new OS.

*While i'm sitting here gaming on a 10 year old Windows 7 pc*
I liked Windows 95 because folders were actually HTML pages, each with it's own hidden editable file. You could edit these files to customize your folders with background images and custom links.
Ayush Thumbarathy
Ayush Thumbarathy:
Plot twist : Microsoft themselves gave Linus the ISO so he could hype the shit out of it.
The Horizon
The Horizon:
"I haven't seen the screenshots yet..."
"So if you guys have seen the screenshots..."
The search icon on the taskbar has been there in W10 the whole time, most people just hide it... lol what an expert
I learned from this video that middle click opens a new window of an application. That's amazing.
"Why does middle click not open a new instance of something that's open?"
TIL middle click opens a new instance of something that's open in Windows 10
Smoonthy -TMG-EOL
Smoonthy -TMG-EOL:
"We need to re-think about Windows 11..."
"You mean deciding to release it or to rebuilt it?"
"I was about to say if we made it look like MacOS."
"Oh. That's a great idea! How do you know it's gonna sell?"
"We don't, but we gonna try."
Julian Kandlhofer
Julian Kandlhofer:
i love how 90% of the stuff linus geeked out about is already in windows 10.
Universal Dance Studio
Universal Dance Studio:
leaked build is amazing Then original build will be extremely amazing :)
GIF as "Jiff" LOL.

Probably one of the oldest arguments on the net.
Simillogically Speaking
Simillogically Speaking:
Thanks Linus, for letting me know that I have at least until October of 2025 to keep using my Windows 10. That's a relief. I thought I was going to have to deal with re-installing all my work in the New Windows 11 in the next few months. But there's a tricky install reminder on my update page I will have to not click accidentally for the next 4 years.
Jacob Persico
Jacob Persico:
8:57 I never new I could use middle click to open a new instance. That's very useful. I'll use that next time.
The Ripe Tomato Farms
The Ripe Tomato Farms:
"Pirating is thirsty business" certainly is...!
Retro Game Republic
Retro Game Republic:
Just downloading the insider preview now. Looked pretty good on the preview event.
Your beard just keeps on giving . Never give up on your dreams. Beard dreams .
Jonathan Limon
Jonathan Limon:
Pops into frame: "Hello Tech Tips, Linus here... What is WINDOWS?"
PAtriot AV
PAtriot AV:
Thank you for the great videos. Thumbs up ! Nice reviews and tests !
pTree's Workshop
pTree's Workshop:
Well, you blew my freaking mind that "middle click opens up another instance of an app". Thank you! haha only took me most of my life to learn that lmao
VVanHoose Productions
VVanHoose Productions:
He’s rockin the beard
When this version of 11 was taken by you, it isnt even in its public trialing phase (windows insider). So ofc it's gonna be sluggish as it's not even stable yet
Jamin Smith
Jamin Smith:
how did you game on this, like how did you get your GPU on the emulation?
That hoodie, Mwah! Magnifico!
“Windows 10 is our last operating system” yeah we knew that wasn’t gonna last
I have relatively high hopes for this new one..
Tyler Bond
Tyler Bond:
I love how Linus was like oh you got to right click the windows button for task manager, but crazy thing is you could just use Control+Shift+Escape
Paxton Cargill
Paxton Cargill:
I just want a stripped down version of windows that is focused on performance entirely
Mare Era
Mare Era:
Thank you for sharing that. It's going to be different - need to upgrade soon . . . . .
Chris Titus Tech
Chris Titus Tech:
Here is the TLDW: It's a reskinned Windows 10 based on macOS
Virtual desktops, icon looks, etc. are all on the Windows 10 dev build.
Jeff Pruett
Jeff Pruett:
I love how manscaped sponsored you committing a crime
Ever since, "You'll never need more than 640k of RAM", I've stopped believing anything MS says.
Think it looks pritty good, looking forward to try it :)
Subhayan Ray
Subhayan Ray:
When they announced that windows 10 would be the last windows, they specifically said it'd be like Google chrome browser as far I remember, like it'll get updates only but no new title update
_Plot twist:_ Microsoft *intentionally* leaked the iso so they can get tech youtubers to work for free as quality assurance analysts.
Ok Ok
Ok Ok:
For every bloat added and every UI change done with each new Windows release I'm getting more and more convinced that Microsoft is run by a very advanced AI with the one flaw that it doesn't understand the concept of good ideas/bad ideas. It seems to just flip a coin. Sure hope this will offer more than just visual changes, going from 10 to 11. Maybe I'm old and wrong.
1:59 noticed the Cat Tips on the wall, please do some more of these :)
David Coker
David Coker:
Thankfully you dont have to keep the Windows start menu in the center, you can set it up to be on the far left like it normally is in other windows versions
Chris A
Chris A:
So...they basically changed a few little things around? Meh hopefully I can just keep going with win10 for a while. It ain't broke!
White Queso
White Queso:
Linus: "You can't middle click to open a new instance of a window?"
Me: *Tries this operation for the first time.
Martin Miguelena
Martin Miguelena:
You can easily install graphic drivers for Windows 10 in W11, even the kernel version is the same as W10.
what about the performance though for gaming? Any noticeable difference to windows 10?
nat barmore
nat barmore:
Huh. So virtual desktops finally work just like macOS. I could really use that on my current work computer—the ability to do that makes my Mac a better remote Windows client than my Windows 10 work machine.
Heh, apparently my laptop can run it..... I'm surprised you needed so much for it!
Jude P
Jude P:
Can't wait to spend a few hours removing all of the bloatware
Jerico Gamolo
Jerico Gamolo:
Is windows 11 does have system wide smooth scrolling? The feature I want the most with my browsers hopefully to be implemented on OS level!
Juan Jose
Juan Jose:
I still use Rufus, simple and to the point
"I haven't looked at any of the leaked screenshots", also "If you were looking closely, you might've noticed that any of the leaked screenshots of Windows 11 were at oddball resolutions" ok linus
Don Drechsel
Don Drechsel:
Never realized Linus is Canadian.... Makes a lot of sense now 😁
Mr. M
Mr. M:
Microsoft: Windows 10 will be the last ever version of windows
Also Microsoft: We had some free time during the pandemic
nat barmore
nat barmore:
Upside of right-click on the Start icon for Task Manager is that it’s always visible. When I had just one monitor, sometimes it was hard to find a sliver of the Task Bar that was empty so I could right-click on it.
Эридий Смук
Эридий Смук:
"Cool new feature to switch between desctops" we have it in win10. I constantly using it.
Timothy Graupmann
Timothy Graupmann:
Oh man it happened again. I disconnected a TV and all my monitors rearranged. So looking forward to better multi-monitor support and some automatic grid layouts for arranging monitors. The current drag and drop never aligns perfectly. And the mouse can get stuck on the boundaries between monitors in Win10.
Honestly, it's windows. It's still good😂
Today I learned:
Middle click opens a new instance of an application.
"we thought that meant never paying for another upgrade"
Windows 11, a free upgrade.
Calvin Stevens
Calvin Stevens:
Holy intro. I ain't watched in a minute
Commie Bomberman
Commie Bomberman:
"Kind of like, well, nothing. Nothing works like that"

Did you forget that Linux exists?
loron lavoie
loron lavoie:
Theyll slowly take everything from Linux just like Mac did.
Albert Cole
Albert Cole:
"A complete rethinking of windows"
When has that ever been an improvement
Dark Blue
Dark Blue:
Linus forgot to talk about the most important thing, DARK MODE
I don't want to bang my eyes with this bright ass theme
TikTok  Johnny Saint
TikTok Johnny Saint :
This has been a rather, shall we say, exciting week. First, Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 to great fanfare, emphasizing the new, flashy user interface. There was just one problem: If you didn't have a system with the latest Intel Generation 8 or above processors, you couldn't have it -- you'd be stuck on Windows 10.
Started with criticism, then ended in awe. Just because... it worked as an OS finally. :)
Rick Mahnn
Rick Mahnn:
I used Glasswire and it showed me the perverts at microsoft were more intrusive than I thought. Hats off to Forced updates and windows 10 telemetry. Thanks Glasswire. :-)
Luke Belanger
Luke Belanger:
Me: "Why would they release Windows 11 already, 10 JUST came out!?"

*been 6 years*
Tucker Brooks
Tucker Brooks:
Hey Linus I have a pc that I build a few months ago and it’s ran perfectly up until about a week ago, now it is using 100 percent on my cpu almost all the time I’ve cleaned everything, re applied thermal paste and scanned for viruses in all the ways I can think of, any tips?
Derek Smith
Derek Smith:
How many times did you have to do the Manscaping ad at the last part of the video. I laughed until it was over. Great Segway.
So even though I'm perfectly fine with my current laptop (old one), now I have to buy 1000$ one just to use the new software, new OS? I mean I don't even play games or anything, but the laptop will become obsolete. Apparently I wont be able even to use Notepad without buying overpriced and overkilled laptops. Maybe 1000$ in the US is not big of a deal, but to the rest of the world, it is.
Me: that got to be the best pirate I've ever seen

My friend: so it seems
Eric Altom
Eric Altom:
Microsoft really needs to get it through their heads that not everyone wants their desktop computer to run like a damn tablet or phone.
can anyone explain what they did with the testbench + VM to make it recognize the gfx card?
Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38
I tried it on a intel i7 2700K, 16GB mem and 1650GFX and it ran better than it did on your rig, I didn't even have any keyboard lag like you did in this video
Lol yeah.... That is always in the back of my mind whenever running any sort of full versioned or cracked software I grab off the net. There's always that thought that maybe, just maybe, it's been tampered with in some unscrupulous way.
AJ Medrano
AJ Medrano:
“It just works.” I guess that Bethesda acquisition really paid off in the end
multi dekstop support and the "kinda cute" feature is already on windows 10
it's litterally just a reskin
Kent Wood
Kent Wood:
boy you guys are sure getting mileage out of this supposed "leak"
Well, Linus guesses I am switching to Linux. Way to go Microsoft you had to keep ONE promise.
Ace Strife
Ace Strife:
That screen resolution looks incredibly unhealthy if Linus has to be THAT close to see anything.

Is it 4k on a 29" or something? DPI is a thing, sure, but still sucks regardless.
Konrad Nosal
Konrad Nosal:
"I haven't looked at screenshots"
"the screenshots were all odd resolutions"
Knarly J
Knarly J:
Could you make a video about the lowest priced pc build if it beats console or not?
The Reaper Production
The Reaper Production:
they went mac literally ! with the audio latency of course.
John George Bauer-Buis
John George Bauer-Buis:
I'll have to install ClassicShell when I get a Windows 11 system set up. My muscle memory is also pretty strong.
Tom G
Tom G:
FFS, just give us Win98 with updated compatability! That's it, done.
The Horizon
The Horizon:
"Windows 11 will be our last update"
Oh man I can’t wait to dig through another generation of interface to find the basic sound card settings.

So we will now have a windows 11 interface over a windows 10/8 interface, over windows XP interface to get the basic sound settings in a windows 95 looking panel.

I guess the upside is I get to feel like Indiana Jones digging through history to find what I am looking for.

Could they just pull a 2001 Apple and start from scratch already?
Oh linus, if only you would have enabled secureboot and TPM 2.0. That's all the "system requirements" you need to pass with those machines.
Syd Gaming
Syd Gaming:
Linus the XPS 15 2020 meets all the requirements if you still have them in the office
I don't know why in mac, you can just dl an iso. but on windows, you'll have to directly create a bootable drive
"I'm not gonna promote piracy but... we pirated it." Lmfao
Sarmad Qureshi
Sarmad Qureshi:
14:38 What about yours? 🤡

Bet he never back with the milk.
Monke Haircut
Monke Haircut:
May get better but just looking at it I'd perfer windows 10
Alpha_ Synergy
Alpha_ Synergy:
Personally I'm more impressed you got red dead 2 to run on a PC.