Hear from Gareth Bale for the first time since he returned to the Club on a season-long loan from Real Madrid.

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Tstyle 7
Tstyle 7:
Hopefully the amount of 'yeahs' in this interview is how many goals he will score this season 😂
Henry Healy
Henry Healy:
I'm not even a Tottenham fan but it's good to see him back in a Spurs jersey.
jack lawrence
jack lawrence:
Takes shot every time Bale says “yeah”

*dies from alcohol poisoning*
Riddy Haz
Riddy Haz:
Me: "How desperate were you to leave Real Madrid?

Bale: "Yeah."
I feel like I’m watching a civilian being released by North Korea
Taeseo Park
Taeseo Park:
he came as a kid
left as a hero
and returned as a legend
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips:
Plot twist:
Gareth is only here as a substitute English teacher for Harry.
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY:
So he will end his golfing career in Tottenham.
yaboi tyrone
yaboi tyrone:
I can confirm he said "yeah" 19 times in this interview; someone had to count.
I can't understand him through that thick Spanish accent he's picked up
He looks excited...there's life back in his eyes
Michael A
Michael A:
He used to say 'Obviously' all the time..I think YEAH is a Spanish equivalent.
Cray Cray
Cray Cray:
Bale: Yeah
Gerrard: Yeah, ofcourse.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez:
As a Madrid fan, I feel bad about losing him, but it was the right decision. Zidane didn’t give him another chance so he can redeem himself here. Hope he can regain his form here and be great again.😃
As a Madrid fan, I’m happy to see Bale go somewhere he’ll be appreciated
oliver .s
oliver .s:
I'm not even a Tottenham fan but even I'm so excited he's back,

Back where he belongs.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
It’s nice to have Gareth “Yeah” Bale back on the squad.
Interviewer: “is your relationship with real madrid good?”

Bale: “Yeah...

But actually no”
joao Makumbu
joao Makumbu:
Why are you all only caught up on of him saying “Yeah” be happy for the man that he’s finally home 🏠 #WelcomeHomeBale 🔥🔥🔥
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22:
"Bring more belief that we can win a trophy" it's so sad lol
Dad finally returned with the milk after 7 years.
Bhaskar Paudel
Bhaskar Paudel:
I’m a Madrid fan and I hope they let him stay at his Home Tottenham he looks happier in London than he did in Madrid. Thank You Bale you absolute legend
Rafi Smith
Rafi Smith:
From a Chelsea fan it’s great to see him back in the peek such a humble player
He’s going to miss speaking Spanish
huy cuong le
huy cuong le:
should have this question for bale: " how about golf- which is second choise in your list"
Words cannot describe how excited I am for Bale and Reguilon to return alongside Son, Kane, and the rest of the squad.
bet he came back cuz they're offering a golf course lol
Jericho Km
Jericho Km:
🙂 : do you like tottenhan?
Bale : yeah
🐼 : zidane mourinho who do you like better?
Bale : yeah
⛳ : let's play golf
Bale : HELL YEAH!!!!
Lwazi Sikhakhane
Lwazi Sikhakhane:
Finley Jones
Finley Jones:
How many times he said ‘umm yeah’——————-
10k subscribers no videos
10k subscribers no videos:
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto:
"Yeah" ~ Gareth Bale 2020
Ayaanzzy 10
Ayaanzzy 10:
Wales. Spurs. Golf
Hopefully in that order😁
Ameya P
Ameya P:
This is the first time I have heard Bale speaking.
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo:
Reporter:: “Gareth, what’s your sons name?”

Bale: “Yeah”
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
Finally, Spurs found a player to replace Bale
Jose Orton
Jose Orton:
No one:

Bale: Yeah..
Arg Ankit
Arg Ankit:
Take a shot every time Bale says "yeah"
Andy Ramos
Andy Ramos:
man really said “hopefully I can get some match fitness “ he belongs here😞

- Gareth bale, 2020
Literally I can expect those yeahs when he saying something.
Remington Gaming
Remington Gaming:
Finally,He got his old perfect life back❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bale : “hopefully win trophies”

Boys in the locker room : “we dont do that here”
Reny Bermudez
Reny Bermudez:
wow it's amazing to see him again,wearing that shirt. i hope he will do amazing,i'm so looking foward to watch him play.
Zad Teck
Zad Teck:
Bale: “Yeah”
swoosh 32
swoosh 32:
18 times he said "Yes" during the interview. Hope he gets the exact number of goals this season.
베일 형 미쳤어 너무 좋잖아!!!!
Mad_Dragon Rc
Mad_Dragon Rc:
Interviewer:Asks question
Ishwar Bhat
Ishwar Bhat:
It feels like I have heard the real name for the first time. 😂 That excitement 😭
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
1:07 Back then he was like a rugby player. Now he looks like a hipster who dropped out of art college.
Arsya Fadhlan
Arsya Fadhlan:

Welcome home bale😍
Fuerte Ash
Fuerte Ash:
Incredible how someone can insert 19 'yeah' into a short interview.
"Hopefully win trophies"

Has he lost the ability to speak English since he left England? Bale: "yeah".
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior:
What got me is the amount of times he said “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and when the poor sod said
“HOPEFULLY win trophies” 😂
Liberty Official
Liberty Official:
Used to be my favourite player back when he was #3 I'm glad to see him back😢😪😥. - Man City fan
Usman Ahsan
Usman Ahsan:
Gareth “yeah” bale
Vijayendra Vittal
Vijayendra Vittal:
"Yeah" count 39 ❤
You need to cut that hair before you start playing mate. That's the reason for your previous troubles.
Diego Loera
Diego Loera:
I’m a neutral fan, and I’m so excited for football in general to see this guy in the league again💪👍
Prince 13
Prince 13:
"Bale rampaging forward, gives it to Benzema... Ronaldooo!" Gonna miss hearing that talk. Truly the end of an era is upon us😪
yeah 겁나 많이 쓰네 베일 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 말 생각할 때마다 yeah 쓰는 듯
"How does it feel to be here?"
Bale: Yeah
Khin David
Khin David:
"Win trophies" 😆 😆 with spurs. Come on dude when u was still with spurs didnt win anything.
Alliance Mpofu
Alliance Mpofu:
He's used to the bench did you him at the saying, " I'm gonna enjoy watching him"
Tou Yube
Tou Yube:
Wow! so many perfectionist in English literature are here in comments section. Yeah, what a great level of critique you all are.
Pure Oz.
Pure Oz.:
"Yeah" --
Gareth Bale, 2020
Kamlesh Mukhopadhyay
Kamlesh Mukhopadhyay:
00:28 "Hopefully win trophies"

All the spurs fans: *YEAH*
Ernesto Melchor
Ernesto Melchor:
Tears filled my eyes when I saw the joy return to Bale. He’s excited to be back and I hope he has a prosperous season. Let’s go, Spurs!
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus:
As a mdrid fan, I hope the best for you and James Rodriguez.
Central Futebolista
Central Futebolista:
He's my favorite golfer ... Oh, does he play football too? And is he going to play for Tottenham? Well I don't care I want to see is he playing golf
A R:
I’m happy for him! He looks exited and motivated! Great news
Bale: Yeah>Yeah>Yeah in that order.
Welcome back, YEAH.
Victor Vichev
Victor Vichev:
Man said ,,yeah" 19 times
Márk Lovász
Márk Lovász:
Wales. Golf. Spurs. "Yeah."
WhiteArrow Scott
WhiteArrow Scott:
Gareth’s back and erm.. yeah! It’s good for him to be back with the lads and erm.. yeah! The training ground has got a lot better and erm.. yeah! It’s great to be back amongst the new players and erm.. YEAH!
I can't wait for his short hair to come back now 😂
TheRedGang Gaming
TheRedGang Gaming:
Wales Spurs Golf Madrid
In that order! 😉
jb Rasel Debbarma
jb Rasel Debbarma:
Feels good wen a hero come backs to the club for helping it,still if he is not in form like before
"played" 7 years in Madrid, learned 0 spanish words
Tiến Lâm
Tiến Lâm:
Thanks god i have been waiting for this day. <3
Welcome back Bale!
“Yea” lol
Lee Parsons
Lee Parsons:
Great to see a smile on he’s face! Well done Gareth!
Dr Diaz
Dr Diaz:
I am so happy for this man❤️
This man's transfer to Madrid literally laid the foundation for the current Spurs team. What an icon.
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed:
After this they introduced him to the pitch and he asked :this is not my pitch the golf os that way sir oh kane is here he plays golf too
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
Great player. Congratulations Spurs for getting him back. Looking forward to seeing him play.
pes Muhhiqbal
pes Muhhiqbal:
Welcome back , PL ICON ❤️ i'm so excited!
Ejat Nawi
Ejat Nawi:
Summary of the interview : *YEAH*
John Peterson
John Peterson:
What a season this going to be, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, City, Chelsea and spurs have extremely exciting new players and managers, and with Leeds back with bielsa and playing some amazing football even better. A season I don’t think any of us will forget. From an LFC fan. Exciting times
Mike MacDonald
Mike MacDonald:
"so... yeah..."
Mousam Das
Mousam Das:
" Y E A H ! "
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Why are you all only caught up on of him saying “Yeah” be happy for the man that he’s finally home 🏠 #WelcomeHomeBale 🔥🔥🔥
Dark Knight 22
Dark Knight 22:
You'll see how much he loves the club when in a year Spurs say "Gareth we want to sign you but you need to take a pay cut."
Kenny Cringeworthy
Kenny Cringeworthy:
To think he almost went to Chinese League last year. Glad Madrid "blocked" it for him!
Jie Sun
Jie Sun:
Welcome home, and thank you Levy and JM
key bear
key bear:
i started loving Spurs because of him and Dafoe
Kofi Obiri Yeboah
Kofi Obiri Yeboah:
Great move and 'yeah' I trust you'll deliver.
Feels great to see his smile! COYS, please enjoy your glory here!!!!!!!!