Gary Neville reacts to Man United's semi-final defeat to Manchester City | The Gary Neville Podcast

Gary Neville analyses the Carabao Cup semi-final between the two Manchester clubs, looks ahead to a compelling final between Pep and Jose and gives his thoughts on whether a trophy-less season will put added pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position as Manchester Utd manager.

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100+ comentarios:

At the beginning Gary looked like he just stopped crying lol
Sefa Tan
Sefa Tan:
gary neville thanked for joining his own podcast
Gary just got done smashing a line of charlie as the video started
2020 CL SZN
2020 CL SZN:
Please get Gary some warm room the guy's always shivering in his own podcasts lool
Christian O
Christian O:
No one is talking about Ruben Diaz but my oh my he is good
Why is no one ever mentioning that Maguire and Lindelof are diabolical at crosses and set pieces. Ur 6ft 5 go and win the ball man thats your job.
Chester Lester
Chester Lester:
Gary looks like he just finished punching Harry maguire...
Joshua Sinclair
Joshua Sinclair:
If Liverpool don’t win this league Man City will. Man United are not a title winning team as of yet, if Bruno dosent perform they are mediocre
damien bryan
damien bryan:
The martial dive.....even Bruno looked embarrassed.....
This is class. Need more of this.
If anyone wants their form back all they have to do is play Chelsea🤦🏻‍♂️
Ashley Downes
Ashley Downes:
2:35 Gary is malfunctioning guys!!
Layth Jato
Layth Jato:
Love how Gary is doing what his boss used to do: Complement everyone and slide from under ... Well Done :)
Harun Kelly
Harun Kelly:
The absence of Cavani is very noticeable in this United team.
Gary looks like he has come to attend an wedding of his ex girlfriend
Sam Plant
Sam Plant:
Everybody: Press play and tap the left arrow multiple times

Gary: How he feels inside
Stuart Heaps
Stuart Heaps:
As a City fan i hate the fact I've warmed to Red Nev nowadays, great pundit with wide knowledge of the game.
Dyl Darbs
Dyl Darbs:
Was Gary crying at the start of the video haha
Timo Time
Timo Time:
Gary looks like he’s had depression for years every time Utd lose
app 1612
app 1612:
Well done city outplayed us but how tf is ole not seeing the problem with harry and linderlof together 🤦🏾‍♂️
When Stones gets on the score sheet you know its going to be Man City's night.
Sir Auryn
Sir Auryn:
when you have that defensive trainwreck of a partnership in Lindelof and Maguire you've no chance of entering a title race - the other United fans will see that soon.
Undoubtably the best pundit out there he’s so objective, unbiased and knowledgable could listen to him all day
Mark A123
Mark A123:
Gary doin a line at the start of the video to relieve the stress of United losing another semi final
Gary saying Maguire could've scored a header.. ffs.. the last time he scored a header was against Newcastle away last season.. other than that he's been "unluckily" heading the ball over the goal all season
Goal Post Lads
Goal Post Lads:
Fair play to Gary he is always speaking the facts and is never biased
They are 2nd in the league and they lose to a team that have their second gk out idk what it was
Simon Rudge
Simon Rudge:
I always love how honest Gary is win or lose
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Martial " diving" to try and con the ref into awarding a penalty,was an embarrassment to himself,United and to the game of football in general. It is basically cheating.
h a m
h a m:
We’ve found Kompany’s successor, someone who leads from the back and keeps the defence very organized.
City have been in form since the Arsenal game but everyone just ignored it
Darth Maul
Darth Maul:
Gary is right here. The media propelling Man Utd into title challengers because they’ve picked up a few points. Man City we’re always the danger to Liverpool. Roy Keane called it.
craig Fearon
craig Fearon:
5:20 Gary has a massive drop off coke 😂😂😂
prime adonis
prime adonis:
Bruv he just did a slug line before this video started!
Shakir Iqbal
Shakir Iqbal:
Absolutely great dive by martial too.
David Clixby
David Clixby:
The back 4 are always ball watching when crosses come into the back. Maguire especially .attack the ball.
Tanvir Hussain
Tanvir Hussain:
Swear Gary has some issues hahaha 🤣
Godfred 7
Godfred 7:
Man mark Bruno and dat team is done ,fernandinho just did it
My favourite thing that had been said this year is from mark goldbrige “the only cup we our going to get is a cup of tea””😂
pure black African
pure black African:
We need need a center back, and if our big players want to be world class they need to perform in the big games like this.
Honestly could listen to Gary all day, all he states are facts
Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr:
Gary “if you said at the start of the season” Neville part 2 😂
Utd’s defence and attack on set pieces is one of the worst in the entire league. Shocking tbh, needs to improve ASAP.
Alex Dunne
Alex Dunne:
Would rather see someone put a leg or a head in and score an own goal rather than do nothing and let the ball go past them
Zakariya Chowdhury
Zakariya Chowdhury:
another semi final loss😭
V Larsen
V Larsen:
City are more and more looking like a PL winning side. United was on par with City for about 30 min, then they went a gear or two above us.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B.:
7 years and we still haven't replaced Rio and Vidic. Goes to show how superb they were.
Ash Leach Fitness
Ash Leach Fitness:
2:36 - L’Oreal. You’re worth it.
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner:
City look unreal at the moment tbf. Their defensive shape is so impressive. Ruben Dias is a fantastic defender
Robin Korkmaz
Robin Korkmaz:
2:36 Covid issues..
yoo yoo
yoo yoo:
Garry Neville looks stressedd at the start 🤣
“It’s time for united to knuckle down” lol... NOW it’s time
Cam Murphy
Cam Murphy:
weve got our city back!.
G K:
Another good win, cb 2 look awesome, rip 🌸 Colin Bell mcfc 😔 ⚽ 🏆 🇮🇪
It took some time, but City are getting back to their best. And that makes the title race even more nail biting.
G Rezzo
G Rezzo:
crazy thing is, Messi might be in this team next year
Bernadette Lindres
Bernadette Lindres:
Man City is peaking man... Looks really lethal
Ajay Parmar
Ajay Parmar:
At the beginning it looked like Gary had just come up from finishing a cheeky line
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman:
City near to the best and yet united lost ..... hahaha....Of course united lose 😂
No talk of martial diving about 5 times and never getting booked
tahiti treat
tahiti treat:
Gary must have been watching another game! Phil has always been the nicest Neville.
I love how every beginning of the podcast starts with gary fixing his hair and adjusting the way he sits
* Straight Street Meet *
* Straight Street Meet *:
He’s wishing he looked like the image on the screen 😂
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri:
Ole is overly reliant on Bruno .. and being reliant on one player to such an extent aint gonna help us win nothing this season
Lips 1878
Lips 1878:
From smalling & jones to maguire and lindelof 😂 we been blessed for years. When is it gonna stop???
Janjua __
Janjua __:
At least they both went for it this time
Godfred 7
Godfred 7:
Man mark Bruno and dat team is done ,fernandinho just did it
The Martial dive was absolutely pathetic and no booking tells you all you need to know about how referee's treat United differently.
Will L
Will L:
Gary looks distraught at the start 🤣
Matthew Olugbemi
Matthew Olugbemi:
City favorite, yes. But wait until they confront Jose and Spurs and in a final!
Iliketo Troll
Iliketo Troll:
2:38 head and shoulders advert😂
Royck James
Royck James:
So all this time am watching Man U matches and I hear grunts and banging I thought it was fans but it’s Gary out raging 🤣 and this is coming from a city fan
HBK 2:
United fans panic so quickly, I swear they was on cloud 9 last week 😂😂😂😂
0:21 who is that guy with the sunglasses on the screen 😂😂😂
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez:
Garry shouuld collaborate with some YouTubers! Football Daily!!
Oscar Leigh
Oscar Leigh:
They needed Gary out there 😂
arsalan zubair
arsalan zubair:
2.36 Gary heard covid and nearly passed out!
J S:
I’ve watched the first 3/4 seconds of this video a few times and the more I watch it the more I believe gazzas done a quick line before this❄️
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
0:57 I am sent 174 each and every day due to this here *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Laugh and a Joke
Laugh and a Joke:
Think he needs to say “standards” more
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
I always love how honest Gary is win or lose
hey shoutout though to OMM Technology.. rockin' the LED Perimeter Systems ;)
Michael Fadahunsi
Michael Fadahunsi:
Thank you Gary for making city the favorites and not giving Spurs a chance I hope when Spurs do win the final u have the same energy and give Spurs the respect they deserve.
Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon:
"Stop crying your heart outtttt"
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
1:46 I acquire 104 day after day with this *f u n d a i l y p a y*
As a City fan that was the best critique I've heard Neville do, very objective and some very good points.
You're very welcome.
Yash Jalan
Yash Jalan:
Cmon pep vs jose is being compared with olè vs jose 🤣
serves him right for laughing at richarlison when he got injured
Newkey Aaron
Newkey Aaron:
1:30 I receive 164 everyday as a result of *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Free Arsenal
Free Arsenal:
Have a feeling city will win their favourite cup slowly coming back to their best. Stones & Dias were remarkable tbf 😅
Fede Bonavitta
Fede Bonavitta:
Gary a real legend ✨
Derek Queen
Derek Queen:
City playing with a striker and amazing if they want to play it’s done am Liverpool and shows how hard it was to beat them they are different league two games no striker tho when and hammered them there amazing side
Mukesh Das
Mukesh Das:
0:18 I am sent 171 per day with this here *f u n d a i l y p a y*
L b
L b:
Quality, from a Man City fan this is a good moment hearing this from this guy, good on you Gary. The best no cap
Kyekye Eminah
Kyekye Eminah:
You could see the inept Maguire clowning for both goals. Allowing the ball to pass by him to the last post for Stones to score and running around like a fool for the corner leading to the second goal. Once I saw Bailly on the bench, I knew City were going to win.
Lushomo Munsanje
Lushomo Munsanje:
Man Utd look the better team on paper.....Pogba oh my the guy can't run wonder what he's good at
Martial the laziest player of all time for United thoroughly inconsistent
Arran Evans
Arran Evans:
why does it seem like gary did a line of coke before this
Ding Dong
Ding Dong:
12 months on, same opponents, same outcome, same clueless performance !!
BarebackBarbarians FC
BarebackBarbarians FC:
Klopp explains how many dubious pens united have been getting, very next united game martial does the cringiest dive I've ever seen... So he was right. The refs hopefully finally see it. All contact in the box isn't a pen