Genoa 1-2 Napoli | Mertens and Lozano Seal Narrow Victory for Napoli | Serie A TIM

Goals from Dries Mertens and Hirving Lozano were enough to secure victory for Lazio | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Street Soccer International
Street Soccer International:
Great finish from Mertens on the first
Molly H
Molly H:
Politano -60 minutes = 0
Hirving - 2 minutes = 1 Goal
bankz adrian
bankz adrian:
Lozano has speed and scores why doesn’t gattuso use him more often he would help us more surely
Joey Guardado
Joey Guardado:
Lozano should stay if he keeps this up 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Ezeanolue Onyedika Emmanuel
Ezeanolue Onyedika Emmanuel:
Fabian ruiz is such an underrated player, what a pass to spot Lozano for that goal
Lozano vs Verona 6 minutes 1 goal
Lozano vs genoa 2 minutes 1 goal
Hevian Music
Hevian Music:
¡México en la casa! 🇲🇽
Benard Ndeda
Benard Ndeda:
I've never watched a full Serie A game this season, but I've watched every highlight from them
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Well done chucky 👏🇲🇽💙
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
Gattuso made a great substitution to bring him on but Lozano needs to START the next game. Review and Player ratings video on my channel!
Gabriel 1998
Gabriel 1998:
Forza Lozano! 💪👏😎🇲🇽
Ayotzi 43
Ayotzi 43:
If Lozano doesn’t start next game, Gattuso definitely has it out for him.
Edgar Ramales
Edgar Ramales:
Eso mi chuky venga, a seguir callando bocas.
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Lozano was on fire ❤🙏✌🔥
This is the best run from Lozano this season Love it
Christian C
Christian C:
Something tells me lozano is gonna score against Barca when the champions league returns
Papu Rodriguez
Papu Rodriguez:
Lozano is the Best🇮🇹🇲🇽
would really like to see lozano start but the idea of using his speed as a super sub on tired defenders seems to be working for Gattuso
Arctic swan
Arctic swan:
Hirving lozano should start every game. He delivers always
Kiboi “Emperor Rankiboi” Nderitu
Kiboi “Emperor Rankiboi” Nderitu:
Lozano doing Dem FIFA 20 sprints😂😂.
Mamt Patet
Mamt Patet:
3:13, What a ball from Fabian Ruiz....amazing.
Efe Belibağlı
Efe Belibağlı:
1 disallowed goal and beautiful bicycle from elmas. He is becoming a star
Erick Saro
Erick Saro:
Viva México!!! 🇲🇽
Original Gamer
Original Gamer:
Nice goal coming from lozano!
Mustapha Dz
Mustapha Dz:
Napoli= Like 👍
Ganoa= Comment 🖋
Mexa_ Por excelencia
Mexa_ Por excelencia:
Vamos Napoli.... bueno por Lozano.
classic definition of mertens
This was written in the description
Goals from Dries Mertens and Hirving Lozano were enough to secure victory for Lazio | Serie A TIM
Aqil Hariot
Aqil Hariot:
Mertens is my favourite player ever 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
1035 Atharv Vyavahare
1035 Atharv Vyavahare:
Lorenzo Insigne is soooo underrated Mann !
why is Gamora?
why is Gamora?:
Grande Lozano ❤🇲🇽🔥🇲🇽
luigi scotto
luigi scotto:
Gattusso is really getting Lozano to wake up and get in his best form. I think Lozano is best as a sub though because he can really get passed the tired players. Forza Napoli Sempre
Gamal Abdulla
Gamal Abdulla:
Glad Mertens stayed at Napoli. Underrated player.
Gabriel 1998
Gabriel 1998:
Vamos México vamos Lozano!! Nadie como tú!! 👏😁😎💪🇲🇽
David 132
David 132:
Lozano underrated
Daniel Flego
Daniel Flego:
That Lorenzo goal as a thing of beauty.
Match Reviews, Analytics
Match Reviews, Analytics:
Fernando Bunny
Fernando Bunny:
Lozano at 2 minutes 👌
Traviezo BN13
Traviezo BN13:
200 IQ del chucky👏🏻👏🏻
dark side
dark side:
Elif Elmas Macedonian Young Star 🇲🇰❤
Jessica Hoamster
Jessica Hoamster:
Amazing Match! Who else played it on Betnetto live surebets??
BG Dropship
BG Dropship:
Amazing Match! Who else played it on Betnetto live surebets??
Heron Blue
Heron Blue:
Gattuso has really turned this club around. Looked rough the first 10 games but they are on a roll.
Oscar Cardenas
Oscar Cardenas:
Alright, another goal for Chucky. It was also impressive how he located to ball after almost losing it in the run.
L.I V.F:
Chuky Lozano è un bellissimo giocatore, che invidia di non averlo in Perù. Saluti da Chiclayo 🇵🇪
Hector Cardenas Beltran
Hector Cardenas Beltran:
Eso es todo Chuky!
Pes Maniacc
Pes Maniacc:
Perin deserves a big club and most importantly start in every match
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez:
A huevo era cuestión que le dieran la confianza al chuki gracias gatuso
1035 Atharv Vyavahare
1035 Atharv Vyavahare:
Mertans is soooo underrated Mann 🥴
prod. og mvrco
prod. og mvrco:
Asi mero, Lozano! 🇲🇽
Saúl Díaz
Saúl Díaz:
Buena chuky 💪
Malinwa 4ever
Malinwa 4ever:
That's classic Mertens
aramiz π
aramiz π:
The timing on that run was 👌
Citizens Cash
Citizens Cash:
Bueatiful run from Lazano there
vininio petrov
vininio petrov:
Mertens! Such a nice guy!
3:15 Gol del Chucky
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios:
Goool de chuky
Angelus Docus CHORONG
Angelus Docus CHORONG:
David Uriel Tagano Huchin
David Uriel Tagano Huchin:
Lozano against Barcelona , I can’t wait for that ☝🏼
José Alejandro Castro Martínez
José Alejandro Castro Martínez:
Atlas vs Cruz Azul :D
Educación Física Preescolar
Educación Física Preescolar:
Dale Lozanooo!!
Man Serie A is fire this season 🔥🔥🔥
Soy Kabe
Soy Kabe:
El chuky lozaano🎵🎵🔥🔥
Constantly hungry (čuňas čuňárek)
Constantly hungry (čuňas čuňárek):
Love this channel 👊✌
Suad Bajrami
Suad Bajrami:
Everyone is talking about lozano, let's take a minute to appreciate the amazing performance of elmas
Cristian Iniguez
Cristian Iniguez:
That pass and that goal were perfect 👌🏼 video game status
Jose Husen
Jose Husen:
Mertens Comeback 💙💙💙
Chuma Mendez
Chuma Mendez:
Eso es chuky enseñale al Gartuzo que tambien sabes jugar
césar gonzález (césar d.)
césar gonzález (césar d.):
eeel chuky lozaaanooo
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Another for napoli 🙏⚽✌🔥❤
fabio carpanini
fabio carpanini:
2 Capitoni nella rezza ! :)
Eeeeeell chukkyyyyyy lozaaaaanooo... Eeeeell chukkkyyy lozaaaaanooo... 👍🏻😎🇲🇽
Armani Sg400
Armani Sg400:
🇲🇽 💪
Gul Makai
Gul Makai:
Napoli win from so long time 👍👍
bom89 ar
bom89 ar:
dries mertens napoli legend what a player he has been for them.
พี่ต้าร์ หุ่นหมี
พี่ต้าร์ หุ่นหมี:
นาโปลี สุดยอด ชอบ เมอเท่น
Lozano should go to Everton
Joe Li
Joe Li:
Genoa’s defending is so 💩
Vignesh Kr
Vignesh Kr:
Fabian ruiz🔥
The Twin
The Twin:
Zach Mohammed
Zach Mohammed:
Martinez Villa Jose Manuel
Martinez Villa Jose Manuel:
Me da gusto que Lozano este adaptándose
Jose Rios
Jose Rios:
Abdallah Abdulai
Abdallah Abdulai:
1:45 Barss😂😂
Ángel Rui
Ángel Rui:
Napoli 💙
baskoro aditya
baskoro aditya:
Mantap gatuso
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Venga mi Chuky Lozano
Salatiel Ops
Salatiel Ops:
Chuky 😍
Praveen Mukundan
Praveen Mukundan:
Seria A has best official youtube channel which puts top quality highlights of match. You guys always include the video of building the goal. That's something not seen from others.
Your editor should get high praises 👌
Pacho Rubio 87
Pacho Rubio 87:
Ramon Ambia
Ramon Ambia:
Gatuso es un estúpido, en menos de 50 minutos ha anotado 2 goles, era el mejor jugador en Holanda, es estúpido dejarlo fuera.
Mertens-Perin is an everlasting humiliation
Nicole Correia
Nicole Correia:
Ramon Uriarte
Ramon Uriarte:
Genaro gatuso es de juego muy elaborado. Tardan mucho en llegar a portería contraria. Juego muy defensivo. Lozano muy vertical, muy efectivo. Los delanteros que tiene de titulares no son productivos. Muy poca ofensiva. Lozano es mucho mejor que todos los demás delanteros del napoli.
John Roberts
John Roberts:
Napoli is wonderful club
XxAaronxX YT
XxAaronxX YT: