Genshin Impact #1 Question Beginners Ask "Best Character?" Beginners Guide

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#1 Mistake Beginners Make
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YOU are the BEST character
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PART 1 of Beginners Guide
22 Top Mistakes Beginners Make
#1 Mistake Beginners Make
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Team Building Guide Pt. 2
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Beginner's Playlist :
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Bro I can't get enough of your content. I learned so much about the game and I didn't even know about it until yesterday
Odo Kentang
Odo Kentang:
i'm getting Qiqi yesterday, thinking about reroll again. But guess what, now my Qiqi is DPS,Healer & Support elemen,
just need Klee and my Loli Team is complete
Dz Nuts
Dz Nuts:
Actually, pick the characters your device can handle.
The only Genshin tier list that matters to me: Who's thighs are the best?
Reno Nyanz
Reno Nyanz:
people need to get rid of that "best meta" mind set. This is not a pvp game. Even if you ended up using the worst character, it just mean that you did not play the game in easy mode but hard mode.
Diwan Khan
Diwan Khan:
Best character for wall climbing is Lisa
Am I right team?
Genshin Impact

Expectation: uber fight scenes and action-packed adventure, mona thighs, and cute MC

Reality: a non-stop wall climbing and sprinting extravaganza, no mona, and cute MC
Kelly Hays
Kelly Hays:
I'm so jealous of mona! i got keqing and qiqi tho so I can't complain.
Arata X
Arata X:
“Who is the Best Genshin Impact Character?!”
Zeals be like: Just All Of Them
Raum Kuma
Raum Kuma:
Best genshin impact YouTube creator ever
Asking for the best character is so dumb

Your Waifu will always be the Best Character. That's a fact.
Colton Lovejoy
Colton Lovejoy:
I feel like people forget that this game isn't competitive. Don't quote me on this, but this is the most relaxing anime game 2020.
Ramida Ryu
Ramida Ryu:
Summary: Follow your PP. If your PP agrees, then go with it. :)
And this is why im not pulling for Venti, despite him apparently being so powerful

Waifus > Power
Send Loli
Send Loli:
I like how he keeps encouraging more on fun and enjoy the game than following "meta" list. Auto subscribe!
hull green
hull green:
This is a MUST watch for every player doubting their roster. F’ing legend. Legendary video!
Anime Yahallo Studio
Anime Yahallo Studio:
Oh please please. The number one question is "Where do you look when your character is climbing?"
nicky xavier
nicky xavier:
Imo no one suck. It depends on the situation there's no All-Rounder chara here
Avi James
Avi James:
Thighs? Ah a fine man of culture right here
Easy answer: All of them are average unless you know how to combine team comp elements. The hardest part is picking which husbando or waifu you want to focus on otherwise you stretch resources thin lolol. True boss battle is picking 4-5 to stick with and lvl.
Thank you for trying to answer all of our questions. I was going to ask, but figured you had enough ppl doing that already 😅
Honesty pick what you have and moan "i don't have 5star character" like me. k
Max Zuorba
Max Zuorba:
Wholesome content
Broken Heart
Broken Heart:
That shampoo joke the moment i heard it I immediately subscribed thought “ oh thats a guy i would love to watch daily•
Paul Gabriel Clarito
Paul Gabriel Clarito:
Favorite Genshin Impact youtube channel! ❤️
Bman 84
Bman 84:
“Pee pee shots.” Lol.
That moment when you really want to get Venti, finally getting 5 star item in Venti's banner and its Mona -_- I don't complain, but...
ASPECT Gaming:
I subbed just because of your Fun, Entertaining Videos and Because of Genshin impact.👍
Ogam Peyang
Ogam Peyang:
But, but...what bout The shampoo?
Grim Begotten
Grim Begotten:
> Even with some of the most unpopular 4* people can build teams around them
In CBT3 I cleared up to Abyss 11 with Kaeya as main dps :D
Michelle 0
Michelle 0:
I’ve been rerolling for a whole day and I’m gonna keep going at it till I get my mfing keqing
Ria Lusce
Ria Lusce:
I've been a lurker on this channel for quite some time now, and it makes me happy to see this channel grow. Thanks for the updates on both arknights and genshin stuff Zeals! Rooting for ya!
Slightly Grim Gaming
Slightly Grim Gaming:
Noelle is actually 1 of my fav for my play style. Yet the "tier"lists i saw before game came out said she was bad.
im so glad i found you man! love the content dont even realise 10 mins are gone bless the algorithm for you <3
Parth Rajkondawar
Parth Rajkondawar:
Helping me console after not getting my waifus
Yvette Puse
Yvette Puse:
You’re on a roll with the uploads! Thanks for all the fun content!
Caelin P
Caelin P:
I got two 5 stars on my third day playing F2P
Nur's Daily Dose
Nur's Daily Dose:
BROO i just went into starglitter shop, got one intertwined fate and got venti! Hooooly hell every time i pull after watching one of your vids i get something great!
Stansla Michael
Stansla Michael:
Great content. Much appreciated.
you are one of the few YouTubers that I watch who listens to kda
BHDolphin Gaming
BHDolphin Gaming:
Ah I see ur also a KDA Blade :)
Got Fischl and 1 dupe, has basically turned her into a gatling cannon. paired with the free Barbara/Xiangling and Kaeya (yes Kaeya) i am smashing my way through mobs
Joe junior
Joe junior:
I want raids as endgame and I hope it will be, got tired of honkai impact abyss.
"what shampoo.." u crack me up man 😂
Following Tier Lists that doesn't explain how to build your character and why they are placed where they are what enables them to be up there will ONLY HARM You. This isn't a game like Mario where one character walks over the world of Teyvat. It's a team-building game.
Levi Best2
Levi Best2:
My favorite characters are Mc(male), Benny and Noelle 💕
Uncle Don
Uncle Don:
congrats on 70k rap GOD! :))
2 words for you my friend: Subs, cribed.
I learned a lot with your videos and they help a lot. Thank you
forgamer chan
forgamer chan:
Love the mona jokes haha
Kholifah Hidayatu Akbar
Kholifah Hidayatu Akbar:
Do you know what makes me smile?
Hearing Venti say "whooosh" while gliding.
Tom S.
Tom S.:
The best part of the game are the salty downvotes you get when you post your 5 stars on reddit.
that first joke made me subscribe lol
I got a 5 star and 8 other 4 stars from the gifted rolls
Loving Beidou as main right now, when you time her counters right it’s sooo satisfying. Plus, total waifu
best advice period ... this guide apply on other game as well ... more power bro.
Thanks for this video, I have some friends who are stressing about rerolling and getting the 'top tier' characters so I'm gonna show them this video, to me i feel like the gacha is just one part of the game and there's so much more to explore and experience from it
nice guide as always, but most importantly i have the same blanket as yours
Eka Wahyu kurniawan
Eka Wahyu kurniawan:
Your channel growth is well deserved, keep up the good work! (A new sub here)
I'm very thankful to genshin for leading me to your channel. In love with your voice and accent rn
Tamna Mina
Tamna Mina:
Thx u always fun to watch ur vid 😍
Not sure if we got the joke already... Dem-Mona-Thighs ...get it?
Hi big fan remember me when you get famous. BLOW UP BRO! thanks for yoir informative vids
BuT wHicH cHaRaCtER iS tHe BeSt?
An egg With a few subs
An egg With a few subs:
Kinda missing the idle hero’s content what happened to that 70 000 that you were going to work on
wtf so fast.
i always wanted to be the first comment
TheDaily Daily
TheDaily Daily:
Well explained for beginners cos some stick to metas and fails the experience of the game. They should fix with the character they feel good at.
Zeals be like having most of the 5 stars characters on his side
Caleb Sevick
Caleb Sevick:
Didn't think I'd hear someone confuse automatic with semi-automatic in this video lol
Nikola Hansson
Nikola Hansson:
I Like Barbra bc i love her playstyle and shes cute and shes a great healer
Joey Mentch
Joey Mentch:
Thank you for this. Subbed
Jake Lloren
Jake Lloren:
"pp shots" got me dead WAHAHAHAHAHA
kami kira
kami kira:
I always pick the coolest and master them
8:23 oohh i can see monnaaa 😂😂😂😂😂
c a
c a:
anyone knows bow the exp system works in coop?
U deserve all this subscribers 😉
shangyee mock
shangyee mock:
i love u zeals keep up the good work
Damn, very wise!
Captain Bazonka
Captain Bazonka:
Yo Thank You For The Tips!!
Bruno Frei-Maurer
Bruno Frei-Maurer:
you are a blessing for genshin players
Dryxc oof
Dryxc oof:
I subscribed yesterday and got jean, venti and fischl in one pull. Coincidence? I think not
Enihohs Ifital
Enihohs Ifital:
16 hours of re roll for only one 5 stars. And i play keqing every time, every day, every second
Welp, I just got slapped some sense HARD....

Umar Saad Salehuddin bin Samsudin
Umar Saad Salehuddin bin Samsudin:
Janus Skuld
Janus Skuld:
Thank you.
Clay Adams
Clay Adams:
hey i'm new here, saw the new player guide in recommended and checked it out. subbed right away, you're doin great work, keep it up
Ro Bear
Ro Bear:
I like your moxy, play what you enjoy great tip :)
XI MIPA1-39- Satria Andrew Tan
XI MIPA1-39- Satria Andrew Tan:
Hopefully i can beat this game without spending my money XD
Kriton. Din
Kriton. Din:
I'd want a videe about what elemental characters are good to use for combos and all that
Bael Spectre
Bael Spectre:
Aaaaannnnd Subbed. Spot on, tired of people coming up with these BS tier lists. Everyone is different, everyone has their playstyle pref. Well done.
Gavin Ll
Gavin Ll:
ive sent your re roll guides to around 50 people lol
Thank you
I pulled three characters one including Mona, it's my first time playing.
craf draf
craf draf:
Very nice content, and i like the part you say " just use the character that you like the most", im just combing amber with lisa, i like to play ranged, and getting sick headshots with amber 😂 and just got a 4* bow for her
Jakub Mitošinka
Jakub Mitošinka:
I got mona, when I hit AR 10. So stoked, didnt even reroll.
Arman Santana
Arman Santana:
What shampoo do you use?
Federico Lavaselli
Federico Lavaselli:
Good video dude! i like that mindset , i like noelle so im going all in on her, some people call her trash, i dont care, i like that kind of bruiser type of unit.
5star Mona on my first roll I was happy with that 😌