Genshin Impact #1 Question Beginners Ask "Best Character?" Beginners Guide

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22 Top Mistakes Beginners Make
#1 Mistake Beginners Make
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Odo Kentang
Odo Kentang:
i'm getting Qiqi yesterday, thinking about reroll again. But guess what, now my Qiqi is DPS,Healer & Support elemen,
just need Klee and my Loli Team is complete
Bro I can't get enough of your content. I learned so much about the game and I didn't even know about it until yesterday
Easy answer: All of them are average unless you know how to combine team comp elements. The hardest part is picking which husbando or waifu you want to focus on otherwise you stretch resources thin lolol. True boss battle is picking 4-5 to stick with and lvl.
hull green
hull green:
This is a MUST watch for every player doubting their roster. F’ing legend. Legendary video!
Diwan Khan
Diwan Khan:
Best character for wall climbing is Lisa
Am I right team?
Elmer Viacrucis
Elmer Viacrucis:
I've been a lurker on this channel for quite some time now, and it makes me happy to see this channel grow. Thanks for the updates on both arknights and genshin stuff Zeals! Rooting for ya!
Chunxiang Wu
Chunxiang Wu:
I do feel this game's elemental reactions are far more important than pure stats, and yet the differences between 5 or 4 star characters are minimal. That's said, play whoever you like, and remember to match elements in your team~.
Send Loli
Send Loli:
I like how he keeps encouraging more on fun and enjoy the game than following "meta" list. Auto subscribe!
Kitai Suru
Kitai Suru:
The basic team-building strategy in Genshin is to have a main DPS and 3 supports: a same element, a element reaction and a wind support for the -RES effect.
If anyone is willing to reroll and want to have the best possible end game squad, I would recommend rerolling for a main DPS which is Diluc and Keqing, 2 of the best main DPS currently in the game.
Jean and QiQi are both healers thus can easily be replaced by barba.
Mona is capable of both the main and support role, but she is not as powerful as the other 2.
Venti is the best in slot Wind support currently, but it is fine to use the Hotaru/Sora as a Wind support. Also rerolling for him is a pain and his banner still last for another month, which mean there is high chance that you can roll him anyway.

What makes a good main DPS:
- Easy to use (melee weapon > bow, if you think bow is easier to use than melee...what's wrong with you 0.o)
- Spammy skill to make up for the CD of other support characters
- Able to tank hits
- High damage
- Good element (fire and elec currently has higher damage reaction than other elements)
I think they need to add heavy attacks to right click and allow characters to swap for combo extensions/finishers. Will add a ton of depth to the gameplay.
Slightly Grim Gaming
Slightly Grim Gaming:
Noelle is actually 1 of my fav for my play style. Yet the "tier"lists i saw before game came out said she was bad.
Agreed about the fact that you don't have to follow the tier list to make you happy. Currently I am sticking on Anemo MC and Amber, and I had blast killing monsters until I achieved AR20 yesterday. Gonna stick with these until I have more decent characters.
Genshin Impact

Expectation: uber fight scenes and action-packed adventure, mona thighs, and cute MC

Reality: a non-stop wall climbing and sprinting extravaganza, no mona, and cute MC
Following Tier Lists that doesn't explain how to build your character and why they are placed where they are what enables them to be up there will ONLY HARM You. This isn't a game like Mario where one character walks over the world of Teyvat. It's a team-building game.
Reno Nyanz
Reno Nyanz:
people need to get rid of that "best meta" mind set. This is not a pvp game. Even if you ended up using the worst character, it just mean that you did not play the game in easy mode but hard mode.
The only Genshin tier list that matters to me: Who's thighs are the best?
craf draf
craf draf:
Very nice content, and i like the part you say " just use the character that you like the most", im just combing amber with lisa, i like to play ranged, and getting sick headshots with amber 😂 and just got a 4* bow for her
Dz Nuts
Dz Nuts:
Actually, pick the characters your device can handle.
Dj Carris
Dj Carris:
Great video and definitely helpful. If possible, I'd love to see a video which characters work best on mobile.

Its been quite a struggle using some characters on mobile and it would be good to hear the opinions of someone who knows the mechanics of the characters.
A Username That’s Totally Original
A Username That’s Totally Original:
I use keqing with Barbara, gives additional hydro damage with electro. And keqing just destroys with any of her attacks plus the heals from Barbara it’s just amazing tbh. Keqing can use her orb thingy to teleport and can go higher to fly a bit further or get to high places easier.
Colton Lovejoy
Colton Lovejoy:
I feel like people forget that this game isn't competitive. Don't quote me on this, but this is the most relaxing anime game 2020.
Yeah overall every character is good depending on who controls them. Cause I absolutely love Beidou and some consider her a lower tier. All depends on how you play and build cause she’s awesome for me.
Ayarte xD
Ayarte xD:
when i tried for the first time on trial Venti and Xiangling i was droling, i felt in love with their combo instantly, it was must have for me*_*. Now i team up main char (as wind), Xiangling, Venti and Qiqi and i realy love to play as them <3
Ramida Ryu
Ramida Ryu:
Summary: Follow your PP. If your PP agrees, then go with it. :)
My first priority in this game is to save 180 limited banner rolls lol. Luckily Venti isnt really for me so I dont mind skipping this banner, but I gotta futureproof myself against some limited top tier waifu being released later on
Thank you for trying to answer all of our questions. I was going to ask, but figured you had enough ppl doing that already 😅
I think venti is must to have for late game. Gather is so powerful and can be used quite often. It enables many combos and strats as well. You can finish every dungeon only with venti and fp2 chars.
Max Olsén
Max Olsén:
Barbara is a key part of my team even in early game.

I use Fischl's E to gain Electro, switch to Barbara and use E to get Wet status (Barbara's weapon also increase the dmg of the next character swap with 48%), then switch Chongyun, use E and deals massive damage. You get Freeze hard CC, Super Conduct and Electrocharged.. Big damage <3
i'm getting quite confident bcuz of this video, thank you for those comforting words! i'm not much into online games, let alone a gacha one, this is my first, and this channel was the perfect timing :>
Scarlet Night
Scarlet Night:
Zeal is fantastic at explaining. No surprise why he’s growing so fast. Can’t wait for you to hit 100k man <3
Thanks for this video, I have some friends who are stressing about rerolling and getting the 'top tier' characters so I'm gonna show them this video, to me i feel like the gacha is just one part of the game and there's so much more to explore and experience from it
I started play this game yesterday, and after a couple of hours when I already had few basic characher I watched a tier list video about the charachters. And then one of my favorite Amber was in rank "C" and I just: "Eh, ok. But still like her. Even if the E spell not so great, it had could be better, but still I like her."
So yeah, if you like a character play with it, master it and you can be better with a "C" rank characher unlike with a "S" rank character.

Thank you for the video, I subscribed :)
You have some of the best advice especially since this is my first ever game 🥺 finding your own "game style" is crucial. I realized today (after watching your video) that i don't like using amber. Don't get me wrong, i love using her (also bcs she's cute) but i am complete shit when it comes to aiming/using a bow 😭😭 i have always wanted to play a character that uses a bow as their weapon but i just can't get the hang of it 😔 so when in a fight with monsters, she's absolutely useless to me bcs i can't aim... At all. Maybe i need to work on my hand eye coordination or something but you people who use archers as your main setup have my absolute respect.

Edit: totally unrelated but what is this "meta" thing everyone always say. I don't quite get it.
Hey Zeals, first of all thanks for all the tips, you made this game a breeze for me and just genuine fun with VERY little frustration!

Got a couple questions for ya if you get the time to answer them:

Do we know of any future characters coming beyond venti/what will happen with venti after the banner ends (as in will he join the general pool of characters, or will he only potentially be back in specific banners in the future or what)?

What is the requirement to proc the dive attack? Just jumping and click attack does not seem to make it happen for me, so does it require a greater height or is there some trick to it?
I love the fact that his not biased in character uses, some other streamers call our character trash, while this guy here encourages us that we can enjoy playing the game even if we don't follow some tier list❤️
Maya Neko
Maya Neko:
I had the luck to roll a 5-Star bow in one of my first few weapon whishes, so it's definitely Amber who gets the most love from me^^ I'm just still trying to find good supportive characters for her.
That's good to hear because I actually love playing as me, the anemo traveler. I just always seem to rely on him when I struggle with the other characters. Thanks for the awesome advice, subscribed 🤙
King Kong
King Kong:
I was so lucky getting diluc I rlly wanted mona tho but once I tried diluc his Q skill is so easy to charge and he got most insane damage during boss fights. I was thinking to reroll again for mona but I know in the coming future, I know I’ll get the 5 star character for me
Got Razor and Fischl on my 11th lvl5 reroll, bout to continue reroll but decided not to since they kinda make a good pair (and I <3 Fischl) then smacked me with a Jean and Xiang on my lvl7 roll <3

Currently running Razor Fischl Xiang Jean and Im enjoying it so much lol
Like always nice video. But I'd like to say this on one of your earlier videos about team comps. Some ppl like me are visual learners so if you'd run us through the process of creating a team. Choosing main dps finding the right support and all that'd make the video a 20/10
What I've learnt is that if you playing solo best to practice combos and element combos but if you like Co op and multilayer you wanna find that one specific character style you love , and a second character with a different element, either similar style or a different style. Then decide who you really like and play! As Co op another person or friend may also like the same character as you other than this USE WHICHEVER CHARACTER AND HAVE FUN
Benkiller Hun
Benkiller Hun:
Barbara has really good damage output and I really like her playstyle 😁
Got her from mail free so I'm happy
Man Nila
Man Nila:
Players that play the game for only 1 month can try and reroll for their "favourite" character or "OP" character, but players that tend to play this game for a long time and will try to get to late game will use whatever they gave you, 5* is not always the best option
Rose Daniels
Rose Daniels:
Love your content! Followed your top 4 picks! Fischl, Barbara and Razor! I got lucky and got Diluc as well. Awesome superconductor even with Diluc!
Huaning Lyu
Huaning Lyu:
Best character in current version is Razor.
It's so good that I m worried it going to be nerfed soon.
TheDaily Daily
TheDaily Daily:
Well explained for beginners cos some stick to metas and fails the experience of the game. They should fix with the character they feel good at.
I started playing last week and I've been loving these guides!
Sen Sen
Sen Sen:
I actually thought I might end up cutting back on my AK funds cuz of Genshin Impact, but now it feels like Genshin might be the first gacha that I actually don't feel an urge to spend. Even if I do really want Venti.
I agree with most of your points but guys just know this is a pve game and there isn't really anything you cant fix if your team isnt working. Just take your time and have fun building your characters
• party time •
• party time •:
maxed out Xiangling already. good thing is, every Xiangling i get now, gets me a free reroll :D
only 5 star i got so far is Keqing but i really like her playstyle and abusing her teleport. never spent any money, got 8 different characters and 6 xianglings.
Atm i run Keqing, Xiangling, Barbara and Chongyun. But hitting hard is not about characters at all, weapons and artifacts are the real deal. Just pick the characters you like (out of the ones you have of course) and dope them as hard as you can.
the bman
the bman:
I think a beginner arti/wep guide would be good as well, like which free arti/wep is worth getting to max level and awakening or not awakening. And what weapons and artifacts to craft (I need this video so bad)
And this is why im not pulling for Venti, despite him apparently being so powerful

Waifus > Power
Yvette Puse
Yvette Puse:
You’re on a roll with the uploads! Thanks for all the fun content!
Federico Lavaselli
Federico Lavaselli:
Good video dude! i like that mindset , i like noelle so im going all in on her, some people call her trash, i dont care, i like that kind of bruiser type of unit.
Alec G.
Alec G.:
So I heard from at least a few sources that its better to focus on leveling/upgrading 2 characters to start with before power leveling your 3rd and 4th party members. With that in mind I want some suggestions on who I should focus on for my 2nd character. At the moment my team consists of

Lvl 40 Mona (using a 3 star book) Water
Lvl 20 Chongyun (using a 4 star greast sword) Ice
Lvl 20 Bennett (Using a 5* sword) Fire
Lvl 20 Fischl (Using a 4* bow) Electric

I was debating between Chongyun since he pairs well with Mona for freeze or Bennett since he has a 5* weapon and can melt with Mona. Though I know electric is a pretty good element across the board.

I'm adventure rank 20 right now, just wanted to start working on my team but dunno who to prioritize and dont want to keep holding out for another 5*.
Eka Wahyu kurniawan
Eka Wahyu kurniawan:
Your channel growth is well deserved, keep up the good work! (A new sub here)
Storm Vallentine
Storm Vallentine:
I got a crazy roll on my beginner roll (Barbara, Noelle, Bennett and Fischl). After trying and falling a good reroll a couple of times, I bought a few packs and now I have Barbara with her full constelation unlocked, Fischl with lv 2 constelation unlocked, Keqing, Venti, Xiangling with lv 2 constelation unlocked, Xingqiu, Noelle, Bennett and Sucrose.

I am thinking my best bet here is focusing first on Venti and Fischl, using Fischl as my DPS early game and swapping to Keqing later on, after I get a Cryo support. Or perhaps Venti and Keqing would be a better idea?

I kinda like all characters I rolled so far bar Bennett, all of them seem really fun, so I am kinda lost. Anyone has any suggestions?
Well I don't know how lucky you can get for Xiangling, but I managed to pull her through the Jean's banner. I am just glad this game alongside Rockman X Dive. Gives you the currency to get these characters, without means of out right paying them. I am probably going to hold off and save up my Primogems, in order to purchase a good quantity of those fate items, so this way when its probably like...7 days left for the Venti banner. I can use whatever fates I purchase on it, and just...hope for the best lol. Though did not expect the game to pull myself into the game...spent all night playing and exploring from 11pm to literally 7am DX
Silya X
Silya X:
I love playing 3rd person shooter and would love to play with a sniper, but I play on the ps4 so hitting sth without an auto focus is way to difficult and takes too much time in a fight. So effectively I'm gonna have to play without a sniper. Only for puzzels it's okay since you can take your time to focus, even though it is still quite annoying to use.
Im a type of gamer who doesn’t go for the hype player but my specific style of game is long range attack, a character with diva style attitude. And I found her in ninghua. She’s my main hero, not famous, not meta but im enjoying the game. You’re right, you have to pick hero that suits your play style not joining the bandwagon of meta unless you really like that character. Happy gaming!!!!
The real question is....

which is the best team for each bosses and environments
Jason Chan
Jason Chan:
I've just started playing yesterday and I'm AR12 now, my current roster consists of Fischl, Barbara, Xiangling and Chongyun. Is this a good composition or should I try replacing someone? I have Lisa, Kaeya, Amber, Bennett and Noelle on the bench. I just hope I don't waste resources developing lackluster characters.
BashXIII The Azure Dragoon Ch.
BashXIII The Azure Dragoon Ch.:
I was planning to re-roll in tjis game BUT looking at everyones fast speed roll videos that take like almost more then half an hour all the time and make a new email everytime and I was like... "Fk it, too much effort" got lucky pulled 2 4* characters twice and stuck with em.
Loving Beidou as main right now, when you time her counters right it’s sooo satisfying. Plus, total waifu
Anime Yahallo
Anime Yahallo:
Oh please please. The number one question is "Where do you look when your character is climbing?"
Day 1
I already got two out of four Event exclusives, and four new characters total.
Checking the Gacha pity-pull Rates, I'm guaranteed my next 4star 10Set Gacha to be Xiangling (i already got Fischl and Barbera back to back from the Beginner Event)
Venti is my final, haven't pulled a 5star yet, aside for Noelle, and the free Primogems i got from the game already permitted 4 free 10sets, so I'm due Venti within the next 5 Sets, provided I'm willing to shell out a Whole Game's cost ($50) to pay for 20 Gacha a day for the next 3 days. Your one-time double bonus of 12960 Gems for $100 gets you 81 Gacha, which is 9 shy of a 90-pity-pull Guaranteed Venti if you're unlucky, however the Gambling Addicts among you will know that your very next pull might be the one you want.
Julius Renzo Agas
Julius Renzo Agas:
I don't know if I'm lucky but I was able to get 2 *5 star hero consecutively. I just used the free rolls and I got barbarra. So I tried my luck and recharge $15 because of the bonus x2. I got Mona to my suprise and fishcl at first, then I have some currency left, I used it and I was able to get Venti and Fishl again.
Yeroc Gaming
Yeroc Gaming:
I'm having so much trouble picking which chars to party with lmao Characters i currently have are Barbara, Chongyun, Xiangling, Noelle, Beidou, Xingqiu and the ones you get in the early storyline. Any suggestions?
Hi! Thanks for all the videos, they help a lot! I got a question that bothers me in every game with real money shop. What is worth buying with primogems, crystals and other currencies there are? Are there any noob traps? Like, beginners bundle for the same 300 crystals you get from a 5$ subscription looks like an obvious one, for example, but maybe it's not.
Ok so I got 3 really good rerolls and am unsure with which to stick.

Nr.1: Jean, Mona, Fischl, Razor, Sucrose, Barbara
Nr.2: Venti, Fischl, Beidou, Xiangling, Barbara
Nr.3: 2x Qiqi, Fischl, Xiangling, Sucrose, Barbara

I wouldn't really mind any of them.

For NR1 I like Jean a bit but not as much as Venti. This pick has 2 5* so that kinda balances it against pick 2. I also really like Razor.
For NR2 Venti is really strong and flexible so this might be the pick to stay open for future content and characters.
NR3 has a Qiqi with her first constellation which gives her increased energy generation. This account seems good for doing a razor build if I roll for him later on.

I will stay 100% F2P so I doubt I will get any 5* with high constellations later on. How much does this matter for Venti, Jean, Mona or Qiqi?
Can they keep up with 4* at higher constellations while being c0 or c1?
Thanks for the content. Currently ar18 on ps4 and got 3x Barbara, 2x Bennet. Thoughts on my team comp: Barb, Lisa, Kaeya and Bennet? Gunna swap Bennet for xingling when I'm AR20
s n
s n:
i got qiqi at first roll, i thought at myself when i got it 'i want to do a reroll' but then i tried her, then realized the game has some element effect. Now I combine qiqi with barbara and the result is perma freeze, I'm even fighting level 20 guardians while my character is just level 5
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt:
Do you know if the elemental bonus you get by artifacts is applied by the character that puts the ”base” element, or the one that procs the combo? Or is it both?

I was lucky enough to get Keqing yesterday and currently im only building Atk multipliers on her and a combo of elemental items on the rest of the team since i basicly only use them to get combos. However i ALWAYS proc the combo with Keqings E or Q, do i still benefit from the other characters elemental bonus damage? Or do i need to proc the combos with the other characters to take advantage of the bonus damage?
BROO i just went into starglitter shop, got one intertwined fate and got venti! Hooooly hell every time i pull after watching one of your vids i get something great!
That moment when you really want to get Venti, finally getting 5 star item in Venti's banner and its Mona -_- I don't complain, but...
My Team lvl 50 at the moment:
Main Dps: Razor / 3 constellation / 5* Weapon
Sec Dps: Xiangling / 6 constellation / 4* Weapon
Support: Traveler / 4 constellation / 4* Weapon
Healer: Barbara / 6 constellation / 4* Weapon
I like this Team alot and even without a gacha 5* character this works realy well!

In the Box:
Venti ( pulled recently so he will may be the next to raise after the first 4 ) + 5* Bow
Zeals, a good idea for a video might be what to do to maximize your number of rolls as a f2p player.
Bit of a tough question since all characters are good, just depends how you use them
Case Died Well
Case Died Well:
I spent a few dollars, not going to lie, but I've got 2 full parties are 4* and am having a BLAST!
As for the spreading myself thin on mats; I've locked myself to boosting my 'other 2' to 20 and Ascended once, but not leveling them after.
So far, my Mains look to be Razor and Barb. The Water/Electro combo is BRUTAL, keeping my Twin (that first Constellation Pull is GREAT) and Xiangling for her AWSOME speed/crit and the
AOE from her E.
Still on the fence about using Xiangling or... the little Fire boy w the sword? but I got time.
Or maybe I'll swap out for the the other Bow girl, the Electro one so I can get the double zappy zap on TOP of the Electro/Hydro combo...

Now if I can just get some weapons, lolrip...
Yo if you guys trying to search your main character to grow, well belive me or not the starter/main hero is Worth to use atleast until your adventure rank level 15+ its so good when your starter character level is high enough the wind explosion dmg is good trust me
Rab Bustamante
Rab Bustamante:
Great because you respect your viewers' time and money.

This CC earned a like and a sub!
Grim Begotten
Grim Begotten:
> Even with some of the most unpopular 4* people can build teams around them
In CBT3 I cleared up to Abyss 11 with Kaeya as main dps :D
Got myself Venti on one account and Keqing on another. Gave the Keqing account to a friend of mine. Keep up the good content!
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen:
Bro your content is not only extremely informative and to the point but you also make me laugh a bit. I'm glad I googled and found your channel, you got my sub <3
Mati L
Mati L:
The best character is the character that you believe to be the best.
*Do not doubt yourself, this is a game for fun, no one can say that your choice was bad. Especially in this game.*
ASPECT Gaming:
I subbed just because of your Fun, Entertaining Videos and Because of Genshin impact.👍
I cant wait until youtubers starts to make ideal team builds.
Kriton. Din
Kriton. Din:
I'd want a videe about what elemental characters are good to use for combos and all that
this game focus on synergy. just make a balanced team with different elements.
water and lighting, pretty cool and do bonus damage.
Got mona first try with couple 4 stars(surcoze and another one dont remember her name), plus Noelle. She is fun to play especially with Lisa. Now i need only a good healer (without rerolling Just enjoying what the game gave me)
Hansel Rainer
Hansel Rainer:
If you on PS4, you get very OP early game 4 stars sword that will boost your traveler like nuts. Stick with traveler char, and pick few supports. You will get barbara upon reaching AR20, shes good healer for your traveler. Maybe if lucky, noelle also good buff for zero knockdown. Or use kaeya for CC. Last slot either you want xiangling to burst with traveler anemo(geo sucks btw) for burst or pick anything.
Yoink Control
Yoink Control:
Get the best hero, you will never know what the dev add that your characters stay viable.
best advice period ... this guide apply on other game as well ... more power bro.
Hi, just SUBBED! I really wanted keqing but got venti on one and diluc on an another account. So really need a suggestion on which account I should keep from the two? Need pro advice
Zeals be like having most of the 5 stars characters on his side
i got Qiqi on my first roll first aacount was so happy that was the character i was looking for . i was like WTF soooooooooooo happy
did build around barba and oh man it was great because i could do so much higher level fights than i could do before
Summery Cast
Summery Cast:
Gacha games are a predatory model but I'm not gonna lie. When you get that one unit you really want within a few tries, the feeling is incredible! Yesterday I finished the Beginner's Banner. On my first role I got the girl in the thumbnail. I also got that geode crystal user, but Mona was the jackpot for me and best of all I had no expectations getting her so early! My second reroll was worst but that single 4* gurantee net me that lightning bow user... Another favourite in the community.

Now I'm wondering if I should try my luck on Venti's banner or just go for the weapon banner since I really could use better weapons.
Tyrell Ford
Tyrell Ford:
I pulled Venti and Fischl from my R5-7 rewards. Do you recommend saving for the next banner? Thanks.