German prisoner identified as key suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance - BBC News

A German prisoner has been identified as a new suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from a holiday resort in Portugal 13 years ago.

The man in his 40s is a convicted sex offender who had been living in the Algarve at the time, travelling around in a camper van.

Detectives in Germany have made a television appeal for more information. Madeleine McCann was three years old when she went missing from Praia da Luz in 2007.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford.

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100+ comentarios:

How is it going to trigger anyone's memory THIRTEEN years later?!
Shannon xo
Shannon xo:
Whether the parents were involved or not, they should've been charged with neglect! Leaving young children unattended🙄
Fran NSh
Fran NSh:
The biggest breakthrough was when the Portuguese Police identified her completely dodgy parents as N0.1 suspects..
it took them 13 years to discover this and how many millions again. hmm ridiculous
Rock Lover
Rock Lover:
The Dogs knew there was a dead body
Biggest breakthrough since the LAST Biggest breakthrough..
p petkov
p petkov:
Didn't you notice that all of this breakthroughs happen always around Madeline's birthday.
There's only 2 viable suspects and they ain't German.
pat bland
pat bland:
Feel like they’re just trying to pin it on anyone to close the case. Something is missing about this case
Bambi ber
Bambi ber:
Ask Kate and Gerry where her remains are
Feel bad for all the parents that had their children go missing and didn’t see this much support or coverage
TGQ_cadi YT
TGQ_cadi YT:
Till this day I think the parents have something to do with it
Pineapple Jack
Pineapple Jack:
i still think the parents had something to do with it
Hathan Z
Hathan Z:
Tomorrow's news. Suspect found dead in custody.
who leaves a 3 yr old in a hotel alone like wtf :edit thx for the likes
Liyla Lou
Liyla Lou:
If this doesnt get solved in my life time I'll be coming back from hell to solve it myself
Kam Gamble
Kam Gamble:
New attempt to clear the McCann's, hand shakes in high places , scapegoat located
Who leaves kids her age alone at home? Without a babysitter
The Don
The Don:
Still don’t trust the parents
Simon Cross
Simon Cross:
Just imagine if they DNA link it and this is solved in ouir lifetime! This has been going for so long, many acusations and media being a joke.
Anti left
Anti left:
Bollocks, we know what happened.
If this turns out correct, why did they obstruct police ,dismiss sniffer dogs, refuse lie detector?
We all know what happened. Her parents either killed her or sold her. End of story.
pete shanley
pete shanley:
The Mc Canns have made a fortune out of there poor parenting
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson:
Cadaver dogs do not lie. Why was her scent all over the apartment, the mother's clothes and then in the family rental car weeks later? Answer this and we may believe you..
bobby bingle
bobby bingle:
Whether or not this guy is guilty is not going to change the fact that the parents left a 3 year old without supervision while they were drinking in a bar! May they feel guilt for the rest of their lives.
Dblock Europe
Dblock Europe:
The parents did it they we're suspicious from the beginning it took them 13 years to cover up more lies blaming others who wasn't even involved nice one UK good job RIP MADDIE!!
Zarbon 85
Zarbon 85:
How have they got this breaking news? Or is it simply that Operation Grange has ran out of money 🤔
U K:
Funny how every “new lead” like this new one goes NOWHERE.

- The McCann’s are on record saying that Madeline had “perfect little genitals.”
- Police dogs literally smelt death at the apartment Madeline was “sleeping” in.
- Blood was then found in the boot of the McCann’s rental car.
- The McCann’s then suddenly CHANGE THEIR STORY.
- The McCann’s then squeezed every penny from the public and rarely, if ever, cried or broke down when talking about Madeline.

The McCann’s STINK to high heaven.
Guilty or not, they’re terrible parents.
Chez Parsonage
Chez Parsonage:
I just don't understand why any parent would sit in a restaurant with friends leaving children alone and checking every 15 mins if it WAS 15 mins because everyone knows when you're eating and conversing with friends time always distorts, when taking my children on holiday if they were tired or if it was bedtime then that's the end of the night we would sit on the balcony but NEVER leave them unattended especially in a villa next to a main road!!!!!
for godsake its 13 years ago, just let it go!
jar puppy
jar puppy:
key suspect her mum and dad sniffer dog proved it blood proved it sigh bet them two are laughing
This is convenient, isn't it?
Emma Raven
Emma Raven:
I've always thought the parents should have been forced to do a lie detector test. Their behavior was suspicious straight after, such bad acting.

They should have also been slapped with a child neglect lawsuit as well and the twins taken from their custody
Paul Duffield
Paul Duffield:
Every year a new suspect is brought up , most either dead or in prison , to justify the amount being spent , this will just fizzle out like the rest , remember that Scotland yard are only investigating an abduction, nothing else .
Norma Grixti
Norma Grixti:
You cant cover up the fact that Madeleine was left while those two had a nice meal!!
Fletcher Smith
Fletcher Smith:
It's her parents christ watch the Netflix show
Shane Crook
Shane Crook:
Didn’t know Gerry was German
AGmusic _
AGmusic _:
How is this only happening now???? After over 13 years aee you serious
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom:
I dont even remember what I had for breakfast 13 hours ago
Guys it's a distraction I'm telling you it's a distraction
Nubie Bob
Nubie Bob:
Ohh they found someone to pay off and take the blame
Jim Brody
Jim Brody:
Funny time for this story to be coming out
Michael Redford
Michael Redford:
I do hope they get some good news one day but this is a very sudden revelation with this guy fitting all the boxed rather conveniently. 🙄
there’s something dodgy about this
They always bring this case up when they want to remove UK's attention from something else.
Marley - ite
Marley - ite:
Clutching at straw. Very selfish couple, leaving your child alone in a foreign hotel to go wining and dining.
deborah darr
deborah darr:
It was her parents! Good gosh look at the strange evidence!
Jamie Burnett
Jamie Burnett:
The parents were identified to...
Channel 53
Channel 53:
Parents know more
ॐNeo Rabbitॐ
ॐNeo Rabbitॐ:
Sorry but I don't believe it. How many new suspects have there been that we never hear of again?
Parents and their pe dough ring did it.
Eric Blair 1948
Eric Blair 1948:
This is surely designed to distract from the failing covid1984 plandemic narrative. We all know it was a political VIP ped0 cover up
AB. B.
AB. B.:
We all know that the real guilty ones are the unfit parents! They should be in jail!
Honest Person
Honest Person:
Is the guy's first name Andrew and his family name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?
I bet if Madeline McCanns parents weren't wealthy the police would not have been researching this after all these years.
Keith Murray
Keith Murray:
McCann's are involved in really shady stuff!
Debra scott
Debra scott:
We know who killed her. They are a pair of Doctors.
Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A*:
We all know Kate and Jerry McCann did it. 😂
They should have got a babysitter whilst they were eating
Look into John and Tony Podesta !! They fit the exact description of the initial efits police had which suddenly (conveniently) were "disregarded". AND were in the area at the time!
Antony Berry
Antony Berry:
Cobblers ask the parents they know
2345 4325
2345 4325:
We're still going with this..
The bottom line is Kate McCann left her daughter alone so she could party. Her fault. Next.
Great diversion no thanks that girls gone let her rest in peace ffs
Tori Oreo
Tori Oreo:
“Distinctive colours” ... white with a bit of yellow? Pretty common 😂
Didn't know Gerry was German and in prison!
Philip Mccullagh
Philip Mccullagh:
They need to know what happened they know because they did it
Chris Turner
Chris Turner:
Surely, if a child goes missing the #1 thing to look for is what vehicles were in the area?

After 13 years, after all this investigation have they pinpointed a very specific vehicle?

I'm sceptical to say the least.
Gary N
Gary N:
Don’t believe this one bit. It’s a load of if buts and maybe.
MuhSadaad Elmahdi
MuhSadaad Elmahdi:
I thought the suspect is her parents
I hope this gets solved so badly guys... i remember when this case became so big..
Bryce Birchall
Bryce Birchall:
I wonder if this case being solved will be one of the only major good things that will happen in 2020
k A
k A:
Ohh my god I’m really hoping that she’s still alive
It was the mum and dad!!!
Aw 5915
Aw 5915:
Only the sheep will be distracted by this.
idku x
idku x:
I still Think the parents did it.. i got that feeling
John Lindley
John Lindley:
They are sure this stool pigeon is responsible. Then they ask if anyone has any evidence because they don't. Mr media don't insult our intelligence.
Calvin Kagenda Family
Calvin Kagenda Family:
2:37 - “ 13 months” you mean 13 years 🤦‍♂️ ( 1 decade & 3 months)
Lee Roden
Lee Roden:
BBC blame everyone but the parents over the years?
Mark Duggan
Mark Duggan:
The parents did it.
Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray:
God I hope she is alive.
I still think the parents had a lot to do with her 'disappearance'
The blood found within the apartment as well as human cadaver death traces suggest that SOMEONE died in that apartment and an effrot was made to clean it up. No one has ever been recorded to have died in the apartment before May 2007 so who was it that died if it wasn't Madeleine?
stephen burridge
stephen burridge:
This is just a big distraction, most people here know the truth.
It still amazes me that a few idiots still believe the mainstream narrative.
Mr Blobby! Subscribers with no videos
Mr Blobby! Subscribers with no videos:
I didnt know jerry mccan was a german prisoner!
Summer Bell
Summer Bell:
Sorry but who leaves there young daughter in a hotel room while you go for a meal
Another generic username
Another generic username:
*’where’s the beef ?’*
The perps were identified early on,
It just never went anywhere.
More bollocks. Who cares
Susan Duckett
Susan Duckett:
Please God lets find out what happened to the little one and put an end to this terrible event,however painful,and let the little angel rest in peace.💙🙏🏼
Miss Furmit
Miss Furmit:
Its taken 13 yrs to ask questions about a hobo with convictions living in a camper van in PDL at the time of the incident?? Remember the cadaver dogs also sniffing out the blood in the appartment? Sounds like this prisoner is being used as a scape goat and J&K just want closure so they dont care what happens to him as long as this story goes away.
Omg are you people for real? Its all worth noting ! Irelevant.
1234567 1234567
1234567 1234567:
All BS don't ring true to me, smoke and mirrors again
Vietnamese Jesus
Vietnamese Jesus:
It’s unlikely she’s still alive but keep hope
Maria Anjos
Maria Anjos:
Still believe Portuguese police and the first investigation.. and dogs don't lie or earn millions to shut up.
Jo Stallworth
Jo Stallworth:
Poor little Maddie 😢🥀
Chris Preston
Chris Preston:
Bet he was friends with Jerry and Kate like they were with the other predos on the islsnd.
Her parents know what had happened to her
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3:
The haven't finded that girl yet she be missing since 2007
For the first time ever, I just have a gut feeling this is the case solved. This man did it. God rest little Madeleine, and may God forgive the people who vilified those parents
Cornelius Scipio
Cornelius Scipio:
I love the "efficiency" of the British police 🤦🏻‍♂️
It took them 13 years to piece that together? Sounds more like a convenient way of closing the case!