German prisoner identified as key suspect in Madeleine McCann disappearance - BBC News

A German prisoner has been identified as a new suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from a holiday resort in Portugal 13 years ago.

The man in his 40s is a convicted sex offender who had been living in the Algarve at the time, travelling around in a camper van.

Detectives in Germany have made a television appeal for more information. Madeleine McCann was three years old when she went missing from Praia da Luz in 2007.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford.

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100+ comentarios:

Feel bad for all the parents that had their children go missing and didn’t see this much support or coverage
How is it going to trigger anyone's memory THIRTEEN years later?!
Phoenix ✿
Phoenix ✿:
If this doesnt get solved in my life time I'll be coming back from hell to solve it myself
Lesly Sorto-Ventura
Lesly Sorto-Ventura:
I remember being a little girl searching about this case and I was so scared and its crazy how still today being 21 there's nothing . it breaks my heart
Shannon xo
Shannon xo:
Whether the parents were involved or not, they should've been charged with neglect! Leaving young children unattended🙄
DoubleM-K Gaming
DoubleM-K Gaming:
I really hope that this will bring a final answer and an "end" to this case. I wish bad things upon people behind crimes like this!
That poor little girl. Whatever happened to her it's a heartbreaking story. Hug your children ❤
I hope we solve this mystery. I feel so bad for the parents, for people who says its abnormal to leave your children at the house like this, its really not I lived in spain during my childhood and me and my brothers were often left at home while my parents went out for food at night. No one expects to come back to a kidnapped child.
Susan Duckett
Susan Duckett:
Please God lets find out what happened to the little one and put an end to this terrible event,however painful,and let the little angel rest in peace.💙🙏🏼
Anna Yordanova
Anna Yordanova:
Didn't you notice that all of this breakthroughs happen always around Madeline's birthday.
Anthony Heavey
Anthony Heavey:
I hope they find an answer to what happened to this beautiful innocent little girl.
I'm a proud father of 4 wonderful children and I have a beautiful granddaughter, and first off I would never ever leave them alone to go for a meal under any circumstances.
I don't know her parents but leaving my children alone at home especially in a strange country is a Definite no no.
I would die for my children in a heart beat and I will always as long as I have breath in my body , I will always protect them no matter what.
I prey they find resolution and an answer to what happened to her.
Obviously their won't ever be a happy resolution to her disappearance but I hope that they will at least get her back one way or another.
It is very sad that their are people who are vicious to young children and all I can say in conclusion is that if anyone hurt my kids in anyway I as a quiet placid person would do everything in my power to make them feel one million times worse than the harm that they inflicted on any of my children.
I hope that they find a conclusion to this very soon.
brenda munoz
brenda munoz:
It hurts me to know this baby was never found , I have a baby Niece and I’d probably go crazy if somethings like this happened to her 😞
Gerardine Nkoumbou
Gerardine Nkoumbou:
FINALLY! The family is one step away from Justice. Everyone spoke soo bad about the family but I always stood for the mom and dad. I hope we can find an answer and know what happened and where is she.🙏
Weather Witch
Weather Witch:
Oh dear Gods, this must be incredibly massive breakthrough for the case and after all these years too. It sounds extremely promising as to who did it, but a dreadful outcome if they're treating it as a murder enquiry 😞
Jess Xox
Jess Xox:
I really hope he is the person involved and we finally find out what happened to her! I hope she’s alive but... it’s Been so long
Jess Bailey
Jess Bailey:
let’s pray they can find her or some connection to lead to what has happened
Jo Stallworth
Jo Stallworth:
Poor little Maddie 😢🥀
For the first time ever, I just have a gut feeling this is the case solved. This man did it. God rest little Madeleine, and may God forgive the people who vilified those parents
I hope it comes out as this lad because I have no doubt in my mind that Jerry and Kate mccann are completely innocent. I hope it comes out that this guy is the one and how bad will everyone who accused them of it feel. They arent masterminds people it's not like they're experienced in murdering people they would be caught already if it was them. I hope this case can come to an end soon for the sake of them and they can grieve their daughter in peace without any more assumptions
it took them 13 years to discover this and how many millions again. hmm ridiculous
I can't believe it's been 13 years and they haven't even solved this case. How can a 3 year old disappear from her room without a single trace. In the end, the parents of Madeleine McCann have to be blamed for leaving a 3 year old alone in the room.
Rachel ___________
Rachel ___________:
Ive been waiting to hear more about her. Where ever you are, we are thinking of you maddy!
It’s mad it’s been 13 years I hope the family get the answers they need
Hannah X
Hannah X:
My friend is very good friends with the family. He had a bath with Madeleine when they were both two. Grief does weird things to people but the parents are innocent. They are good people, losing a child is always going to take its toll on you however strong you are. But can you imagine - having a child kidnapped and everyone blaming you for murdering them. I swear I’m suprised it hasn’t completely tipped them over the edge. And all the people saying ‘omg but they left her while they went out for drinks’ I’m sorry but are you a perfect parent yourself. At that time it was the norm to leave children, it’s only since maddie that people worry. Plus it’s in human nature to make mistakes. You will have left your house unlocked at least once I’m quite sure. Or your gate open. Or your car unlocked. Crikey, give them a break!
I cannot imagine how anybody can hurt 3 year olds. What is wrong with those people?! I feel grieved just hearing about it. 😭😭
Marc Tweed
Marc Tweed:
As a parent I hope that poor family finally get an answer as to what happened to their little girl. People can say what they want about their parenting mistakes that night but NOBODY deserves something like that.
Eric Jenkin
Eric Jenkin:
Makes me sick all of this, maybe her eyes made her 'more desirable' for these people, but this trafficking is horrendous and I fear reaches up in society.
i CANNOT imagine the stuff shes been through i wouldnt wish that pain upon anyone. she was ripped away from her family by a potential pedo and has been kidnapped for 13 years. if shes out there i hope shes okay and finds her way back to her family
damn no way man!!! hope justice gets served
Biggest breakthrough since the LAST Biggest breakthrough..
Yoda on DMT
Yoda on DMT:
I'd love to know what's so special about this case that police in multiple countries are still investigating.

This doesn't really feel like a solid line of inquiry as much as a coincidence.
Julie Insley
Julie Insley:
Poor child...I really hope she is found alive, if her parents hadn't of left her alone she wouldn't of been missing..
Michel Fregefon
Michel Fregefon:
But what the parents thought of leaving a child alone in a Holiday apartment and going to a restaurant enjoy themselves, I would never thinking for a second on my side leaving my 3 children's alone, it would never occur to me, we are surrounded by evil nature these days, predators are everywhere..Rest in peace beautiful innocent little girl, too tragic it makes me cry to watch this...
Earth 'n
Earth 'n:
This is heart breaking - my prayers and thoughts to her parents.
Wow 🙏🏽❤️ justice for this girl is coming
Sue Maher
Sue Maher:
I hope and pray there is some peace for the parents. My heart has always gone out for them. If the Portuguese police had done their job properly they would not have to put up with the pain of not knowing how their child was taken. I will always be behind them. Let's hope this is the break they need..
Hope they get their well-deserved closure ❤️ Portugal was always with you x
sara patricia
sara patricia:
Poor sweet lovely girl. Unless someone has the guts to tell the truth ( that we all know what is), she will never even can rest in peace.
Conny S.A.
Conny S.A.:
The Police will surely expect that they detect him (and associates)? on pictures fotographs, video footage as to create a timeline : where was he when with whom ?
I wish peace for the entire McCann family and how that the little girl is in heaven where there is no trouble, no screaming , no crime and no pain !
At one point dint they try to blame the parents as the killers? Those two parents are extremely brave to keep going on despite the risk to their own safety. I wish them well and hope they catch those responsible if only as a symbol that justice can be served against all odds.
Lynn Markovitch
Lynn Markovitch:
I hope she's all right and alive
pat bland
pat bland:
Feel like they’re just trying to pin it on anyone to close the case. Something is missing about this case
Outsider Songs
Outsider Songs:
I just hope with all my heart that her poor parents can finally have an answer to where their baby has gone. I cant even imagine the agony.
god bless that poor girl !
I hope this gets solved so badly guys... i remember when this case became so big..
Adela Hernandez
Adela Hernandez:
This makes me vary upset to hear an angry Who ever hurt the little girl I really hope that bad person gets Karma or stays in jail rest of his or her life
Paul Wally
Paul Wally:
Mixed feelings about this one. If he's the abductor then she may well be dead. It seems really likely he is the man. I'm shocked he wasn't identified before: lone man in a camper van with previous convictions. How has he slipped through the net? But if he is, it dashes the hope that she is still alive.
simon cross
simon cross:
Just imagine if they DNA link it and this is solved in ouir lifetime! This has been going for so long, many acusations and media being a joke.
Sophie Amelia
Sophie Amelia:
I dont think she will ever be found and I doubt she's alive poor girl💔 this case will go down in history. Wish we could just find the answers.
Hopefully the parents can find peace
deborah darr
deborah darr:
It was her parents! Good gosh look at the strange evidence!
Craig Horner
Craig Horner:
I hope they find the body soon as it's been too long since she been gone if that guy is the suspect then he should be sentenced to death as not only kippnapping a child but murdering her that's nasty I hope what ever happens to him he deserves the punishment
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson:
Cadaver dogs do not lie. Why was her scent all over the apartment, the mother's clothes and then in the family rental car weeks later? Answer this and we may believe you..
Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray:
God I hope she is alive.
Trevor James
Trevor James:
Finally, justice always finds its way
Alan Heath
Alan Heath:
I think it is a bit ridiculous hiding the number plate belonging to someone who is already in prison and then asking people if they remember it from 13 years ago. The plate would indicate where the van was registered which at a very long shot might aid someone's memory.
what i find really interesting is if she’s still alive or not. if she is, does she know who she is and is trapped? or does she believe she’s someone else and watches all of this take place?
Sai Mak
Sai Mak:
The media and the police are pathetic for regurgitating this swill.
Carol M
Carol M:
I remember when this little girl went missing and the incompetent police and the press went after the parents. Well they are vindicated now...So tragic for this little girl and her family. Shame on the Portuguese police and shame on the tabloid press for attacking the family.
Chez Parsonage
Chez Parsonage:
I just don't understand why any parent would sit in a restaurant with friends leaving children alone and checking every 15 mins if it WAS 15 mins because everyone knows when you're eating and conversing with friends time always distorts, when taking my children on holiday if they were tired or if it was bedtime then that's the end of the night we would sit on the balcony but NEVER leave them unattended especially in a villa next to a main road!!!!!
MeGa x Gemz
MeGa x Gemz:
After all this I really hoped she was fine but the fact he was a registered sex offended invokes the thought she may have been in pain when dying and that is just really upsetting, although a topic of much political and conspicuous debate this is a british child and I really hope this can bring closure
Chris Turner
Chris Turner:
Surely, if a child goes missing the #1 thing to look for is what vehicles were in the area?

After 13 years, after all this investigation have they pinpointed a very specific vehicle?

I'm sceptical to say the least.
AGAIN! they let another one of these predators out. He was convicted when he was 17!!! When will the courts accept that these men will ALWAYS be a danger to children. They must be kept in prison. How many children have to die before they realise that they can NEVER be set free.
Whatever you feel about the case, whatever you feel about the parents, or what happened or didn’t happen. I think we can all agree that what happened to the poor little girl is horrifying and it’s great that we might have closure
Mat Broomfield
Mat Broomfield:
Great to see so many criminal psychologists and forensics experts in the comments section. If only the police had had acces to your services at the time...
It took them 13 years to piece that together? Sounds more like a convenient way of closing the case!
Christina Massey-Stucki
Christina Massey-Stucki:
It's good to finally get closer to resolving this case. Finally her parents' names get cleared, blood hounds of the mob can stop barking and the family can get some closure. All this gigantic suffering and cost could have been cut short, if the Portuguese police wouldn't have been so utterly unprofessional and incompetent at the time.
This guy was living right there, and no one suspected anything?!? C'mon!
Zinqx On 30 FPS
Zinqx On 30 FPS:
I’ve have been working on this case privately for eight years and I have finally found out who took her it’s the German I’m 100% positive
id read about this guy a few years back, British police have been keeping tabs on him
Mikey moo
Mikey moo:
I never believed for one moment the parents had anything to do with it and I still don't. There's a lot of things they can be accused of but murder isn't one of them.
J l
J l:
So sad , pray for the poor girl. Crying when watch this
Bobby Bingle
Bobby Bingle:
Whether or not this guy is guilty is not going to change the fact that the parents left a 3 year old without supervision while they were drinking in a bar! May they feel guilt for the rest of their lives.
Emma Raven
Emma Raven:
I've always thought the parents should have been forced to do a lie detector test. Their behavior was suspicious straight after, such bad acting.

They should have also been slapped with a child neglect lawsuit as well and the twins taken from their custody
Alyson King
Alyson King:
The rental car and the cadiver dogs have always confused me. Something just does not add up. I would like to think she was alive but I tend to think she has gone 😞
They always bring this case up when they want to remove UK's attention from something else.
Kathryn Carter
Kathryn Carter:
I will help by praying that this horrible criminal is identified & that the poor parents can have some sense of peace. A precious human has been damaged & so has her family. This disgusting behavior can not be tolerated in the least. Prayers also for all the detectives working on this case.
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal:
I think she was murdered back then instead of disappearing but hopefully justice is served very soon and they find out the people responsible
frankie ramsay
frankie ramsay:
sorry if this sounds insensitive, there have been so many missing people, murders and countless other crimes never solved but they're closed, why has this not closed? its been years no leads have gone anywhere really and this case will have to close one day.
X A I N:
I know there is not a big chance no more for Madeleine McCann to be alive but I hope she is so she can tell the story but if she's not and even right now RIP Madeleine McCann
Weapon of mass construction
Weapon of mass construction:
I guess this is the year she'd have been leaving school? Maybe going to sixth form? Enjoying life and excited about all the possibilities ahead of her. How sad ☹️
Nizz Bashir
Nizz Bashir:
Can we all just take a moment to think about how the three photo fits from the police match up to Epsteins good friend Ghislaine Maxwell, known child trafficker currently at large, and John and Tony Podesta. Surely that should be the main line of enquiry?
Ernest F
Ernest F:
This is so sad :(
Ardit Bisha
Ardit Bisha:
Feel sorry for parents😕They made a mistake leaving her alone.
I wouldn’t leave my child alone and go to the bar, no way😔
Who leaves kids her age alone at home? Without a babysitter
Cara Chantler
Cara Chantler:
Is there anyone left who actually thinks she was abducted🤔🙄. Surely not
reading through some of the comment's, how do you people sleep at night, bent and twisted aint in it, you should be ashamed of yourself, let the police do their job, make judgment when it's over.
Edward Valivonis
Edward Valivonis:
I have no doubt that she was killed by parents accidentally and dumped in to sea. In order for Mcanns not to go to prison, they said she was kidnapped. The Portuguese detective proved that 13 years ago
Alaric von Gunnicus K
Alaric von Gunnicus K:
There is one thing i dont get in this case. How come that two parents newer been charged for negligence for leaving 3 yrs old child by herself in hotel room??? Common people,they are first who should be charged in this case
The parents have always behaved strangely in interviews creating suspicion, but I think it's more out of guilt than anything else. I really hope this case is solved soon to get closure for the family. How they have lived not knowing where their child is all this time is beyond me. I'd have topped myself.
who leaves a 3 yr old in a hotel alone like wtf :edit thx for the likes
Eclipse _
Eclipse _:
god please help them find this young girl
She should be 16 yers old now. I feel pity for the parents of this girl, till now the case not yet solved.
Isobel Amber
Isobel Amber:
At this point let the parents have some peace. Every few years the case gets momentum I can’t imagine how traumatic it is.
I don't see how they're going to get anymore evidence than they have already 13 years later. Especially since it's gotten so much publicity, everyone who has information has probably already come forward.
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF:
how can we tell about this?
how was it identified?
how was it disappeared?
Cornelius Scipio
Cornelius Scipio:
I love the "efficiency" of the British police 🤦🏻‍♂️
Byt pranks
Byt pranks:
Hope family get closure they deserve - some of the sick jokes about her make me sick
These comments are absolutely disgusting. Shame on all of you for being so heartless and rude. I feel sorry for the parents for maybe having to read this. If the man really did it, what will you all say???
Holy shit if this gets solved I'll know I'm stuck in a dream and none of this is real
Albert John
Albert John:
Need to be more careful, we never know when these things is gonna be over,interrogated that man there will more, who r doing these kind of weird things..