Germany vs Portugal 4-0 Highlights & Goals - World Cup 2014 Group G | Classic Match HD

Germany vs. Portugal: World Cup Group G Score, Grades and Post-Match Reaction

Thomas Mueller is at it again, and with a few repeat performances, Germany might be too.

Mueller helped deliver a perfect start to Germany's 2014 World Cup campaign, scoring a hat-trick in an impressive 4-0 victory over Portugal in both teams' Group G opener Monday at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil.

The Bayern Munich forward scored twice before half-time as Germany raced to a 3-0 lead over Cristiano Ronaldo's stunned Portugal. Mueller then added Germany's fourth in the second half to polish off one of the tournament's top team displays so far.

Not that this is unfamiliar ground for Die Mannschaft.

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Justin Nielsen
Justin Nielsen:
What is funny about this World Cup, is that Germany pretty much slapped up every major Country with major players, while Algeria gave them their toughest match
grimmer jxcts
grimmer jxcts:
Germany vs Portugal 4-0
Germany vs Argentina 4-0
Germany vs England 4-1
Germany vs Brazil 7-1
Willem Cahill-Chiaroni
Willem Cahill-Chiaroni:
Germany in 2014 absolutely shredded the competition it was amazing to watch
Keyboard warrior
Keyboard warrior:
Muller is still shining
germany 2014 and bayern munich 2019/20 were somethingelse
After watching this match listen to The Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.
Ibrahim Innit
Ibrahim Innit:
2010: germany vs argentina 4-0
2014: germany vs Portugal 4-0
Saurav Sharma
Saurav Sharma:
Muller on fire <3
Kaisei McAllister
Kaisei McAllister:
Portugal = One Man Team
Fawaz A
Fawaz A:
Germany The best team in Europe long time ago .
Só o Brasil é penta 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
2013 -2017 വരെ

വേറെ ലെവൽ ജർമ്മനി 🔥🔥
lock 42
lock 42:
Thomas Muller not in the national team
Portugal: CHANCE!!
Argentina: CHANCE!!
Es war einfach eine wilde Zeit
Wida Jerman
Wida Jerman:
Onochie Afigbo
Onochie Afigbo:
Jason Williams
Jason Williams:
Loi Le
Loi Le:
Nursultan_ Azimkan_Uulu
Nursultan_ Azimkan_Uulu:
Adagio oigadA
Adagio oigadA:
Видео на русском, а комменты сплошь на английском 😊
F & D
F & D:
Rindu German yg 2014...kemana perfoma tersebut hilangnya
Julman Juman Australia
Julman Juman Australia:
Mesi Good luck
Pepe ruined everything!
Musfique Ahmed
Musfique Ahmed:
2014 Fifa World Cup:
Germany 4-0 Portugal
It was both of their first match
2018 Fifa World Cup :
Germany's 1st match :
Germany 0-1 Mexico 😂
Portugal's 1st match :
Portugal 3-3 Spain
(Ronaldo's Hat trick 😎)
Luther Bunga
Luther Bunga:
Euro 2020 Jerman🇩🇪 2 x Portugal🇵🇹 1
Ertisamul alam ahon
Ertisamul alam ahon:
Portugal did a lots of fouls
Dik kampung
Dik kampung:
Abu Bokkar
Abu Bokkar:
আই লাভ ইন্ডিয়া দোলনা বাপের নাম বিন্দিয়া
Ilhamm susantooo
Ilhamm susantooo:
This heading is misleading it should be Muller vs Portugal ..😁😁😁
Jay viru
Jay viru:
CR7 be like 😭😭😭😂😂
Atei Chhakchhuak
Atei Chhakchhuak:
I think argentina were the toughest for germany in this cup
RUNA Bhutia
RUNA Bhutia:
Germany. Will always win they stand for win not for lose
lana suleiman
lana suleiman:
men hummels is the best players fance .........2021 em
Gestern zum fünften mal gegen portugal gewonnen
Renata Blake
Renata Blake:
I was surprised that Angela Merkel was also live at the game
Pondagat SIAGA
Pondagat SIAGA:
Clasher HD19
Clasher HD19:
Portugal einfach nie eine Chance gegen Deutschland
nitro balls
nitro balls:
Este fue el mundial de las goleadas
Fatwa Pujangga
Fatwa Pujangga:
Jerman 💚👍
Dino God
Dino God:
Thanks for the video
Abu Bokkar
Abu Bokkar:
জার্মান ভাই আপনি কি ভালো আছেন বড় নেইমার অনেক বড় বড় লোক না
Claudia Mädchen ✔
Claudia Mädchen ✔:

Youtube: This is fine
Someone: Says ''heck''
youtube: be gone
#однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Kristjan YT
Kristjan YT:
1:45 It looks like it was a goal
Noman Johan
Noman Johan:
Germany True Champ.

1-0 France (2018 WC Champ)
4-0 Portugal (2016 Euro Champ)
7-1 Brazil (2019 Copa Champ)
1-0 Argentina (2021 Copa Champ)

Also, Germany played against both GOATs and Won.
Bhaskar Paudel
Bhaskar Paudel:
At least today, Portugal scored 2 instead of 0
Why neuer not captain?
ino test
ino test:
No penalty no party.. Cristiano penaldo!
Heroic Miquio
Heroic Miquio:
Wir sollen sehr auf der Hut sein, EM 2000 hat Portugal und zwar mit der B Mannschaft, Deutschland mit 3:0 aus dem Wettbewerb raus geworfen, was für ne Blamage, es tut Heute noch WEH... Es ist ein unterschied zwischen 4:0 zu verlieren als 3:0 heim geschickt zu werden...
Also ganz schön aufpassen, Wenn wir gegen Portugal spielen, bin immer wieder froh wenn das spiel vorbei ist.
Karloz Kruz
Karloz Kruz:
Ganso flick :0 3:19
Pihll Kissmann
Pihll Kissmann:
Yes germany win I be germany
ThePower 180
ThePower 180:
Longer video wasn't possible?
George Wang
George Wang:
3:18 Flick
Fira Lf
Fira Lf:
Miss ozil :)
The 2014 World Cup was bought by Germany. Because of the phenomenal flight in their own country, FIFA Germany helped.

In the preliminary round, Germany only played in the evening, and the other top teams played in the hot sun at noon.
Many top European teams flew home in the preliminary round. Kind of strange.

The deal for the World Cup Tittel was that Germany would be kicked out of the preliminary round of the 2018 World Cup.
Phan Hung
Phan Hung:
Anyone still watch this video?
I-ONE GAMING Streaming Content
I-ONE GAMING Streaming Content:
5:54 thats my wife .. PANZER girll 😂😂😂👍
Someguy 2021
Someguy 2021:
vid editing is crap
Mongmong Sangtam
Mongmong Sangtam:
There is nothing more happier than seeing c,Ronaldo lost and shame, i really hate him
Mohit Rawat
Mohit Rawat:
Rip Ronaldo
EJZ 916
EJZ 916:
Portugal european champions
fighting force
fighting force:
Andy Gaire
Andy Gaire:
I LOVE TO WATCH RONALDO AND MESSI LOSE. these player are getting so much attention,
Fawaz A
Fawaz A:
1- Germany 🇩🇪 ✅
2- United States 🇺🇸✅
3- Portugal 🇵🇹❌
4- Ghana 🇬🇭❌

1- Germany 🇩🇪 ✅
2- USA 🇺🇸✅

Group 2014 World Cup 2014