Getting Ready for Logan Paul's Fight with Mike Majlak and Jeff Wittek

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100+ comentarios:

George Janko
George Janko:
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Subhomoy Chakraborty
Subhomoy Chakraborty:
Mike's impression of two dogs laughing killed me.
This is the reason why I come on Youtube, keep doing what you're doing.
cane bianco
cane bianco:
4:46 Mike jealous of Jeff 🥺
manuel otacan
manuel otacan:
I feel like jeff wittek is becoming a team maverick ...i feel sure too
Jordan Baldock
Jordan Baldock:
Jeff is the man! Need to get u on his show
Nyle Ballantye
Nyle Ballantye:
The title makes it sound like Logan is fighting Mike and Jeff😂
Arsha Safe
Arsha Safe:
Honestly, I would love to be friends with Jeff and mike.
Khaylan Lalla
Khaylan Lalla:
Belle is the hottest girl in LA
No cap 👌
"I appreciate they gave us extra towels"
I C A R:
seeing George, Jeff and Mike together just made my day. But Mike's talking about Belle was hilarious in a good way. But really more colab between you 3 will be a good idea!!
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob:
I love Jeff wittek in this
Great vid
The Truebro
The Truebro:
We love Jeff wittek
Mizshell Mxioi
Mizshell Mxioi:
Mike calling dibs on the Jeff Wittek D-riding.
Grant Draper
Grant Draper:
sheesh ... George has LEVELED UP his content again
Dylan seems so fun to hang out with
Jeff is in the video for like 40 seconds lol
TalinB 23
TalinB 23:
" i did this to get into the country i know how it works" might just be the funniest thing i have heard all day
Noah Gomes
Noah Gomes:
The production quality of this channel and bubbatown are out of the park.
phu kyu
phu kyu:
"Why you sweaty?"

2 seconds later shows everyone completely flying 🤣
8:05 dude was chilling with that Miami booger sugar
Ethan McAlpin
Ethan McAlpin:
* Concierge brings full-size ironing board *

George: "Amigo! Thank you!"
sean finney
sean finney:
Thnx express VPN, for allowing me to stream the fight with piece of mind.
Amelia Jackson
Amelia Jackson:
I saw the whole video for 10 seconds of Jeff. Dont regret it🤷‍♀️
"I did this to get into the country" Bruh LMAO underappreciated joke
Mihail Fotew
Mihail Fotew:
George hit 10s with this girl, congrats bro 👌
When you skipping through George’s sponsored part of the vid and then get hit by a real add, YouTube’s like “gotcha bitch”
Jaison Joseph
Jaison Joseph:
Amazing Vlog, great bunch of people and Jeff completes the team.
Btw wait im also confused if Georges girlfriend is named Shawna why do they also call her Belle?
Blackmence X
Blackmence X:
I was smiling throughout this whole video especially when Bell was in a swim suit and her drink 🍸 went down I was like 😍🤤 awesome bro 👏 hope her knees okay 👌lolz
Kam Barnett
Kam Barnett:
George dropping a vpn ad the day before the fight is brilliant
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos:
Goerge got a crush on Jeff... for sure hahaha when my said he's my friend he cut it off quick hahah
Dylan is the guy, he seems 24/7 shirtless
6:00 I respect George so much that I just feel weird for some reason, like oh no look away!
Derek Livingston
Derek Livingston:
4:35 and at this moment, Mike finds out he is going to be a dad.
Tiny Hands Trump
Tiny Hands Trump:
Bro dead ass, I thought George was Hispanic too just like that guy did lmao
George is one lucky man!
Adin Ross Entertainment
Adin Ross Entertainment:
“Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”🍒
James Parks
James Parks:
I'm so glad that I stumbled onto this channel.
Arnor Danielsson
Arnor Danielsson:
George, can amazingly just always put a smile on my face😌
Gerard Parker
Gerard Parker:
Editing stepped up a few levels hey
"And don't forget, wear something tight" 🤣
Justin Cortis
Justin Cortis:
Mike you crack me up so bad, i laughed my ass off for an hour yes an hour hahaha tears and all, first was when you said he got pulled over with the lil boat hahaha second when georges girl fell down the stairs and the dogs were laughing, lmao!!
Jeriel Laboy
Jeriel Laboy:
My boy is getting paid!!! He has sponsors!!
This dude said the 2 dogs were laughing 😅
Easton Vlogs
Easton Vlogs:
Lmaoooo I always wondered who Schulzy was talking about when he said Cat😂
Atanu Kathar
Atanu Kathar:
Hyped up man, i hope logan fucking wins❤️
Sébastien Elimbi
Sébastien Elimbi:
damn George out here living his best life!
Farhan Happy
Farhan Happy:
Can we just appreciate that George uploaded two video on his YouTube channels at the same time
Shaun T
Shaun T:
This is my first time on this tf does George end up with a girl like that 🤔🤯
0:22 it must be cold around Dylan
Luis Landrau
Luis Landrau:
George you have to do a after party vlog I love to see it
Sarah H
Sarah H:
It’s so weird to me to see Jeff in this vlog.. 😂
Drew P
Drew P:
Logan’s about to make Floyd 50-1 baby let’s goooo!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥me uppp!!
Rijad Çerkini
Rijad Çerkini:
Dawg I was gonna close the video, noticed the extra scenes, GOOD IDEA!
A M:
Finally a vid with positive comments about my boy Mike 😂
Amir gh
Amir gh:
George,undoutedly the best vlog u ever post
Mr. Koala06
Mr. Koala06:
I want this type of vlog daily, it's so much entertaining, you should shift to Florida, it's a vibe
hot Cheetos
hot Cheetos:
Now, that’s an intro🔥🔥😩
Robbie Bobby
Robbie Bobby:
This vlog is fire 🔥
Samuel e
Samuel e:
Living for this fight content/ behind the scenes stuff
Alex Palapa
Alex Palapa:
Georgie reviews the vlogs before he posts them, so on behalf of all the fellas I would like to thank you for allowing us that amazing Miami view at 6:00 . You a wild boy Georgie
Alex Watson
Alex Watson:
Bought the fight legally on fanmio cant wait 2 and a half hours left
The music on the boat😂😂😂I thought it was an ad lol
Monte Clah
Monte Clah:
yo this my 1st vlog of yours ive watched and i like it, it has similar vibes to logans old vlogs with a hint of goerge's flavor
I loved George even in the old days of the apartment complex boiiis
Matthew Runyon
Matthew Runyon:
I love George. Been watching YouTube for easy 10+ years now. I think he’s by far the best to watching and for sure my favorite!
Crypto RoYeR
Crypto RoYeR:
Alright belle, get to work ! LMFAO... George, you're the man brother ! Keep being you HAHAHAHAHA
G8R Joel
G8R Joel:
Congrats on your first hot girlfriend George. I’m sure more to come in Hollywood life. Love ya bud. Keeper up!!
Duilio Roldan
Duilio Roldan:
Ok, can't front love the way explained the ad .. different I dig it . Content too lol
mehul narula
mehul narula:
Lmao , George surely doesn't know what a vpn is when he is calling it vpm 😂😂
George hearts comments, what a legend love this mans videos
Lalith Pavan
Lalith Pavan:
Your vlogs are top notch man. Quality and editing tho seeeeeshhhh.
Keep up the good work georgeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
L G:
Belle is so beautiful inside and out!! Put a ring on it Georgie
Brian Parry
Brian Parry:
Ay George my man when u gonna go on a comedy tour come to Philadelphia man we support the hell out of u here!!
S & T
S & T:
Loving the VPN videos with a bit of vlog mixed in.
Ahmet toktaş
Ahmet toktaş:
I don't understand why people hate Mike, he's so funny I guess they're jealous of the life he's living
Colin Quintal
Colin Quintal:
Everytime there’s mike I’m clicking right away
Rolling Stoned
Rolling Stoned:
I hate when the video ends. Thank God I can watch Bubba Town next!
Arnor Danielsson
Arnor Danielsson:
George, can amazingly just always put a smile on my face😌
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital:
George, don't ever end the vlog on crazy
Loved By You
Loved By You:
yo, I LOVE that george is secure enough, to support his women to wear form fitting stuff, and hypes her in the process!
Justbeing Human
Justbeing Human:
George and shawna just so natural couple!❤️❤️❤️ Love love love them..
Michael Ford
Michael Ford:
This vlog is ALL about Belle! Damn! Miami looks good on you!
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez:
Awe waaaaayyyyyy too short! Love the content
George Janko, the only guy to put an Ad in the middle of an Ad read 😂💀
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans:
Sees title: logan's gonna fight Mike and Jeff??
Dominic Butora
Dominic Butora:
Love the way this vlog was shot! One of my favourites yet, really liked the editing and pace of it
Hasbro Bakari
Hasbro Bakari:
I bet he didn't tip the guy after all the hard work
Ben Bordenick
Ben Bordenick:
Like Logan said in one of his vlogs “there really is no meaning of box anymore”
Thrasher x Thrasher
Thrasher x Thrasher:
Hey George can you please reaffirm to these guys about how mike was fired
Omage Jeffrey
Omage Jeffrey:
They literally played Godly by Omah in Miami
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez:
Ay let’s get it 🔥🔥🔥🎉
Tia Imsong
Tia Imsong:
Love u George ❣️my idol🙌
Love a good “VPM” 😂
Thanks for the VPN George! I used it to watch the Mayweather vs Paul for free 😜
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
@8:15 felt like a music video from 2010 👍🏾
Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”