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Pocketful of Primary
Pocketful of Primary:
Thank you so much for your positive feedback on this video! I truly love creating videos that are content based that I know other teachers can use to improve their teaching practices! Based on your comments, my next EDTech Made Easy video will be on all my best tips and tricks for organizing your Google Classroom and using it efficiently (these are all small things I've learned recently that I feel most people don't know). The next EDTech Made Easy video after that will be on how to digitize assignments to use on Google Classroom (such as graphic organizers). I'm so happy you all love this series as much as I do and I truly hope you are gaining some professional development that you can take back to your classroom!
Lorin Mannella
Lorin Mannella:
I've been watching a lot of these distance learning videos (I've seen many or yours) and yours are the best. Your explanations are thorough and without ambiguity. You speak rather quickly but it keeps the listener alert and interested. Thank you so much for helping me become adept at doing things that I previously knew absolutely nothing about.
Esther Bennett
Esther Bennett:
This was very helpful since I am an absolute BEGINNER! Please do a tutorial on digitizing. Thanks. You're a great teacher. I was able to grasp the concepts AND setup my classes!
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson:
Thanks for this helpful video Michele! For one who is just getting started with remote learning, it was very informative and helpful! I appreciate you time and effort in helping so many teachers during these trying times!
Aaron Private Limited
Aaron Private Limited:
It is an amazing video. Thanks for making remote learning so effective, efficient and user friendly!
M.38 Mx mx
M.38 Mx mx:
Great tutorial! Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you very much ❤
WORLDBEAT BOOKS for Growing Minds
WORLDBEAT BOOKS for Growing Minds:
I too am happy that I found you! Right on time, loving the upbeat presentation, inspiring! We (worldbeat books) have some Google classrooms to present for teachers in New York, Georgia and LA Unified Schools coming this fall. I see you have a series of these. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing, being here! Good luck and best wishes! **********!
Amazing tutorial, very effective for organising the classroom. 👍 Thanks for sharing with us, it really helped me understanding the set up. I've also started teaching online during the lockdown and have set up a Youtube channel. You are an inspiration for so many teachers new to teaching. ✍️ 🌈
Monique Henley
Monique Henley:
Thank you so much for this step- by-step, clear, concise and user friendly tutorial. It is very helpful for those of us who are technologically challenged.
Lisa Andrews
Lisa Andrews:
Thank you so much for creating these videos! Your upbeat nature and technology skills are so inspiring! You are a lifesaver during a very difficult time. Please keep posting more amazing videos for us!
Audrey Craig
Audrey Craig:
Thank you! Veteran teacher who knows how to teach Kindergarten in the classroom, but not via distance learning. I appreciate the cookbook approach!
You know you're a teacher when you explain so nicely. Thanks Ma'am
Amy Knott
Amy Knott:
Great video for first-time users of Google Classroom. I appreciate you getting to the point and covering a wide range of topics.
Chelsea Renee
Chelsea Renee:
Thank you so much for this Michelle! Any other in-depth looks at google classroom coming this summer??? Please do more of these!!! Also are you considering posting your math notes to TPT? I know you were thinking about it last summer and I would absolutely love to purchase them!
Antoinette Reed
Antoinette Reed:
This is absolutely wonderful! I am just about to student teach, so I'm so happy I found this. Thank you so much for your clear explanation!
Jess TMBarton
Jess TMBarton:
Love this! Thank you for the thorough yet simple explanation. :)
Jocelyn White
Jocelyn White:
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your knowledge! As we all transition to distance learning, this will be very helpful! I've shared your video with my whole staff. Keep'em comin! :)
Nichole Lemasters
Nichole Lemasters:
Thank you Michelle!!! I was a little afraid to learn a new platform for school, but as usual you broke down the steps and made it very easy to get started. I am also a 4th Grade teacher and we are implementing using the Google Classroom next Monday. I watch all of your videos and just love how open and honest you are. I am wrapping up my 18th year & still have a lot to learn. Some of my best ideas have been encouraged by you. Thanks again for all you do & stay safe! I am trying to keep my positive pants on! Nichole in Michigan
Donna Lamkin
Donna Lamkin:
You are a fantastic trainer! Thank you for this clear and concise video.
Cheryl Kula
Cheryl Kula:
This is fantastic - thank you! I will need to listen more than once, of course - but you have made the video complete and concise for beginners!! Thanks again!
Thank you for this great tutorial! If I would like to add certain slides but not an entire presentation on resources. How would I go about doing this? Also, have you used piclits with google classroom? If so, how do you push that out to your students? Again, thank you, you are so knowledgeable. I'm using Google classroom for the first time this year and I am watching all of your videos!
Sandy Villarreal
Sandy Villarreal:
Thank you for this great video. During these difficult times of sheltering and teaching at home I am trying to learn Google Classroom as I go along. This video is so clear and understandable. It really helped!
Shining Stars Network
Shining Stars Network:
I love your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge! It would be great for us beginners, though, if you could slow down a little or make a separate video at a slower pace. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!
Gia Claire
Gia Claire:
Thank you so much for a comprehensive summary of Google Classroom for beginners. I'm a new substitute teacher & there's so much information I need to know. I watched your video three times, so as to catch things I might have missed the first time around, and it helped. Wonderful video.
Sam Chin
Sam Chin:
This is great for a teacher who struggles with technology, I was looking for an advanced answer to something but I did share this with my school because it's chocked full of valuable information!
Pablo R
Pablo R:
Hi!! I have just come across with your channel for the first time ever! Do you have any pointers for private tutoring lessons? Are there major differences between desktop use Vs. app use?
Greg Frey
Greg Frey:
Loved the speed of your information and the clarity of your directions! You did an awesome job!
eric jefferson
eric jefferson:
That was a great presentation, you was informative, exciting, clear and entertaining. That's what teaching should be.
David Kanary
David Kanary:
Great job! It was really helpful, laid out well as only an Elementary School teacher can do- your students are lucky to have you! Not to mention your teacher friends!
Rebecca Hawkes
Rebecca Hawkes:
A video going more indepth about the Grades would be super helpful! I love your videos! I am learning so much!
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown:
Thank you for the information in this video. My kindergartener just had her first day of school. There were a number of challenges around using this platform for the children in this age group. The teacher did not have a way to mute all lines, so she was constantly drown out by students talking and making noise in the background. The kindergartners were responsible for clicking their mute buttons on and off, so most of the time it was off when they thought it was on. The mute button is also on a hidden toolbar that disappears when you scroll away from it, so it takes a while for the kids to find it and engage the microphone when they need to speak. Is there an option on this platform for the teacher to make the mute button larger and always showing? The classroom only shows 16 participants on a screen, even when there were 20 total participants. The teacher had no way of seeing all of the students, which is clearly challenging when students have to raise their hands for a bathroom break, or to be recognized to speak. Is there any way for a teacher to adjust this so that all students can be viewed at one time? Also there was no way for the teacher to scroll through to see each student, so the ones that were not there were literally invisible. Have you done any videos addressing any of these items? Are you interested in addressing them? Thanks again for the info in this video.
Carmen Pallotta
Carmen Pallotta:
Great tutorial! It was very clear and offering much detail.
Vidya Arvind
Vidya Arvind:
Hi Michelle. Thank you for this valuable quick overview to get started with Google classroom. However, a small suggestion. Even though I slowed down the playback speed of the video, I felt that the images went by too rapidly. So, for beginners, it would be very helpful you could just slow down the appearance of images and narration to help us see where things are located. :-)

Pls keep posting such useful videos for teachers.
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan:
Thank you! Great video. Can you upload a PDF of worksheets and have students complete these or do you have to transfer all work to Google Forms?
Celeste Guardado
Celeste Guardado:
Thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials, your videos are amazing and very helpful. I would be so lost if it wasn't for all your help, once again thank you and I wish you many blessings during this difficult time for all of us.
lynn habib
lynn habib:
Thank you so much for all your help. It has been difficult for me to learn all this new technology, but you present it in a fashion I can understand. And it means a lot to this 28 year vet. LOL!
Karen Penner
Karen Penner:
Thank you so much for all the great information!!!!!! I like how positive and organized your presentation was! Great job!!!!!
Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis:
HI!! Thanks for putting together videos for us to learn more about google classrooms! You gave a ton of details and helpful hints. It was a little fast for me though so I'll have to go back and watch it again to see what I missed.
Ginger Little
Ginger Little:
I love Google classroom. It’s so helpful, and this was a great tutorial! I’d love to have more tips and tricks!
OMG! I'm so grateful for this overview. You really did give me enough info to get started without totally overwhelming me. So, on to more tips and tricks with Google Classroom. Especially organizational tips. Thanks so much!
Mary Suter-Antoniotti
Mary Suter-Antoniotti:
Again, learned so much. Thank you! Also, your pace is terrific. If I need to, I can pause. Very nice to have so much relevant info so concisely spoken.
Ivan Collinson
Ivan Collinson:
Thank you so much for this video. Very clear to understand and easy to follow. Thank you once again.
Thank you for sharing. Incredibly clear and informative. I love it so much.
Mark Sexton
Mark Sexton:
Brilliant........a very inspirational first guide to Google Classroom. I’ve already set everything up!
An “IT limited” teacher in the UK
Roselle Castillo
Roselle Castillo:
Hello! Your video tutorials are really easy to use. Would you mind if I use it as part of an instructional material in my teacher training? This would really help the teachers that are just getting to know this platform.
Michelle Sperling
Michelle Sperling:
Thank you so much for the tips! Your video is EXTREMELY helpful! I am new to GC due to COVID. Is there a way to have students respond to PDF documents digitally? Since I teach 1st grade there are many PDF worksheets. Thanks for your help!
Cynthia Babzien
Cynthia Babzien:
Thank you so much for all of the videos you have for the google classroom and google slides tutorials. They are amazing and you are so positive in the way you present the information.
Trevor Singh
Trevor Singh:
I am an I.T professional but I like how you explain it from a teacher's stand point and teachers will appreciate it because you are one of them.
Susan Brandow
Susan Brandow:
Great video--answered lots of my questions and set my anxiety to rest!
Beck M
Beck M:
Thank you so much for this video! Super easy to follow along with.
Jasmin Anderson
Jasmin Anderson:
You were ahead of the times. Thanks for this super detailed and useful video.
Carmen Schweiger
Carmen Schweiger:
Michelle, please make a student tutorial that we can share with our kids right now. I would love to use your video in combination with edpuzzle to make sure they learn how to use Classroom.
Nicely done. A very effective teaching technique underscored by actually displaying what your are doing, or what the 'selections' do. Helps reinforce the learning. Thank you
Rhonda King
Rhonda King:
Yes please to a video on digitizing assignments. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. You're a very giving person!
Julie Larson
Julie Larson:
Thank you for your overview. You have a very friendly vibe, that you do not make people like me, feel stupid for not knowing the basics of technology. Thank you for making technology accessible, relatable, and tangible for me.
I'm in a teacher education program now and prepping for digital observations due to COVID restrictions. I'm familiar with Google Docs, Slides, etc but not Google Classroom, which is what my district uses. Trying to get a head start on how it operates. This video was incredibly helpful and easy to follow. Thank you!
SQueen_ Rob
SQueen_ Rob:
I so appreciate your consistency in posting, even during your break. Bless you, and have a great summer.
marketa mahtab
marketa mahtab:
Thanks so much! We just started using the GC now because of the current situation and your video is very helpful to understand how to start working with it! 👍❤️
Marsha Callahan
Marsha Callahan:
This I was my first exposure to Google Classroom. You did share quite a bit of information in your video. Having said that, you spoke so fast that it was difficult for me to follow everything and I certainly could not take notes (which is what I do when I am learning something new). I may watch this video again, many times, so that I can capture all of the information that you provided.
Mary Anne
Mary Anne:
Most helpful for a beginner like me. Thank you and may you continue to have a beautiful day! 🥰🌻🌻🌻
Learning Points DD
Learning Points DD:
Thank you very much. This tutorial is very helpful, especially now that schools have to face the new normal. Stay safe.
Maria Papagianopoulos
Maria Papagianopoulos:
Hi Michelle!

I live in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺 and am a student in Year 5 (5th Grade)
And love comparing your teaching to my classes!

Great video, thanks. Can i just ask though, what do you do with the assignments after they have been graded? Do you move the completed ones somewhere or do you delete them or something else? Thanks again.
Nicole Maurer-West
Nicole Maurer-West:
Great easy to understand and helpful video! Thank you! Yes tips and tricks please
Francesco Albanese
Francesco Albanese:
Thank you so much Michelle, I'm truly happy that I found you too! An extremely useful and very well done video.
Patricia Meyer
Patricia Meyer:
I just discovered your videos. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am, without a doubt, technologically impaired and your videos have helped me so much! I am looking for the best way to film my lessons in an easy and time efficient way. Any suggestions? I have tried so many different ways but my end result is always choppy!
Rolande Lamprecht
Rolande Lamprecht:
Hi, thanks for your awesome video's.

Just a few questions:

1. How do you create a background for your videos?
2. How do I make a video to show the formation of letters?
Great video as I am new to google classrooms. I have a question- how long do assignments stay on the classroom for? If I upload 8 lessons to a topic each week the class work page will start to get very busy?
Humble Me
Humble Me:
Hi Ms. Michelle, i love to watch all your videos. It is so helpful. i am a math teacher , using google classroom quite difficult at the first place.

How to check student's calculation/working when tasks given? (I mean, in math there are some calculation that need to be checked)

Please help & thanks in advance.
MrsWhite's Chemistry
MrsWhite's Chemistry:
I love your . They are very helpful and encouraging! Thanks for taking time to do this. My question is: If I'm teaching 2 classes outside of a school (tutoring 2 sets of homeschool students). Will I still be able to use Google classroom?
Lindsey Stogner
Lindsey Stogner:
Yes! please do a video on how to digitize assignments, I think it would be sooo amazing to have some guidance on how to do that!
Don Speed
Don Speed:
Thanks so much for four help! I've been teaching high school English for 25 years and have avoided GC like the plague because basically, I'm a Luddite. However, I have had to change my teaching presentation with the students every year or so because the nature of the students seems to change constantly.
Shannon Mason
Shannon Mason:
Thank you for your content. It is truely quality. I teach Army Cadets (13-18 year old) and we don't have a single way to do testing or a way to track it/ mark it. After I found your video (by accident) 12 hours ago, I have been non-stop trying to make content for testing. THANK YOU!!!!!!
MaryEllen Fawk
MaryEllen Fawk:
Your school district is very lucky to have you! Would love input on creating guided teaching videos using google classroom or the like. Thank you so much!
Benson Hunt
Benson Hunt:
Hi, that was a great explanation that focused on all necessary points and answered all my future questions. Thank you very much!
Becky A
Becky A:
This seems very similar to a software that I know most are familiar with, which is called Blackboard. But I like how this seems more easy to use. Blackboard can get very confusing , but I can see this getting confusing too because each year/semester you would have to relearn blackboard because it would be a new teacher, which means a new format. Great video, I always love your content!
Sarah Downs
Sarah Downs:
I loved your video! I could not have made my slides for google classroom without you!! Here is amy question, is there a way to link raz kids and google classroom. We have parents with many different languages in my school. We need to make our distance learning in one place if possible. Thank you for your direct organized instruction!!!
Eddy Ayad
Eddy Ayad:
Great job, thank you , such an awesome instructor.
John Scully
John Scully:
Thank you for your hard work. it would be great. If you did other videos for other teachers to feel more comfortable with google class. Thank you, John Scully first-year auto collision instructor. Pickering technical high school.
John Acevedo
John Acevedo:
Awesome energy! I took notes and definitely learned a lot
Melanie Souza
Melanie Souza:
This video was so helpful! This will be my first year teaching and I am so excited! Please make more google classroom videos!
Sheila Balton
Sheila Balton:
It was a great video! My school will begin using Google Classroom this coming school year. I'm trying to get a "feel" for Google Classroom. I will definitely be watching more of your videos.
Susan Hall
Susan Hall:
Thank you for this video. Heard lots of positives about you teaching and thanks to you I just set up my GC (well what I could). Where is there info for how to keep the GC organized, say by days or subjects? I'm self contained in 3rd grade. Also, can you add parents if they don't have a Google email?
Josh Hunter
Josh Hunter:
Just got a job teaching high school Spanish. I’ve only taught for one year at another school and have been worrying like crazy! Thank you for easing the prep stress with this helpful info :).
jaymin b.
jaymin b.:
Did you know that if you turn in an assignment like 5-10 minutes before it’s due it says “Phew! Just in time!” But only true procrastinators will know that
Guilherme Gobbi
Guilherme Gobbi:
Incredible video and very helpful! Thanks a lot!
Barbara S. Tenorio (Jose L.G. Rios MS)
Barbara S. Tenorio (Jose L.G. Rios MS):
Thank you. This video was easy to follow and I am able to now set up my google classroom. Awesome!
Fabiana Pica
Fabiana Pica:
Your tutorials are so helpful! Thank are the best ecoach ever !
Josh Wisniowski
Josh Wisniowski:
This is very informative, and assisted me tremendously! Thank you
Liz Humble
Liz Humble:
Please do additional videos with more tips. This was very helpful.
Brittnie Bond
Brittnie Bond:
I love your videos! You are amazing and thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us. Quick question...I used a class photo for my theme (which I love) but I do not love the blue font it set to once I changed my theme photo. Do you know how to change the font color?
Hetal Kawale
Hetal Kawale:
Useful video for beginners. Explained specifically. Its provides overall understanding of Google Classroom. Thank you.
Hetal Kawale
Hetal Kawale:
Useful video for beginners. Explained specifically. Its provides overall understanding of Google Classroom. Thank you.
Janet Dow
Janet Dow:
I'm having to teach remotely for the first time. Your videos are really helping. Thank you
Sheila Lanius
Sheila Lanius:
This is just what I needed to get me started with Google Classroom!
Bharat Saroopa
Bharat Saroopa:
Beautifully explained. Thank you.
Maureen Dougherty
Maureen Dougherty:
Thank you, I have watched many of your videos several times. Great help. I have been pausing and re-watching the parts I need to help me complete my assignments. A million thanks.
Fatima Moola
Fatima Moola:
Thank you for the video! I've learnt so much in one go! Being wanted to try out Google Classroom for so long, but didn't know where to begin. Will be watching your other videos soon
Fifi A
Fifi A:
This was great! Really needed an informative video like this! Thank you!
Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson:
As I said in one of your earlier videos, you are very good but its just hard for me to keep up. I'm a retired teacher who is doing a leave in ELL this semester. I only know how to assign things from Youtube. But its working. Thank you!