Ghislaine Maxwell was apparently living at secluded mansion in New England beach town

CBS News has confirmed with a nearby property manager that British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was recently living at a secluded mansion in the small New England beach town Manchester-by-the-Sea and going by the names "G" or "G Max." Maxwell is accused of overseeing Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring and has kept a low profile since his death. Meg Oliver reports.

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100+ comentarios:

Omar Novela
Omar Novela:
This should unite us all. I don't care if you are left, right or progressive, black,white, latino, Asian. We should demand answers and accountability! You can't mess with our kids. Enough!
Diana Ashton
Diana Ashton:
She is a child trafficking person not a socialite.
SHOUT OUT 2020 Narcs NOT wanted
SHOUT OUT 2020 Narcs NOT wanted:
The rich elite always get away with their EVIL cruelty ...,they are psychopats and narcissists..
ahmed siddique
ahmed siddique:
If a simple person had been accused of similar cimes, they would have been jailed.
David Felix
David Felix:
She will also be “Killaried” off. There better be cameras on in her jail cell!
Why isn’t she on FBI MOST WANTED LIST?
Nairere Tomas Sjoo
Nairere Tomas Sjoo:
She is being protected by the US government. If they wanted her they would have had her by now!
Chrissy N.
Chrissy N.:
She died of covid 19 in jail already.... that’s the lie they gonna sell us!!!!!
Ken Clark
Ken Clark:
Make sure the Clintons don't give her a private visit .
Wwef Wason
Wwef Wason:
How many days before she dies "mysteriously"?
She was just photographed in Los Angeles.
Remorselesscuckslayer 2
Remorselesscuckslayer 2:
"Make sure you make it look like an accident" - Hillary Clinton
Male Isac
Male Isac:
And tell us more about Prince Andrew !! He was also involved
Mary Vicente
Mary Vicente:
Why is she hiding if she didn’t do anything? 🤦🏻‍♀️ And yes, where’s Alyssa Milano and Taylor Swift and Jane Fonda et al on this matter? Hypocrites
Fire and Knives
Fire and Knives:
They have to get rid of her so the general public will think it’s over, then they’ll go back to “business” as usual.
MG Massey
MG Massey:
Pedophiles and the people who support them are masters at hiding .Manipulation is their art.
She is as complicit as they all are.
Rich people have done this for centuries and experienced no prosecution.
It's time to stop it.
The Not So Naive
The Not So Naive:
She has dirt and info on all of Them, so she Can run from person to person and hide... They cant reveal it because then she reveals Them... disgusting
Teddy Bass
Teddy Bass:
This is prob just the tip of the iceberg. Makes me feel sick
Rosa Orozco
Rosa Orozco:
The brithish have her and buying her silence because Andrew is involved
richard bello
richard bello:
Epstein is alive and well and under the witness protection program he is more valuable alive than dead 🧐
Virginia B. Britton
Virginia B. Britton:
Take them ALL down.
evgeniy nagornyak
evgeniy nagornyak:
Why we follow them and call ( them ) elite ? All of them are sh. ..
TakinNo Chit
TakinNo Chit:
Why doesn't Gale talk about how her gal pal Oprah traveled to and stayed on Epstein's island??? How convenient...
Dean Smith
Dean Smith:
She will commit suicide after a visit from old friends? The clintons !
An ONeal
An ONeal:
Why was she not charged together with her boss?
yo mismo
yo mismo:
If she were poor she would be in jail a long time ago... now she can escape.
Billy Watson
Billy Watson:
Thus women will be found dead she knows way to much on a lot of influential people. It will be just like epstien
estelle patella
estelle patella:
She's probably now living in secluded luxury in Israel with her old pal Jeffrey.
Tom Bowen
Tom Bowen:
Amazing she chose to live in the US! She had the cash to disappear anywhere into a safe life of luxury away from danger of arrest, but chose to live under the noses of the Feds. Smells funny to me!
TheDevil's Game
TheDevil's Game:
BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell charged over sexual exploitation
Susan Iru
Susan Iru:
Why and how did Prince Andrew slip through the cracks? Oh yeah, money and power
Prince Andrew admitted being friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, who is the youngest daughter of convicted fraudster Robert Maxwell. He keeps some strange company.
Jeffrey Montemayor
Jeffrey Montemayor:
They arrested her
Hopefully she stays alive
And gives names
Bill clinton is nervous 😟😂😂
And a bunch of others
And prince Andrew is done
Robert Acosta
Robert Acosta:
I hope they’re going to do a better job of keeping this woman alive. If they could get to Epstein they can get to her.
Rant Therapist
Rant Therapist:
Why arent women speaking out about her? Where is #metoo!?
Greg Bohbot
Greg Bohbot:
As guilty as Epstein that a shame that she is still free ...
Just saw another British "socialite", lady Victoria Hervey, state that Ghislaine will never be found. She said it with a smirk on her face, they were close friends. I think she knows where she is. Some people know and protect her.
She went on to say that Ghislaine was a James Bond like character and that she was probably "far away".
She is "far away" in some country where it is easy to traffic children, that is what she does. <---- My assumption.
Larry L
Larry L:
Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton are probably concerned too.
We cannot let this story die or be swept under the carpet!
I really hope this woman is prosecuted the same. A lot of things happened because of her help.
Edward Kress
Edward Kress:
Update: She's getting charged! Yes!
judgement passed
judgement passed:
She is going to get clintoned sorry killed Dam auto correct.
S cox
S cox:
She was laying low until after the election to see if the right people won and would let them go again like before Trump got in
Monica Ford
Monica Ford:
It goes frm living in a gorgeous mansion to an ugly dank dark cell. With bars! Hahah. Couldnt happen to a nicer thing. Yep. Nt human.
Just a prediction: she will never see justice in this world.
Diane Hosler
Diane Hosler:
She’s an odd bi sexual, a sexual deviant! She is being hidden and protected, she can’t hide all her life!
les allan
les allan:
I hear she is practicing jumping off the back of yachts these days!
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson:
Epstein "suicide" now the FBI/DOJ can sweep everything under the rug. hush hush. now move on media...
Seriously, G Max? She could have tried harder. Now that she has been caught in NH, my gut is she will get a bad case of COVID and perish and then we'll get some government bail out money and forget the whole thing.
Camille Harris
Camille Harris:
The rich can get away with ANYTHING
She's possibly laying low somewhere with "Slick Willie" [Clinton] .
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas:
“Low profile” you mean hiding out from the fbi...
Cathy Knight
Cathy Knight:
Just wondering why isn't she in Jail?!
Brilliant news. An evil pervert who thinks her money puts her above the law. When is Oprah getting arrested?
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z:
The elite get away with anything. Only the working and poor have to follow rules and pay for crimes.
D Twist
D Twist:
Plot twist: she catches the corona virus and passes away without foul play.
Jen M
Jen M:
They know where she’s at, don’t believe this lie.
Nikki Racks
Nikki Racks:
THAT WAS A CLONE OR BODY DOUBLE THAT WAS ARRESTED! No way she would be living in US, miles from her prosecuter
Redeemed In Christ
Redeemed In Christ:
"Off with her head I" said, the Queen !!! 🥁
John Balasa
John Balasa:
Bring her in! What is our government doing ?protecting her? what a shame on the USA. government!!!!
She might have million dollars contact to supply “young talents”
Cody Cha
Cody Cha:
How not to hide out: Buy a 3 million dollar mansion and “hide out”
They need to do a documentary on this demon
latara dell
latara dell:
What is the status of the investigation of her. She should be in prison.
Kakanga Moses
Kakanga Moses:
Maxwell`s father was part of mossad this is a ring and web of crime
Angel Kent
Angel Kent:
Miss Red White & Blue Don't Tread on Me
Miss Red White & Blue Don't Tread on Me:
Where’s all the Hollywood me 2# women?
Jen M
Jen M:
Why does this idiotic narrator sound so Unserious as if it is a story about ice cream she is selling !
She is a British Citizen - this story has its roots in the core of the British Aristocracy! She is only the tip of the iceberg!
Dan M
Dan M:
how is it possible that this woman is still walking around without an ankle monitor on?
Shes going to contract covid magically in jail
What is pretty funny is that Alex Jones was right all along and he was mocked by the MSM.
Bill Knoderer
Bill Knoderer:
It’s now obvious after her arrest that CBS wasn’t going to dive into the facts of her hiding and also knew a damn sight more than reporting in this video.
Dona Burns
Dona Burns:
It’s strange because it’s easy for most of us to be taken in by a friendly open appearance and kindnesses to us and/or ours. I have certainly made that mistake with quite negative consequences more than a few times.
Dawn Christopher
Dawn Christopher:
She has a lot to answer for I hope she gets what she deserves
Now, can we talk about Barr trying to oust the US Attorney at the SDNY just days before Ghislaine Maxwell arrest?
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine:
If we lived in medieval times, having a private island and a jet would keep you safe. And 3 13-year-old girls a day would be normal.
News flash: Ghislaine forgot she had 500 million, got depressed, and hung herself from a top bunk by her bra strap!
That Guy
That Guy:
they're all quiet about who owns the mansion, aiding and abetting.
if it was me or you we'd be in jail. probably killed by dirty pigs.
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson:
Just arrested....let the "suicide" clock begin
Funny how CBS left out Maxwell's connection to the Clintons. And that she attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton!
She’s still alive!
I have plane tickets to go to her upcoming funeral next month.
Peter Gillson
Peter Gillson:
The biggest can of worms is just about to be opened... Hee Hee...
1:44 - Damn! Was that her with Elon Musk? Curious what he knows.
Daisy D
Daisy D:
Maxwell referred to the girls she sexually abused w/Epstein as 'trash'. Why she's been allowed to walk is anyone's guess.
fusger Snabble
fusger Snabble:
Hey they found this Biden supporter hiding away .... toss away the key
Randi Jones
Randi Jones:
She will have to answer to her crimes! They are closing in on her!
Frankie Cash
Frankie Cash:
G-MAX will be found dead by the end of the month
She was just caught by FBI IN NH WHERE IM FROM.
Ligaya Barlow
Ligaya Barlow:
She is untouchable. There is no justice in America.
Bo Ko
Bo Ko:
High time these elites felt the wrath of the people’s revolt
She is too rich to be prosecuted....😪..she will obviously hire some high price lawyers
Vicki Fisher
Vicki Fisher:
The FBI, The NSA, The DOJ THEY ALL KNOW WHERE SHE IS!!! I was born at Night but NOT last Night!!! AG BARR IS A PART OF THE DEEP STATE !!!
Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul:
...yeah, the shocking news is that CBS's Joy Reid is covering this story, I can't wait for cover-up, just like with Epstein...
go soap
go soap:
Been waiting for this day. Gotcha. Where’s the mug shot and court appearance? Can’t wait to see this monster in jail clothes exposed under the lights
john ryan
john ryan:
The FBI didn't know where she has been "hiding" all along since Epstein's death? Talk about naive!
Oh this is deep.. I want to see all involved.. all those “hollow”wood types be held accountable!! Even those who knew about Weinstein.. the “Steins” wow!!!!
marcelo martinez
marcelo martinez:
She knew exactly what she was doing to these young girl,is a danger to society and deserve to be put away with prince Andrew another sicko
Why isn't Ghislaine Maxwell already in prison? Wanna bet she's get's Arkancided too?
John Clayton
John Clayton:
Who funded her for all this time on the run ? Now that she’s caught I hope she doesn’t go missing like Epstein !!