Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings

Gigi Hadid opens up to Jimmy about experiencing her first pregnancy in quarantine and why she sobbed uncontrollably when she received a surprise birthday cake from the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

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Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings


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100+ comentarios:

Mason Roth
Mason Roth:
“my dad is zayn malik and my mom is gigi hadid” the power that has wow
Imagine if the child cries at the middle of the night. Gigi doesn’t even need to be worried. Zayn voice= Lullaby 😇
Renata Fernandez
Renata Fernandez:
The genetics of this baby are going to be crazy!
Saidamen, Bai Iman Fatma
Saidamen, Bai Iman Fatma:
Imagine her uncles and aunties could be Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, & One direction
just someone irrelevant
just someone irrelevant:
*You're old when you realize that half of the kids of One Direction are fathers* 😑
Syaini Nur Aniza Putri
Syaini Nur Aniza Putri:
zayn and gigi’s unborn child is already prettier and richer than i’ll ever be
Jenifer Anjali
Jenifer Anjali:
I bet zayn would be there just sitting and watching her with a smile on his face.
Ariel MelodyXX
Ariel MelodyXX:
Imagine the jawline this kid is going to have. [ 1 month later : thank you for all the likes❤👉👈]
Zayn has now been promoted from daddy to baby daddy.
This kid is gonna say “ I’m part British,Pakistani,Palestinian,Dutch,part American” look at the damn diversity tho
the way gigi’s personality really shines in this video and she just looks like a normal girl facetiming her friend i LOVE it
Valerie Ong
Valerie Ong:
That baby is going to be like “ my mum is Gigi Hadid , my dad is Zayn Malik ,my aunt is Bella Hadid, my uncle is anwar Hadid, my other aunt is Dua Lipa, my other uncles are Harry Styles , Louis Tomlinson , Liam Payne and Niall Horan. My godmother is Kendall Jenner” damn that power 🤯
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
Literally the perfect time for her to have a baby being a model, she’s not missing out on any gigs and she can get her body right after the baby if she wants to continue modeli
TheEast Rose
TheEast Rose:
Gigi looks so happy, wishing her and the baby are healthy. She is so beautiful without trying too hard.
Everyone during quarantine: god this so boring.. Theres literally nothing to do..😫

Zayn and gigi: oh let's make a baby..
Her fingers are so long and pretty. Even her fingers alone could be models.
“My mom is Gigi Hadid, my dad is Zayn Malik, my uncles are one direction and the weekend and my auntie is Dua Lipa!!”

The person listening to this : 👁👁
Fiona Connolly
Fiona Connolly:
Why is no one talking about her hilarious impression of the cake boss?? so funny
I couldn't imagine someone hating on her
*She's pure as heaven*
Ally Hvis
Ally Hvis:
Did someone else think that Jimmy really slayed this interview??? He was so genuine and went with the flow unlike on his normal show
Eva Belle
Eva Belle:
TMZ is so incredibly rude for announcing her pregnancy
Farida Fattakhova
Farida Fattakhova:
Being directioner a lot of years and see how boys become dads makes me feel myself very very happy and proud.
Miss Violet
Miss Violet:
Shes so simply and humble. Thats why i love her.
child: "my parents are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid"

me: I asked who your parents were, and not to remind me I'm ugly.
ragin kilam
ragin kilam:
look at her! she is so happy... can't even imagine how zayn feels. i'm so happy for both of them. god bless
I’m so so happy for Zayn he’s literally just living his best life and I’m so proud and Gigi is such a sweetheart I’m so happy for the both but the baby is already calling me ugly
Her personality is so adorable and she's so pretty! That fetus inside her womb is genetically lucky
Christy N
Christy N:
I love how human she is! She eats bagels, cries about cake, and is happy she's pregnant! Blessings to everyone! ❤️❤️❤️
tania najera
tania najera:
Let’s take a moment to admire how she just literally said Word for Word the entire intro to cake boss ! Love it!!! 🙌🏽
I feel really bad that the pregnancy was leaked and they didn’t get to reveal it on their own terms, which I’m sure they really wanted to do considering it’s their first child! Also, I really really hope people will give them privacy about this; the amount of comments saying that the baby will be gorgeous and what not worry me— not saying it won’t be gorgeous, but let’s just hope they all are healthy and happy above everything else. It is difficult to raise a child, and be raised in the spotlight. I wish them the best! I’m beyond happy they are having a child! They will be wonderful parents ❤️ millions of blessings and love their way.
shes so down to earth and jimmy is making her so comfortable it makes me feel like im just on a facetime call with two of my bestfriends lmaooo
her face looks like she can’t contain her happiness 🥺 she seems like she will be a great mom and ofc Zayn will be a great dad
Nandini Sharma
Nandini Sharma:
Zayn is gonna be a father.....its soo cool i feel old now
All we need to do now is pray for her child to be born healthy, good luck gigi and zayn, love you both
firdaous toumi
firdaous toumi:
the fact tat she is wearing his jacket is adorable
Ariele Ejbeja
Ariele Ejbeja:
I'm so sooo happy for Zayn ❤️❤️. I have seen him since he was 16, grown up with One Direction, he was always one of the five reasons that always made me happy 🌍 and I can't believe my little boy is going to be a father. I couldn't take any better news than this since he left the band 💙😭
she’s honestly so sweet and cute, there’s nothing not to love about her 🥺
Kanhapich Virak
Kanhapich Virak:
Just imagine... “I’m British Pakistani Irish Dutch American Palestinian.” Damn.
It’s just nice to see her so happy! I’m so happy for her and zayn and I hope things do smooth sailing for her during her pregnancy! It’s just sad like she said they couldn’t spill the news themselves 🥺❤️
r e n c y
r e n c y:
It’s so sad that she and Zayn didn’t get to announce the pregnancy in their own way
neha khatri
neha khatri:
She is glowing and this is a glow of motherhood
stacey G
stacey G:
I love her personality, so fun and uplifting
Very happy for them both! Need every bit of positivity we can get right now even if it’s not in our own lives.
Yosephin Kristina
Yosephin Kristina:
She's really such a sweetheart. I'm smiling through the whole video
the baby has already called me ugly in 5000 languages without being born.
MoBayCo Mama
MoBayCo Mama:
Gigi Hadid is hilarious.. I love it!!
Haya Alhosani
Haya Alhosani:
That one lucky baby at school be like “my dad is zayn Malik and was in one direction and my mom is Gigi hadid and models for Tommy Hilfiger and other brands” how lucky 😭❤️
Mia Leigh J
Mia Leigh J:
I imagine when the baby starts walking, it must be like a catwalk model
This child is going to be like the most attractive child ever like imagine the power the kid will have
Sunflower Vol.6
Sunflower Vol.6:
I’m so excited for them!! Gigi and Zayn are going to be the best parents and Zayn is going to be the best dad to a little girl!! 💖💖
Lavina Rautan
Lavina Rautan:
She looks so happy aww. She’s gonna be a great mother.
HeY HeY Ho
HeY HeY Ho:
I love how she is really transparent and that shine she have now ..its amazing im not a Gigi fan but im so happy for her
A K:
She’s so excited and adorable in the whole interview! This is so cute 😍 and of course congrats Gigi!
It’s sad that she didn’t get to announce it and someone leaked it. But congrats to both Zayn and Gigi omg 😍
sarah -
sarah -:
Omg I love her so much, she deserves this happiness 😭👏
Abby Martin
Abby Martin:
Gigi and jimmy both being so excited about the cake is the best thing 😂
I wish late night tv could stay like this after quarantine. I love how easy going & relaxed the interviews are & how the celebrities don’t even bother with makeup etc. It’s also forced them to get creative in new & interesting ways.
I see the happiness in his eyes 💖 I'm so happy for both 💜💜💜Zayn is going to be a good father 💞
Rasheen Warmington
Rasheen Warmington:
Girl I’m happy for you. Some women can’t have children no matter what or how hard they try. I’m glad you received this blessing. ❤️
Maria Paula Solis
Maria Paula Solis:
this is my first time ever watching a gigi hadid video and she seems so sweet, funny, genuine and humble 🥺
Shanna Lilliston
Shanna Lilliston:
I'm so so happy for Zayn and Gigi. Amazing couple. It's so nice to here they worked out and having a love baby. Congratulations to them. I Love Zayn and his music. Their baby Is going to be absolutely beautiful.
This child started life ten steps ahead. Think about it, father Zayn, mother Gigi, aunt Bella, uncle Anwar, her sister Dua Lipa, grandma Yolanda
imagine calling gigi and zayn mom and dad, and calling dua, bella, and kendall your aunties
Imaan Jaffri
Imaan Jaffri:
I’m so proud of Zayn 🥺 he’s going to be an amazing dad.
Glad She is so happy, her sparkling face tells everything 😍
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
Even just by her facial appearance, it is clear that she's indeed pregnant. I'm happy for her
B Mettle
B Mettle:
I'm so happy for them! Loved Gigi and Bella on Beverly Hills Housewives and of course Yolanda! No nonsense mama who says it like it is! They've come across as so down to earth and just normal, albeit a little quirky. So happy for them! :)
aline mkn
aline mkn:
she's so adorable she's gonna make a great mom❤
France Danielle Edits
France Danielle Edits:
I'm a fan and I'm so happy for her.:)
Dominique Porchi
Dominique Porchi:
So happy for her. She’ll be such a cute mom!
she’s so energetic ❤️❤️❤️
it's sad that she didn't get to announce it with Zayn, she was just confirming it.
Ellie Symss
Ellie Symss:
She seems so lovely and down to earth 🥺
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
Can’t even imagine how the baby will look like coming out
Izabeth Sobredo
Izabeth Sobredo:
just imagine having gigi hadid as your mom and zayn as your dad 😭🥺 blessed kid
Que bebé más hermoso nacerá de esta relación 😍😍
We are so happy for them. They will be such wonderful parents. I live them so freaking much🥺
Queen Cobra Club
Queen Cobra Club:
Just look how happy gigi is! She's glowing and looks so healthy and is gonna be such a caring mum
lilibeth ramirez
lilibeth ramirez:
it's so cute to see how the relationship has developed they really had a rough path like going back and this beautiful baby girl tot he worl.zayn and Gigi are going to be amazing parents
Diya J Marar
Diya J Marar:
I'm here after she is a mom❤️
God bless the little princess ❤️❤️❤️
Lensaa Temesgen
Lensaa Temesgen:
this kid is going to be so genetically blessed
libby alexandra
libby alexandra:
the fact that gigi was more excited that buddy made her birthday cake than the fact that she’s having a baby girl is literally the reason this woman is so precious ❤️
Nena s
Nena s:
Best interview so far Jimmy ....loved it.... Very genuine.... I love you Gigi.... congratulations to you and Zayn ....Gigi is so humble, funny ...the way she said about cake boss is so entertaining :-)
The power this child will have just by saying “my mom is Gigi Hadid and my dad is Zayn Malik”. This baby is going to rule the world
i love this couple!!!! i'm so happy for them!!!!!!! Congrats Gigi & Zayn!!!
Mirandaa Leah
Mirandaa Leah:
“Is she really 5 months? She’s so thin.” “It doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant.” Gheez, every pregnancy is different, everyone is different.
amandi peñailillo
amandi peñailillo:
Gigi is o sweet! I love the fact that she makes zayn so happy
Tiffany Anne Sullesta
Tiffany Anne Sullesta:
Congratulations, My Zayn and Gigi. I'm so happy for you two and I'm ugly crying here :)
i’m so happy for her
ben lenny
ben lenny:
who’s here after they had the baby? so excited for them!!!
Marisa Zavala
Marisa Zavala:
I love gigi 😂 her buddy impression was the best
Aura B
Aura B:
I really hope they don’t name their kid something stupid like X Æ A-12 🙄
Haleigh Eustis
Haleigh Eustis:
Gigi is such a beautiful soul, that baby is gonna be so lucky !❤️
rayyan a.
rayyan a.:
Congratulations to the happy couple. They look gorgeous together and blessed.
Emilia Rueda
Emilia Rueda:
Now that is official I finally can be excited👏🏻👏🏻 so happy for Zayn and Gigi!!! Congrats❤️❤️❤️
Malonyea Tucker
Malonyea Tucker:
This baby is gonna be so perfect!!I'm so happy for them omg🥺❤
Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo:
This baby is so blessed! Imagine having a aunt Bella Hadid and aunt in law Dua Lipa and your father is Zayn Malik (one of member of most succesfull bands) and your mother is Gigi Hadid (Famous International Model) It's like having a life that everyone wanted 😣❤️ And the fact that having a crazy genes!!!! So Lucky
the sheer power this kid's gonna have... I'm in awe just thinking about it. congrats gigi, you'll be a great mom.
Selita Jiménez
Selita Jiménez:
The one thing that i really like about this social distancing tv is that its not "perfect" Its not rehearsed, so its a lot chiller. Gigi looks amazing and she seems very cool. She'll be a fantastic mom!
Bhavna Rasaily
Bhavna Rasaily:
Awww she's so happy about the cake lol. Sending lots of love and light to their cute fam 🤗✨