Gigi Hadid: What Would Gigi do? | 10 Things You Didn't Know | British Vogue

In this exclusive Gigi Hadid interview, we asked what would Gigi do if someone was being mean to her sister Bella Hadid? Or if she was sitting next to her ex-boyfriend on a six hour flight? Or if she had to pretend to have a British accent? Fortunately, the British Vogue cover girl always knows what to do - and now she wants to know what you would do. Watch the film and then comment below.

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Gigi Hadid: What Would Gigi do? | 10 Things You Didn't Know | British Vogue

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100+ comentarios:

she's just so chill, you can tell by the way she's sitting and talking I love her
Gabriela Chang
Gabriela Chang:
LOVE her personality I love the fact that she is not skinny bones like other models, she is actually very natural and that makes her special and super beautiful
I actually love her voice , it's so charming and somehow suits her?
Al M
Al M:
"If you could only have one thing from England"
Laura Reid
Laura Reid:
loved this! she's so down to earth!
That is super creepy that photographers take pics while the models are changing, not cool and I'd do the same thing if one was trying to photograph me or anyone else. Go Gigi!
Mary Kate Daniiher
Mary Kate Daniiher:
She is one lucky woman. She was born with beauty, brains, parents that love her so much,  and lots of money.
Who's here after she announced her pregnancy!
Directioner 4ever
Directioner 4ever:
When they asked "Who woul be the 5 people you could get to a dream dinner party?"

Nobody :
Me : All of One Direction
Bella IB
Bella IB:
I love the fact that she is just not sitting with attitude with makeup and high heels! she is just so real and pretty 😘
Benkhelil Maroua
Benkhelil Maroua:
Gigi doesn't deserve at all those hate comments. She is amazing, funny, beautiful and that's why a lot of people are just jealous and wish they could look like her.
If there's one things about Gigi, is that she's always smiling. Never looks pissed or bitchy. Genuinely seems happy with her life and career. I'm so happy for her. Her dream has come true. She's studied criminal psychology and was recuited to go the junior Olympics. She's started modeling at age 2. No matter what anyone says, she's a hard worker. Queen.
British Vogue
British Vogue:
What would you do if you could spend a whole day with Gigi Hadid?
I do like Gigi Hadid so much, she's pretty cool:)
But is it me or why do I not understand half of the interview?
E Jo
E Jo:
Mind me, I am *not* a fan of Gigi Hadid. I see all these hate comments about Gigi: how she tries so hard, how she's not that extraordinary, how she's only famous for her family etc etc. But I remember seeing Gigi before: in a bikini photoshoot with a fellow model, and I *totally* noticed her. Mind you, i had absolutely *NO* idea who she was. Im not familiar with her family or tge show her mother was in.She's pretty, in a way that's balances instagramish-street style girl with sheek sexy, which would make her very popular with this generation. And the first thing which I also noticed was that she had an *AMAZING* body. She's not too skinny, unlike other models.
Universe Destroyer
Universe Destroyer:
Gigi has a unique look, awesome personality and she is gorgeous as a whole. Definitely not another one like her out there.
I love her, she makes everything she wears effortlessly elegant, even a simple pair of jeans and a white tshirt. Her full and fresh face bring something new to the industry. I'm older than her but her style definitely inspires me.
she's so...normal. i like her
Spencer Cielo
Spencer Cielo:
She's so playful, like she doesn't take herself too seriously but at the same time she handles the questions so maturely. Gigi is like the perfect combination of youthful freedom and timeless wisdom.
Mayuri Gadi
Mayuri Gadi:
I love Gigi. She's so down to earth
Loved this, I really love how down to earth Gigi is! How she answered the questions is basically how me and my friends talk to one another 😊 She's hilarious!
Chris P
Chris P:
She is one of the most amazing models that are out there today. Very down to earth
Ryana Kobeissi
Ryana Kobeissi:
I would cry if I had the chance to spend a whole day with Gigi Hadid. I love her so much
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese:
"I would work it. Don't quote me on that."
- Gigi Hadid.
Scrambled Egg
Scrambled Egg:
You're saying she's plain but if she had plastic surgery you'd complain about that too.. She's so stunning
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen:
I love Gigi! She's gorgeous, so chill and nice. I didn't even know she came from a rich family until I read the comments and I've already liked her ages ago 😍
I love Gigi, she's real.
I love Gigi Hadid, she is awesome. So grounded and her style is so cool. Love you Gigi, a lot! 💓💓😊
Sara Li
Sara Li:
This girl is my spirit animal LOL I finish my food in like 5-10 minutes too hahaha. Love how she isn't only gorgeous but has a great personality as well
I like her! She is so down to earth, how can you not love her!
Five 10 Bay Area
Five 10 Bay Area:
She's so natural and she's being herself
Rosa R.
Rosa R.:
Zayn’s so lucky to have her haha
Tatyana Hadi
Tatyana Hadi:
reyam 121
reyam 121:
Gigi sounds amazing with an British accent, I wish I had one
Ankita S
Ankita S:
i simply love this girl!!! she is super awesome... n she rocks it all..just being herself... n that's the best thing bout her!!!
Maya Leander
Maya Leander:
I love this girl, she’s so calm and have humor
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz:
I love her so much oh my god. She's so natural and down to earth
Hey it’s Fayy
Hey it’s Fayy:
I love her personality she's so chill 💕
she is so down on earth and chill. I love her💕
I cant get over her beautiful voice and looks
When she started talking about her ex boyfriend, I couldn't stop smiling ahahaha
She's a cool good person her mom raised her very well!! So happy for her success!
Rapid Gamer PG3D YT
Rapid Gamer PG3D YT:
Gigi's British accent sounds really good.
TheEast Rose
TheEast Rose:
I'm obsessed with her. She's a definition of effortlessly stunning. Love that she's so laidback in the interview.
Taylor SA
Taylor SA:
She seems so down to earth, I can definitely see the Taurus aspects of her personality ^_^
I never really paid much attention to her but wow she actually seems like a really chill and cool person to hang out with lol she's really funny too which I didnt expect which is cool!
Grace Dee
Grace Dee:
how did she look that good in a baggy top with barely any makeup on? shes so gorgeous
She's so gorgeous and extremely down to earth. Love her!
Tanisha Kalila
Tanisha Kalila:
I adore her personality 😍
if I can spend the whole day with Gigi Hadid I would probably tell her to teach me how to be a professional model just like her
25 pigeons
25 pigeons:
I'd love to meet gigi one day. she seems so nice and laid back
diamond johnson
diamond johnson:
I like that shes just so simply beautiful no makeup, no clothes that shows her body and too much skin, being herself, chill girl, beautiful, best type 🙌🏾💅🏼💁🏼
Please Check Later
Please Check Later:
So many say Gigi isn't the most beautiful woman; how they know much prettier girls. I can tell you this - all the pretty ones maybe become catalogue models or one of the million Instagram girls. It's the interesting faces that climb to the very top of fashion industry.
Haley Aldrich
Haley Aldrich:
She's so funny I love her!
Really surprised, in music videos she always seems so unattainable and almost flawless, but here she's just a normal person. Nice
Ulrik Brunner
Ulrik Brunner:
Love her voice!👌
Nerea Izquierdo Bosch
Nerea Izquierdo Bosch:
SHE'S such a gem😘 I would do.. literally the same as what Gigi said haha. Soul sista
Brianna Nelson
Brianna Nelson:
Najeeb Kids
Najeeb Kids:
she's soo cool and chill and calm
Emmeline McCarthy
Emmeline McCarthy:
Haha she's so chill I love it... And she's gorgeous
Models tend to be absent minded, this young lady seems very well grounded and intelligent.
Caleigh Nicole
Caleigh Nicole:
i love her omg shes so real
she have a great personality, that's what matter.
I think Gigi Hadid's pretty cool, she's got that elegant yet swaggy vibe to her. She's also got an amazing body figure <3
KC Nwokoye
KC Nwokoye:
Very level headed and intelligent young lady...quite chill
Ok. lately I’ve started to love gigi hadid i feel that she is different with another girl, she just loves being herself and humble I think and of course she is beautiful.
Caroline Sophie
Caroline Sophie:
You go Gigi! ❤️
disgirldoe _
disgirldoe _:
shes actually so freaking adorable i love her so much💓
Denim Obi
Denim Obi:
I can totally see why Zayn fell in love with her.. she's so unique..chill... down to Earth.
Ela Mcnulty
Ela Mcnulty:
She just talking and chill. That's why I love him! 💅💘
It’s me Eris
It’s me Eris:
I started laughing when they asked gigi what would you do if someone was rude by the way she look and i am like who wouldn't like the way she looks 😂
Kate Bennett
Kate Bennett:
"She killed it" omg I love Gigi so much😂
jennie x kookie
jennie x kookie:
I love everything about you gigi! number one fan here! you're so gorgeous and so natural I love you! 😘
last one.
last one.:
wow she's so down to earth, chill and seems so fun.
Betty V
Betty V:
Love her she is so down to earth, and so beautiful
Saff P
Saff P:
She's just so stunning and has such a beautiful personality.
No wonder she and Kendall are besties.. They literally have the same tone. So cute
Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley:
She seems a decent person but I can't understand how you can idolize someone because they look good... Idolize people who have either a genuine talent or are doing something good to change the world.
Bethany olivia
Bethany olivia:
She's so chill 🔥😹 that's why she's perfect for zayn 💗 love them!
salome kurian
salome kurian:
Love you Gigi ❤️ you're so awesome !
Lyannie Bodilla
Lyannie Bodilla:
Gigi made my day! 💕
Swati Angle
Swati Angle:
Her voice is just natural
Anastasia Pierre
Anastasia Pierre:
I love how casual she is. #goals 😭😭
Abernathy Darwin Dunlap
Abernathy Darwin Dunlap:
I love her, she is perfect.
Allisson Baque
Allisson Baque:
she's just so gorgeous, so perfect.
Joe Boyd
Joe Boyd:
I am always surprised at this girl's deep voice.
Kace face
Kace face:
I love Gigi. Wish I could be her friend
Mia Maston
Mia Maston:
For those of you who says she has no real personality and it trying to hard to be funny, she has made a successful career for herself and clearly is nice enough to get around the modeling industry effectively. So who the fuck are you to tell her otherwise?
She looks so good even if i pause the video at a random time. She's so photogenic 😭😭❤️
Tatia Irwinn
Tatia Irwinn:
"One time i sat next to my ex boyfriend on a 6-hours plane flight" yeah and he posted it on snapchat lol Cody!
Aashna Belenje
Aashna Belenje:
I actually am obsessed with her she's perfect omg
lol idk why people cant understand her its so funny. i find her cute
Luis Ram
Luis Ram:
I'm glad she's doing so well
Stan Lee
Stan Lee:
She's very likable
Puja S
Puja S:
Her Taurus energy shines here. Love it!
Vilde Kongtorp
Vilde Kongtorp:
How come she looks so natural and gorgeous no matter what she does? <3
I love her style! just a hue fan!
nasir khan
nasir khan:
no words for her beauty. i can't stop my heart beat
Marla Castillo
Marla Castillo:
I heart her accent, it sounds like a Valley girl accent which is mine :) CALIFORNIA! <3
Jax Vaughn
Jax Vaughn:
She's gonna be a great mom.