Gillian Anderson isn't sure what you know about Margaret Thatcher

What do you remember about Margaret Thatcher? The “Iron Lady” served as Britain’s Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, but amongst a certain generation in the States she’s remembered either as a helmet hairdo in a suit or as the hardline politician whose stringent policies inspired bands like U2, The Smiths, and The Cure to rebel against the establishment.

The new season of The Crown could change that. Played icily by The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson—a U.K native herself—Thatcher is one of the season’s most foreboding and confounding characters. She’s a woman in power, but insists on cooking for the men around her in Parliament when meetings run long. She loves her harebrained son, but practically ignores her capable daughter. She’s only six months older than the queen, but seems to live worlds away.

The A.V. Club talked to Anderson in the interview above about the role, and about what she thinks Americans do—or should—know about Thatcher’s England. We also asked if, while sporting Thatcher’s signature do, if she picked up any insight into how Donald Trump crafts his voluminous coif.


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Marvin Ramos
Marvin Ramos:
I find Gillian is far more better portraying Margaret Thatcher than meryl.
A Cuz
A Cuz:
Thatcher, had more balls than most politicians! - Hard as nails!
Annisa Ramadhannia
Annisa Ramadhannia:
Oscar 2021 : "Assalamualaikum"
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Gillian did an excellent job of portraying MT!!!
Gillian sounded very American while she was on "The X-Files" and in interviews. But after growing up in the U.K. and living there since 2002, she is sounding British. She's a lot like Nicole Kidman, who was born in Hawaii but raised in Australia, and can sound American, Australian or British.
Doll Face
Doll Face:
Gillian Anderson was superb in the series! When I first heard she'll be playing Margaret Thatcher, I was very curious how it will turn out. She's bloody amazing!
Gillian did an excellent job, with what she had.

I don't think S4 hit it for me like the previous seasons, they missed so much potential.

I was surprised at no hints towards her friendship with Reagan.
Nathan Chevannes
Nathan Chevannes:
When did Gillian gain an English accent?? I thought she was born in Chicago and was an American actress
Gabriel official
Gabriel official:
Great actress ☺️
Shaylin White
Shaylin White:
I had to familiarize myself with Margret Thatcher’s mannerisms & speaking voice immediately after seeing the first scene GA was in, and it’s FREAKY how well she did. The costume & makeup is absolutely spot on, but it’s the way she speaks, walks, holds her head, the cadence in her delivery, the way she breathes out the words & pauses to think before she’s identical! But any GA fan can see the special extras that she brings to all of her characters that no one else is able to bring that makes it even more amazing. Even in dramatic roles, her comedic timing is the best. “I guess we failed that test,” - so simple, so perfect. No one else would have done this role justice. Which I also said after she played Blanche in “Streetcar,” after I saw the first episode of “Sex Education,” immediately when watching every episode of “The Fall,” and obviously there couldn’t possibly be a different Scully. These characters are massively different, and each one, brilliant.....because she is just so good.
Jesus Christ, still with the baseless idea of "the mines which she shut down". She didn't shut anything down, they simply became uncompetitive because miners elsewhere in the world where doing the same job for a quarter of the price. No politician benefits anything from unemployment!!! She had no control over world economic development, all she could do was to try and manage inevitable change.
Sam Morison
Sam Morison:
I hate what Thatcher stood for but I’m exited to see Gillian’s interpretation
W A M:
Had a massive crush on Scally in 1095
Professor Professorson
Professor Professorson:
She was apparently Satan, from what I've heard
an Idiot
an Idiot:
Thatcher ruined my area, I live in the North, but I'm looking forward to seeing this interpretation.
Thatcher promoted and perpetuated the greed culture and the Yuppies and the me, me, me self-centred materialists that are still with us today.
Thatcher the milk snatcher was what she was called before she was PM.

Ding dong the witch is dead is what we said when she died.
Lee-Anne Barrett
Lee-Anne Barrett:
If she was so very bad, how did she get voted in so many times.
If the majority hated her , how did she get the votes to stay PM for years.
She really couldn't have been as bad as that otherwise she would have been booted out after her first term as PM.
Viw from the Sky
Viw from the Sky:
The host is annoying
Patrick Mccallion
Patrick Mccallion:
People can complain and whine and hate Margaret Thatcher but she was an amazing woman. She was before my time but damn that lady had balls. I know a lot never forgave her for the Falklands and a lot of other Thatcherisms but she truly did pave the way for things
Jonathan Rotem
Jonathan Rotem:
Best post war PM. to all the ignorant haters out there- she was elected and reelected and led for 11 years for a reason.
She made modern Britain, what a woman ...
gareth roberts
gareth roberts:
Thatcher wasnt well liked....still isnt
She saved our country. She was re-elected twice unfortunately the pinkoes only listen to one point of view
Thatcher was responsible for Clause 28. I wasn't sorry when I heard she died.