Gina Carano Fired From Star Wars By Lucasfilm!

Gina Carno (Cara Dune) has been fired from Star Wars by LucasFilm over social media activity. Gina Carano fired over social media!



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This video contains Sean Chandler Talks About's Gina Carano being fired from Star Wars. Gina Carano on twitter has stirred controversy over the last year.


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100+ comentarios:

Sean Chandler Talks About
Sean Chandler Talks About:
Please try to keep things civil.  
There's a reason that people were offended by things she said, and there's a reason people feel LucasFilm has SERIOUS double standard issues. I totally understand why LucasFilm let Carano go. But I also think Lucasfilm has SERIOUS issues with double standards. They've had LOTS of people use inflammatory language, insult fans, and picking fights with the community.
Matthew Furstenberg
Matthew Furstenberg:
She is fired, amber heard is still employed 😐
Hey Guys
Hey Guys:
Sean rlly just showed everyone how to talk about an issue involving politics without causing tons of debates. Good job man
8:37 "Twitter hates you . . ."
Twitter hates everyone. That is all it does.
Alpha wolf
Alpha wolf:
And here's is Lucasfilm talking about strong women characters and they fired one of best ones.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown:
“I just got off Twitter.”

Undoubtedly the most intelligent thing said on this video, on this comment thread, and certainly in the history of Twitter.
Raymond Watt
Raymond Watt:
The actress who starred in the live action Mulan has said stuff far worse
Where's the consistency? We got one of the author's for The High Republic who has tweets flat out condemning white people and she's not fired but Gina is
Nicholas Rhodes
Nicholas Rhodes:
It’s so refreshing to see someone (especially someone with a large following) to have a level head and think clearly about these things and look at both sides
Gina Carano fired, Amber Turd still employed, GREAT JOB CANCEL CULTURE
Drewsky McGillicuddy
Drewsky McGillicuddy:
Seriously though thanks for showing us how to professionally conduct yourself on the Internet.
I love the way Sean handles these things, he manages to talk about controversial things without stepping on either sides toes
Eragon Bromsson
Eragon Bromsson:
They all want a strong woman until they actually meet one.
Thomas Correnti
Thomas Correnti:
This is surprising to me, as I don’t have a Twitter account.
"We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus
"Strong independent females" "Stunning and brave" huh? Unless if they don't like their politics them all those things out the window.
I appreciate you taking a nuanced view on the matter, as opposed to a knee-jerk emotional one, like others are doing. We need more level-headedness in times like this.
Nicholas Teresko
Nicholas Teresko:
Im exited about what she will do over at Daily Wire
Such a messy situation. My first reaction to reading the news was just “Oh boy.”
DR Kenneth Noisewater
DR Kenneth Noisewater:
Does anyone remember that girl that talked about being hated for her political beliefs, then some people got offended by that and fired her for her political beliefs?
Exile Forever
Exile Forever:
Gonna miss her but I’m curious how this affects Rangers of the New Republic? Assuming if she was the star?
Further proves Disney's double standards
Disney wants to hire all woman..... Unless they happen to disagree with us
Ronnel Echavez
Ronnel Echavez:
I hope in the future, there will be books of compilation of people being cancelled for benign opinions that do not align with the woke cult's narrative.
Star Lord
Star Lord:
Thank you for seeing both sides and being so respectful Sean. Love you, man
B1 battledroids Lives matter
B1 battledroids Lives matter:
Finally someone who isn’t lookin at this in black or white
Jake Pallogudis
Jake Pallogudis:
I really really like how down the middle you are with this. Finally someone who will actually look at both sides without calling someone names.
The Senate
The Senate:
as soon as you start comparing things to the Holocaust you know you've gone WAY to far
Scott Daniels
Scott Daniels:
Chris Pratt is a conservative Christian and being a conservative Christian is unpopular in liberal Hollywood. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram have powerful influences on politics and in some cases Job security.
Butter Toast
Butter Toast:
Lucasfilm and disney left boyega out of the Chinese posters, they also filmed next to a detention camp lmao double standards
Zack Tobin
Zack Tobin:
I’m a liberal Jew, and while I thought he’d comment was dumb, and mildly offensive, but Idk if it was anti-Semitic. She’s at least acknowledging that the Nazis were evil.
Nathan Nissim
Nathan Nissim:
This might also be a publicity stunt kinda like when they fired James Gunn
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft:
You gotta look at what was posted man. That article was spinning hard.
[GD] phoenix
[GD] phoenix:
They realy need to stop firing people for stuff like this
Gary K
Gary K:
Thanks for having a level-headed take on this.
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g:
Twitter is extra crazy right now.
john hart
john hart:
In this day in age a fair , balanced view of this type of situation is refreshing . Well done Sean Chandler .
Flight Train11
Flight Train11:
Yet they keep Pablo Hidalgo around they have serious double standard issues anyway great video Sean
Animals Rock
Animals Rock:
Either way you look at it, "Cancel Culture" has become a mental illness.
Rye Guy
Rye Guy:
I haven’t been keeping up with this drama so I’m eager to listen to this. I was never a huge fan of Cara Dune so I’m kinda fine with it lol
I think the writer didn't get fired is becusce he's just a writer, while she is a star and in the forefront and has continued fanning the flames until her boss couldn't take it any more.
the dislike button on YouTube reminds me of this in a vague sense you can't see how many opinions companies are blocking on both sides only portraying one image. people need to stop with this bs and it only seems to happen in America but all in all social media is bad in particular twitter
X Studios 3000
X Studios 3000:
Finally a channel that isn't political while talking about this!
Rarz 101
Rarz 101:
Hey thanks for this objective look on this. I appreciate you being mature about this.
Brady Napolitano
Brady Napolitano:
That is unbelievable, wow.
Michael DeCanio
Michael DeCanio:
Thanks for your logical input. People need to realize that what they say has consequences, but this has to apply to everyone regardless of their political affiliation.
What the Jim!
What the Jim!:
I just watched Cast Away for the first time and I thought it was amazing 9/10!!!😃
M Tippy
M Tippy:
If I were her agent, there's no way I'd have let her run her own social media. When your client is an obtuse, insensitive clod you should know better.

Can just imagine her reading Facebook then pulling up Instagram to post her "hot take". Sadly, I think Cyborg beat whatever sense Gina had left right the hell out of her in 2009. Assuming she ever had any.
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen:
"Being smart, doesn't make you good. Hitler was smart also." This is a quote I once heard or read somewhere and I bealive this is the same kind of comparison Gina tried to say, but woke people turned it against her bcs they did not like she doesn't posts BLM stuff etc.
Randy Lee
Randy Lee:
Can't avoid the cancel culture war Sean. They're bringing the insanity right into your movie theater, streaming service, living room, and every aspect of society.
TimJim Movie Reviews
TimJim Movie Reviews:
A nuanced take on a controversy? I thought I'd never see the day.

Great thoughts as always Sean.
Drew Austin
Drew Austin:
I’d love to know what all these crazy things are that left leaning people are saying. If you mean calling people white supremacists, that’s not really enough.
And Pedro Pascal just got cast as Joel in The Last of Us 🤦. No consequences for his actions? Of course not.
Hey Look Its Griffin
Hey Look Its Griffin:
I really appreciate your take on it and how accepting and understanding you are being in terms of both sides of it -- often you see people talk about something and they'll say "listen and respect others thoughts" and they go off no listening to the other side, it's so nice to listen to you talk because it's clear that you are listening -- that's really cool!
Spencer Stabio
Spencer Stabio:
Thank you for trying to be a mediator. That's rare on YouTube.
ROBBY D Music:
honestly you said it really well. if you’re gonna post inflammatory things while working for a company, the company is allowed to fire you. i think she would’ve been fine if she hadn’t brought the holocaust into it. and you’re right. both sides need to be held accountable
Why Lucasfilm why 😞😫😭
A B:
This was such a great video really put it in perspective and even changed my mind! Well said 👍🏻
Jedi Master Laenor Velaryon
Jedi Master Laenor Velaryon:
Sharing that period of your life was inspiring. Keep up your amazingness! New to the channel and I love’
Jorge Andrade
Jorge Andrade:
Great take. I honestly can’t understand the blowback on disney for this. Fair enough, more people could have been fired but I think we need to realise that in the workplace actions have consequences. By law, Gina shouldn’t be arrested or prosecuted or anything like that. She’s free to say what she wants but I think part of being an adult and being a mature human being is realising that if you do certain things especially consistently and never learning from it there may be negative outcomes. Like if I started tweeting inflammatory things I for sure would be fired too. I couldn’t at all start crying about free speech because I brought that upon myself. If my workplace kept warning me and warning me and I still kept tweeting incendiary things online, they would be absolutely in their right to fire me. And I 100 per cent know they would do that. Not many workplaces want to associate with people that bring a bad image onto the company.
Rohan Asuthkar
Rohan Asuthkar:
Remember when people cancelled James Gunn for his inappropriate tweets. I feel that Disney is overreacting with the whole Gina Carano fiasco. She was speaking her mind and now people are penalizing her for it. Disney should reverse the course on this. What’s next cancelling Bill Burr for his insensitive jokes, or Jeremy Renner for his personal life. Gimme a break, Disney should show some spine and stand upright for their employees, not bend over and placate the angry mobs.
The Hulkster
The Hulkster:
Damn, I just finished the documentary
Inconviently Honest
Inconviently Honest:
DANG IT!!!! I loved her character in Mandolin. I knew it was too good to be true...😑
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez:
I normally don’t check your chat/vlog discussion streams but I am so happy I did
Loving your take on accountability and double standard on firings and Twitter crap 💩 😃
I'm so glad I barely use any social media. I wonder if they will recast, hope they do, still like the character
Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent:
One X-Wing? I guess we're NOT saved.
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith:
I appreciate you giving a fair take. The reality is as a conservative I ignore all of the things there employees say about conservatives. Half the country has been called racist, deplorable, Nazi’s for 4 years. How does such demonization lead to anything good? That was the point of her post. I get it and I also get that conservatives aren’t welcome at Lucas Film. Maybe conservatives shouldn’t give them their money.
thank you for talking about this. i respect you so much for taking a break to discuss this topic
Austin Lash
Austin Lash:
I appreciate you being objective and trying to keep things free of bias. Thank you for trying to see both sides. It's so refreshing!
Jonathan Chavez
Jonathan Chavez:
This is the last straw for me. Up yours, Disney.
Jai 1
Jai 1:
This is insane
Jakey B
Jakey B:
As soon as you bring up the nazi party, you lost the argument
glyn parson
glyn parson:
Thank you for a great thought out opinion. Pablo Hidalgo should have also been fired. I agree 100%.
Dan Rebeiz
Dan Rebeiz:
I think you’re missing the big picture. If she had said that about conservatives they wouldn’t be firing her, they’d be protecting her.
_Bren _
_Bren _:
I deactivated my Twitter account a little over a month ago. Definitely the best decision I’ve made recently. Twitter is a hell-hole.
Aaron Lawson
Aaron Lawson:
Political views aside, you do have to conduct yourself a certain way when you have a job, especially when you're the face of the company or brand. And ironically Hollywood actors do get away with the things they say or do more than regular people, even though they are the biggest faces. As an adult you have to be careful about what you say on social media and you should smart enough to know that if you're going to bring up the holocaust that you need to be careful about what you say. I would probably lose my job too. I did like her character, but it's not surprising that she lost her job.
Spicy Potato
Spicy Potato:
One of the reasons we are so divided in the US nowadays is becuase of stuff like this
Matt Jones
Matt Jones:
Wow, this was a super logical and balanced take on the subject. Well done Sir.
I am an employee of a massive Internationally recognizable company, and during our orientation this week, they specifically went over the risks of social media, and they talked about how they fired an employee over social media posts, so this isn't really surprising to me. I don't really agree with the firing but I have a feeling that there is more under the surface that we don't know just yet. As an employee, 'you' represent the company with your conduct and actions, and if the company believes that 'you' are not representing the company well or are being detrimental to the company, they have the right to fire 'you'.

I do completely agree that Disney/LFL does seem to have a large double standard problem considering some of the other instances of social media posts coming from their employees and the lack of action taken against those employees. But then I remember Chuck Wendig, who was fired by Disney/LFL/Marvel back in 2018 because of his social media posts, so I don't know if it is Disney being anti-conservative but more like Disney is just picking and choosing the situations to step in and take action, rather than doing it for all instances.
"You will enjoy nothing, and you will be happy" - the woke activists
100% right, Sean
Ty Ryan
Ty Ryan:
I appreciate your take! Very level headed!
CastleByers 613
CastleByers 613:
Pedro Pascal was cast as Joel in HBO's The Last of Us the exact same day.
Die Klinke des Herrn
Die Klinke des Herrn:
So guys, that's how it works when the lefties are in charge.
Learn from it.
Dave the Author
Dave the Author:
Thank you for providing the most reasonable and rational analysis of this situation.
Earlier in the week there were some rumours that implied Gina "apologized" in meetings with studio executives, which would have enabled her spinoff show to move forward. If those rumours have some validity, then I would guess that she may have felt uncomfortable about any commitments she made, and decided to just be herself once again on social media, irregardless. Unfortunately for her, the math has changed after 01/06, and she may have miscalculated the outcome.
Tony Vodka
Tony Vodka:
When you work for a company started by a nazi, you get fired for speaking poorly of nazis. Nothing surprising at all
Intelligent discussions on these kinds of things need proper, nuanced, longer form conversation. Twitter and comments sections are rife for miscommunication, misunderstanding and therefore quite often exacerbate problems
DJ Nichols
DJ Nichols:
If anything this is just another validation of which side is in control.
Thank you for a fair and balanced take on this. You're 100% right.
Недовольный Комментатор
Недовольный Комментатор:
Literally: the big brothy watching.
Richard Price
Richard Price:
Very great take Sean, looking forward to your review of this weeks WandaVision
Baqer Jawad Al-Lawati
Baqer Jawad Al-Lawati:
It is incredibly scary how you get censored/cancelled for having a different opinion than the established narrative.
Reminds me of a certain authoritative, communist regime that owns Hollywood and much of the media.
😳Wow! Unfortunate and disappointing. I loved her as an MMA fighter and excited about her entering the Star Wars universe! Cara Dune was badass! But geez! Thank you for bringing this to light in a respectful manner. 🙏🏽
Lukas J.
Lukas J.:
Thank you for looking at both sides
Jonathan Sim
Jonathan Sim:
Pretty fair argument here. I like how balanced it is and I can definitely see both sides of the debate too. Good work.
Nicholas Teresko
Nicholas Teresko:
I Guess more Bo-Katan in rangers then
Silly Pea
Silly Pea:
Kudos dude. Glad someone has a platform for reason. Its sad that extremes tend to be what gets acknowledged today, and throughout history.
The Ryan Wooley Show
The Ryan Wooley Show:
Thank you Sean, well said. Need more people like you in media
Zachary Hoffman
Zachary Hoffman:
Very mature, and civil presentation/discussion Sean. Not many YouTubers have this. Great job!

As to everyone in the comments, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. The way I see it, everyone should be able to voice their opinion, but the way your chose your words makes a HUGE difference.