Ginter & Goretzka secure 1st victory | Ukraine vs. Germany 1-2 | Highlights | Nations League

Enjoy the highlights of Ukraine vs. Germany on the 3rd matchday of the UEFA Nations League. With the help of Matthias Ginter and Leon Goretzka, the German team managed to claim their first victory after draws against Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Goals: 0-1 Matthias Ginter (20'), 0-2 Leon Goretzka (49'), 1-2 Ruslan Malimowskyj (76' Penalty)

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German Football
German Football:
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Ananyo Dasgupta
Ananyo Dasgupta:
I want Müller!!😭😭😭He passes the ball so well to his teammates every time and also doesn't leave his opportunity of scoring a goal and now he isn't in the team!😭😭😭😭Löw you have lost your mind!!
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
Man-WALL Neuer Best GK in the all of Time . My Captain❤️🇩🇪
Fahad M
Fahad M:
No german team is complete without a Muller. He is only 31 and can play another World Cup! Bring back Muller!
jv jboy
jv jboy:
Wow brilliant goal keeping by the Ukraine goalie
Shevchenko seems like he is a pretty good manager....
Curtis Legall
Curtis Legall:
Don't let this commentator fool you. Germany was terrible!

This was a Ukrainian team missing at least 11 players and we struggled to a 2-1 win.

The formation was bad and the selection for that formation even worse!!!

We lacked dynamism.

This is NOT the players fault. We have a GREAT team with loads of talent! The problem is Low does not know how mold this group of talented footballers into a VICTORIOUS TEAM.

Low out!!!
Covid- 19
Covid- 19:
germany isn't winning anytime soon if they keep playing like this
Mark via Google
Mark via Google:
0:37 Classy Neuer's clearance
Jo Jo
Jo Jo:
If Germany plays like this against France or Portugal in the group stage euro cup next year, Germany would get humiliated.
Danslan Devies
Danslan Devies:
This is not Germany that we use to know...
Ananyo Dasgupta
Ananyo Dasgupta:
Whoah! This gave me a relief😄
I see actual humans in the stadium!
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
Finally A Win :)
I wanted to see Brandt start... I hope he starts against Switzerland!
That's The Wall- Manuel Neuer. 💎
Gnabry did not let it run through @ 1:05, he missed the back heel lol
Bagiroud 12
Bagiroud 12:
Imagine Muller in this team
RYG magic
RYG magic:
For low immediately now without him they probably would've got an easy 5-0 win fire him please hes a horrible coach
Jason Mackintosh
Jason Mackintosh:
blessed be
Neymar NEYMAR:
İ miss Philipp Lahm and Muller
Jason Mackintosh
Jason Mackintosh:
god blessings
Kuldeep Thappa
Kuldeep Thappa:
Ukraine keeper too good man.. outstanding saves#
Alfa Proyostytyo Septianda Harsono
Alfa Proyostytyo Septianda Harsono:
Germany 🇩🇪 can build the team with 4 squad same power.... Great
olumide olauyi
olumide olauyi:
Respect to Ukrainian keeper
Kasasa Tv
Kasasa Tv:
They need to change low
Gaming beast
Gaming beast:
Always 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪Germany 😍😍❤❤❤
Suman Pokharel
Suman Pokharel:
We need ozil now....
Taras Samolyuk
Taras Samolyuk:
If Germany lose today i am keen of how uefa will turn the ball for them this time ... Good luck . Criminal orgg supporting you.. and f ub
Lescha Elli
Lescha Elli:
Volkswagen way to zero emission electromobile modern car?
moon mars
moon mars:
Thank you
Pranjal Tisso
Pranjal Tisso:
Ukrainian gk was amazing
Dj Gametube
Dj Gametube:
Battle of Stalingrad 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Usman Khan
Usman Khan:
Very slow in making highlights
Dynamo Kiev Machine
Dynamo Kiev Machine:
Congratulations to the Germany.
It was deserved victory of Bundesteam!
Md Rashed
Md Rashed:
Sack joachim low pls.. Pls save Germany
Jakir Hussaiin
Jakir Hussaiin:
Finally won germany
Vedat Ertürk
Vedat Ertürk:
Bu uluslarligi denilen saçmalık nedir yaaa? Gerzek platini’nin aptal işleri....
Ukraine 4th keeper is so good
Hatachai Leangtuk
Hatachai Leangtuk:
I'm a fan of the German national team. Since Euro Football 2008 Until now, 2020 I'm still supporting the German national team. Even now, the German national team is not as strong as before. I will always follow to cheer you guys from Bangkok, 🇹🇭.

P.S. My English is written from Google Translate, if you don't understand each other, I apologize
Abhijit Basak
Abhijit Basak:
Ukraine goalkeeper was dangerous
john U.S.
john U.S.:
Germany team.
Robokrieg GT
Robokrieg GT:
Hände hoch!!!
Ꭲᴅ Ꭱᴇᴀsᴏɴꔪ
Ꭲᴅ Ꭱᴇᴀsᴏɴꔪ:
neur 😍😍😍
Saipravin Prakash
Saipravin Prakash:
Philtographie. nature
Philtographie. nature:
No Name
No Name:
We need Muller
Channel Ibnu Samsuri
Channel Ibnu Samsuri:
midfield-attack: Kimmich, goretzka, Havert, Gnabry, Sane, Werner
Lescha Elli
Lescha Elli:
Future car electromobile or fiat
januhari d
januhari d:
weiter so Deutschland !
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
20' Matthias Ginter (1-0); 49' Leon Goretzka (0-2); 76' Ruslan Malinowsky (Pen. 1-2)
Raha Rahovsky
Raha Rahovsky:
Bayern players are bit above rest
Serko Moryasi
Serko Moryasi:
Goetza won Germany a World Cup, let’s see if goetzka can win them another.
King Santi
King Santi:
dont worry, Germany will beat Switzerland today, 4 to 0. Mark my words lol
Marley Boy
Marley Boy:
With all that talent in the German team yet we struggle to beat Ukraine? What a joke. They need to get rid of low. Terrible manager
MOTM ukraine's goalkeeper 👏👏
Валерий Белоножко
Валерий Белоножко:
Германия налегке и без напряга
Oranches Karanchez
Oranches Karanchez:
Poland v Ukraine which will win
Ya tú sabes Neta que sabe
Ya tú sabes Neta que sabe:
España perdió contra Ucrania jeje
Taras Samolyuk
Taras Samolyuk:
All i will always like Shevchenko,s ukraine . Germany is excellent team with amazing players but me as ukrainian will aways support my team and German fans stay strong tonight because if you lose any other rules will not take you back as last year. Shame uefa
Nexus M
Nexus M:
Jogi Loew needs to go away! Fire him please
Real Madrid Fan
Real Madrid Fan:
Neuer besten tortwart aller Zeit man wall Neuer oder Feuer
Benaia Wangsa
Benaia Wangsa:
For me german is the best team in europe🇩🇪🇩🇪
Christian Gultom
Christian Gultom:
Loew era has ended,dfb should search another replace like nagelsman or Jupp Heynckes
the divergent
the divergent:
While France has scored 7 goals against Ukraine
Bossy Puri
Bossy Puri:
I think low should retire..germany should change the coach..change the pace. Greeting from.indonesiam fans...
victoria helburn
victoria helburn:
Kluna tik 5
Kluna tik 5:
H S:
Faze Danger
Faze Danger:
I think Neuer is done at 2018
Muhammad Faiq rosyad
Muhammad Faiq rosyad:
Die Mannschaft🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Андрей Лень
Андрей Лень:
Браво Бущян
high time to fire Loew, germany was awful..... disgusting display of incompetence by the coaching staff. he does not know what to do.
H S:
Frueher war es Mario Gomez und heute scheint es Goretz zu sein, sein bevorzugter " Mann ".
Ali khan
Ali khan:
Why crowd is not allowed only in cricket
Una Iph
Una Iph:
Oh Man. Julian Draxler is Class.
Why isnt he playing like that in PSG.
He is so good.
Music, ESC and stuff Uploader
Music, ESC and stuff Uploader:
seems like Löw can't make bayern stars play as good as flick does...since the beginning of mannschaft's fall, Löw is responsible for the poor results, 14 years boy, germany definitely needs fresh air, aka someone able to serve the country's football with everyone's talent, he should've left after the last nations league's last place...flick needs to replace him with that bavarian structure, it won't be hard for bayern to hire a big name instead afterwards
Subhanallah Wal hamdulilah
Subhanallah Wal hamdulilah:
play Rudiger Lampard!
Peter Bach
Peter Bach:
Loew has to go he cannot motivate his team anymore. It is terrible to watch this kind of football. Nothing is happening. No one takes the initiative they all wait for something to happen.
Aston Jones
Aston Jones:
Germany just needs someone who is better at shooting and maybe a better goalie too
Werachai Hunsri
Werachai Hunsri:
Can play very badly in this series even if they win
Zakka Fadhilah
Zakka Fadhilah:
Many star played, but the game still boring
Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer:
The Defense Needs to get Better..
Kyori Kusagami
Kyori Kusagami:
The finishing from germany is still terrible
Süle = german phil jones 😂😂😂
Знову ці вувузели на стадіо. Ну йо-ма-йо, невже доведеться кожному дударю запихати їх до дупи? У примусовому порядку...
А те що вболівальники на трибунах, це вже покращення
David Cai
David Cai:
Klostermann's performance is terrible. No skills, only stupid actions.