Giro d'Italia Stage 1 2020 - Miguel Angel Lopez Crash - The Butterfly Effect with Chris Horner

Who is looking good for GC and a breakdown of Miguel Angel Lopez's crash.

Lopez's Crash:


Linton Horner Coaching:

Filmed and Edited by Garrett Horner
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Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson:
Thank you Chris for the insights about the TT bikes and how they handle. I will stick to my docile Roubaix.
Harry Funmaker
Harry Funmaker:
Interesting insight about Fuglsang. I hadn’t heard that about him.
Thanks for that Chris , looked horrible , hope he's not badly injured .
Nic Restrepo
Nic Restrepo:
Theres actually video of him explaining what happened ... he went to reach for the right handle and didnt find it because the bump got him right as he went for it.
Thank you for the TT explanation!
William Ellis
William Ellis:
this video was actually really insightful
Vera Hannaford
Vera Hannaford:
Thanks for explaining the crash.
Rudy Elizondo
Rudy Elizondo:
Wowzers, real tuff for Lopez, poor guy, I hope he gets better soon. Great vid Chris, keep em coming
Bart Madness
Bart Madness:
Awesome commentary as usual! Thanks Chris!
Ska Nomad
Ska Nomad:
Looking forward to your reports on the Giro. Thanks man.
No one has ever analyzed any of my many crashes. Let's just say: mistakes were made.
SierraSeb 3
SierraSeb 3:
Wow, thanks for the detailed analysis of the López crash. Not having ever raced a bike let alone ridden a TT bike, that was fascinating to learn. This will help me appreciate even more the amazing skills of road racers. TY for another brilliant 🦋E
Jesse Lobo
Jesse Lobo:
Excellent and informative breakdown, thank you Chris.
Carlos G. Monzon-Guzman
Carlos G. Monzon-Guzman:
Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise.

Excellent observations on Miguel Angel Lopez’s accident.
I don't even ride a TT bike and I couldn't stop watching! Looking forward to a road bike, maybe on the rollers explaining something later on during the Giro
Learning a lot from your great content
Nice breakdown of the correct way to move between the positions on the TT bike.
Interesting take. Please keep these coming. I would also love to see a breakdown of the angliru from 2013. That one seemed SO HARD (and entertaining for us fans).
chris clark
chris clark:
cool flex with the garage full of fast two wheel toys!!!
Matt Lemorande
Matt Lemorande:
I love the dirt bikes in the garage!
marek k
marek k:
Very good points on the TT bike. First time I rode one I thought it was going to kill me.
Got a mic!
Craig Watkins
Craig Watkins:
Thanks for these posts Chris. I like your consolidated summaries and years of experience insights.
Makumi Wanjohi
Makumi Wanjohi:
great analysis, also looked the bump made him inadvertently squeeze the front brake (in Europe bike brakes are mostly set up motorcycle style ie right front)
Thomas, Ger’aint the guy from Subway.
Robby Long
Robby Long:
And remember too, everything is over the front end of the bike, like Chris mentioned, take any stability off those bars, and hit even the smallest bump, game over 😬
buster prater
buster prater:
great commentary
Manfred Seidler
Manfred Seidler:
From watching your reviews I've learned it's a risk-reward balance and these guys are having to make split-second decisions for hours on end. I borrowed someone's TT bike once and it was so awkward on it I had to get off in a hurry. I've seen bike shops with less inventory, I'm impressed.
michael fujiwara
michael fujiwara:
Rui Calado
Rui Calado:
Second place was Joao , you mention all names less the cyclist from Portugal.
James Stukowski
James Stukowski:
Good job Chris, do you remember a team out of New England in the Mid to late 80's called Bud Light?. I used to race for them. Remember the Longsjo Classic? It was a 3 day race that went up Mt.Wachusset in Princeton, MA? Those were the days for me..great memories. I just want to commend on the job you do breaking down race strategies and tactics. I find you to be most enjoyable and am completely thrilled you are doing all the races..not just the Grand Tours. More people are having their eyes opened to just how wonderful and special races like Fleche Wallone and Liege-Bastogne-Liege are and not just the Tour de France thanks to the great work you are doing. Keep up the great work! Love your channel, Jamie from Worcester, Massachusetts!
Super Strada
Super Strada:
Excellent analysis.
Randy Gravel
Randy Gravel:
NEVER sell the Ruckus
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez:
Thanks Chris for the explanation of Lopez crash. Hi hit a concrete slab flush with the road, but with slits in. Probably a rain water collector. Forward wheel went full in the slit and then you see first akward bump. Rear wheel hit the slit when he was not in control any more. My take is he is not looking ahead and when he sees the rain water collectir is too late and senses danger. Instinctively reaches for the rear brake, but that movement changes his position on the bike making things worst for him in terms of controlling his trayectory.
Frightning crash, lucky there were paramedics close by.
Jacques Wilmore
Jacques Wilmore:
Guess it will take riders to die before TT bIkes are outlawed...they are so damn dangerous!
Zaahier Stanley
Zaahier Stanley:
Fantastic vid
Phillip Lloyd
Phillip Lloyd:
Good Analysis on the Crash, The Wind just seemed to take him, Hope he's okay. Its looking very good for Thomas, He's looking strong and hungry.
Craig Watkins
Craig Watkins:
For road bikes and dirt bikes!
what about Joao Almeida? is pretty good climber as well. With recent results from the youngsters I am curious to see how will he fare
Ron Wolf
Ron Wolf:
Good analysis. What about the many other crashes or near crashes.
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez:
Pinche pelochas ahora todos son expertos no mames
Raimo de Vries
Raimo de Vries:
I guess Chris did not touch base with people at the race. There were changing wind conditions all the other pundits talked about. Here, not a word.
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson:
Triathletes are laughing at him... I’ve ridden my Shiv in +30mph winds plenty of times.
Bobby V
Bobby V:
Well it's not surprising the Lopez crashed. He had a podium spot in the bag at LeTour and he rode a terrible TT under pressure and was well off the podium. Then he comes in at the Giro and looses concentration even for half a second and crashes out in Stage 1. If I was Astana I would get this guy into TT school for a year! He's HORRIBLE! I maen, didn't he realize he was on a T-I-M-E T-R-I-A-L bike? Did he forget that it was incredible W-I-N-D-Y? In that situation you should NEVER relax. Always have a firm grip on the bicycle in the wind.
Disc brakes didn't win?