Gisele Bündchen Shares Details About Her First Date with Tom Brady

Gisele Bündchen talks about her competitive dodgeball games with her husband Tom Brady, shares details about their first date and guides Jimmy through a breathing technique she recommends in her book Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

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Gisele Bündchen Shares Details About Her First Date with Tom Brady


100+ comentarios:

Alex Turing
Alex Turing:
She’s extremely beautiful. Brazilian people are crazy beautiful.
When você tá entendo what she fala e lendo the comentários in portuguese porque you are foda.
luis braga
luis braga:
imagine being invited to a blind date and end up dating gisele
Just Cade
Just Cade:
She just radiates a golden energy, so beautiful, classy, intelligent, and iconic.
Rogério Penna
Rogério Penna:
Fun fact: she is richer than Brady.
Lucas Drumond
Lucas Drumond:
Jimmy Fallon eh tipo o Faustão da gringa: não cala a boca. Faz a pergunta e depois começa a falar em cima do entrevistado
Paola Nardi
Paola Nardi:
I’m reading foreigners saying: “Oh Brazilian are such beautiful people” why am I ugly then
Dude I’ve never heard her speak. She’s extremely charismatic
daniel D.R.
daniel D.R.:
Tom brady? Oh, You meant Giselle's husband
Marilyn Jane
Marilyn Jane:
*im so proud of her!*
Kassy Goulart
Kassy Goulart:
Gisele really figured Jimmy out; when he goes to interrupt her, she just keeps talking. Good thing.
Leonardo UNBOXING:
Fun fact: 95% of the comments are Brazilians speaking English
i'm so proud to be brazilian, her charisma represents our people so well
Giulia Cordeiro
Giulia Cordeiro:
quarentena: a
eu: vou ver a Gisele ensinando a gente respirar
Her hair is incredible 😍
Myriam Catelli
Myriam Catelli:
I read her book, I really, REALLY, recommend it.
The Doctor
The Doctor:
She's so beatiful and charismatic. Unlike todays models and influencers she's natural and intelligent too.
This woman is truly incredible. So smart, so thoughtful and grateful, beautiful and even her accent is so lovely. So much to learn from people like her.
Stefany Lima
Stefany Lima:
I love to watch her talking in English but in these interviews in US it's all about her husband
man she have a career and she's waaay more known than her husband out of the US, not just in Brazil
Tom Brady is like David Beckham: Rich successfull good looking men who got married to equally successful rich gorgeous women.
Joss Tavares
Joss Tavares:
Her english is perfect, she doesn't think when she's speaking english, but I think this is something that she got with the years as model and traveling to a lot of countries too.
Ruan V. Nascimento
Ruan V. Nascimento:
I'm definitely a cadelinha of Gisele Bündchen.
g sp
g sp:
RAINHA ACESSÍVEL, ensina até os americanos a respirarem
Rosana Thaysa
Rosana Thaysa:
Nunca havia reparado como a voz dela é parecida com a da Sabrina Sato.
Matheus Inácio
Matheus Inácio:
I'm Brazilian, and I'm gonna Tell You ... She's our National Treasure 🇧🇷❤️ Love You Gi
leo Beems
leo Beems:
I’ve stayed in Brazil for a while and I can affirm you everyone, that Brazilian women are the most naturally-no-makeup beautiful women that I have seen in my life. Not saying others aren’t. There are beautiful people everywhere but I’ve never seen so many in the same place like that. And I’ve been to a lot of places ✨🐱
Tamara Jairett
Tamara Jairett:
She is so down to earth! I love her, she never let fame go to her head and really appreciates what all she has in her life and wants to help others. 💜❤. God bless her!
Arthur Fonseca
Arthur Fonseca:
Irmão, ela fala mais rápido que o apresentador hahahaha
Josiel Vasconcelos
Josiel Vasconcelos:
"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships" WOW
In Brazil "Dodge Ball" is called "Queimada".
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique:
Caraca que pronuncia INCRIVEL. Basicamente qualquer um com ingles intermediário entende cada fucking palavra que ela diz... <3 maravilhosa
Rennan Reis
Rennan Reis:
Fun fact: Gisele and Jimmy worked together in the movie "Taxi"
Giih_ Silva
Giih_ Silva:
Eu sou brasileira e vim aqui achando que ia entender alguma coisa... ô meu Deus kkkkkkkkkkk
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas:
I'm not a usually impressed by models, but everything I know about her tells me she's pretty damn cool.
Juliana Maria
Juliana Maria:
eu aqui Brasileira assistindo como se estivesse entendo tudo
PopeK Lineage
PopeK Lineage:
06:18 "They feel great!" hahahahah The girl over there is really feeling great!
a mulher com a maior cara de bunda ali em baixo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk "sim estou ótima" #sqn
Lucas Oliveira
Lucas Oliveira:
Respeita, aqui é Gisele Bündchen! 🇧🇷♥️
maikon silva
maikon silva:
She's so beautiful, english perfect. I'm Brazilian.
She is teaching very good lessons and Jimmy is treating it like a joke
jimmy is so annoying, purposely making fun of giselle when she's trying to show him the breathing technique
Jesus Zelaya
Jesus Zelaya:
She is very charismatic
Matt Tolea
Matt Tolea:
“All you need is yourself and your fingers” Gisele 2018
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique:
Que orgulho! Que pessoa inspiradora. Por mais pessoas assim. 🙏
It's always been funny to me how the US media only treats her like Ms. Tom Brady when she's more well-known worldwide than him.
Elias Leandro
Elias Leandro:
O sotaque do ingles brasileiro é tao fofo
Manoella Duarte
Manoella Duarte:
Gisele Bündchen brasileira e gaúcha! Essa mulher maior patrimônio do brasil! que orgulho
Joe Coe
Joe Coe:
If Tom Brady wasn't Tom Brady he would have ended up in her friendzone.
Les Rosin
Les Rosin:
To be honest, I think they make a wonderful family.
Lala's smooth split
Lala's smooth split:
Why they ask her just to talk about her husband?out of the US she is WAY more known than him
She asked about his kids? She's lovely.
Felipe Lopes
Felipe Lopes:
E os Br pensando que ia ter legenda em português como somos iludidos .
Mel Wilson
Mel Wilson:
The beautiful Giselle is an enigma and I love her that way.

And, all her sisters are gorgeous. This family ans their genes.
canal da Gabi
canal da Gabi:
Assistindo pra aprender inglês.
Henrique Lima
Henrique Lima:
Ela fala inglês melhor que Eduardo Bolsonaro que diz ter fritado hamburguer no EUA.
Samuel Carvalho
Samuel Carvalho:
Gisele always bringing pride to us Brazilians❤️
Marcus Teblano
Marcus Teblano:
My respect for Giselle just went up- alternate nostril breathing on network TV. You go girl.
Roh P
Roh P:
Jimmy Fallon must be well connected to get his own show. He wasn't the most talented from SNL.
Alex Newman Veloso dos Santos
Alex Newman Veloso dos Santos:
As a brazilian dude with a mirror at home I can say that not everybody here is crazy beautiful.
I think is important to say that all of the proceeds from the book is going to an organization that helps to clean water in Brazil
Victor Nogueira
Victor Nogueira:
Primeira brasileira que vejo no Jimmy ❤️
Mariana Cordeiro
Mariana Cordeiro:
Gisele tinha que ser presidente do Brasil, já imagino ela reflorestando a Amazônia e fazendo coisas incriveis
How does it feel to mother the children of Tom Brady
Jocelyn Vi
Jocelyn Vi:
She's so intelligent & expressive ❤
Abbas Akbar
Abbas Akbar:
Fun fact, she's far richer than Tom Brady
qwerty stevens
qwerty stevens:
Tom Brady's sister is better than the average high school quarterback !!!
Isaac Junior
Isaac Junior:
It is awesome quando você realize that you can ao mesmo tempo watch they speaking em inglês and read os comentários at same time just porque você can understand both português e inglês.
“Where your attention goes, it grows...”

/Checks pants. Yep. She’s right.
Some people use to call her a gold digger but she is way richer then tom brady so ya. Beat it ya noobs :D
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson:
Blind Date: As if the guy hadn't had enough good fortune coming his way, he lands a blind date, and *that* vision of perfection walks in the door.

F U Tom, you amazing bastard.
Naa ja
Naa ja:
She rocks, it was her show. She didn't let Jimmy talk on his show. I'm currently reading her memoir "lessons". I'm in love
Gabriel Gamis
Gabriel Gamis:
Percebi que meu inglês é bom quando consegui acompanhar a conversa toda
Sabrinna Carpes
Sabrinna Carpes:
Tenho uma coisa a comentar:

Brasil é foda, da licença 😗✌️
Bella Marley
Bella Marley:
Her English is so good!
Mel b
Mel b:
Gisele lá fora é extremamente simpática
Noopur Mehrotra
Noopur Mehrotra:
Pranayam is the key to live healthy mentally, stay focused and clear headed !! wondering where she learnt that?!
Marni Bunny
Marni Bunny:
The way this woman commands the room is absolutely incredible!
Dreams of Kaia
Dreams of Kaia:
I haven’t seen her in a hot minute, she’s still lovely as ever.
Dimitroula K.
Dimitroula K.:
Aside from the obvious of her being beautiful, she is also very humble and grounded....
She’s talking about overcoming depression and Jimmy is just taking it as a joke
Gabriel KB
Gabriel KB:
Essa mulher é uma preciosidade, encanta com a alma.
D A:
Wish Jimmy had let her finish some of her sentences instead of interrupting her.
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins:
"the other 2 blind dates were just dinner..." Yeah.. right, I hope Tom Brady bought that lol.
Leyla Leal
Leyla Leal:
Engraçado que ela é Brasileira mas não colocam legenda pra nós?! KKKKKKKK é foda sabe
Robert Janko
Robert Janko:
I liked her even more after the last SB without all the makeup.
Geraldo Carneiro
Geraldo Carneiro:
Orgulho da nossa topmodel!! - Pride of my topmodel!!
Iki n
Iki n:
Stop interrupting guests Jimmy 😣, I want to hear what your guests have to say
flgn sngh
flgn sngh:
Fun fact: proper breathing techniques can improve your lungs capacity. And reduce your stress levels to some extent. Pranayam is one them.
Giovanna S. Zechmeister
Giovanna S. Zechmeister:
I love how you can see that she's from BR, she talks loud, she's always moving her arms and her laugh... so Brazilian.
Thiago Caldereiro
Thiago Caldereiro:
She is from my country. Very proud.
Brazilins are very nice people i have ever met and the will treat you like you are a part of the family but they can be crazy if you make them mad. If you have dated a Brazilian you will understand. Its all worth it still HAHAHA
film wiz
film wiz:
jimmy was the only one struggling with the meditation lmfaooo
Wiwi Silvinha
Wiwi Silvinha:
Gisele é maravilhosa! Um exemplo de mulher para todas as brasileiras.
Anna Jardim
Anna Jardim:
Brasileiros entendem que "they die" é pq vc vai pro cemitério quando te acertam no queimado! Hahahaha
Hiago Coelho
Hiago Coelho:
haze haze
haze haze:
i feel like she’s so down to earth and humble
5:23 Gisele said about pointing one of fingers to the third eye.. this woman knows real stuff
James Rhodes
James Rhodes:
“I’m more advanced I’m using both nostrils” 😂😂😂
Johannes Passos
Johannes Passos:
Meu Deus!como é linda. Nosso orgulho. OMG! She's so beautiful. She is a gift for us, brazilians.
Mary Ranieri
Mary Ranieri:
Gisele and Tom are the most beautiful couple! They are both so down to earth, just beautiful people inside and out!
Craig Flick
Craig Flick:
He's Dreamy - Wow, just a band !! Now I am a tad smitten....nevermind