Gisele Bündchen Shows Jimmy Planking Exercises

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen teaches Jimmy a basic core-strengthening workout.

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Gisele Bündchen Shows Jimmy Planking Exercises

100+ comentarios:

Maylee Cao
Maylee Cao:
Gisele's height is destroying jimmy's ego
Coffee Tea
Coffee Tea:
You never realise how long a minute or even 30 seconds are until you’re planking’s so good for your core but MANNN it’s hard
Gabriela Santos
Gabriela Santos:
Made in Brasil 💛💚🇧🇷
serena waldorf
serena waldorf:
She's the true super model.. Who really started from scratch and work her way up..not Kendall who had it instant and etc neither Gigi
Lavínia Oliveira
Lavínia Oliveira:
Brasil nessa porra né filho
Elena Vanderwoodsen
Elena Vanderwoodsen:
she is gorgeous and so down to earth.
love beauty
love beauty:
shes so big but still so sympathic and Not like im better then you like allot of other models
Scarlett Kaur
Scarlett Kaur:
Gisele is unique in the world. No other model in the world walks with elegance, class, sensuality and resourcefulness with heels 15cm or more like her. ✿⊱╮
Ana Webb
Ana Webb:
It’s so unnecessary for him to make comments about looking at her chest, she was being really professional and I’m sure it made her feel uncomfortable
Fernanda Flores
Fernanda Flores:
It's part of Brazilian culture and language to speak with the body, I only understood that when a Canadian friend pointed it out. He couldn't understand the directions a Brazilian gave him, but he managed to find his way around because we speak with our hands, body, face, everything. Some people think it`s beautiful, warming, expressive, but some confuse it with being exaggerated or flirty as well.
That's why I think people kinda don't understand Bunchen's girly way of speaking. It's almost as if a pure child was talking her mind out. She is very truth to her self, even when she jokes about not looking to her cleavage, or when she is aware of her high and removes her shoes. She is an honest and pure person. That's why Brazilians hold her so high up. We love her.
É uma fofa né! muito humilde fora a beleza muito natural.. Gisele é um mito da beleza!
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama:
Planking looks deceptively easy but is very challenging.
sofia akemi
sofia akemi:
Brasil te ama, Giii! ♡♡♡
Excpecional Fame
Excpecional Fame:
She is brazilians, baby. THE BEST 🇧🇷
Blaire Vall
Blaire Vall:
Gisele: I can teach you that
Jimmy: 👁👄👁
Marcos Alves
Marcos Alves:
Gisele...What a woman! Smart, rich, cool, sexy, beautiful, blonde, famous...humble. Made in Brazil.
Brenda Cellos
Brenda Cellos:
You americans have to chill with her accent (try learning portuguese to see how hard it is not to have one)
Bruna Sá
Bruna Sá:
Brasileira lindaaa
Manuel Dassault
Manuel Dassault:
She is so nice and fun.
I mean, why was she blessed with SO MUCH BEAUTY AND PERSONALITY! I think I was in he bathroom when God was handing out supermodel lives. She is a fucking unicorn. AMAZING! And her plank was perfection too. Love you Giselle, your Versace W spread is my fave fashion shoot of all time!
Luciano Lima
Luciano Lima:
Gisele, apesar de ser milionária, seja no exterior ou no Brasil, tem humildade, sabe chegar e sabe sair dos lugares.
Apesar de não acompanhar a carreira dela, quando a vejo, me sinto feliz e tranquilo em ser representado - como brasileiro, por ela.
Valeu, Gi
mango juice
mango juice:
Why the hell is youtube recommending this to me 5 years later😑
Adam Andriansx
Adam Andriansx:
So funny when Jimmy felt insecure with Gisele's height with heels on🤣
Ellen Marjara
Ellen Marjara:
O pessoal dizendo que a Anitta era a primeira brasileira a ir ao programa dele, a Gisele tá cagada é?
Pascal Tanujaya
Pascal Tanujaya:
Tom Brady is a lucky man
Tatyane Santos
Tatyane Santos:
A Única que não passa vergonha na gente lá fora, maravilhosa é ela!
Gisele is hilarious omg I love her 😂
Thais Santos
Thais Santos:
Can't believe Leonardo dicaprio hit that
Sid Iminidi
Sid Iminidi:
Jimmy couldn't manage to keep his eyes up when she removed her high heels
José Pedro Gonçalves dos Santos
José Pedro Gonçalves dos Santos:
"You don't understand how hard this is... Not to look up" Ahahahahah
"No no no -- That doesn't count" as she literally grabs the back of his jacket and pulls him off the couch. 😁
The accent is nice, people are crazy.
Paula Lamboglia
Paula Lamboglia:
Sensacional a Nossa Giselle sempre sendo humildade e maravilhosa em suas entrevistas! Como não amar? Como não admirar!!! ❤️
Omg Jimmy made it so awkward
Why did he have to go in for a hug when they were both kneeling😭
Raphaella Abrahao
Raphaella Abrahao:
Gisele representando o Brasil❤
cat clown
cat clown:
Gisele's face is like a beautiful, majestic horse(in a good way)
In Korea, we do this for punishment lol
Allan Anttonio
Allan Anttonio:
Renan Souza
Renan Souza:
Her accent is awesome, I love it! Brazilians rock !!!
Daniele Fraga
Daniele Fraga:
she's brazilian, it's in her blood!!! ❤
Jordan Daley
Jordan Daley:
The way he says no when she tells him to put one leg up is so funny to me
L M:
Imagine being this beautiful ..
Arvind R
Arvind R:
so bad for jimmy's shoes. Looks sharp i feel for it
Pedro Carrazana
Pedro Carrazana:
Ella Mackenna
Ella Mackenna:
Omfg I cannot believe she’s a human living in this earth, she’s just so perfect 😫💚
Alice Moura
Alice Moura:
Gisele linda divando!
Candace Middleton
Candace Middleton:
I dont know if this is weird but I was really proud of Jimmy when he did that push up lol
Abner Frattesi
Abner Frattesi:
"I looked a little bit, I looked a little bit."
Evan Theo
Evan Theo:
Her accent is so sexy. Omg I love this woman.
Caresse Gonzales
Caresse Gonzales:
Holy she did that one legged push up so easy!! Meanwhile I'm over here eating a donut and struggling to do one push up
Andrea Narewski
Andrea Narewski:
“I looked a little bit” I’m dead 😂😂😂👏🏻
She's stunning!
Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer:
Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett:
She’s gonna be the best grandma ever, I can tell.
Keera Mohammed
Keera Mohammed:
You never realize how long 30 seconds is until you’re waiting for food in the microwave
Vivih Dias
Vivih Dias:
She's amazing 😍
John Lawrence
John Lawrence:
She is impressive as a person and a celebrity. Tom is Blessed.
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea:
"I'm not looking, okay I looked a little bit I'm sorry" lol he's so funny when he likes the guest
J. Cesar
J. Cesar:
Drop dead gorgeous and really humble. I love her!
Luisa Bonfim
Luisa Bonfim:
Brasil né ♥ :)
Areta Figueiredo
Areta Figueiredo:
She is adorable, funny, and not arrogant at all. And Jimmy was really funny trying not to look up😂
Vai Gisele sua linda!💐
Lauria Corrêa
Lauria Corrêa:
Diva Brasileira bilíngüe do brilho 💖💖
People are shocked when she says "I'm a mother" aka I have boundaries. It's not new, when she was back in her Victoria's Secret days she had an outfit modified so that her butt wasn't showing. Still looked sexy as ever! I'm personally glad she does keep some boundaries, some people out here are for free. The body should be like a Renaissance painting, not Hustler.
Dabry Abby
Dabry Abby:
Jimmy said he wouldn't look. 😂😂😂 well, I totally him respect he's a man.
Andressa Dias
Andressa Dias:
Gisele e Adriana as melhores modelos do mundo. BR 💚💛
Omg! He cann't do plank and push up arms😂 It's so sadly
Gisele is very cool
Jimmy Fallon is hilarious! Love him ❤️
These things are set up well in advance and made to look “spontaneous,” so all her stuff about how she’s dressed wrong for it is like.... 🙄🙄🙄🙄 She knew they were gonna be doing this bit.
João Xavier
João Xavier:
HAHAHAAH 2:09 look where Jimmy s eyes are staring at
It's interesting...he doesn't interrupt gisele like he does the other guest
Cecilie M
Cecilie M:
Jimmy, you and Gisele, are so funny! I so enjoyed this episode! I love you both!! 💖💖💖
Tom Brady hasn't just won 4 Superbowl, 3 SB MVPs, but he's won at life
Mia Mia
Mia Mia:
I love Jimmy 😂 Always have!! Omg and throwback to the film "TAXI"!! <3
Maria Fardo
Maria Fardo:
It's weird and amazing in the same time, to know that Gisele born and live big part of her life in the same state that I live. She is gorgeous. Brazilian Power
Awesome Dylan
Awesome Dylan:
Jimmy really was hilarious in this show... clearly some of these comments don’t agree but...
Léa Edenk
Léa Edenk:
Gisele has such a powerful personality and is gorgeous !
Mia Lee
Mia Lee:
rainha do brasil ❤
Loanmi Moraes
Loanmi Moraes:
2:10 olhou legal heim kkkkkkk
Ai que mulher mais linda 😍
Silvia X
Silvia X:
She is so tall!!!
"not listening to the outside noise" sounds like some tom influence lol
Pedro Up Go Brasil
Pedro Up Go Brasil:
**Super Gisele, brasileira nivel up strong!!!**
Mastered Pancake
Mastered Pancake:
Gisele: *Stands There*

Jimmy’s Mind: *”LARGE”*
aqui estamos
aqui estamos:
2:09 safadêêênho !!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Carrie S
Carrie S:
Giselle is very stunning! Not to mention, check out that hair. It’s absolutely perfect. 😍
she's just perfect <3
I remember when I used to have a huge Crush in Giselle.
Brigitte Liu
Brigitte Liu:
Everything about her is just like beautiful sunshine ☀️
Joao Paulo
Joao Paulo:
See? A woman had to take her heels to make "the man" feel comfortable. Come on, people...
She's Gorgeous!!
Felipe Gonçalves
Felipe Gonçalves:
that stare 2:10
Mariana Freire
Mariana Freire:
Gente, chocada com o meu inglês, entedi tudo 😮
Jessica. A
Jessica. A:
she's a queen, a legend
Devika Desai
Devika Desai:
She's got like the perfect mom voice lol, when she says 'NO NO NO NO' when Jimmy does a plank on the couch lol; I can so imagine her saying that to her kids when they do something kid-like :P
Rocco Gant
Rocco Gant:
GODs most perfect creation ....  and that GD Brady violates her...
Jimmy : Yeah course.
( Whispers) We'll edit this bit out 😂😂😂
Jheise Kelly
Jheise Kelly:
Brazil Queen <3
Wander Gusmao
Wander Gusmao:
She´s amazing.....Great Gisele.....
Nicolle Ferreira
Nicolle Ferreira:
I just love these two together 😍😍
Learning Zone Languages
Learning Zone Languages:
4:28 pretty hard to do this exercise and keep yourself in this position for a few minutes