Giuliani Has Hair Dye Malfunction During Trump Lawsuit Press Conference | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses Rudy Giuliani’s latest deranged press conference in Washington, D.C., regarding the 2020 election.

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Giuliani Has Hair Dye Malfunction During Trump Lawsuit Press Conference | The Tonight Show


99 comentarios:

Man that hair dye really turned the clock back, he barely looks a day over 80.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony:
“Later they had to clean Rudy off like those seagulls in Dawn commercials” 😂😂😂
antares native
antares native:
I thought it can’t be anymore funnier than four seasons landscaping
Rosario Esposito
Rosario Esposito:
I enjoy this version of Jimmy way more. He's a lot of fun, even without Higgins, but without all the fake laughs.
Eoghan Doheny
Eoghan Doheny:
Funny how Rudy had good points that are completely saturated by this kind of national television, good luck America👍best wishes from Ireland
Totally not a famous person with a fake name
Totally not a famous person with a fake name:
rudy is the creepy stranger your parents warned you not to talk to
Hollie h
Hollie h:
It’s weird how this isn’t funny when you realize they’re trying to distract you from what’s going on.
Karin Amadeus
Karin Amadeus:
I can not take my eyes off the woman standing behind him, smiling approvingly . Unreal.
John McCormick
John McCormick:
That isn`t hair dye, it`s embalming fluid.
Emily Love
Emily Love:
Someone threw some holy water on him. He started melting 😂
Zack Brangen
Zack Brangen:
"He's sweating like Borat just walked into the room" 😂😂
Darlene Kitchen
Darlene Kitchen:
Trump and him like to hear their conversation
Me Me
Me Me:
Giuliani is so full of diarrhea, it's starting to come out of his pores.
Marcy Francis
Marcy Francis:
Giuliani wants Trump not to concede, so he can milk $20,000 a day out of him. He's conning the con.
Laura Streeter
Laura Streeter:
Trump and Giuliani: The founding members of a secret "bad hair" society.
Nick Wash
Nick Wash:
Is that embalming fluid running out of Ghouliani's ears?
Victor Poulin
Victor Poulin:
That was not hair dye. It was literally the 'shit' he was spewing and it was coming out of his pores.
nik kas
nik kas:
As italian, i've no idea what he said when he used the "italian term " for stupid XDXDXD
At this point, when we hear 'Rudy Guiliani', we just start to belly laugh.
This man talked about such important things, but thanks to his hair dye problems, he gave a few less intelligent people an opportunity to distract from what was important. Unfortunately, today's society is very susceptible to media manipulation. Programs like this distract simple people. We live in a time when most people were subjected to the process of reverse intelligence. These are sad times. Hearing the laughter in the background of this program, I can only see how easy it is to manipulate people these days .. (sorry for my bad english)
Can't wait for SNL to make fun of Rudy😂
Leslie Sheen
Leslie Sheen:
Why did Rudy mention “Cousin Vinny” for so many times in his “press conference”? Because watching “Cousin Vinny” was the only legal training he ever received.
when you cant address the allegations you go for the diversion. Look, hair dye. this guy is a certifiable lunatic. They've got enough evidence to go to court.
Jane Madarang
Jane Madarang:
he was sweating coz he knows he is lying..........
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas:
2020 is so effed up and then Rudy Giuliani shows up and says "hold my beer."
He's sweating like someone with a cold fever actually.
DyslexicCow OOM
DyslexicCow OOM:
Missed opportunity to name the owl, "Rockafeather"
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Rudy's brain was having diarrhea from all his B.S. claims.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz:
Rudi is so full of _hit that it's running out of his head.
Hannah Too
Hannah Too:
Jimmy, u crack me up so much I can’t stop laughing... just the idea of u sweating for eternity is hilarious.
Mr “tucking in his shirt” Giuliani himself has trouble tucking dye in his hair.
Rich Roberts
Rich Roberts:
I want to laugh but this is honestly sad, I know this guy was always divisive as NYC mayor but he was such an accomplished prosecutor and uniting force during 9/11 that it's kind of sad to see him acting this pathetic. I think his age has caught up to him which is actually sad to see
4 Seasons landscaping ... is where there’s a huge money laundering investigation into the Democrats ! There’s a reason for everything js
Terry Hughes
Terry Hughes:
Guiliani talked about the movie My Cousin Vinny, maybe he should have talked about Dye Hard or Live and Let Dye!
La Man
La Man:
It's not hair dye. It's all the lies leaking out of his brains.
Jen Collins
Jen Collins:
He’s trying to act like Don.. but it doesn’t work for him
Delroy Brower
Delroy Brower:
Someone famous once said, never let them see you sweat. I wish they had spoken to crazy Rudy.
Think Before You Type
Think Before You Type:
“You could see dye coming out of his head, coming out of wherever...”

Online Legit Strategies
Online Legit Strategies:
*Rudy's (Dye)ing To Bring In 2021 Much Earlier Than Expected*
Zishan Anjum
Zishan Anjum:
This is appalling, watch the full conference
If he's that sweaty he's probably positive for covid
M Mamjr
M Mamjr:
"His pillow looks like a Rorschach test" Man, that got me busting up laughing
ahloke cafe
ahloke cafe:
Rudy is pissing from his head. So tucking his shirt is fine after he 'master-bed',... I mean when he went into a master bedroom...
Jeremy F
Jeremy F:
Love how thats what people want to focus on during this whole press conference... so misleading and divisive to the American people. Get your pacifiers ready when the election is certified for a 2nd trump term and when people responsible for these attacks against our beautiful country start getting locked up
Thomas Ssott
Thomas Ssott:
Mr Giuliani was Managing Extreme Discomfort owing to having Suffered a Locked Knee Joint.
Well Done this Gentleman for Staying on His Feet and finishing that Historic Press Conference !
Bye the Byes,............. I've never seen this man's ( lower case), 'Show' before . Word's required to Describe my First Impressions regarding Mr Fallen really do fail me at this time, So,....................... Cheers m Dears !
Steven Sedlak
Steven Sedlak:
Rudy Looks Like Grandpa from the Munsters
Julie Cotter
Julie Cotter:
He probably has COVID and that is his fever.
Darmendran Kumar
Darmendran Kumar:
I think his hair dye was trying to expose his true colours.🤣
Gr Br
Gr Br:
I'm not going to say anything bad about Rudy.

My sensei told me:
Never kick anybody in the head when they are already down on the ground.
Bean Boi
Bean Boi:
Evan Parent
Evan Parent:
The embodiment of a disaster; he's leaking oils, denying human caused climate change and will do anything to feed their greed.
Looks like the Trump cesspool is leaking out of Rudy's head.
Giulani's photo of dripping dye looks exactly like Danny Devito's "Penguin" in Batman Returns.
It's all the BS overload that even he can't take it any more and it's leaking out.
We've been laughing at Joe since the 70's. He needs his own fail compilation. Oh yeah, he makes them daily 🤣 Jimmy Fallon, wow dude, your comedy is dry as the Sahara Desert. Dirt farmer.
That_girl 0110
That_girl 0110:
“What contour do you use”
Rudy: “oh hair dye”
lourdes roa
lourdes roa:
I think little rudy uses soy sauce as hair dye
Michael Workman
Michael Workman:
interesting how not one logical fact or argument in all these ad hominem attacks. the education system has failed the mass greatly.
Evan Erickson
Evan Erickson:
That's not dripping hair dye. It's the pure evil within him seeping out.
Mark Zhao
Mark Zhao:
I like how people just started laughing as soon as he mentions Rudy Giuliani
Tom Trottier
Tom Trottier:
Nowhere on YouTube can I actually find a video of his whole speech. Anyone have a link? Apparently we’re all supposed to be looking at his sweat and definitely not listening to what he’s saying. I find that somewhat disturbing.
you forgot the self-tanner left behind on his forehead
Louis Caruso
Louis Caruso:
Only his hairdresser knows for sure!!
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi:
how could one top an interview at four seasons landscaping parking lot? truly incredible
watchman 69
watchman 69:
The Rorschach joke is perfect ... you can't beat that!
Vernette Towe
Vernette Towe:
That dude used to be a mayor. Lol
Antono Perez
Antono Perez:
The swamp is draining.😂
Adam Smith
Adam Smith:
Unbelievable. One of the most daring and coordinated power grabs via comprehensive election fraud, shaking our Republic, and hair dye is the issue. If your entertained by this and not disturbed by the evidence are an oxygen thief
🤔 you have nothing funny to say about Joe Biden? 🤔
Sparkles999 Rose
Sparkles999 Rose:
I’m never watching this show again this is abuse you don’t make fun of an old man. Instead I’m going to watch his entire speech about the corruption because that’s obviously what you don’t want us to do. I hope Jimmy’s mom is disgusted with him for making fun of an old man’s hair. Jimmy dies his too, you can tell and he’s got five chins. No way this guy will even make it to Rudy’s age. Shameful.
Jae S
Jae S:
ok thank the heavens that was just hair dye. At first, I thought it was diarrhea running from his ears. Was really getting worried for ya, Rudy.

Ginger Miller
Ginger Miller:
djtRUMP IS RUNNING SCARED -- and we've seen him try to walk down a short ramp! 🤣🤣🤣🤩
mozac s
mozac s:
That was definitely shoe dye
Aethel Yfel
Aethel Yfel:
I did not find anything about the late night funny man cathedral propoganda priest funny. We are talking about democrat election fraud, this is a serious matter.
"Jimmy Fallon is a (fill in the blank)"
~Isaac Kappy
Those that scream the loudest at Trump...are hiding some REALLY Sick stuff!!
Therman Riley
Therman Riley:
Rudy is like a squid when he gets scared
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith:
Rudy and Donald need to share one of those lovely padded rooms where they wear those jackets with arms wrapped behind to keep them safe and never ever get out again.
Golden Rul
Golden Rul:
Rudy Giuliani....🤪
Is off his ROCKER 🤣
American politics is a weird business.
T Spence
T Spence:
I couldn’t help but think of the Commodores when I heard him say, “Once, twice, three times I voted!” 😆
Richard Bambenek
Richard Bambenek:
"I'm melting, what world what world"
Chad Hanke
Chad Hanke:
Idk what it is but this show seems a lot better
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod:
The hair dye is the final straw... of silliness.
Seriously, from overseas this is looking so so idiotic. 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿
Ar Alagao
Ar Alagao:
Rudy's an alcoholic badly wanting a drink, that's why he was sweating so bad.
Jeep Girl
Jeep Girl:
His press conference was great! You are so disrespectful.
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon:
That isn’t hair dye he is sweating blood...he is an alien sent to help Rump destroy the world.
Wow, you deliberately left out the parts that matter most! You are a liar and a propaganda puppet Jimmy. No spine, just want to pander to the Democratic Party,
J Gomez
J Gomez:
This is the President of the United States’ Lawyer everyone 😳
Colin Bellew
Colin Bellew:
His face just screams criminality
Andrew Boccasino
Andrew Boccasino:
What cracks me up is the blonde in the back trying to conceal herself from cracking up.
Ron Peterson
Ron Peterson:
You me dying over here 🤣
Alpha Prime
Alpha Prime:
Jimmy I know you're trying to protect your career but giuliani and the team have evidence they have sworn affidavits this is not a good look for you Jimmy
Vance Mead
Vance Mead:
Well that was a hot mess, and not just the goo dripping out of Rudy's ears.
Silly name calling and heckling and selective edits by this bs so called entertainer very poor very predictable
hamiE63 M
hamiE63 M:
Jimmy Fallon: "Rudy Giuliani"
Everyone: hhhhahahahahhahehheehhahahahahehehhaaaaahahahah
Billy Williams
Billy Williams:
People used to watch this show years ago when it was funny.
Ramonita Reyes
Ramonita Reyes:
“Later they had to clean Rudy off like those seagulls in Dawn commercials” 😂😂😂
The Holy Trinity of Head Malfunctions: Trump's Wind Flip, Pence's Lingering Fly and Rudy's Ooze.
Why would you even dye your hair if you’re that bald? Lmao